The history of vacuum cleaners and detergents NSS

NSS Enterprises, Inc., the beginning of work for almost a hundred years ago in Ohio, in the former of the manufacturer Bissel. A well-known manufacturer of spare parts for Ford Motor Company, Bisel decided to start the production of vacuum motors for various purposes in 1911. Julius Bevingtan, CEO of Bissel, dealing with the extension of vacuum motors, primarily agreed with the company Bissel. In the 1920s, under the name of National Company for supersasavanni had the opportunity to form a vacuum section in his own company. In 1940, the NSS Bevington company introduced to the market a solid model of the vacuum canister, canister, which would later become a vacuum canister M-1 "Pig".

Like many manufacturers of vacuum cleaners since, NSS ceased production of vacuum cleaners and devoted its wartime production. By the end of the war Julius Bevingtan and his son, John, we do business innovation for floor care, and in 1947 invented the first bypass engine for wet / dry vacuum cleaners. By this vacuum water was considered the death of not only cleaner, but also for the operator.

Later, in the early 1970s, NSS has been able to produce an extract of cold water, using several vacuum engines and putting them in order to create enough suction to pull water out of the carpet. In 1976, the NSS has become the first manufacturer of floor care, which produced propane, and the following year they were able to lead the competition, when their debut on the first high-speed electric machine. This invention has created a strong buzz in the floor care, because it creates a floor which owned it a high sheen and look as if they are still wet. This wet look was so popular in society that other floor care companies began to create products to catch up with the NSS.

By the mid-1980s, the NSS was the first that used polyethylene pink composition for the body of their cars. Polyethylene, which is rotated for this purpose with a & # 39 is an exceptional material, thanks to which he & # 39 is very strong and resilient, but it is quite easy. Other companies have followed this example, and today the industry standard with the & # 39 is the use of polyethylene, which turns many machines floor care, such as scrubbers, kindling and padmyatalniki.

In mid-1999 Bevingtan mark, grandson Julius Bevingtan, became the third generation, which is headed by the NSS. In 2009, almost a century after the NSS company introduced the first 27-inch equipment on the battery, model called Ultra Maxx. Specializing in equipment for floor care, since its inception the company has become a favorite of NSS advertising cleaning sector for generations. NSS is far from & # 39 is the only company in the world that deals with its own production for floor care equipment. Always faithful excellence and quality products, the NSS can boast of such global clients as American Airlines and Hilton Hotels, as well as countless. schools, offices and small businesses worldwide. One of the reasons that the NSS was so successful with the & # 39 is its innovation, but an even greater cause to & # 39 is its commitment to customer service. With more than 600 dystryb & # 39; yutarav in more than 60 countries around the world, the NSS does not know does not show any signs of slowing down soon.

Living history in Bedfarde, Pennsylvania

Bedford, pocket preserving the past, offers the visitor to experience the history, allowing him to go on forging roads, inspected several important agreements and fortifications, and even to stay at the resort, which has caused its rise.

The former border guard, covered with hills, meadows and forests, called the soul to manifest her own property creation, as evidenced by the forts, which have risen from Harris Couples along the river Suskehanna in the east to Logstauna on the Ohio River in the west during the French and Indian War, one thousand seven hundred fifty-four for 1763 gg., marking the expansion of the British to the west, as the number of Shlyakhova GPS points, they were such names as Laytlenton, Loudon, Frederick, Reystaun / Bedford, Cumberland, Ligonier, necessity and Pete / Duquesne. However, two of double designations were to be the most important in the area of ​​development.

Where there are transport routes, settlements tend to grow as the city of Bedford as a fort, which was built by the British during the campaign against the French in 1758 on Forbes Road, which was formerly united the Indian trail. Later, they will grow into first on the Pennsylvania toll road platform that facilitates the transport of horses and wagons.

Strengthening Colonel Henry Boke, Deputy General John Forbes, the strengthening of irregular shape, which occupies 7000 square yards, carried by five bastions. Depth of four to five feet, three feet wide, surrounding its perimeter, supported by 18-foot length, laid out from the timber sides, carved out of the surrounding oak forests and grinded flat and tightly closed before inserted, while the onboard gallery continued from the central bastion in the north to the front edge of the water. Swivel guns guarded the corners.
Entrance is equipped with three gates – the most important of its south side, parallel to today's Pitt Street; a second, smaller, west; and a poster, which opens to the north.

Climbing up on the beach with views of the river, which was originally designed Fort Raystaun served as staging for 6790 troops moved westward, they were attacked while crossing the mountains navyazvayuchyya Alegheni but replenished necessary supplies before they proceeded to the Fort Pitt / Duquesne, stronghold of the French.

British strategy was successful: their opponents were defeated, effectively clearing the bar & # 39; er in the English control over the valley of the Ohio, and eventually America.

Reworked "Fort Bedford" at the end of 1758, after the fourth Duke of Bedford, England bastion served as a secondary purpose – to provide a sense of security from Indian attacks, his safety, contributing to the resettlement of people in search of agricultural valleys and rich forests. mountains. Thus, it provided the seeds from which grew as a result of the village is named, becoming the first county seat west of the mountains Tuskarara and, for some time, the whole of Western Pennsylvania, strategically located on the interstate road.

Set out in 1766, it was included in 29 years, 13 March.

Development District, which parallel the development of the city, was due to the discovery of coal on Broad top of the mountain, which led to the rails required to transport it to the iron factories in the area had begun, and caused a 100 percent increase in population between 1870 and 1890. Road network, which facilitates the transport of iron, wood, and the passengers were later supplemented and finally reach the next road, Highway Lincoln (Route 30), connecting Bedford to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Ternpik.

A short walking tour of the city of Bedford itself allows the visitor to go into the history of several important buildings.

For example, the National Museum of the American cover is in public school, built in 1859 at the expense of $ 7,000 and is open on the initial enrollment 211 students next year. Functioning as a school until it was sold to private interests in 1999, it contained a significant portion of its original structure, including its middle section, the ventilation system and the surrounding iron fence.

House Bedford County Courthouse, built by Solomon fillers between 1828 and 1829. The $ 7,500, the same evidence of originality, especially in the hours that are installed on the tower, which had to be wound hands after vigorous rise, until it was electrified in 1975, and two of his domestic, convenience stairs leading to the second floor, zalyatsanyya portrait. A pair of columns that characterize its facade, later donated by the filler that embodies God and left a fair deal.

The man on the monument, located at the intersection of Giuliani and Penn, was established in 1890 to honor the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Civil War, more than 20,000 schoolchildren were collected pennies in them. At current location it was moved in 1957.

Behind it is the first building of the courthouse and prison, built of blue limestone between 1774 and 1775.

One of the most significant structures – so much so that it was recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1984 – this house Espy. Belonging to Colonel and Mrs. David Espy, he served as the headquarters of George Washington during the Whiskey rebellion in 1794, which resulted in the farmers of Western Pennsylvania protested against excise taxes imposed on alcohol Treasury Secretary Hamilton. Struck 13000th federal Washington's army, which is said about the surrounding areas for their own accommodation, it is noted first and only time a US president commanded the army in the field.

Time & # 39; ehavshysya in the hills until October, the rebels showed a defeat.

National House, which opened its doors to tired travelers as a hotel for nearly all of its existence, was strategically located on the Forbes Road, which is now designated "Pete Street."

Built as the House of the Court of Solomon Filler, Andersen house stands on land purchased in the name of William Pena, and was used as a medical cabinet at the front and rear of the Bank Aleggeni Pennsylvania. He served as the only such public storage between Pittsburgh and Chandsburgam.

Museum Fort Bedford:

The original meaning of the fortress was short-lived, and the place was only a historically significant event: trying to release prisoners that have occurred there, James Smith and his Black boys captured his September 17, 1769, but after the French War and India his garrison he had boiled down to a meager 12 and until 1775, when the border moved to Pittsburgh, he quickly came into disrepair.

In order to mark the two-year anniversary of the Bedford style building is a blockade formed by the logs and the dart, rose from his seat the original fort 200 years after it was built, in 1958, still sitting on a cliff with views of the Department of Cancer Raystown of Juniata. Section of the northern wall was added in 2006, adjacent to Fort Bedford Museum.

Padpadyalyayuchysya in the main gallery, transport facilities, the rear gallery, a mezzanine and a souvenir shop, a block building internally radiates an atmosphere of the new frontier of Western Pennsylvania, pointing to his collection, some 2000 artifacts, including the Indian inventory, civil war items, household items, carbines from flint , antique hand tools, women's clothing of the 19th century, the civil war cannon, wagon Konestaga dishes from stone ware, documents signed by some & # 39; it Peng, and registry resort Bedford-G ryngs that shows the signature of President Buchanan.

The focal point with the & # 39 is a scale model of the original fort, which reflects the way Forbes River Zhuniyata and its outskirts. But perhaps the most rare works in the collection & # 39 is the original flag in 1758. Gift of British troops in the still intended Fort Reystaun the fourth Duke of Bedford in England, sewn by hand, the red silk damask with satin flag in the upper left part of which is located a 23-inch Canton jack-Canton. Bedfard renaming in late 1758 in his honor. Although there is no evidence whether this was his official hanging in the officers' rooms and were exposed only during special occasions.
Nevertheless, the British officer Patriots seized him when freedom from British rule, expressed as the Declaration of Independence, his lips traveled to Bedford.

An example of the museum with the & # 39 is the only known British Red fly that survived the French and Indian War.

Old Bedford Village:

Fort Bedford Museum offers only a single taste of the city's past. But more than 40 original and restored log cabins, frames and stone structures consisting of Old Bedford Village allows visitors to step into the shoes by citizens and to walk on the trails him by interpreting saved here early pocket Pennsylvania life.

Passage through the bridge with a clay socket and a short passage through the welcome center returns it to the dawn of Pennsylvania as a colony where the gravel track, smoke plumes pulled by horses, riders, spiral pipes log home, people dress in clothes and strange metal sounds are heard from the blacksmith's workshop .

The village offers several examples of housing era. For example, Biddle House – a two-story structure of logs, initially built a few miles in the Dutch corner, and a & # 39 is one of the earliest in the complex. Its V-shaped double fireplace provides both warmth and cooking methods.

Hybrid housing, the house next door Kerr-Blasco, contains the remains of the building, which was built by Thomas Quintana in 1768 and James Hayden in 1790, both located in Bedford County.

Act 1802 Determine Semanek village house as a "log house", which originally stood in the village Ryot in the city town of West St. Clair. Its construction is used almost extinct chestnut.

Williams cabin hut typical of most first-generation immigrants who have lived so long, and the creation of enabling them to build a more important, while opposed to Victorian house Andersen collected from lumber Anandale hotel calls its vizagiyanski period.

Two schools are represented: Kniseli school standard configuration was built around Pleasantville in 1869 and was used until the 1930s, and accordingly named 8-square School, octagonal building, established in 1851, Nat Hoover in East St. Clair normally frequented by children from affluent seven & # 39; ads.

There are a variety of shops and services, where costumed citizens still practice the original methods. Inside, "Ice Cream" is the construction of the cottages of the 17th century, and the bakery "Pen" is believed to be built by William Nichols in 1808, still produces bought baked goods in their furnaces as "Bakery Old Bedford Wilde", as evidenced by the scent of her open the door. Light lunches can be enjoyed in the dark, decorated wooden cabin tavern Pendegrassa original analogue which was located near the walls of the Fort Bedford in the 1750s.

Other vital needs of this period can be obtained in the "Chandler" (candles), "Trash truck," "Cooper" (barrels and barrels), "The general store and post office," "Old Bedford Wilde Press" "Vindov County Bedford" "Shop for transportation", "Fisherman" Pottery, Uaytsmit (tin) and Broom.
Human power launched all the equipment in the country, as indicated by the pads on the legs and the bike that resembles a puzzle in the shop of furniture and wood Heminsa and forging school Entansana where the tools needed for many other crafts period, have developed, including the very shoes required for engine management of the day-horse.

The village is also taken care of ill, earthly human behavior in prison, which is a type that has been used until 1800 in the area, and ensured that his heavenly soul goes ashtray in Christ Church, a replica of the Church Union in 1806 that is made of logs and still stands to the west of Shellsburga.

Educational programs that use the rich resources of the village and give rise to the production of handicrafts, teach, paint and exhibit the life of the 18 Pennsylvania and the 19th century with the help of blankets, papalennya candles kuperstva, forge, manufacture baskets, spinning, weaving wheat, leather manufacture; kalavanne tin, making brooms, making dolls Maize Pappouse and horse buggies in a number of classes, lectures and excursions. Rural products of arts and crafts can be purchased at the gift shop welcome center.

Seasons and holidays are celebrated special events, such as exhibits of colonial crafts; festival with historical customs, costumes and cuisine; firefight with muzzle-loading; Civil reconstruction and French and Indian Wars; Old western weekend; murder mystery evenings; pumpkin; and old-fashioned Christmas carols, which they see as the village is lit by candles with lanterns.

Resort Bedford Springs:

Many important buildings and fortifications of Bedford allow the visitor to get acquainted with its history, but the resort Bedford Springs allows him to live it.

While the original coal and coal Bedford scum-Thap attracted people in this region, it was another major draw: mineral springs.

Back in 1796, Dr. John Anderson found that Native Americans have long known, namely that drinking and bathing in the water of the seven halibetav, limestone, sulfur and sweat sources given as a restorative, and therapeutic results. Incorporating into clinical practice, these otherwise free agent, he decided to buy 2200 hectares, surrounding them, and build their own house. But his private life in this idyllic setting was short-lived.

Traveling in Cumberland, Maryland, and then spending the final 21-mile trek in Bedford on a horse and wagon, a growing number of visitors were attracted to the area in search of healing powers of the springs, and Dr. Anderson originally placed them improvise. tents, cooking individual recipes based on individual health needs. bathing the room took shape in 1802.

But unquenchable thirst quickly demanded the replacement of temporary tents to more permanent accommodation and indicative premises – in the form of a stone at four years, whose most building blocks, as well as water were freely provided with sources on its sides adjacent mountain and trees. Constant at the location was only temporary in fulfilling its purpose, as the number of guests who have requested a demand for it, quickly exceeded its capacity.

According to a stranger material written by Joshua Galpinam in 1809, when the stone house has joined Krekfard and harbinger of Evita-Hausa, means included "a house with a large frame and a few smaller family for warm and cold baths and billiard room."

Swiss buildings and other rapidly rose from the once comfortable spaces.

Increasingly known for its comfortable accommodation, catering and activities that emphasize its natural environment, it always attracted visitors from the industrialization of the cities east coast, as well as a growing list of the rich and famous dignitaries. For example, a future US president and a native of Pennsylvania James Buchanan first visit Bedford Springs in 1821 year, and ultimately spent 40 summers, calling it "Summer White House". In 1848, James K. Polk was one of the ten sitting presidents to stay there, and behind him – Taylor, Taft, Polk, Harding and Eisenhower, and nine Supreme Court judges and countless celebrities. Buchanan himself was ten years later, this resort is the first transatlantic cable, which has sent the British Queen Victoria.

Travel in Bedford greatly facilitated in 1872 when rail access for the first time linked the area with power, such as Philadelphia, Washington and New York.

Developing into one of the greatest resorts in America in the late 19th century, it is properly reflected the golden age period with spring houses, bridges, gates and paths, and transatlantic cable had to serve only the first of many innovations associated with resorts. : For example, one of the first game of golf courses designed by Spencer Oldham, and ten years after this first indoor, mineral water pool to the source with a solarium and hydrotherapy was made was introduced in 1895.

Although medical advances tipped the scales on initial appointment Bedfardskay spring, her reputation of a luxury resort that caters to prestigious clients, has been firmly anchored in the area that created it – so much so that, in fact, that the central colonnade are now connects the main. dining room with a columned pavilion in Magnesia Springs through Schober Run.

His role, maintaining a luxury communications, changed between 1941 and 1943. When the US Navy, taking resort, has trained about 7,000 seafarers in electronic transactions, and then served as an insulator for nearly 200 Japanese diplomats captured in Germany during World War II of, while their NOT exchanged for American prisoners of war who were held in Asia.

Сучасныя ўплывы зноў былі аказаны ў 1950-х гадах з устаноўкай сістэмы кіравання навакольным асяроддзем і дажджавых сістэм.

Непазбежна папулярнасць змагалася з мэтай. Тэндэнцыі падарожжаў змяніліся, і, нягледзячы на ​​прызначэнне Нацыянальнай гістарычнай славутасцю ў 1984 годзе, ён працягваў зніжацца, пакуль не быў зачынены праз два гады. Наступная паводка развяла 200-гадовыя драўляныя сцены.

Але Bedford Springs Partners, па-ранейшаму выяўляючы бляск славы, набыў некалі вялікую славу маёмасці за 8 мільёнаў долараў, падвяргаючы яе маштабнай рэстаўрацыі ў 120 мільёнаў долараў, каб уваскрэсіць і вярнуць яе ў 1905 годзе залатога веку 1905 года і аднавіць дзверы 12 ліпеня , 2007 г. пасля перарыву былі выяўленыя восьмыя мінеральныя крыніцы. Пасля другаснага набыцця праз два гады ён быў перайменаваны ў "Курорт і спа курорт Omni Bedford Springs". "

Яе самаабвешчаная місія складаецца ў тым, каб "адкрыць дзверы гісторыі".

Размешчаны ў горным рэгіёне Алегхені паўднёва-цэнтральнай Пенсільваніі і з выглядам на даліну Камберленд, да курорта Бедфорд-Спрынгс можна звярнуцца па маленькім узгорку, які вярнуўся ў гісторыю, да захаванага часу, а потым перайшоўшы да белага, ганка абліцаваны фасад разгалістага асабняка. Перагаворваючы дагледжаныя газоны і ўрачыстыя сады сярод гукавых струменьчыкаў ручаёў і крыніц, наведвальнік выходзіць на кругавую дарогу, якая набліжаецца да двухпавярховай, цаглянай, антэ-звоннай каланады. Акрамя таго, што з'яўляецца нацыянальнай гістарычнай славутасцю, курорт з'яўляецца адначасова чатырма алмазнымі ўласцівасцямі Triple-A і адносіцца да ліку адным з гістарычных гатэляў Амерыкі.

Служачы асновай сувязі з сумессю сумежных стыляў будынка, сама каланада размяшчае гасцявую прыёмную, упрыгожаную арыгінальным амерыканскім сцягам 39 зорак; вестыбюль; размяшчэнне штодзённай, дадатковай пасляабедзеннай гарбаты; і лесвіца, якая вядзе да бальнай залы. Адзін з яго крылаў вядзе да каменнага інн з карчмай "Памежжа" і 1796 нумароў рэстаранаў, а другі вядзе міма рэстарана "Крыштальны нумар", праз бібліятэку, міма закусачнай "Сэра Сара", закрытага басейна і калідора у санаторый.

216 нумароў і чатыры апартаменты курорта, размешчаныя альбо ў Гістарычным, альбо ў новым спа-крыле, прасочваюцца гісторыяй і традыцыяй, але прапануюць сучасную раскошу, з аўтэнтычнымі ўзорамі і фактурамі, мармуровымі падлогамі і ганарыстасцямі ў сваіх ванных пакоях, егіпецкай пасцельнай бялізнай і сапраўднымі, мінулая эпоха нагадвае палкі.

Ёсць некалькі рэстаранаў.

Напрыклад, Крыштальная пакой раней была музычнай пакоем, а таксама выкарыстоўвалася як салон для жанчын. Адрамантаваны ў 1905 г. у час грандыёзнай кампаніі курорта, ён змяніў наверсе значныя па памерах аб'екты, якія потым сталі бальнай каланадай. У цяперашні час прадстаўлены экран з класічных дарыйскіх калонак з абодвух бакоў, ён спартыўны, арыгінальны, крышталёвыя люстры, якія адлюстроўваюць імя; люстэркі з пазалотай; Віктарыянскія крэслы з круглымі спінкамі; чатыры адценні сіняга; печыва; выставачная кухня; вінны склеп на 1500 бутэлек; і калекцыя гасцявых фотаздымкаў, зробленых паміж 1892 і 1898 гг., адкрываецца ў прыватнай зале Дэніэла Вебстэра.

Пагранічная карчма, размешчаная ў раздзеле «Стоўн-інн» гатэля, была прыпынкам для тратуараў, з якога ў вясковую карчму за тры вячэры былі перавезеныя першыя госці Бедфорд-Вясны. Упрыгожаныя артэфактамі перыяду, такімі як пастка для мядзведзя, інструменты, печка з дровамі і стракаты посуд, ён таксама мае бар і більярдны стол.

Пакой 1796 года, таксама размешчаны ў раздзеле Стоўн-інн, адлюстроўвае той самы год, калі доктар Джон Андэрсан упершыню набыў нерухомасць Бедфорд-Спрынгс і прасякае гэтую атмасферу 18-га стагоддзя амерыканскімі каланіяльнымі стэйкамі і катлетамі, куды ўваходзіць таксама выбар напрыклад, зубр, аленя, трус, дзік, перапёлак, дзічыну і горная стронга.

Крыты басейн з мінеральнымі крыніцамі вярнуўся да 1905 года і стаў аркестравай ямай, з якой гасцявалі больш стагоддзя таму.

Спа-цэнтры "Вечны Спа" плошчай 30 000 квадратных футаў ўключае ў сябе вільготныя і сухія працэдурныя кабінеты, ароматэрапію, масаж, сыход за тварам, сад і буцік, дзе вада практычна выкарыстоўваецца для мінеральных крыніц.

Памер канферэнц-цэнтра складае дзве траціны ў 20 000 квадратных футаў.

"Стары курс" – 18-дзірачнае поле для гольфа, якое адлюстроўвае выкананне Дональда Роса ў 1923 годзе, з'яўляецца трэцім падобным тварэннем пасля Спенсера Олдхэма ў 1895 годзе і перарывістай, дзевяціпавярховай, версіі А. У. Цілінгхаста 1912 года.

Курорт Бедфорд-Спрынгс, акрамя гольфа, прапануе шмат мерапрыемстваў, уключаючы плаванне на адкрытым паветры і на адкрытым паветры, пешыя прагулкі на веласіпедзе на 25 мілі трас, рыбалку ў патоку фарэлі з залатым медалём, катанне на байдарках, рафтынг і лыжныя гонкі, і праводзіць шырокі спектр функцый: ад сустрэч да вясельных конных вяселляў.

Wench by Dolen Perkins-Valdez Book Review

I was ready to give Wench Dolen Perkins-Valdez a half nod, when I remembered a conversation in which the type of interviews I attended a few years ago. Questions that we (bunch of writers associated with using the Internet boards), sounded as if we were slaves in America, however, we wanted to be slaves: home or Negro type Haryet Tubman / Nat Turner. Most of the answers were focused on the fact that the Black Moses and Turner. Apytalnitsa said that she herself was not sure. Her reaction made me think especially because I was one of those who broke away from tubmanskay dynamics. All enslaved Africans did not adhere to flight mode / battlefield. What of those who silently bore the genocidal nature of the chatter?

What of those whose names we do not know, because the only decent thing they did was to survive? In this book, Uench, we find the story of four such characters – Lizzie, Reni, sweet and Mawu – some of which have a tendency to escape. Four women gathered over the summer for a decade before the Civil War began, when their "owners" rested in the House in the state Tavava Taova Springs, Ohio – free state. (A Brief History of -. Due to the constant presence of rabovladalnikav and their slaves, the hotel began to lose money hotel, the land and the surrounding area have been sold, and soon after became Wilberforce University, is now the oldest Africa-American private university in the United States)

A number of events that the four subordinate slaves (and their companions, men – and the enslaved and free) in the course of the summer a number of evidence of the desire to survive – the freedom to reverse the existence of a society that flourished negation of that self-will. May change of heart (from the first half of the year to another confirmation) came when I became absorbed in a book. Of particular interest was the main character Lizzie (her name is Eliza, but the wife of the owner has been renamed to Lizzie after he moved her to the big house). It performs actions, because of which a superficial reading would cause its designation as an employee in her own oppression – to say nothing of the harm that its actions are the other heroes. However, reading further, I realized that life in slavery is not as black and white (no pun intended).

This is a very efficient way in which Perkins-Valdez leads the reader to a deeper understanding of the nature of slavery to the fact that, perhaps, I might have been as Eliza – most of all for my children – it is interesting that the "owner" would do to them, . if I broke and ran Maybe ulyublenne puppy from man to man, convinced that he has to you, and to have sex with him, it is believed workable exchange for learning to read – and subsequently reading the stolen papers to those who share your captivity may. be. Just might. It may slightly moves in the direction of n atentsyyalu when I read in a note by the author after the end of the novel, that "it is believed that children of unions between slaves and servants were among the early disciples (Wilberforce)."

Stop feeling sorry for yourself – you are not in danger

"Black people are useless in nature and are not able to fly." This is a direct quote, which I took from the film "Clean Tails", a film that tells the story of how black aviators fought racial segregation and eventually became known pilots. You have to look at it!

In an era of time, which portrays the film, few whites treated blacks with some decency. In those days, racial segregation was so serious & # 39; oznay that there were separate sections of buses and trains for black riders, some hotels and restaurants, as well as separate benches in the park, drinking fountains and toilets. Many negros were disappointed segregation with which they are faced, and so sorry for yourself. You see, people who PAVEDAYUTS shorter for their services, DAHATS NEZABAZHNYH release sales. Unhealthy people are focused on the fact that the poor in their lives – but he was a young black man, who strongly felt that being black – it's not a disadvantage. It is called GUION S. BLUFORD JR. Born in the family & # 39; and 4 years old, parents urged him to always set your goals high. Of course, he did.

When he was in school, on the car & # 39 Advisor; EASURES told him that the book is not for black people, instead of college, he has to learn a profession. Unlike other black men of his time, he has recreated this advice and went on to success, having finished flying colors! They kept telling him that he did not do it at university. Again, he chose to ignore it, and he continued to move forward, setting his goals higher and higher. From early childhood, he learned that if you demand the best for yourself, you will become more valuable, attractive and pleasant.

Eventually he received a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University; Master's degree with distinction in aerospace engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology; PhD in aerospace engineering with a minor in laser physics from the Air Force Institute; and an MBA from the University of X & # 39; Euston, Clear Lake. Even though the prestigious qualification, a lot of proposals for service bypassed him in the chain of command, because he was a black man. But he would not regret themselves and progressed to become a colonel in the US Air Force. And guess what?

In 1978 he was elected as an astronaut Blyufard Gihon, and the first black people PERADEYTSA! This was the beginning of many international awards and come. His first mission was STS-8 (Challenger), the first shuttle, which was launched and landed at night. Currently Blyufard with & # 39 is a vice president and general manager of engineering services, NYMA, Inc., of Brook Park, Ohio.

One of the reasons that Guyon was a success, with the & # 39 is that he gave up what felt like a black and become creative. Unsuccessful people believe that life is unfair and success for them is not an option. The problem for most people.

* Rebecca complain about the housework, the requirements to be a mother and boredom.

* Wendy's to complain about the way you need to have "experience" to get solid job.

* Peter complains about the lack of opportunities, because he had aged.

YOU DO NOT YOU UDACHAETSTSA AT ALL !! Stop complaining and start telling yourself that you are valuable. Work on your strengths to their passions, to the best of you. Focus on how to do everything possible in your life and continues to set the bar higher with each achievement. You get it, and I'll see you at the top.

Paying college athletes – why it is necessary to do and how to do it

It has long been underway long debate over whether athletes should pay college or not. Some people believe that the scholarships should be sufficient payment. In the end, the scholarship can be easily worth 15 000 – 25 000 dollars or more per year, plus a car & # 39; EPA after college, which can cost millions of dollars over a lifetime. In addition, the students-athletes receive a variety of benefits while studying in college, for example, stay in a fantastic hotel, having seen on national television, and all the glory that is due to the fact that watching the athletes. It's hard to put a price tag on all of this.

However, given the fact that some kinds of sports colleges generate millions of dollars for college athletic programs, many people believe that athletes use. If the average football scholarship is worth 20,000 dollars a year, yet the university receives income from 70 000 dollars per year (please note that this figure – this is just a rough estimate – the actual number may actually be higher), the university will make a profit in $ 50,000 a year, fellows, or 200 thousand dollars for four years.

It is very difficult to put a numerical value, how much an athlete in college. Star Defender will not only sell tickets, but also sell a lot of goods. NCCA is not allowed to sell the university college football jersey with the player's name, but they will sell the jersey with the player's number, which is easily recognized at the local level. And sometimes national markets. Major college earn huge sums of money just on such a catalog, but the student-athlete who is used to sell goods, will not see a penny of profit. To say that in this situation is exploited student-athlete is an understatement.

It goes beyond that. Sports College razgrabayutstsa millions from television and advertising contracts. They also bring millions of dollars of donations from sports amplifiers. So, it is necessary to pay the salaries sporting director and coach, not to mention the travel and other expenses for the student-athletes, and that's fine, that major college program in football and basketball to help fund sports programs that do not profit. However, the fact that compared to the amount of income-students athletes pose for their colleges, what they get in return, very little.

Here, where it's really interesting. The athlete can be "disciplined" for the provision of fan tickets on game day, but how much money the director of the NCAA as a result of the efforts of student athletes? The reality is that college athletes are quite literally paying most of the salaries of every person who is engaged in the NCAA. If the NCAA leader capable of driving a Mercedes, he can thank the stellar defender and runs back for it, and maybe a couple of walks.

Thus, in this sense: if the NCAA, coaches and athletic directors can earn huge amounts of money in athletes-students who do not have athletes, students and have a slice of pie? This is not to say that college athletes need to get a lot of money, but it certainly would be nice if the scholarships were paid to them several times, each time to go for a pizza or buy nice clothes – just a little extra spending money as a way of saying "thank you" for their efforts.

If for some reason college athletes could be paid, it opens up a whole new can. All athletes on the football team with 125 players are working very hard in practice, but only 11 can start to hurt and protect – you pay only for beginners?. In addition, if you pay more than the star quarterback than the "normal" receiver, you will encounter a large number of other problems. Having said that, the first thing that should be avoided, if the pay college athletes – is a student-athlete, fighting, how much money they earn should earn that often happens in the NFL.

The second thing you want to avoid – it is an unequal game. While some college could afford to pay athletes, many people simply do not bring the income level I division. If a student athlete knows that he can earn more on the USC than he is when playing for a state university, then the playing field is becoming more uneven than is already there. Athletes almost always chose to "school money" over other colleges. Technically, it is today more than people realize, because the college with the tradition of the best coaches and the best reports tend to be colleges with the money … but if one college could afford to pay more athletes than other colleges playing conditions It would be even more unequal.

If you are going to start paying athletes, all athletes need to pay the same amount of money, and all the college will need to have the same amount of money to pay their athletes, which can be predetermined NCAA. Even though the amount was small as $ 1,000 a year, the player (that is ($ 125 000 per year for the football team of 125 players), which is paid monthly during the school year, it would be much more fair to the student athletes .. ., and most colleges at the division I level, certainly could afford it. For a few colleges that could not afford it, NCAA could always put the extra money from the millions that gets out of the bowl. it would reduce the wages each manager NCAA, which fortune in athletics NCAA 25% – and give athletes the difference …

Much of this article was dedicated to college football programs. Income received from basketball programs are even more astonishing considering that the team is less travel costs are less expensive, and that it is necessary to give out fewer scholarships, making profit, NCAA gets even college basketball programs dramatically.

Cruises from New Orleans – Review of routes, lines, bags and much more

Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Line, American cruise lines and the US company "Steamer" offer exciting cruises on New Orleans. If you want to travel through the Gulf of Mexico and along the Mississippi River, there are many routes to choose from.

The four-day cruise to the Western Caribbean? Seven-day Easter cruise in the Caribbean? As for the 21-day cruise of the Panama Canal? Or even 22-day cruise on the Mississippi River in North America? All these routes are available throughout the year and in New Orleans has a port of departure.

Cruise the Eastern Caribbean on NOLA will take you to places such as Key West, Nassau and Fryport. Enjoy a few days at sea, and on the cruise ship Carnival. Norwegian cruise ship will go to the Western Caribbean and visit Cozumel, Roatan, Southern Belize, Costa Maya and others.

Norwegian jewel for longer trips, as the 21-day Panama Canal cruise. In addition to Southern Belize, Roatan and Cozumel, you can see and experience Cartagena (Colombia), Puntarenas (Puerto Caldera), Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas and other warm, beautiful place. Keep in mind that some routes end in Seattle, not back and forth.

Cruises on the Mississippi from New Orleans

There are a variety of cruises on the Mississippi, including routes on the upper Mississippi, along the lower Mississippi River routes, eight cruise on New Orleans cruises paddle boating, etc. There are so many experiences in the southern states and the Midwest. Some of these cruises from New Orleans have a special theme, such as the Culinary Cruise, Cruise Music Cruise and civil war.

One of the reasons why you may want to consider the availability of New Orleans as a port cruise port, with & # 39 is that the city offers a truly excellent one-two nights pre-crisis vacation. This will give you the opportunity to really enjoy your time between arrival at the airport and the departure of your ship. Depending on what type of cruise line you choose, the entrance to the price and location, such as the National Museum of the Second World War, Sea World Gras, Zoo Odubun, walking tour and the house and gardens Longgue Vue, may be included in the price.

Routes and prices Var & # 39; iruyutstsa depending on the time of year. Keep this in mind if you buy and compare prices on cruises from New Orleans. Do not forget about flights and ground transportation to the port, as well as cruise reservations.

Some of the best deals on travel to New Orleans cruises can be found at discounted prices online. This is one of the leading online travel agencies and helps travelers easily find the perfect holiday package and tickets.

JT Thomas was introduced into the Minor League Football News Hall of Fame

James "JT" Thomas, a former player climbers West Virginia, will be inducted into the Hall of Fame Minor League football Thursday, December 6, 2007, the hotel and casino Oasis Resort in Meskite, Nevada.

Thomas allocation was considered by the Board of Directors MLFN, and on July 30, he received a message of acceptance.

"It is truly an honor to receive this award", – said Thomas. "I owe a big thank you to all that have supported me over the years."

Thomas used the strong leadership skills, a tireless work ethic and admiration for the game to become a driving force in the development and promotion of football games and semi-professional football team in the Midwest.

The history of football car & # 39; J. EASURES. T. Thomas can be broken down into three different chapters: player, coach and executive. Collective car & # 39; Thomas EPA started in College Fort Scott (Kansas) in 1992. After the second course of the season, Thomas moved to West Virginia University (WVU).

For two seasons in Fort Scott – both team captains – Thomas received two awards at the conference All-Kansas Jayhawk defender in the external and defensive player of the game in the Valley of the Sun Bowl in 1992. Internal the WVU boxer, Thomas received two awards Alpine Club for excellence in the field, received two awards All-Big East teams and won the defensive player of the game in the CarQuest Bowl in 1994. He also led the team in both the analysis of each season.

Successful car & # 39; college EPA led by Thomas in semi soccer tournament in 1996 with missiles Charleston, where he was able to play with the former great Major Harris IVU. Returning to the outside counsel, Thomas led the team in the fight and became the league All-Star, when the Rockets finished their 11-game regular season 10-1. Thomas tried to move his success with the ball in the semi-final football arena Arena in 1997 with "Albany Birds", but got a third car & # 39; career leg injury on the third day of training camp.

Instead of a helmet and pads football next step car & # 39; EASURES Thomas – headset and clipboard. After a stint as a defensive coordinator Team Champions 13-16, Thomas returned to semi-pro football in 2000 as head coach of the West Virginia WHAM! Located in Morgantown, WA, Thomas assembled the percentage of .695 (41 win, 18 losses), he won three awards coach of the year and for the six seasons coached three league All-Star Game in Sham! head coach.

In 2001, Thomas also headed WHAM! Central Ohio for the championship in football (MOFL).

During the 2003 season, Thomas moved to full ownership WHAM! When he retired from YOU! side direction in 2005, he decided to turn his attention full-time to the development of successful semi-professional football and the BAM! franchise. For two years, he stopped practicing, Thomas has held senior positions in the Football League the Ohio Valley and IFF. In January 2007, Thomas was awarded the title of European Commissioner.

Currently, Thomas supervises daily operations MOFL – expanded 10-team semi-professional league in Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky. His love for the semi-professional soccer matches only with his desire to see MOFL – and every football organization in minor league – to make football a product that is a & # 39 is a competitive, organized, developed and entertaining games for players and fans in the stands.

Thomas also serves as a semi-professional sports consultant of the League Level, LLC, a company that provides marketing and advertising strategies for organizations with a focus on amateur and semi-professional athletics.

He currently resides in Morgantavne, Washington, with his wife, Rochelle, and their two children, Jared, 3 years, and John. J.. Thomas also has a son John. T. Thomas III from a previous relationship.

Shmatsemeynaya investment in real estate

Firstly, in the first place, "vertical" growth in real estate can be classified into a single, shmatsemeynuyu and commercial either for sale or for rent. Among the three investments in multifamily real estate and commercial development are closely related, except that the former is mainly residential, the other with a & # 39 is institutional. While it may be arbitrary, real estate investors, real estate developers and brokers usually refer to shmatsemeynuyu real estate, investing in one. Residential apartments, which have a minimum of 10 units or more, have already apply to "shmatsemeynyh" category; and also with units and a duplex apartment kandaminiyami that are taken as a whole project, not per unit or on the basis of the duplex. This includes "horizontal" The land, which these structures are built. On the other hand, investment in commercial real estate – it's shopping centers, shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, hospitals and educational buildings. The structures can be readily converted into residential blocks, but as they are, they serve different purposes, not primarily for human habitation.

Real estate marketing is technically very intense capital due to the time interval between the beginning and end of sales negotiations for the signing of the contract, which means the property is certified for sale. Marketing real estate, however, with the & # 39; an operation "thing." Peragavorka and consumption of a single transaction, and large cash flow generated content with minimal costs already realized net profit. In particular, between investment in commercial and multifamily real estate, the latter is considered more attractive for investment due to its marketing differentiation and market segmentation. Demand for space structure covers a broad market differentiation and segmentation, as whole sections of the population with a & # 39 are the target. Commercial real estate is limited to niches of business investor community in comparison with residential structures. Considering the rest of the time, the apartment is easier to sell or lease than a hospital or school. Between apartment kandaminiyami taken as a whole, and the shopping center, the turnover rate for the first faster than the latter. Then, taking into account economies of scale if shmatfameynyya properties are grouped as a whole, earnings in the final analysis more as unit cost decreases for each shmatsemeynay unit in which commercial properties do not have this advantage.

Many children interested in sub & # 39; the object of investing in real estate lured this business due to economies of scale and the principle of "one." The fact that the reduction in the cost per unit decreases, the risk of proliferation and more widely. By default, in the multi-property transactions are created, which is unlikely in a commercial and family about the & # 39; sites. Shmatsemeynuyu marketing strategy can be divided into retail retail or wholesale. It is virtually impossible and the sale of commercial & # 39 facilities as hospitals and schools, for example, can not be sold in parts.

The fact that the retail trade – a strategy largely multifamily real estate investment. Retailers may be part-time. In accordance with the "done and done" principle, cash accumulated more than sufficient to start the next transaction.

The peculiarity of the mountain forests – Aurora Indiana

Sitting on 10 acres high on a hill overlooking the Ohio River, Hillforest Minsion impressive mansion impressive scene. It is also impressive and is a colorful past. In 1992 he was included in the National Register of Historic Places, it was marked by an honor designated national historic landmark, thus placing it on the same level of fame as "Montichela" Thomas Jefferson.

Designed in 1853 by Isaiah Rogers, Architect, known as the "father of modern hotel", it was designed for Thomas Gough and his family & # 39; and occupied it from 1855 to 1891.

Navigation and river boats were significant elements of business and Gaff are reflected in the architecture of the house.

Despite the architectural style of the Italian Renaissance, the design of a two-storey house painted Gafa participation in shipping, and its front porch full width resembles the deck of the steamer. Among its many functions – Ventian glass windows, intricate plasterwork, museum rooms and an underground wine cellar.

Suspended staircase was a model for those who were at the end of a large salon on the improved river boats that time. It is reported that children Gough once climbed to pony up the ladder and left behind.

Thomas Gaff was born in Scotland in July 1808 After arriving in the United States, he learned paper making and distillery. Together with his brother James, they became involved in many other businesses, including a jewelry store, a silver mine "Nevada", agriculture, construction of canals and construction of canals, plant engineering and mill in Columbus, Indiana, which produced the world's first ready-made croup.

Need to transport their brewery and spirtzavodnuyu products, they also had a fleet of ships. During the Civil War they supplied the steamer ships of the Union army, where one of them is the queen of the forest became the headquarters of General William Sherman Tekumsha and successfully rammed the Vicksburg siege.

In his spare time, the brothers took part in many civil cases, helped to organize the local school system, have created the First National Bank of Aurora and worked in the city parliament.

Today Hillforest with & # 39 is a non-profit museum and open to the public.

UFC guru Ricardo Pires leads with his chin in Ohio

Question: What do you need to leave a successful coach of UFC Vegas in Cleveland?

A: Weather & # 39; e.

This is no joke. While agaovtsy shake, wearing ugg boots and painful expression, Ricardo Pires, probably somewhere removes sweater.

"People think it's strange," – says the native of Rio de Janeiro. "But I like the cold."

Cold. But the blizzard, atmospheric events can not take all the credit for bringing this to the world famous wrestling coach with the state Bukei. Pires refers to the family values, the richness of what he calls "the potential of the people", as well as the impact of long-term student and member Klivlendera Mike Rydell.

In 45 years with Pires & # 39 is a Brazilian instructor of jiu-jitsu in Ohio with four stripes on the black belt, who worship life dedicated to the martial arts. Although perhaps the most famous UFC champion training heavyweight champion in 2004, Frank Mir, Pires undermined the myth "I can / can not teach," having a number of its international title fights.

Ricardo Pires but not one to dwell on our laurels. At an age when other Gen-Exers still decide that they need to do when they grow up, Pires has done it several times.

Pires studied Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since childhood, but the car started & # 39; a career in professional sports, doing football in Miami Sharks. Football lost to the place of business (Pires holds MBA), then Pires back in BJJ and UFC, where a little business savvy is not entirely a bad thing.

Scandalous abbreviations not out & # 39 are so scary once you get putting up. Originally created at the beginning of & nbsp; as a kind of fantasy "Guys For Guys" as to which form of struggle was the worst, when a controversial Championship for the final fight has since stopped to almost reputation reputation. This transformation is largely due to the influence of Royce Gracie who in 1993 confused opponents and spectators using methods BJJ, to prove that the opportunity has not won the right to mixed martial arts.

It was as if King Kong and Godzilla suddenly opened a Hong Kong Foy. Small world cried Royce Gracie as much as a small hope that reducing the size of the collar to irrelevance. Suddenly a great means slow and small, it means slim, and conclusions were designed from a simple.

If the fight – a thing, Vegas – or, at least, it was. Since its inception, UFC has expanded through the Big Bang, and it makes sense when you consider the fundamental truth, guys like to fight . 11,000 years and so that have passed since, as the ancient Guy spent his time having fun, chatting woolen mammoth, before his death, was not enough to tame the natural human aggression, but until UFC did not come, the fight was only good when you are a professional . Your average guy, as expected, will achieve enlightenment on the chairs provided for this purpose, it is the women who furnish the room and limit his manly urge to socially acceptable diversity; That is, a multi-storey one at a sporting event.

Mixed martial arts have raised a modern guy from a single skill in the women's section and made it again elevates himself into the ring. The men found a way to return to MMA guys its internal relatively inoffensive and even constructive way.

But BJJ isn & t only for the guys. Women are smaller and innate carelessness make them natural on the mat, and children and teenagers are attracted to the fight, as the deer of rhododendrons. Parents see in BJJ way to direct descendants of high spirits in a healthy way without the high cost of trials of other martial arts. rarely change color in BJJ belts, in addition to disappear, and the most common type of promotion – is a small tape tape, which is paid strictly blood, sweat and tears.

Moral: there is a place for all of today's rings, and it is obviously bizarre advantage of cold, making the loss of benefits and Pires Vegas Cleveland. Pires teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in their academies in Beachwood and Westlake, as well as in the classroom for MMA at Evolve Fitness in Medina. Pierce holds seminars for local fighters and law enforcement officers, both groups make up a significant percentage of the student body RPBJJ.

Despite the fact that Pires has experienced a stay in the right place at the right time, its success can hardly be attributed to success. With a sunny smile and a deceptively mild gaze that misses nothing, Pires demands perfection. Nobody does not work and does not expect a large, and his example was awarded consistently high position of students in national and international competitions.

According to Pires, life imitating martial art. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what you learn on the mat, you are behind the house. What better way to get out of a confined space? "Do not get" that Peary & # 39; invariable answer, with a big smile to pull out the stinger. I can not argue with that. And if you look closely at the Ricardo Pires, the more likely you will win with him all the same.

Here Pires answers a few questions about football, about the pursuit of happiness, and, last but not least, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

How you got involved in BJJ?

I practiced judo as a child and at age 13 moved to Jiu-Jitsu, because it makes my friends. But I also played football, and by the time I was playing for a professional team. At 17 I went pro and was forced to stop the game in BJJ under contract. I did not want to return to it, until I was 24.

What's wrong with football?

Everything happened too early. Year from 13 to '21 – the best time in Rio. All my friends had fun, and I worked six days a week practice. On Saturday we went to what they called koncentração , Right from the practice to the hotel where we stayed before the game. This was supposed to keep us together and help concentrate. But all my friends were playing, and I was in this hotel. it was difficult.

Since you are back in BJJ?

I came to the US to play in the Miami Sharks, when I was 19, and that too, when I refused. It was the first tough professional experience. He became coach Carlos Alberto Torres, who was captain of the Brazilian team that won the World Cup in 1970, and because he had a very strong name, none of us did not get paid. So I started to work on the bus boy to earn extra money. Then I moved to Ketkils, in the northern state of New York. This I heard about Mike Tyson. He lived and practiced about half a mile away from where I was training. He was 16, and he already had a name.

Daylight Catskills gave me a break. I was hired at the hotel. The deal was that they would give me a job if I had played in their football at amateur championships, but it was quite another matter. I could just have fun playing football. I had no pitch & # 39; yatskaga practice schedule, so I liked it. I have brought many friends from Brazil, such as Marcello and Conan Silveira (in their main American team), and I brought back his brother in New York to be with me. My brother Marcelo and Conan knew each other when they were kids. So suddenly Kattsylly were full of Brazilians! We all eventually moved from the Catskills to Miami, and Conan opened his own gym and I started to train again, as the hotel was seasonal work. In the northern state of New York, when winter comes, everything goes.

How did you come to Cleveland?

Because of Mike Rydell. Mike a couple of times a year, flew to Las Vegas to train with me, but then I came back to Brazil. I stayed there for about a year, but it was not, so I decided to return to the United States. I wanted to go to a place where I could learn and start from scratch, like when I was in Vegas, and it was just me and John Lewis, and no one else. And then I got an email from Mike that goes to Vegas, and I said: You can go, but I do not go there . And then a few weeks later, Mike wrote me an email and said that his passport and visa! It was the greatest compliment of my life. Here you have a man flying from America to Brazil to just train. I'm trying to show him, but Mike just wanted to train. I said to myself: This guy Var & # 39; yat . So I said, perhaps I go to Cleveland, and Mike gave a seminar for me, and I saw a lot of potential.

What kind of potential?

Human potential. Athletic potential. If you are traveling to the United States, it is a statistic, it's a fact, you have so many overweight people in the United States, but when I came here, I saw a lot of people who have fled and went. There are a lot of people in uniform. It must be a reason that this is one of the best countries are engaged in the struggle; you just were not born with natural abilities. I mean, there are some, but people need to really want to train.

And now, after 14 months in a school of 140 members, and about 15% – children. What I mean by potential is the potential of people.

And again, people call me Var & # 39; crazy, but I love the weather & # 39; e here. I do not like rain, but for me the temperature works very well, and the best thing is a great place to raise children. It is very family friendly, and I love it.

The BJJ differs from other martial arts?

Results fights speak for themselves. I would say that 90% of fights end today on the ground. Thus, if you are going to be on the ground, why not start with this?

BJJ why suddenly so popular?

Well, MMA – the biggest reason, but Royce Gracie – is someone who is really famous. Gracies did an amazing job of promoting this art, and we all jumped on the bandwagon. UFC was created by the Gracies, and we owe them, you can say whatever you want, but we are all obliged to Gracies. In addition, it is a sport in which you can do 100%, without hurting each other, unlike boxing or kickboxing.

Who BJJ is most appealing?

All. It can fit into any schedule and any lifestyle. At the time, I was a business man, led the company with 900 employees. It was not easy, but it was the best time of my life. My coach is often called me in the middle of the day, and luckily, I was able to leave the meeting and go to the train. This was the beauty to be the chief! Then again, I'm going to work for another 10 hours.

Or & # 39 BJJ is a product of the American obsession with violence?

No, in fact the opposite is true. Children – and I mean young people, and maybe early 20s – they already have in their aggression. Thus, they start to train, and before they even acquire a blue belt, again they knock people on the streets. In Brazil, it has happened a lot, and BJJ called a bad name. Believe it or not, MMA is responsible for it to turn around, when he became a recognized sport. People have ceased to fight on the streets and started to go professional who has brought much greater status than arrested! And because of this, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gained a better reputation.

That can teach BJJ than "kicking ass"?

I'll let you give an example. In 1996, I injured a shoulder in Ban Amse, and I had to do an MRI. Therefore, I go into the machine, and the lady gives me something to hold up and says: if you need to stop, just press the button. And it was just two centimeters from my face, and I was a little klavstrafobichny. At first I said to myself: I'm not staying here! But I thought: No, I will not touch it. And I closed my eyes and dozed off, and after 40 minutes came out, and all was well. On the other hand, if the nurse wanted to do it on my second arm, I said no! ( laughs ). Anyway, when I realized that BJJ has a positive effect on my life is the carpet. This gave me more control over when you need to push forward and when to retreat.

Control has become a dirty word in American society. Why control is a good thing in BJJ?

Control – it's good, not bad. Not as control over other people, how much control over their own feelings, their own actions – in other words, self-control. In BJJ control – an important element, but you control them, before control. Control means to stay calm, do not have to go slowly. This carefully.

What role does the pain in BJJ?

Two sports that I was doing the most – this is football and BJJ, and, though in football I am more hurt. But, yeah, you get injured, you move, you are stranded in strange positions, the people on top of you, there is nothing to be done. You get injured, but it's a good pain. They – a good scars. My injury brought me good memories, not bad.

Thus, returning to the control, self-control helps mitigate the risk of injury?

Yes, absolutely. We have a guy, Frank, he Gabor, and I started thinking about this the other day and I thought: I came down this guy & # 39; crazy! We use a lot of fingers in jiu-jitsu. But Frank is able to control himself enough to not suffer and jeopardize his car & # 39; a career, and he did not throw, because it can avoid injury. He knows when to step back.

It is a matter of balance. How easy is it to find a balance?

Balance and flexibility are very important. I think you can learn to balance to some extent and you can get better, but in fact it is a natural thing. You have it within yourself. I could never be a tightrope walker on, but because I played beach soccer, it has developed my balance. On the other hand, I have no flexibility!

If you are talking about bringing BJJ skills with carpet, you say that BJJ can help to establish a balance in your life?

Yes, of course, because BJJ – is limited. I think the best comparison – this is when you push when you find balance and control. You need to understand when it is time to lose the battle but not the war. The same applies to business or your personal life and relationships. You know that you have a string, you can not cross, and if you cross it, you will come across again. Thus, you make a choice, and you live to fight another day.

What gave you America, and that you have given America?

I do not think I have anything personally gave America, although I think that the sport BJJ did. America has given me so much. You can evaluate it only if you live in another country. People have no idea how good this country. I love Brazil. It's fine, and there is a lot of wonderful things, but unfortunately, I have to say that in America we are more respected person than in Brazil.

In Vegas, you train a few of the big names of UFC. Do you ever miss the big time?

Let's just say I had a friend, Rick Davis, who was a teacher at the school. He received a salary of $ 700 per fight with Henry Matamoras, which, incidentally, was a good friend after this fight. Anyway, Rick went to war with this guy, draw, and it was one of the most exciting matches I've ever seen. The fight was in Chicago. I have paid for their own airfare, and the check bounced. I never told him that I paid him $ 700 from his own pocket. Let's just say I was very pleased with the result.

A few weeks later Frank Mir fought Tymam Sylvia for the title. Frank won, but not as he had hoped, and the reporter asked me how I feel that one of my men went from nothing and became the champion of the UFC's heavyweight division. I won you a lie, I gave him the answer, thinking about the fight Rico, because I needed to feel enthusiasm, and I did not do anything.

I do not worry about the glory or the corona, but I still had the mentality of brotherhood. Frank was also a member – he was my son, but the training and the results were similar to Rick Davis. So I can compare it with the choice between Cleveland and UFC. Thus, if the question is, why be here and not in Vegas? The answer, I get more enjoyment from your friends learning than teaching professionals.

You work a lot. How do you manage to always have a smile on your face?

I do not & t; ( laughs ) However, this is my playground. Can you imagine what you do for a living? I do not call it work, I call it retirement. Moreover, as an instructor BJJ, I put myself in the student's shoes. You leave your job, your something & # 39; w, are driving a long way to get here. We have a guy who drives a half hour three times a week to come here. I have no right all to be here and not smile.

How do you keep balance?

I have a wonderful wife and children. I can be anywhere in the world, and if they are with me, I will be in equilibrium. Physically, I have to work on it. I do not n & # 39; w, that helps. I just do not like alcohol, I never have. I like control. I've never used drugs and steroids. Allow the contrary, in 2010, you can not just close our eyes and say that steroids do not win. Steroids help if you approach the right doctor and the right dosage, but what is it?

I am very sensitive to the drugs. When I take Dayquil, I can sleep two days. Акрамя таго, паколькі я займаўся спортам так доўга, мне падабаецца быць у форме, мне гэта проста падабаецца. Мне так падабаецца катацца на дыванках, што, як толькі я заўважаю, як мая тэхніка альбо прадукцыйнасць зніжаецца, я нешта раблю. Я толькі пачаў зноў бегаць. Я ніколі не хвалююся за жывот ці пра тое, як выглядаюць біцэпсы і ногі, але калі бег дае мне яшчэ адзін дзень трэніровак, я буду бегаць. Я не ведаю, што будзе пасля 50, я проста скажу шанцы і рушу далей. Я не хвалююся за тое, што будзе ў наступныя 40 гадоў, я перажываю наступныя сорак хвілін!

Што вы выглядаеце?

Плёткі. Ёсць вясёлыя плёткі, якія з'яўляюцца лепшай часткай трэніровак, размаўляюць на сметніцу і жартуюць, але ёсць дрэнныя плёткі, якія спрабуюць прынізіць каго-небудзь або сапсаваць яго рэпутацыю, каб адчуць сябе важнай. Я вельмі, вельмі ненавіджу гэта, і хаця я стараюся не ўжываць слова нянавісці – я вучыў сваіх дзяцей не карыстацца гэтым словам – але я hatred шкодна.

Я так паважаю сінія і фіялетавыя паясы, якія там вучаць джыу-джытсу. Яны не робяць грошы, яны, напэўна, працуюць рэгулярна, і яны распаўсюджваюць слова. Я даю гэтым хлопцам вялікую заслугу, і мне не падабаецца чуць, як іх крытыкуюць толькі з-за іх рэйтынгавых паясоў.

Ваш найбольшы страх?

У мяне няма велізарнага. Калі што, не быць здаровым і трэба спыняць спорт. У дзяцінстве я больш баяўся страціць бацьку, чым страціць сваё жыццё, і гэта адбылося некалькі гадоў таму. На жаль, калі старэеш, пачынаеш чакаць рэчаў, і калі чакаеш, што яны не вельмі моцна баляць.

Як вы вызначаеце шчасце?

Дасягненне. Калі вы дасягаеце мэты, вы шчаслівыя.

Памятаю, шмат гадоў таму я зарабляў шмат грошай на сваім бізнесе, і мой брат зарабляў дастаткова проста, каб заплаціць рахункі, але я заўважыў, што ён шчаслівейшы за мяне! І я падумаў: гэта я хачу ад жыцця? Гэта было, калі я пачаў канцэнтравацца больш на BJJ. Я паляцеў у Боку-Ратон і патэлефанаваў Марчэла Сільвейру, каб паабедаць. Я прыехаў у сваім прыгожым касцюме і дарагой машыне, а Марчэла з'явіўся ў шлёпанках, шортах і кашулі на плячах. Я сказаў, Вы сёння не збіраецеся працаваць? І сказаў: Я толькі што зрабіў.

Я сказаў, Марчэла, гэта гадзіннік пасля абеду! Калі трэба вярнуцца? І сказаў: Не да заўтра вечара і я сказаў ШТО ??

І я падумаў, што-то не так, ён, напэўна, не мае грошай на аплату рахункаў, і мы дабіраемся да яго кватэры, і гэта сапраўды добра, і ў яго добрая машына, і усе яго рахункі акупіліся. І я сказаў: Нешта тут не так, і гэта не ён, гэта я . Таму я сабраў два і два разам, і я сказаў: Вінт гэты .

Такім чынам, вы адмовіліся ад кампаніі?

Не, я не адмовіўся ад гэтага. Упершыню ў жыцці я зламаў, таму я сказаў, што проста буду рабіць тое, што робіць мяне шчаслівым. І я не мог перастаць думаць пра майго брата і Марчэлу, яны сапраўды шчаслівыя, і я не. І я сказаў: Я не буду спрабаваць зарабіць мільён долараў, за што? І гэта было, калі я пераехаў у Вегас. Гэта быў 1999 год.

Калі б вы маглі вярнуцца і зрабіць усё зноў, што б вы зрабілі інакш?

Нічога. Я думаю, што ўсе памылкі, якія я зрабіў, дапамагалі мне. Калі я вучыўся ў маім класе MBA, вы павінны пагаварыць пра сябе, ведаеце, прадставіць сябе ў класе. Я памятаю, як казаў, што быў там толькі па адной прычыне, каб даведацца, чаму ўсё, што я рабіў, было добра, і, вядома, таксама даведацца пра мае памылкі. Памылкі – гэта добра, калі вы іх прымаеце правільным шляхам. Гэтак жа, як адносіны. Я быў жанаты раней, і ад гэтага я даведаўся. Дружбы таксама. Калі хто-небудзь робіць тое, што вам не падабаецца, вы проста не ідзяце, вы паспрабуйце гэта выправіць.

Дзе вы бачыце сябе праз 20 гадоў?

( Смяецца ) Не 20 гадоў, а 20 хвілін! Мая мэта – скруціцца за 10, адпачыць за 5 і скруціць яшчэ 10.

У вас ёсць герой?

Мая сям'я.

У вас ёсць дэвіз?

Два. Няма правільнага спосабу памыліцца. І паўпраўда – поўная хлусня.