Planning a meeting? Create a request for proposal is as simple as ABCD

If you are not sure what to include in your RFP – or you just want to make sure that you cover all the bases, review the four steps required to write a detailed request.


Start with selected suppliers of basic information about your appointment or group:

o Name of the organization

o The name of the meeting

o Your name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and

e-mail address

o Meeting Place (city, on & # 39; an object or & # 39; object)

o Hotel headquarters, if necessary

o Meeting Dates. Be sure to note that any of the holiday dates. Even if your organization does not mark a specific holiday, the trade union can. . . and overtime and double-time can have a huge impact on your budget. It is equally important to check the holidays when scheduling appointments outside the United States.

o Number of participants

o Member profile. Member profile is extremely important in the preparation of RFP for services such as tours, entertainment and theme parties. Knowing the extent to which your delegates "had been there, done that" will help the supplier to come up with the most appropriate activities for your group.

o Previous location (city and & # 39; object)

o The deadline for submission of proposals. Allow suppliers to not less than 10 working days, to ensure that the offer you received will be as complete as possible.


List the items for which demand pricing, and remember to be as specific as possible. Say, for example, sellers, if you want to audiovisual equipment worth a certain way (a la carte and package price for the conference room). We invite you to give the template providers to make them lighter. Simple document spreadsheet will help keep all bets in a common format, allowing you to more effectively make comparisons.

Below are the main stay of items to include in your RFP:

o airport carriage

o Main arrival date

o main departure date

o Number of participants

o Specify whether you need individual or group of pick-up fees on arrival or departure.

o You want to staff met and greeted each other, located at the gate or in the baggage delivery area?

o Type the requested vehicle (wagon against the sedan)

o It should be a toilet on the bus?

o Age and bus power

o You want payment fee included in the price?

o Comply with ADA standards for cars?

o Specify the maximum "wait time" for any person. The shorter the wait, the higher the price, as this usually requires more vehicles.

o Do you need a controller in the airport, and on-site setting?

o Where will organize the transport company?

Tours / activities

o The date and time are available for tours. A few days available for tours because of the events of the meeting? Do you want to travel half a day or half a day on specific days of the conference?

o Profile of participants of any particular tour or all the tours (only for spouses or partners, children, couples, age, etc.)

o The specific thought or advantage for the tour options. We were in the past trips to museums with your group very successful? Your visitors prefer more physical activities such as cycling or diving, or even walking tours around the city?

o Enter the actual traffic data from previous tours to illustrate the type of activities that are usually carried out and not very well meet your delegates.

o The minimum number of users required for the tour. If you want to get a lower minimum than typically requires most companies manage appointments, specify this in your RFP. This will increase your cost per person, but it can save you cancel the tour at the last minute due to less participation.

o The maximum number of visitors allowed on the tour

o lunch, dinner or snacks that will be provided during the excursion

o What type of transportation will be provided?

If the buses, if they have toilets?

o Specify whether you want all the taxes and fees are included in the price.

o Specify the types of themes and entertainment that you have used in recent years to the history is not repeated.


o Specify the full conference program, including:

1. The number and location of concurrent sessions. Show whether you have a 24-hour content in any of these spaces, because the installation and access to the area can have a big impact on your job costs.

2. General Session. Including moving time, moving and the actual time of the session.

3. Equipment needs. If you already know their needs this year, calculated them. If you are going to participate in the auction before to learn about your precise requirements, you can benefit from last year's list of the equipment (just do not forget to warn the vendors, it is), or to assess what you need this year. The latter strategy works well if you provide the same equipment in each breakout room as LCD projector, screen and Lavalier Microphone.

4. The cost of wear and setup time required to move the equipment from one room to another.

5. requires the projectionist?

6. Rent exhibitors. If your conference includes an exhibition and AV-seller with a & # 39 will be able to provide equipment exhibitors and earn extra income, your total business will become more attractive, which can lead to deeper discounts. So be sure to include the rental history of exhibitors from previous years.

7. Obtain a standard printed price lists and explanations of discounts you will get.

General contractor services

o Number of cabins

o Packet size stalls or

o «Extra» about your show, for example, the size of the passages that you want, the number and location of any recreational areas, etc.

Copy of last year's floor plan can be helpful.

o Number of registration counters

o signage needs. This includes not only signs inside the exhibition hall, but also any other signs that may be required for conference halls, sponsor acknowledgments, stretching, etc.

o Requirements Drayage. General Service Contractors (GSC) make most of their money by traffic. As a result, if you know how hard your show, you will be able to negotiate a free subjects, such as the movement of goods from the dock at the registration area, under the & # 39; drive, etc.

o Job Requirement

o Revenue exhibitor. Specify how much profit your exhibitors brought to GSC for previous years. If the GSC can not provide you the exact amount, ask to use the figures the use of items such as carpet, tables and chairs, upgraded furniture, prefabricated cabins, ancillary work, etc. discount or additional free items.


Planning meeting and speaking with the proposal, make a wish list. Tell suppliers, free and discounted items you would like to receive based on your business value. You can not get everything you ask for – ultimately the seller must make a profit – but if you do not ask, you do not get anything. For example, audio-visual provider can provide free radio, equipment rooms, which are supported by speakers, a microphone, or even one day. DMC can provide a complete set of free travel agencies and transport to the site visit. The general contractor may be able to take the tab for some or all of your needs in the management of the show, furniture or equipment for your show office. Almost always, you can get a discount on the total price. Do not forget to find out what an excellent discount you get.


Finally, ask the supplier to provide a list of references … and be sure to check them out before making a final decision.

Successful planning events and meetings: how to increase traffic

Consider the fact that the annual meeting with the & # 39 is the largest source of tax for the majority of the & # 39; associations. Also consider the fact that the majority of exhibitors to see significant base of interested and qualified buyers as the basis for a successful exhibition. Thus, it corresponds to the fiscal interests of your organization to ensure that the delegates would be as much as you can for your event. Planning meetings should include the promotion of which is a & # 39 is the key to increasing the number of attendance, provided that the remaining part of the "Four SS" – product, price and place – have been developed properly.

Planning a meeting? Do your homework

Before you create a marketing plan for the next meeting, ask yourself these questions:

o Are you sure you offer your audience the best educational program? You ask of its members and the members (including those who do not attend), they need to know and learn to thrive professionally and personally? You respond to their needs? You are actively looking for grants, partnerships and sponsorship assistance to help you enable maximize your delegates?

o Or & # 39 are the cities that you select, available and accessible? Whether the number of price suitable? Or & # 39 of your registration fees are clever and competitive at the same time profit?

o It is easy to season and day of the week to sell to your audience? (Summer, usually in the summer of teachers for free, and on weekdays entrepreneurs can be difficult to be distracted from the sources of income.)

o or schedule your event, so as not to compete with other industry (public and private) events or your regional organization?

o your marketing database is the most complete and accurate? I was tested, repaired and certified by the USPS? You captured the names of all potential participants in the Internet queries, grocery shopping, friend requests, surveys of participants and marketing alliances with related associations?

o Your mailing to the conference sufficiently frequent and timely? Do you have respondents sufficient time to draw up a budget for the event, to get permission to visit the event and take advantage of the date of registration of off early birds and the closing date at all? Your program is printed far enough in advance to allow you to take advantage of much cheaper, but slower, non-profit or mass mail rates?

o You do not have enough opportunities to promote your meeting? Often missed features include signature by e-mail broadcast Fax Cover Sheets, blanks, on & # 39; waking and articles in each issued you newsletters and magazines, inserts sheets of dues extension and all other output correspondence, announcements in the trade press and vyploski on previous the Convention was opened a year and all the intermediate events. Or give you their local leaders and exhibitors turnkey packages that enable them to maintain national marketing meeting?

Keep in mind that many activities competing with your share of the Conference of the potential participant and time for choosing funds. Less personal time; reduction of budget plans for education; and a growing number of educational opportunities available at local, regional level and on the Internet, makes scheduling meetings managers create a more perfect, which can determine the approach to marketing than ever before.

do the math

According to the conventions of professional management of the Association, a survey of ninth-annual meetings, marketing and promotions make up 11.1 percent of the cost of activities. Compare this figure with the amount that you spend on the promotion of its events. Are you spending enough? Too? Let's look forward.

Let's say your goal is attendance – 1500 – 5 percent more than the previous year – and your registration fee is $ 500. If you reach your goal, you will get a gross income of 750,000 dollars. If you spend an average of 11 per cent to ensure that this visit, the cost of out-of-pocket marketing will make 82500 dollars, or $ 55 for each registered participant.

Given that an acceptable rate of return for direct mail is no more than 3 percent, you will need to send at least 50 000 units for a total of 1,500 visitors (.03 x 50,000 = 1500). With a budget of 82 500 US dollars, the price of your mail will be 1.65 dollars, including postage. But as research has shown that people need to see your message at least three times before they respond, the value of your mail drop to 55 cents. Since it is a low unit cost, you need to be creative with the cost of distribution, including the part in your monthly newsletter or as an attachment in the package with your magazine savings on postage. Pre-planning & # 39 is the key.

Create a timeline for your meeting

The development and use of the annual marketing plan and the timing – is meeting planning tool that helps to simplify the pre-planning issues. If you are largely relying on the members of the board and volunteer committees, with the term & # 39 is a particularly valuable tool. It contains all of the terms, and to the staff and volunteers know what is expected of them. It serves as a tool for recruitment of volunteers that allows prospective volunteers or to perform obligations under specific terms, or decide that their schedule is not allowed to participate. And it allows everyone – volunteers, employees and potential speakers – at the same time be on the same page.

Create a timeline with all the terms and cutting dates, backed with dates of events, including sufficient time to design, layout, printing and distribution, to avoid being charged for the peak. Below are several examples of elements of bare bones timeline:

the initial distribution

The purpose of the initial distribution, likely, cards, – to prepare the recipient to action. It should tell them that they marked their calendars, budgets were traveling regularly check for updates to the web site of the organization and prepare them to dazzle at the upcoming event. Here you can enable advancement direction together with information on any new educational elements resulting from the assessment in the past year. Do not forget to send an initial e-mail during the budget planning for your industry, usually from six to nine months.

second distribution

The purpose of this newsletter with & # 39 is to encourage early registration. Representation sent four weeks before the scheduled date of eviction early birds (either eight or 10 weeks before the scheduled date of eviction at the hotel), must include an application for registration and housing, as well as the modified information on keynote speakers and workshop topics and speakers.

Final distribution

The purpose of the final mailing sent out at least three weeks prior to the closing date of the hotel – ask for the order and close it. It should include all the information that potential participants need to know to make – the final agenda, list of participants to date, the names and photos of all the speakers, discounts for airline and car rental, optional tours, registration forms and forms of property and everything else entice them to attend.

You should be able to determine whether the additional marketing push is needed, figuring date historically to which half of your visitors are usually recorded. If at the moment numbers lag behind, you can add to the mix another post, broadcast e-mail or fax.

For each item on the timeline indicate the deadline for approval of copies, the deadline for approval of the layout, the approval period of squeezed or press proof and date of mail. All dates must be realistic, hard and share with all the participants as early as possible in the marketing cycle. If all the elements of the event – the choice of the site for the programs that are planning an exhibition – promoted by a well-oiled marketing machine, with the advantage of the inevitable & # 39 is to increase attendance and satisfaction of delegates and exhibitors.

temporary marketing scale sample

14 months –

Select the graphic design / marketing firm. Prepare the meeting theme, logo and introduction for the opening of the event. Prepare exhibitor prospectus. Prepare call speakers. . (Note: All information must be posted simultaneously on the organization's website and mailing lists of sellers The team of public relations has a parallel timeline.)

12 months –

Submit to the meeting theme, logo and introduction to with & # 39; Congress this year. Free preliminary information about the destination. Economic Committee and the CVB should put on the event. Refresh media contacts in the press room. Make a call to the rapporteur on the website and give the speaker, who will be returning. Committee evaluates the program of speakers this year. Restore place to stand, using the previous exhibitor prospectus.

10 months –

Spread the meeting dates for the press and affiliated organizations to obtain information calendars. Start exhibitors marketing and continue to purchase speakers. Carefully consider the evaluation of participants and participants of this year, and adjust the program to solve the problems.

9 months –

Send members and potential people to start e-mail (or broadcast fax and / or e-mail broadcast), asking them to prepare a budget, noting calendars and make plans to participate. Announces Keynote Speakers and Entertainment, if possible. Promoting attractions destination. Create and approve forms of registration and housing. Create a PDF and / or interactive forms for your website. Prepare confirmation, envelopes, fax cover page.

9 – 6 months –

Educational Commission updates the members and exhibitors at the main speakers and suppliers who have signed up on the site through a web site and mailing list. Prepare mailbox bird registration. Prepare press releases and contact lists, free passes for exhibitions and marketing materials for inclusion in the kits exhibitors services. Send logo of the event to the general contractor services for the component. Place ads on & # 39; Ads for events in affiliated journals and association publications.

6 months –

Send your mailing list. Including registration and housing forms for participants and exhibitors. Development of the preliminary program. Update Web site.

4 months –

Advance mail program that provides specific information about the speakers, educational sessions and destinations, as well as registration forms and accommodation. Registration forms and housing on the site. Develop the final program of postal service. Send a list of pre-registered participants, the exhibitors for their pre-election actions.

3 months –

Send the final mail program. Organize efforts of public relations for places and local visits. Prepare / advertise in local publications, as required. If necessary, send a fax transmission or e-mail the latest features. Prepare an advertising splash for the next event to the closing ceremony. Prepare materials for its own stand in the exhibition hall or the welcoming area.

Just before the meeting or event –

Preparation of catalogs, materials and supplies in place, including art for subscriptions, sponsors banners, agendas with an introduction to numbers, various instructions of participants, the board of the & # 39; ads, contact information, emergency and other tools to boot bag.

Accept & # 39; T & # 39; A method of improving sales results

What is your approach to sales training? Do you have a process that determines which competences sales need to learn and what impact it will have on selected hopper when the target of training successfully completed? Or you're hoping for & # 39; feedback field & # 39; not related to the actual performance and the respective margin, in order to decide where to put training dollars?

Here is a simple plan to get more revenue in less time while maintaining fiscal accountability to the & # 39;

At JDH Group, our market entry strategy is to understand the purpose of income sales and determine what key results are needed to improve performance. To illustrate it, we produce diagnostic efficiency solution & # 39; Program & # 39; for commercial organizations using & # 39; T & # 39; method; both vertical and horizontal.

Horizontally, we look at each KPI and help companies understand how to identify, learn, improve and measure competencies in each of the important performance indicators.

In the & # 39; T & # 39; method of assessment of learning – a process that utilizes both a horizontal approach to key sales performance indicators (KPI), and vertical control to calculate the impact, or & # 39; Return on Investment in Training & # 39; (ROTI). Aligning the two will not only give you the path of least resistance to your goal of total revenue, but also points to the effectiveness of the bunkers, which will give more profit and / or needed unnecessary costs from nominal sales results.

horizontal view

Here is an example of sales organization KPI, which sells business solutions to small and medium-sized companies:

o coefficient 1st destination for bid (60%)

o closing rate (40%)

o Average income from sales ($ 3500)

o The sales cycle (38 days)

o The purpose of the profit ($ 25,000)

o The average number of new appointments received in the Representative (5)

This model represents a sales team that statistically has an opportunity to reach the 67% goal. So let's take a closer look at where trainings on the effectiveness of the CPI could be achieved the desired results soon.

One way would be to focus on front operations. Improvement of the middle generation meet up to 7 new appointments would achieve the profit target, all other factors remain the same.

Option 1: The definition of a promising methodology; single, documented and agreed upon method of searching in all sales regions. It should aim to spend less time to get a more focused & # 39; business meeting to start your current sales process.

Another option could be the evaluation of your current sales methodology to understand whether there is room for improvement in your current closing ratio of 40%. As an example, improving this KPI to 60% to ensure the goal of monthly income with no other KPI changes. Or split the difference; improvement of first appointment to proposal ratio by 10% and the closing ratio by 10% would achieve the same result while maintaining the necessary new level meetings (5).

Option 2: Initially, choose & # 39; top to bottom & # 39; bottom up approach; target and initiate your sales process with a fiscal level of authority. Develop a diagnostic sales process that points to the business goals of a future campaign, parallel to your product solutions and services. Say in terms of the ROI, soft and hard dollar recovery period and ROI. Sell ​​the diagnostic part of the process in accordance with the annual business tasks; do not rely on & # 39; features & benefits 39 & # ;. Then adjust your proposal as a hypothetical example with the measurement results.

Vertical characteristics of sales & # 39; Impact Silo & # 39; examination

Regardless of the fact that you initiate a sales training company's internal training organization or isolated niches, most of the people sitting on the & # 39; the top floor & # 39; Who we need accountability in line with budget expenditures.
Another way of saying that the CFO knows that he spends half the budget on sales training, he does not know which half.
Approaching the cost of training Sales Vertical silo & # 39; Inspection will gain scores fiscal authorities within your own organization.

Let's look at the same trade organization with vertical silos:

o The average amount of the new hire Ramp-to-Quota (5 months) (35 hires a year)

On the back of employee sales due to low activity of the meeting (30)

o The percentage of sales reps in excess of the quota (70%)

First, compute the & # 39; submission & # 39; income. This number reflects the average monthly income, new employment received before reaching the quota.

As an example, if your current Average Raimi-Quota is 5 months, take the average total revenue, was sold for the first 4 months of the hiring regime and divide it by 4. This will give you the average & # 39; Sub -Quota & # 39; Income per month during ramp.

In this example we will use $ 8,000 as the average subordination & # 39; income.

One of the common goals of learning could be improved new hire Ramp-to-Quota. So you think that the results and impact of training is associated with the recovery of income by the purpose of the ramp to the quota, which is more efficient than the status quo & 39; 5 months. In this case, the 1-month decline ramp to the quotas will be made available $ 595,000 additional new sales. This equates to 17,000 dollars for a new hire. And if you determine that the cost of training on the performance of $ 2,500, is your internal rate of return of education; 680%.

And we have not done.

You have determined that 30 repetitions in annual sales are outside the door directly related to low activity, not setting enough new business meetings to justify the necessary result of profit.

Let's take a closer look at it, with regard to the related costs and potential recovery. Here is the layout of your expenses related to the sales representative for the new hire:

o Average salary: 28000 USD

o Expenses for set: $ 1,200

o Tuition fees for the representative of $ 2,500

o Monthly Sales Quota: 25 000 USD

If a targeted training KPI initiative reduces your sales turnover by 50% (15 times) that returns $ 1,953,500 in measurable dollars, something that everyone can put his finger.
It is more than 130 thousand dollars in real income for each representative, who learn how to effectively set new business meeting.

Considering this cause and circumstance compared with realistic training benefit as a ROI factor, you choose Option 1 to establish a promising methodology in all sales regions. And in this case it also justifies the investment in training on the "top floor".

The third vertical sales figures & # 39; Impact Silo & # 39; we determined that an average of 70% of the sales representatives reach the quota per month. And the average & # 39; under quotas & # 39; revenues reached 30% of reps not reaching quota is 16,000 dollars.
We also determined the average new appointments per week (5), but
improving the rate of the 1st meeting on the proposal by 10% and the closing ratio by 10% we would achieve Quota consistently.
Next, let's define our return on investment, if we do our training goal – to improve the 70 percent quota commands on the brand of water & # 39; to 90%.

o coefficient 1st destination on offer (to improve up to 70%)

o closing ratio (improved to 50%)

o Average income from sales ($ 3500)

o The sales cycle (38 days)

o The average new meeting generated (5)

o 100 sales reps

The introduction of performance improvements targeted system to advance our middle KPI in supporting an additional 20 sales reps per month to achieve Quota would increase our monthly results on $ 180,000 income.
This is an annual income of $ 2160000 or profitability of learning at the level of 864% based on the training costs $ 2,500. A 38-day sales cycle, the investment break-even investment & # 39; point will be about 80 days.

Because of this reason and circumstances compared with realistic training benefit as a ROI factor, you choose Option 2 to set the & # 39; business acumen & # 39; Sales methodology, develop supporting diagnostic tools to establish financial business metrics parallel to your initiatives and your solution product / service.

The adoption of this & # 39; The method of training sales performance will allow you to determine the shortest path to the goal, to define and implement a & # 39; Best Practice – Training in sales effectiveness and justify the investment in training in the "top floor".

Because at the end of the day … all about the return on investment.

Third, Jesus addressed

Occasionally I have to see my thoughts, I reflected in the press. But Dypak Chopra did it in their own unique manner. A wise and far-sighted, pushing and loves Chopra recasts the New Testament, and especially the words of Jesus to reveal a higher sense, the call for an expanded higher consciousness, and not an appeal to religion.

With impeccable period Chopra produces a book, which is urgently needed, as the new paradigm shift is all over the world. Structures such as organized religion, which blocked, restricted or otherwise stumbled mankind in the evolution of consciousness, begin to break down, along with any other organization that has been built on anything less than the truth. Out with the old and the new wine.

Chopra takes the words of Jesus and rearranges them in the sense that with the & # 39 is a versatile and expansive. He gently reminds the reader that Jesus was not a Christian, and my brother on the way that we do. He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. He came as the Light. His words were designed to educate and guide our own journey, rather than build a religious structure that froze him in time as a & # 39; an object of worship.

Chopra, who was brought up in India, steeped in Buddhist religion and ayurvedychnuyu medicine, studied Jesuit priest. Thus, it can and does speak to us as Christians, disillusioned by the fact that the Christian religion offer a Westerner; but the important thing is that it overcomes the traditional Christian interpretation, gently guiding us to a wider and liberation message for each of us personally.

As I understood for many years that Jesus – the soul – Sherpa, who came to show us the way. Jesus did not have the Bible, and he was not a Christian. He was a man who reached the Crystal Consciousness in ordinary human life, to show us the way to our personal re-on & # 39; unity with our Crystal J.

Incredibly, that Chopra – a bridge that uses as a metaphor and words, captured and contained by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, to gently guide the Christian reader to expand our understanding of what Jesus reached, controlling and teaching us to do for -svoymu. lives.

As Jesus taught us that the kingdom of heaven is within every one of us, so Chopra reminds us that the power has never been foreign to the dogmas of religion, the priests and to the ministry, but always in the individual consciousness.

I encourage every Christian to read the book and break free from restrictive interpretations of modern Christianity. Your personal life is not just change, expand and grow – so will the world.

Thank Dypak, you bless us all, as usual.

book has Third Jesus: Jesus, we can not ignore by Deepak Chopra. Published edition Harmony Books. Of course, it is available in major bookstores and on Amazon.

Claims for securities fraud

If you hire someone to give you advice on financial issues, you trust them – trust them to help you manage your money and ensure your future. Whether you're a broker, brokerage firm or financial advisor, experts you hire are required to manage their funds wisely and offer advice.

However, in violation of the confidence loss can be devastating for the future of you and your family & # 39; and.

However, not every bad investment with the & # 39 is securities fraud. In some cases, people lose the money invested because of market fluctuations, inaccurate forecasts and other causes that are not related to the malfunction on the part of advisers.

To claim for securities fraud were adventurous, it should provide for a wrong behavior on the part of financial experts, including everything from simple negligence and dereliction of duty, to malicious behavior up to the theft.

Some types of fraud in securities with which we are engaged include:

· Beating

· Ghost practice

· Professional incompetence

· Incorrect presentation and omission

· Unauthorized trading

· Failure to hezhavannya

· Margin Practice

· Violation of fiduciary duty

· Neglect / failure to control

Determining whether you have a case

If you are coming to us for advice, we carefully and honestly examine the facts with you, to help you determine whether your advisor's actions were fraudulent, and if you have a strong enough case to win.

Such business can be extremely complex and often difficult to prove, but we have the experience and skills necessary for a thorough investigation of every alley and help restore losses, lost due to fraudulent or negligent actions.

If you think you or a family member of the & # 39; and the financial loss suffered as a result of securities fraud, please contact as soon as possible. He or she can help you gather the necessary information and determine whether you have a cause of action for damages.

Franciscan ceramics – from the sewer to the "desert rose"

BACKGROUND Franciscan Pottery

"Franciscan pottery" began in the mid-1930s as the company Gladding, McBean & Co., which was founded in 1875 by Charles Gladyngam and his partner Peter McGee McBean and George Chambers. Charles Gleding eve of Chicago came to the west, to explore new economic opportunities in the field of clay sewer pipes that have been his place in Chicago.

While hundreds of thousands of people come from around the world to California to look for success after gold was discovered in 1848 by Charles Gleding decided to move to California, when he learned about the opening of … clay – massive clay deposits near Lincoln. Shortly after the foundation, the company has produced and supplied the clay sewer pipes throughout California.

By 1890 Gladyng, McBean & Co. expanded production beyond the sewer pipes. Those distinctive semi-cylindrical neglazuravanyya red tiled roofs of the main buildings of the campus, which is so different from Stanford University? Project Gladding, McBean & Co. in 1891, when the university was founded. And this is just one example of the scores of such projects. Other examples – the presidential library of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan in California and the Italian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The beginning of the Franciscan Pottery

Rejoicing that McBean rolled the ball when buying ceramics of Tropico, which was supposed to be a place of production of the Franciscan line of dishes just for ten years. In 1933, when Gleding, McBean bought another company which had factories in Hermosa beaches and Vernon; and it really accelerated in 1934, when in January, was hired by George Frederick. Grant, who was vice-president and then president (1932) of ceramics "Weller" in Zanesvile, Ohio. He and his wife Mary, a recognized designer, gave us great recommendations to them from the & # 39; Congress in 1952, some of her works were shown at exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

No less important than the acquisition of additional companies and premises for the later success of the Franciscan ware line, it was a patent A. Malinowski 1928 Malinita process, which is improved and improved in subsequent years.

Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles in June 1934, and the exhibition of China and Glass in New York next month, were places of western and eastern coasts, which were first introduced journalistic art and utensils for the Franciscans; premier & # 39; -Minister of New York identified as the first Franciscan California pottery products that were sold in the East.

Why "Franciscan?"

If Gleding, McBean called his vessel for glassware and pottery "Franciscans", it was a shrewd marketing move. In short, they were able to recall the image of the old Californian and Spanish padresav – early missionaries in California – and, finally, the myth of the simple peasant life, which they sought to convey to the rest of the country.

Name Franciscans also introduced a way of historical tradition, which, combined with the glamor of the film industry razrastanay climate and exotic at the same time give value and help create a romanticized identity of things, "California."

However, it took more than a cleverly chosen name, to ensure success in the years of the Franciscan pottery. (The name was changed to the composition of the Franciscan in 1936 to expand its image and give it a more "upscale" image: a. Another shrewd marketing move) These prizes are a simpler time in the West have been caused by promotions, which helped to popularize low-cost. dishes for lunch and served to push him to the heights of the desirability of years. An early example of this was the journey Lowell Thomas in 1936, which were presented to the Franciscan goods and factory. In 1950 a Franciscan ivy The sample was submitted to the I Love Lucy, And Mary Tyler Moore served to guests at the Franciscan apple dishes on the original show Dick Van Dyke in the 1960s.

Of course, without the high-quality design and craftsmanship, success, who enjoyed the Franciscans, would be short-lived.

The design has changed over the years: from the initial solid pastel colors, to manually flower images – the most important, apple. desert roseand ivy – from the 1940s to the "atomic age" Star explosion a sample of the 1950s.

End Franciscan American manufacture pottery (/ manufacturer)

Glading, McBean, who until the end of the 1920s moved from family to corporate ownership and control of the & # 39; yadnavsya joint pipe company Lock in 1962 and formed the international pipelines and ceramics (whose name was later changed to a more "forward" sound) Mizhprastoravaya). In 1979, English hippopotamus Wedgwood Limited bought the property Glendale, and in 1984 all products Franciscan pottery in the United States have stopped when they closed the factory and moved to England.

Although the production line of the Franciscan ware continued in the US nothing more has been done (or in the process of "malinity"), and the years 1934 to 1984 are considered by collectors as the "golden days" of the Franciscan pottery.

Useful sources of information:

Paige, Bean et al. et al. Franciscan: American tradition dishes. Grynsbaro: Publications Page-Frederyksen, 1999 (preliminary Amazon review)

Antique Exhibition Huntsville: dinnerware for Franciscan Desert

Gladding McBean

Myth "Role play – is counterproductive"

Many sales managers and coaches believe that the role-playing video presentations sales presentations and search methods are too strenuous for them sales representatives to be an effective learning tool. On the other hand, in most types of video recording with sports & # 39 is a standard procedure training. Today, video plays a major role in the training of athletes by most coaches and managers. Drilling for the exploration skills, presentation skills and closing skills are just as important for a professional sales, as well as for the main players of the ball, to make the practice of Bani or pressing a place to drill punches technique for a field goal. If you do not drill your sales staff or team to telemarketyngu skills proven sales process, at least on a weekly basis, you are not really doing the job to be performed by the sales manager. Even experienced athletes train skills during practical training. Your experienced staff need to practice as much as in your team recruits to avoid getting bad habits that create a drop in sales.

To see a steady success in sales, innovative sales managers and business development director to understand that learning, even drilling of experienced sales professionals give their organization a competitive advantage. It's a simple logic: if you practice something you get better. For sale & # 39 is stress. Use the excuse that the role-playing video sessions are stressful, it is impossible. In my opinion, the majority of managers and coaches who oppose the use of video cameras, just too lazy to crack the equipment or even to drill the sales staff for skills using this valuable tool.

Read more about myths about sales management:

Medical Marijuana: picture of the patient


To date, medical marijuana is legalized in the United States in 30 states, including the following:

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Kanektyut, Delaware, DC, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Gemshyr, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia.

Each of these states has its own rules and recommendations regarding the use and development.

Here in Florida, Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as Amendment 2 was adopted November 8, 2016 for qualified patients under the supervision of a qualified and licensed medical marijuana. In addition, this amendment has been accepted with a total of 6,518,919 (71.32%) votes "YES", and 2,621,845 (28.68%), "Voices".

The federal government classifies marijuana as a drug in Schedule 1, which makes illegal the appointment of doctor marijuana to their patients. These doctors of marijuana can make recommendations on the use of cannabis is only in accordance with national legislation, which can operate up to 1 year. Patients can not go to the pharmacy to fill a prescription for medical marijuana.

In accordance with strict rules, doctors marijuana is prohibited to join any distributors and cannabis dispensaries.

In accordance with this amendment, only certain patients suffering from "exhaustion." The disadvantages that relate to its provisions related PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), chronic muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, seizures, epilepsy, glaucoma, Crohn's, disease, cancer, HIV / AIDS, the ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease, and # 39). ; disease) and Parkinson's disease.

Despite the fact that the above mentioned diseases were listed as "primary debilitating condition," in this position Amendment 2 also states: "or any other negative / state similar severity / symptoms, some physician with the view that is used for medical purposes marijuana prevails over any possible health risks. "

Currently, Florida, about 56 well-known and familiar medical marijuana.

More information and specifics on this topic is available on the website of Ministry of Health of Florida ( on how to become a medical marijuana patients in Florida. For more information on the amendment 2 can also be found here.

Parkinson & # 39; S disease

A few months ago I came across a video on Facebook of a man with Parkinson's disease, to take pictures of cannabis. Before and after the videos were very impressive. Before starting treatment, you will be able to see significant tremors, stuttering and bad posture of this man. After the video shows a very different face. His speech was clear and audible. He had no stuttering, shivering, and he showed a very controlled movement. This man walked and talked like a normal person would. He also shared how it has improved their quality of life.

As a physical therapist, who is exposed to a variety of cultural circumstances, I personally have mixed feelings about medical cannabis. As a health worker, it is quite the wealth, to witness one of the most significant changes in my patients using cannabis.

Mr. George. L. Parkinson's disease

For more than five years, Mr. George. L. came to me for treatment and physical therapy in connection with the problems caused by Parkinson's disease. Knowing the progressive nature of the disease, I watched this gentle soul to cope with the consequences of this debilitating ills. His chief physician would have sent him to treatment if he begin to develop weakness, stiffness, chills, and, most likely, balance problems, when he said that the house falls.

We would see him for about six to eight weeks each time. We have worked to improve his coordination, strength, flexibility and balance for the main goal – to keep it in the safety and self-sufficiency at home, because he lives alone. In addition, to avoid the drop, which inclines it to more severe injuries and complications.


A few weeks ago, he came to the office to sign physiotherapy when he again sent his doctor. After working with this patient for many years, I tried to find that it has changed. I was looking and looking, as he did his initial assessment. Perhaps he noticed the curiosity attracted me because he recognized me. No longer able to restrain my curiosity, I asked him: "Mr. George, what did you do?" Mr. George just laughed and asked me why curiosity!

Well, I finally got to the point that Mr. George. He had little jerks on the right hand, where he showed the typical bumps of the disease. The neck was lined and has not shifted to the right side. Moreover, his performance was more intuitive! Another thing that struck me was that it was better. Not perfect, but he was able to turn around without having peratasovvats what I saw, as it does for many years.

He finally shared with me that he began taking cannabis treatment more than a month, as recommended by his neurologist. His friend, apparently mentioned to him the video on Facebook of a man with severe Parkinson's disease. This man was a picture of medical cannabis, and the change has been seen only in a few minutes. This is, perhaps, pushed him to consult with your primary physician, and then his neurologist.

The changes that I have seen Mr. George. After just over a month was on medical cannabis are essential. His performance improved. His voice is deeper and more audible. He had no stuttering, and he had more control over his right hand trembling from almost non-existent. It is also worth easier. His balance and coordination have improved, especially because when retraining balance improved he is now receiving.

During therapy sessions, Mr. J could faster with greater accuracy bounce on the floor. We saw him tossing and catching the ball in standing, but no one holds on to it. We used to have someone standing behind and detained him because he had a slow response and reflexive reaction. His gait is also improved. A month ago he would have dragged his right leg and was very short deck steps. He lost his balance at the slightest attempt to turn or lift his leg higher to stand on one leg.

These seemingly subtle changes in it for almost a month use of medical cannabis changed his life. He shared that he feels more relaxed and less concerned about the drop. He can deal with simple household chores with more confidence and is able to carry more modern therapeutic exercises during physical therapy sessions. It does not feel tired and can do more tasks during the day.

Mr. G is still in this way and would like to share this experience and tell me your story. Knowing him and his origin, he is not the type of person who would take marijuana indiscriminately for simple relaxation and indulgence.

On Mr. J.

Mr. George. Originally from Central New York and moved to Florida. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease about seven (7) years ago. He was the designer of a very prestigious Chinese manufacturer of Syracuse, whose client with & # 39 are the White House, five-star hotels and prestigious restaurants. He was also a member of the barber barbershop as a tenor SPEBSQSA (Society of preservation and promotion of the barbershop quartet who sing in America), and was a member of several amateur Broadway shows in New York. He was a teacher of the art for high school students, presenting the image.

His life changed when he was called into service sometime in 1986. He began treatment, which, according to him, were mainly people who had tumors. He traveled abroad to expand its medical service. It attracted so much attention that even the media noticed and covered his service several times. He is now retired and lives in Palm Bay, Florida.

Worthy to know that special someone who has done a lot for his young age. He devoted much time and affection to help others. I deeply appreciate the humanitarian service that J had, and how his ministry touched so many lives. I consider him one more insincere hero of his time.

His willingness to share a fragment of its history – it is a privilege. Moreover, to be able to work with him to improve his progress, and to see his motivation and determination for many years – it is a very inspiring experience.

Personal Battle Mr. George. L. Parkinson's disease.

Mr J. as he shared, he was officially diagnosed with Parkinson's disease nearly seven years ago. He was under the care of internal medicine doctor practicing in Palm Bay, Florida.

About Parkinson's Disease

As described employees of the Mayo Clinic: "Parkinson's disease – a progressive disease of the nervous system that affects movement develops gradually, sometimes with a barely noticeable tremor in just one hand aware of the signs of Parkinson's disease, it is a violation and often causes stiffness or slowing of movement…"

The following effects of the disease include the following: an inarticulate person also known as maskiravany fatsyi or gipamimiya and reduced speech quality that can be blurred, soft and even stuttering. They are very common in patients with whom I have worked. The ability of the patient's foot is also affected. It is a loss of swing arm on the rigidity of the body, stiffness and mixing steps, which result nekaardynatsyi.

Unfortunately, this disease is a progressive and modern medicines are aimed at improving the symptoms, but not necessarily drugs.

Currently, there are numerous studies on the treatment, including surgery to control certain areas of the brain and electrical stimulation.

However, at this time there is no standard therapy for the treatment, according to the National Parkinson Foundation.

In addition, the recommended medications, lifestyle changes, exercise and rest.


Modern designed drugs include: Carbidopa-levodopa, Carbidopa-levodopa, dopamine infusion, MAO-B inhibitors, Katehol-O-methyltransferase (COMT inhibitors) antsihalinergiki and amantadine. -Krynitsa: Organization Mayo Clinic

Parkinson's Surgery

Procedure for deep brain stimulation (DBS) – a procedure in which the electrodes are implanted in certain areas of the brain with a generator implanted in the chest near the clavicle, which sends impulses to the brain to reduce symptoms. However, this is not a & # 39 is the treatment and involves a lot of risks and side effects. And medication and DBS does not stop the progression of the disease.

Parkinson and physiotherapy

Physiotherapists work with these types of patients during different stages of the disease. This is primarily due to the reduction of functionality as a result of nekaardynatsyi, dyskinesia (involuntary movement) and rigidity, making purposeful and spontaneous movements is very tiring.

These problems can make even the most basic functions as feeding, care and toilet. The gait becomes extremely unstable. Stirring walk very common where it is difficult to make the first move (due bradykinezii – very slow movement), but when they go to stop them is also very difficult. Many of these patients are at high risk of falls and a large amount of aging stages becomes completely dependent care.

When referring to physical therapy, patient education regarding the appropriate exercises, movement strategies, objectives, modifications, training distance and prevention strategies fall from & # 39 are part of the overall care plan and functional interference. They are also often referred to as curative therapy for speech problems, and feeding, as well as occupational therapy for basic functions and self-protection functions of the hands or upper limbs.

Mr. J & # 39; s battle

I first worked with Mr. George about 5 years ago. Although at that time he was not in the advanced stages of the disease, it has already showed the main visible symptoms: chills, hands and neck, maskiravany full face, rigidity and significant nekaardynatsyya. He walked very slowly, confused and a long walk from room to room, because it was not able to make quick turns. When he turns around, he usually loses his balance and falls. His reflexes were very slow. He could hardly catch the ball or bounce off him. His speech was slurred, barely audible, and he had a stutter. It was difficult to get up and down with simple curbs and stairs. Several times he has fallen out of balance problems.

Mr. J. continued to keep a program of physical therapy and was always very motivated. For each episode, about which he was talking about us for many years, he always showed an improvement and always performs a specific exercise program, which we ordered. Due to the progressive nature of the disease, however, it would be worse and we had to work with him again.

He shared the story of the first time I noticed a change in him from Parkinson's. The first thing he mentioned was when taught art to high school students in the class of Art in New York. He said that gradually he found it difficult to draw and use your right hand when he was a jerk. The others followed, changing facial expression, stiffness and sense of cruelty constantly. It became progressively worse until his move to Florida.

Once under the care of a therapist, he was appointed Sinemet and other medications that he was taking for years.

The last time I saw him on medication, was in early 2016, when in his right hand were tremors and involuntary twitching in the neck. His maskiravanyya fatsyi were pragresavanyya face almost suhly, and he went and so much moved. He could hardly move one foot in front of another. He also reported on the fall of the deteriorating problems with balance.

That's why I saw him in March this year, saw in it a significant change, which he associated with medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis: capsules and Gunma

He went on to share his story. After hearing about the potential benefits of cannabis in Parkinson's disease, he consulted with his primary doctor, who sent him for further consultations with their neurologist. His neurologist recommended to try medical marijuana because of the progressive nature of Parkinson's disease.

Then Mr. J. began using capsules with cannabis, wherein he stated that it contained about 30 units to 25 mg capsules. It cost him about $ 80, including shipping. With its shipment came exemplary package with a comedic version of about 5 girls in the pack. Capsules were bitter, he said, and he took 1 capsule daily.

He added that after taking the first capsule he felt so calm and relaxed. He could move around more easily and get out of bed, it is better to climb and become the chair. He also noted that his thrusts were significantly less than the first time.

Mr. George said that he likes the rubber hemp is better because it tastes like candy and delicious than the capsules. Especially comedies that effect seemed much faster than in the capsule of action and much cheaper. Capsules per piece cost about $ 3 apiece, and gum would have amounted to about $ 1 per unit, he added.

To simulate the effect of gum, Mr. John said that he tried to melt the capsule under the tongue to lift the hem of her bitterness. He chewed chewing bear candy. It worked for him.

To date, Mr. J. continued physical therapy, when we see that he is more able to endure and perform training at a high level, which previously he could not do. On his right hand was very small, without a shudder, he no longer feels the tension in the neck, and his reflexes are improving. I see it in its ability to make a turn and not to lose balance. We should not keep him until he catches or throws the ball bounces to improve their protective reflexes vypravlyayuchyya required him to not fall. it can lift your legs up when walking, and his shuffling is much less.

Even recognizing the progressive nature of the disease, just inspiring to see how this very soft, kind, intelligent and talented man overcomes simple everyday functional obstruction caused by this debilitating and irreversible disease.

For the population that suffers from a debilitating disease, daily victory of the ability to move and perform tasks that most of us seem so commonplace – it's a blessing.

Currently, the legalization of medical marijuana will be held in Congress. We all have different positions and a strong opinion on this matter. Research continues on its pros and cons. I envisage a greater awareness of its existence as an alternative treatment of various diseases that do not respond to conventional medicine and treatment.

Як медыцынскі работнік, ён проста выконвае магчымасць быць сведкам функцыянальных змяненняў містэра Дж., Наколькі ён здольны заставацца незалежным і самадастатковым, нягледзячы на ​​парушэнні.

У цяперашні час я працую над пошукам чалавека, які можа падзяліцца са мной негатыўнымі эфектамі медыцынскай марыхуаны. Я хацеў бы пачуць ад вас і быць у стане падзяліцца сваім падарожжам і досведам, вядома, ананімна.

Калі ласка, звяжыцеся са мной, калі вам ёсць чым падзяліцца.

Маё прывітанне з выдатным днём і да майго наступнага артыкула!

Zabavlyalnikav hiring – hiring guide entertainment companies and private parties

Word of agents

The article & # 39; How to plan a banquette & # 39; we included a limited discussion of fun, and our main advice is to hire a competent talent agent specializing in "casual case", meaning day and adnanochnyya events such as parties, weddings, bar and bat mitvy and other
fun events.

Some agents represent actors and actresses, and if they did not have the card, which would deal with live entertainment and groups, they will not help you.

Some of the other agents engaged only major attractions and celebrities, and if you do not work with the suras & # 39; oznym budget, they can not help you get a band for a party of the 50th anniversary of Aunt Sarah.

Diverse agency can help you find that you can close up the group, and sometimes called artists such as Reba Makentsiry and Temptations. Those who specialize in a variety of entertainment, sometimes called the agency "a full range of services."

How do you say who is the competent agent? This is a good question, because if you ask the agent if he is competent, he will be a fool to say anything except, "Of course!"

Was in the entertainment business for over forty years, I've seen a lot of people set up shop as agents. Some recent, some not receiving.

A huge percentage of my business comes from people who either have used my services before or were sent by someone who has used my services.

Talent search

Search own fun can be interesting. I spent years watching other acts, bands and attractions, and I never liked it to enjoy.

Internet or Yellow Pages – a good place. Try using a search engine to find what you are looking for. You can find lists of the Yellow Pages under zabavlyalniki . planning participants . Office of entertainment and possibly some other categories.

Try to find something like "groups in Los Angeles" or "Juggler Orange County" or whatever. See what you come up with.

Carefully, a beautiful website may not mean better zabavlyalnika. Many websites are not created entertainment parties and even this beautiful website does not mean big entertainment.

Referrals from friends might be useful to you if you follow the described procedures for review below.

Look at your local newspaper for participants of entertainment that is scheduled to & # 39; will appear for other groups in your area, and make sense of that, if possible, catch their actions. Of course, if you start to attend other events, you will also see the bad entertainment. (I believe this is true, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince!) But even this can be useful if you are observant and make a note of what made the act good or bad.

Review of Act / Group

If you are not working with an agent, you will need to review the act yourself. There are three ways of looking at the act: You can (1) go see the act of performance in the air, (2) view video or act (3) to pass an act for you.

Still best Thus, to see how this act is performed approximately in the same way as your event. The fact that people act in Las Vegas before a crowd of a nightclub does not mean that they will be able to perform at a party of the 10th birthday of little Gloria (or vice versa).

The problem with watching live performances is that it certainly very It requires a lot of time and you can only see a limited number of contenders before the time comes for a decision. But on the other hand, think of the fun you'll have!

View the DVD-ROM drive – an excellent method, as you can fill up a lot of ground in the evening. Unfortunately, not all acts have DVD-discs or videos, and it would be a shame to eliminate the act covers simply because they could not deliver it.

Another big problem with video is that many acts are short, edited version of their act. This can be very misleading. While viewing the video, I always insist on (but do not get) nearedavanuyu version of the show. I never hire an act based on the edited video. I have heard of instances where an act was hired because they had a very powerful video to learn that in all their shows only good part was a few minutes on the video.

I do not be too impressed by a DVD-disk or videos from the & # 39; the appearance of the film, a guest spot on the television show or commercial. It still does not mean that they can do the work you want them to.

If you are not from the & # 39; an agent, you can just forget about that, to hold an audition. Maybe it was actions fall literary act. In the case of the magician acts, mimes or other similar varieties you can get a brief demonstration. However, this small segment along with its maple can be very deceiving.

Don is not at risk; rest assured that you buy!

If you talk to zabavlyalnikam on the phone, ask him to send him a "press kit" literature and a DVD or video tape.

Most acts of diversity will have printed literature or a complete set of printing (which includes a photo, biographical information, letters of recommendation and references or list of past performances).

Please do not take a good printed material. usually But not always, you can get a pretty good idea of ​​the level of professionalism with the help of the materials they send you.

I know some really great acts that work constantly and almost nothing interfere with printed material. Of course, I've also seen some really excellent printed materials but was disappointed when I saw this act. I have a band that I send out to a lot of small weddings and banquets constituent, and it took me almost a year to get a photo of them. (I still hope to get a list of songs in one day.) I have another group, some of the & # 39 is absolutely leading in promotional material and their band is also absolutely tops!

Some performers no longer use paper press kits but instead prefer an electronic press kit or insert the DVD, which they send to you, or simply on its website. This is normal. This is certainly a more contemporary method of promoting yourself.


It is important that once you have decided which zabavlyalniki bandits or you are going to hire, that all made clearly and in writing. I am attaching a sample letter that you can use. In some zabavlyalnikav have their own contracts, but many do not, so you have to put everything on paper and send it to the artist. I'm not a lawyer, so I do not know how this is subject to the execution of the letter, but at least you have the information on the paper and you both understand and agree to the terms.

If I am an agent, I fill out a contract based on our conversations, and send it to the client for signature. I'm trying to gather as much information about the event, to avoid surprises as possible. Zabavlyalniki also receive a binding contract.

By the way, this may be a good place to note that talentnyya agents are like travel agents, because they do not pay you for your services, but instead charge zabavlyalnikav. Agent really keeps track of your interests and can draw from countless entertainers and bands are well familiar with what each act. There is the internet subscription service that lists thousands zabavlyalnikav who their personal manager (if any) and / or how to contact them. All zabavlyalniki available agent full service and not just a few acts, the agent was able to gather together.

Bearing arrangement with zabavlyalnikami, make sure that you discuss everything:

  1. Location. It is best to send the card act.
  2. execution date.
  3. Time and duration of performance. Usually teams are 4 hours with a break for 10-15 minutes every hour. Talk to them about their breaks and how much it would cost overtime. Some teams deliver music during breaks.
  4. Put the fee in writing. I would not hesitate to pay a share deposit, although some zabavlyalniki and groups that need. A licensed agent I, so I know that after sending their contract payment will be guaranteed. And you, and act on zabavlyalnik has not demonstrated trust. Entertainer thinks, if he will receive a salary, and you wonder if he & # 39 will appear! It's the only system we have.
  5. payment method. Acts always expect that will be paid on the statement of results. If any other arrangements are concluded, please do not just talk to them, but also put it in a letter of the agreement.
  6. The instrument would like to know your time schedule … what hour cocktail, dinner, etc., and it is an interesting subject: feeding the act. Usually, if you have only one person who leads the show after dinner (for example, a magician or a singer), you should invite him to join your group for dinner. However, no one would expect you to fed Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Even groups rarely fed. If you use a group for the cocktail hour during dinner, and then try to take a break while you are driving or presenting awards to other business, the
  7. it would be appropriate to feed them during this time. However, this is not a & # 39 is optional. (Keep in mind that the food – it's a good consolation for the act, when they give you a special break on the fee.)
  8. Supplier appeals system? Usually have their own equipment in groups; other actions can not. For the guitarist who sings may require two microphones. Four singers might require microphones and expect you to put them. If you are again in a hotel or other banquet institution, you can get everything you need from them. Extensive sound systems should come from a professional sound company. Make sure you discuss it with the performer, and place it in writing.
  9. Lighting. Again, your facility may have what you need. Spotlights with an operator can be rented about 350 dollars. For big concerts will require the services of a professional company for coverage.
  10. Stage? Beckett fewer 50 people may not even need risers, but if you start to get the figures, you will need to bring your artists to the place where they can see the audience. At about the & # 39; catering facilities or hotel will usually be 4 & # 39; x 8 & # 39; risers at various heights so that you can build a platform or stage for entertainment.
  11. It outdoors? What if the rain? You really have to show that you do. Will you then hold it indoors? Act or zabavlyalnik blocked this day for you and perhaps give up other work. They do have a right to their fee even if sypaetstsa program if you do not agree.
  12. Living. For an artist it is very difficult to have a dance floor between himself and the audience. If you are doing a dance after a comedian or other zabavlyalnika, talk with the act about how close the seats or tables need to be. Maybe he can work on the dance floor.
  13. Do I need a place in the act of changing or adjustment of the equipment?
  14. Or sold in the act of an album or a particular product on the show? Some musical acts offer albums after the show. Or are you all right?
  15. Parking and unloading. How nice zabavlyalniku rise to the YMCA and find a sign "Reserved for the entertainer." You can not always do it, but remember that some acts have a lot to accomplish. If only parking available costs money, you should compensate zabavlyalnikam. Talk about it and include your decision in a letter of consent.

There are many things that can be learned. Take the time to accurately imagine how things will be. If you have a question about something, ask in your mind. Ask hotel group, act agent.


Well, actually, it was easy. Just spend months looking at acts and days negotiating and a few weeks wondering, you did not blow it. (Or call a competent talent agent and let him worry about the hard stuff!)

Perhaps a good rule to remember: "You get what you pay for." A friend called me and wanted to Maryyahis invited Church Mexican Fiesta. I gave him a price for five maryyahisav two hours, but he went and hired himself less. He called me up later just sick. He called the ad group somewhere and got a low price … and low quality. This is not a new story.

Do not look for a low price; look for quality. If you can not afford a high quality, it is probably better not to entertain rather than to hire an act that makes you and everyone else to sit in their seats.


sample letters


The creators of the indestructible widget

1842 Los Albany Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90023

312 / 555-2345

February 31, 2009

Freddy Magic man

1234 Count me in the street

Pasadena, CA, 93345

Dear Mr. Magic Man:

This confirms our understanding that you are entertained in our annual banquet of the constituent, which will be held 32 October 2009 at the Rancho Cucamonga Holiday Hotel, 2345 Hotel Ave., Cucamonga,

The banquet will begin with a cocktail hour from 18:00 to 7:00 pm, at which time we will sit down for dinner. We would be delighted if you would join us. Please let us know if you prefer fish or steak.

We have a deejay who will provide you with a microphone on a microphone stand and the hotel arranged to place 8 & # 39; wide by 6 & # 39; deep 2 and high area with stairs at one end, so you can act on. Your 30-minute performance of comedy and magic should begin after dinner, approximately 8:15 pm. I will be ready to check in the amount of $ 750 after the speech. Please bring me a ticket for parking for a complete check.

Please sign a copy of this letter and vernitsesya me to secure our agreement.

The most sincere,

Martha Stewart


From: Freddy The Magic man

For: Martha Stewart

Everything looks great! I'll be there. I prefer: fish steak ______ ______




Helping to improve life through investments

2356 On the street no one

Lansing, Ohio 98823

912 / 555-3456

February 31, 2009

Levon huge

Big Band from Cleveland

1902 Go Go to the street

Pine forest, In 69903

Dear Mr Great

Thank you for agreeing to spend your 8-composite bands for the wedding of my daughter July 14, 2008 in the village club Forrest Glen, 2323 Country Club Drive, Lansing, Ohio, from 20:00 to midnight. As we discussed, the group is expected to complete the establishment until 18:00, and you will play recorded music through your sound system from 6:00 to 20:00 on a cocktail and dinner.

You also agreed to act as emfi, representing the bride and groom and the entire wedding party as they enter the hall at about 6:30 pm. I will send you by e-mail at least one week prior to the event. Please write the dance set at 8:00 pm dance father / daughter "Isn & t 39 Love t Lovely", and then invite the entire wedding party to join them on the dance floor at the end of the song and play "Holiday".

I understand that the band will play four 45-minute sets each hour and you will provide recorded music during breaks. I'll have a check for $ 2450 is ready for you when you arrive. I also get a full scan for all of your musicians if you will collect their parking. I will be sandwiches, sodas, coffee, iced tea and fruit juice in the break room at 7:00 pm for you and the band. Please register with Diane at the country club, and it will show you the break room.

Please sign below and return a copy of this letter is to make sure that we are back on the same page.

Thank you.

Sammy Claws



All agreed. We'll be there.


© 2007 Al Lampkin

Landing hard on the dogs – ask questions pledge

You have decided to go on vacation and want to leave your dog or cat from behind. Some people may be members of the family & # 39; and, living near, keep track of your pets, or neighbors who will be watching them. However, not everyone has that luxury, and she would have to sit on the pet in a kennel or a hotel for pets. Now, before you find a place to land for your pet, you should think to ask a few questions breeders.

The first question you have to ask – can you spend on a tour of the site & # 39 to find out where it will be your pet. Most places do not mind show you the place, so you can see how to take good care of your pet. I know, if they refuse to take you on a tour, then you can take the question of whether you want to sit on the pet at this point.

The next question that you might think it would be to ask whether someone is in place twenty-four hours a day. Now usually the ones that I've seen, not so many places to be at all times on the site, but in some places there. I know that in a new place that just opened next to me, there is someone of twenty-four hours a day to help care for their pets. This is a great feature, but not common. Remember that if someone is online twenty-four hours a day, you may have to pay a higher price.

Then the third question that I always ask each boarding – What type of exercise will get the animal in May. Now sometimes the institution would withdraw the dog on the street for five or ten minutes every day, but sometimes they can just move them from the nursery to nursery. you are now, at least, find a nursery that will go with your pet or handle your pet for a few minutes each day, so that they have retained the same love affection, and that before you go on vacation.

Going on Vacation can be a stressful time, if you have pets. However, you do not need rest time to be so tense. Now you probably want to relax while on vacation, not napruzhavshysya. Thus, if you sat down for your pet, you will need to ask a few simple questions, so you can be sure that your pet will be taken care of.