Many are surprised at which group represents the majority of crypto bears lately as prices continue to fall. Those who got into cryptocurrency last year probably fled the scene with tails and burnt fingers between their legs. That leaves long-term investors, institutional investors and Chinese cryptocurrencies.

Chinese miners play a short game


Like futures, miners can set a price for their currency instead of facing uncertainty in the future when prices may be even lower. Coverage became a necessary skill in the bear market to survive, when four years ago, when there were fewer Bitcoins and less mining difficulty, Hodling was sufficient.

Bitcoin mining has gone through several stages over the years, from garage activity, gaming platform lovers to mega factories and now to the financial model. Now the key is that if the price drops, the miners make a profit, but that profit is canceled out at the lower value of their currency now. As Trustnodes noted, if the price went up, they would soon lose sales, but that loss is now offset by the higher value of mobile currency.

It’s a pretty selfish and devastating approach to the cryptographic ethics that could end up in the bankruptcy of Chinese miners. The smart ones will probably shake until the storm passes and wait for the time when they can sell again at a higher price, instead of trying to make instant profits by destroying the product.

Carp loves french fries?

In the autumn of the year, usually during the last week of September, my son, my brother, I and a friend go to a three-hour trip to Makkonelsvil, Ohio. This autumn fishing, where we usually stay for about three days. We lavim fish belonging to AEP (America Electric Power Company).
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This area is open to the public; all you need is a permit that you can print from your Web site. At CES, there are about 300 lakes to fish, some very small and others – in a mile. But this is not a story about fishing in the EEA area, is the story of a carp and catfish Muskingum.
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Every day we monitor the territory of the EEA, and then in the evening we return to our hotel, Three Sisters Hotel on NW 60. This is a wonderful thing about our trip; we lavim Bass all day, then around 4:00 pm or so to get back to the hotel cleaning, then to eat.
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Due to the time it takes to return to the lakes and the fact that across the road from the hotel is the river Muskingum, and the hotel has its own dock, we had to try fishing. Usually we never lavim Karp, but we realized, “hey, why not.” I did not come on this trip to sit around a hotel room and watch TV, I can do it at home.
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Here it gets interesting, but I need to give you the layout area. The hotel is on the main drive, and near the hotel there is a small restaurant; there is a large network, only a small city restaurant, but really good food. Not far from the restaurant is a restaurant McDonald & # 39; s. I know you’re saying to yourself that this is due to fishing carp and catfish; hang, and I’ll tie it all together.
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Well, this is when I decided to cross the road and try to carp and catfish to try. The rest of my group were less than thrilled with the fishing on carp or fishing cats. You can say that they were a bit finicky at fishing on anything other than Bass.
I was looking at his fishing tackle and bait chose the heaviest and rice for me. I was setting in Kentucky with one hook. But here is the part of the story, in which the people were a little hard to believe. When I collected my fishing supplies, one of the sisters of the hotel’s “Three Sisters” told me the best bait to use McDonald’s fries; Yes, you read it correctly McDonald’s fries.
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So, I never caught a carp, I listen to any recommendations that I could get. So I go to a restaurant and purchase bait; By the way, this is the first time I was able to eat sea fishing.
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So I’m at the docks with their fries, my rod and shpurkay and ready to try luck. Around the time when I’m getting ready to throw the other, I was bored, and I came to watch the fish and make fun of my bait.
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After a couple of minutes I was pulling carp 5 pounds, which gave me fight a couple of times and purified water as bass. I uploaded my hook backup with my special bait, and it was not so long ago, as I was pulling another fish, but this time it was a catfish.
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Well, that at the marina were four lines with special bait, and we were fishing. My brother, who had never fished for Carp, in a very short time has become a real fans, and landed more fish than the rest of us. We had a bright ideal to try French fries, served in a small restaurant, which I mentioned; but failed to bite. Pisces know what they like, but close is not considered.
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The moral of this story is that old dogs can learn new tricks, which we are confident.

How to choose the right place for your next conference of the Association

Susan Tseppernik, CMP, CTA, since 2007 with the & # 39; is the national sales manager at the Conference Center of the Grand Columbus (Ohio). Next comes the interview & # 39; nd with Suzanne.
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Q: What trends do you see as the association back to the holding of conferences for its members?
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I saw the two associations with similar missions that operate within the same conference. Association also get corporate sponsors to pay for the sessions, power, Internet connectivity for visitors and other amenities, which covers associations.
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Association now green, developing applications that replace expensive publication on s & # 39 leadership; Congress. These applications can be personalized to the participants and, if you change the agenda of a particular party, the association can send a notification to your smartphone or tablet participants in real-time, and often just in time.
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Association settings using rooms that vary from standard theater or classroom sets, for example, using a small group of seats group promoting interactive communication and sharing of ideas.
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Association also contributes towards more informal meetings in public places. Planners appreciate when peers have comfortable seating and a meeting is ordinary sessions breakthrough.
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Some associations previously set a three-day conference in the schedule two days to quickly take its participants.
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Question: What do the best leaders of associations for the convenience of its members in the planning of future conferences?
First, they select the access point to which it easy to travel, both for the association and its members. Next, they create passion for the city of destination, using social media and creating a short video about the city, or they will use a video from the local to the & # 39; convention and visitors bureaus and send the link to its members via e-mail.
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Also, managers create short videos to promote upcoming events, which include highlights from the last conference.
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For their members, they agree on the best prices in local hotels and next to the conference room for the meeting was easy for the visitors. For the association, they will negotiate the best prices for food and drinks.
They will understand the terms and send reminders: register, book a hotel and buy space for booths.spirit airlines reservations
The most successful conference speaker presentations published on the Internet and will be devoted to the exhibition hours.
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Q: What kind of things can be easily seen? What are the common mistakes that allow associations and what can be done to avoid them?
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First, keep in mind all of the full costs of the meeting, including, or & # 39 is the appointment of a union or nesayuzny charge for Internet, pragulnasts and digital signage. For example, using our digital signage outside the meetings, one conference planner saved $ 20 000 in fees easels and signs!
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Next, select the destination in which there are a lot of restaurants and attractions. Hotels are also connected, for example, in Colombia, now has 2100 rooms is linked or attached to our convention center.

Never lose sight of the allocated time on the network. For most visitors it is just as important as the schedule of classes.

Get an application and / or operate the service on its own AV company, even if you usually travel with a predominance of the audiovisual company. Why? AV own company usually knows best equipment as well as maintenance and troubleshooting on site. Using your own sellers also saves on costs that refuse to pay for the dress, and set the rent for a one-day collection decorator services and / or AV setup.

Work with the local CVB, to plan sightseeing tours of the city. It offers a great way to visit local attractions and allows colleagues to meet and talk outside the conference. For example, the ASAE fine works, presenting a selection of excursions around the city, which are offered both before and after the educational sessions.

Provide airport transportation and a concierge, accommodated in hotels and the conference to provide assistance in the direction of choosing a restaurant, sightseeing areas, local events and much more.

The examination after the evaluation, using Survey Monkey or Poll Daddy and turn these ideas and proposals to the next meeting.

Q: How do you see the events of the association, which develop in the future?

Technology will continue to celebrate a conference in green and track CEU.

For example, when entering a session using icons for scanning CEU credits. And, to take a step further, the CEU can be automatically updated to the user’s own online profile. This can be a great advantage for the re-certification requirements.

We will continue to see smaller group sessions, for example, to work together in a conversation “pit” to the participants staged a network easier and developed solutions to work together with the whole group.

Even with the advancement of technology the value of meeting face-to-face will never disappear.

Attending conferences can create opportunities for networking and personal interaction, which can be obtained only from personal meetings. The interaction of face-to-face with colleagues is invaluable!

Tips on international surrogacy

No doubt, the United States remains the country where people seek a surrogate life, living in the country and abroad. There are many reasons why this is so, but the main conclusion from the & # 39 are strict guidelines that are issued by States, and the decision bodies must adhere to, where it is legal.

As co-founder of the international agencies and donors suragatse, overriding the needs of the parents is of paramount importance. In addition, the person being subjected to the process, understanding the needs of parents who have tried, is crystal clear.

So, while the parents can begin to fall across the country, many hopes for the US to have a surrogate to bear a child. As soon as their child is born, the legitimacy is solved by making sure that the name of the parents, it is intended, in the child's birth certificate.

When working with a reputable agency distance between the surrogate and the intended parents really small. And there is a reason. If an authoritative agency is behind the wheel, the relationship continues – this e-mail, text, Skype and telephone calls.

It is very important for parents who intend to carry out proper care, when it comes to research agency. They want to make sure that they can choose where they will live in the US surrogate

Immediately many couples think that the progressive California – the state. But in a country there are many other countries where it is not only legally, but financially reasonable. Although sunny California colorful, it can be expensive in terms of health care, hotels and flights.

In other states, such as Ohio and Arkansas, a small town can be cost-effective for parents who sought. Flights, hotels, car rental and medical expenses consistently lower. Similarly, people may like the slower pace of a small town compared to the lively capital city.

Partnership with an agency that suragatue across the country, also allows parents who want to choose a gracious lady who may live near the city, next to the family members & # 39; and or friends.

Availability of options is required when traveling in suragatstve.

For international customers is also important to investigate how an experienced Agency in their country. Experienced international agencies, even though they are in the US, often visit Europe. In exceptional cases, they will be employees who are fluent in many foreign languages. This is a clear example of an international agency that is willing to exceed the expectations of its customers around the world.

For those couples who are also in need of donations of eggs for surrogacy, it is recommended to work with an agency that has more than 2,000 different donor eggs. Ensure that women who go in this way, have passed comprehensive medical and psychological examination.

While many agencies around the world can test the "price cuts", will be looking for "hidden costs." On the & # 39; unite with the company promotes only experience fees the agency, also known as Bezpieczne. Security ensures prospective parents that they need to pay an agency fee only once and ever need to return another installment.

Sympathetic surrogacy agencies do not care about the money, because their aim committed parent dreams.

Special note: The information contained in this article should not be relied upon when making a decision. The laws relating to surrogacy and donation of eggs, are constantly evolving, and the author makes no representation that any of the information contained therein, complies with applicable law. This information is provided solely as a starting point. Please consult your reproductive lawyer about the most current information that is suitable to your circumstances.

10 top tips for camping on the beach

Travel, dudes and dudety! If you love the Great Outdoors, there is nothing like the beach. On the beach you can hunt for seashells, fish and swim in the ocean. And you can squeeze all of these activities in one day! Several types of housing are available on the beach, and many of them can be quite comfortable and luxurious. But to truly enjoy your stay on the beach, you should consider finding a campsite. Despite the fact that it will not have all of the hotel rooms in Ohio Berlin, staying at the campsite will allow you to really get back to nature.

Like camping in any other type of places, camping on the beach has its own problems. However, the following basic guidelines will help make your camping same as enjoyable as watching the sun on the horizon of the ocean:

1. Plan your activities for the rest near the beach. Some ideas include:

o Boogie Boarding

o Fishing

o water skiing

o Kite flying

o building sand castle

o Diving

o Collect shells

o snorkeling

o Sunbathing

o surfing

o swimming

o volleyball

2. Make sure to pack to cool night temperatures on the beach. You can get a strange look when sunbathing, wearing a jacket and jeans, but such clothes can come in handy for those evening walks along the seashore.

3. When swimming in the ocean take some precautions. Never use inflatable rafts during high tide. Also, watch for any warning signs associated with swimming, especially when swimming is prohibited!

4. Issue & # 39; em! The sun can make your skin as dry as beach sand. Be sure to drink plenty of water or sports drinks to avoid dehydration.

5. Before heading to the beach for the next trip in the campaign, you should do some homework. Find out whether camping on the beach is allowed and if so, or have restrictions. These restrictions may include, where you can drive a car, and on the beach allowed the fire or the bottle.

6. Protect yourself. Never sit on the sand and do not go into the water without using primarily sunscreen. The sun reflects very strongly the sand and water. And also useful to bear in mind that UV rays on cloudy days can still be strong. To avoid the kind of looks like a lobster that you ate for dinner, take a few minutes to protect your skin. Also, do not expose the feet shoes. And protect your eyes using sunglasses with UV protection

7. Do not forget about the bars Coleman. Relax on the beach provides you with an endless supply of seafood. Just make sure to "leave nothing but footprints."

8. During the camp on the beach, stay away from sand dunes and vysakagor & # 39; ads (narrow pieces of land that extends from the shore to the sea), are not protected. Find shelter from the wind through the trees, shrubs and sand dunes.

9. Install a tent for camping far enough from the ocean to escape to the waves poured over you at high tide. Delimitation of the high tide of the day or two around will keep you safe as a hotel in Berlin, Ohio.

10. Watch out for warning signs literally! In particular, look for signs that prohibit swimming in certain areas. Warning signs for your protection, and their content can Var & # 39; iravatstsa from sharks to tides to typhoon.

When we think of "camping", we usually think of mountains, rivers and caves. But by following a few simple guidelines, camping near the ocean can be as safe and convenient as staying in hotel Berlin Ohio. Your experiences there will prove that life – it's the beach!

Manual for hotels Budget Suites

Travel – a wonderful activity that not only helps us to visit different parts of the world, but also gives us the opportunity to explore the hidden land and learn different cultures and traditions, for which there are people all over the world. Thus, even if you are in a budget trip, you will not have to worry, as these days all over the world there are various budget hotels and apartments.

So, now let me tell you about some of the best budget luxury hotels that would provide a comfortable and pleasant stay for you and your family members & # 39; and.

1. Budget Hotel and Suites

It is clean and comfortable place is located in Mount Ephraim, New Jersey. Some of the on & # 39 objects, which you can find here include a spacious, well-appointed rooms with a bed king size, special suites, beautifully decorated with soft comfortable beds, laundry room service, well-maintained gym and a free breakfast. Close to this place you can visit the Philadelphia Zoo and the Liberty Bell.

2. The budget hotels and coastline Stes

This budget hotel is located in Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, Texas. Budget Hotel and Suite is best suited for a family vacation, because here you can get good rooms at very reasonable prices. At this point, there is a great variety of rooms, including family, wedding, entertainment, single, double and king rooms. All rooms are very well equipped with a refrigerator, microwave and TV. Some of the services available are laundry facilities, complimentary continental breakfast and front desk, and a refreshing outdoor pool.

3. The best budget hotel and apartments

This wonderful hotel is located in the charming center of Port Clinton Street East Perry in Ohio. This is a seasonal hotel, which has a special rooms and family suites with attractive views of the lake shore, as well as the best hotel on the shores of Lake Erie. Some of the on & # 39 facilities that are available here – a large seating area, dining room with balcony and excellent room with balcony jacuzzi.

4. Budget hotel hotels and apartments

This budget hotel is located in the US Hwy 169, Anamim, Minnesota. It is an attractive place near the beautiful Lake Mille Lac, Grand Casino Mille Lac and State Park Mille Lac Katsio. From here you can enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as fishing on the ice, boating, swimming, cross country skiing, snowmobile, hiking, picnics and golf. Close to this place you can find very good shopping centers.

This is some of the best budget hotels, where you can spend a pleasant holiday with family & # 39; It and friends.

Panama City Beach, Florida – Reservations for baseball softball

During the summer, on the Panama City Beach hosts numerous tournaments for baseball and softball. PCB has an excellent tool called Frank Brown Park, where they play most of the games. Once your team has decided to play in the tournament in the PCB, usually the following question to the & # 39 is where to stay.

You should book your accommodation as soon as find the date when your team plays, to ensure the maximum chance to get what you want.

On the beach of Panama City has a wide variety of vacation rentals for ball teams ranging from hotels to apartments and houses, as well as outstanding shopping and great restaurants. If you are thinking where to stay, maybe I can help. I know most of the apartments in Panama City Beach, so I will be in the spotlight.

Before you start to book, you need to determine which numbers you need. Wants every family & # 39; I have my own apartment? Planning some seven & # 39; and to share the apartment? If it is similar to football tournaments, in which we went with our children, there may also be an adult with several children. The majority of apartments on the beach there is one, two or three bedrooms with sofa bed in the living room. At the same time from four to eight people can stay in a single room. In addition, most owners prefer to rent from Saturday to Saturday in the summer.

Tournament Director may give a list of apartments in Panama City for review. If not, the Internet is another way to find the apartment. I propose to search for the phrase "Panama City Beach Condo". Search allows to issue a huge number of buildings with flats and private apartments for rent. There will also be numerous sponsored links for vacation rental in Panama City Beach. You can view various properties of Pando City Beach Condo and select a few that you like. After selecting the resort look for the resort's website to determine the rental agency. The two main ways to book the apartment – through the resort's rental agency or directly from the owners. If you decide to use rolling Agency, you need to call and determine how to get the numbers that you need.

Another way to reserve an apartment – it is directly with the owner. You can get the best deals, taking off directly from the owners. The website for the building, which you are interested, probably provide owners that will rent out their apartments directly to you. The aforementioned search the Internet as a & # 39 it is a good resource for finding owners who give the apartment directly to the guests. You may be able to save money, but you will most likely have to deal with several owners to get the number of rented apartments, which you will need.

Search an apartment in Panama City Beach is just as easy. PCB was one of my favorite places, and I'm sure that if you visit it, will also be one of your favorite places. There are many things you can do and see if you are away from the balls.

PCBs most famous sweet white beaches and emerald waters. Other attractions – parks for recreation and entertainment, zoo, marine park, gray racing track and poker room, miniature golf courses, water skiing, kayaking, paragliding and much more! You can find it all on the beach in Panama City.

You may also be wondering what Frommer's named Northwest Florida one of the top 12 destinations of the world in 2010.

Luxury hotels in Columbus

Columbus is located in Ohio, one of the largest cities, named after the famous Christopher Columbus. This city belongs to Ohio State University, the largest in the United States. In one of the magazines he came to the conclusion that it is a "global city", which is a & # 39 is the 8th best city for living. Residents called Columbus.

An increasing number of tourists and residents led to the emergence of many nearby hotels. Here are some flattering numbers.

Doubletree Guest Suites Columbus

Doubletree Guest Suites – hotel in the university, conveniently located in the heart of Columbus. With it comes a great river Skiyata. It is also a 15-minute drive from the international airport of Colombo, which you can get to the center of Huntington Bank, State Tower Ryfe on shaded paths and many other local attractions and business offices.

This is very ideal for those people who travel on business. The hotel caters to the short and long residence time, with comfortable meeting and banquet space for business and other secular meetings. It also provides services such as photocopying, fax machines and audiovisual equipment. Guests are welcomed at the reception. Personnel outputs biscuits with chocolate chips as their trademark.

This hotel offers many recreational activities for guests. Some famous local attractions to visit – Columbus Museum of Art, ice blue jackets, Clippers Stadium, convention center, football stadium crew, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Ohio, Fair and National Arena.

The Doubletree has a home and comfortable double rooms. Guests can also choose duplex penthouse apartment for maximum experience in the heart of the city, with spectacular views of the river. All their rooms are spacious and equipped with the benefits that can guarantee an unforgettable stay, whether it be short or long in Columbus.

The structure of services includes: living room and bedrooms (separate), high-speed wireless Internet access, voice mail, hair dryer, ironing board, hair dryer, wet bar with refrigerator, microwave and coffee, and free tea and coffee. The hotel prides itself on its polite and friendly staff. They also offer laundry and kamerdynerskiya services. They have a place for special occasions, such as a business center and convenient conference halls. The hotel also provides wireless Internet access. This is a hotel with pets and wheelchair access.

You can dine at the Caucus Room restaurant inside. It offers fine American cuisine each day. Guests can also request room service.

Lofts Hotel and Suites

This luxury hotel offers an excellent and unique opportunity. It is designed in a clean and modern style, contrasting, but combined with a strong and imposing structure features. It finds a sense of the rich history and beauty.

It is located near many local tourist attractions. Worth seeing Arena Arena, Arena Grand Theater, Short North art scene of Columbus, German Village, Ohio, football and athletics, and Memorial Golf Tournament.

Lofts Hotel has large rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows with amenities such as high speed internet, apartment with garden tubs (for reservations), linen Frette, concierge, double Frette robes, Aveda products, which are quite natural, coffee service (in the group), two-line telephones and fitness rooms.

Meeting rooms for large displacement and can be designed depending on preference. Loft hotel staff is ready to assist to any event was a great success. The hotel also caters for wedding planners. Helping them to provide assistance – is the property of their sisters, The Crowne Plaza in the development of their professional staff.

The hotel offers several packages. Exposure Package Andy Warhol presents two movies, pictures, videos, pictures and other art forms. Wellness Package "Exclusive Boxing" includes overnight stay in one of the lovely rooms. The hotel offers a free movie DVD "Rocky," a boxing workout, Swedish massage after training in boxing.

Soho Package includes accommodation, breakfast for two, champagne, chocolates, rose petals and parking kamerdynatarav. Escape on the boulevard include overnight stay, champagne and chocolates, a gift certificate Cameron Mitchell in the amount of $ 50, overlapping petals of roses, breakfast for two and parking kamerdynatarav.

Other popular packages are: package "Fifth Avenue", "Package chocolate lovers," "going with the district," "Hockey vacation", "Art-A-Go-Go" and "Zoo-A-Go-Go".