Seller-cry babies —– What should I do?

Rick, I have a seller who does a pretty good job, but he's always something to whine. He takes a huge amount of my time, inside sales, and those who listen. I do not want to dismiss the guy because he is really decent. What do you suggest?

Joe, Deputy of Sales, Building Products industry

Dear Joe;

Wow! If I had used the term with his wife, she would have probably picked off my head, but you have what is commonly known as a high-maintenance "Crying children dealer"

This condition is known as "high-partner needs." It may be falling seller. We all have a partner needs, but for merchants, when they become excessive, they can undermine any real talent. This type of person is usually very nice people and can start a conversation about anything, anywhere. That is why they seem to reach a relative success in the sale of the field. But remember, if this man spends his time because of this condition, most likely, some or most of his clients feel the same way. It is necessary to learn.

The question that you need to ask yourself, "or the maximum that a person who is engaged in sales, maximizes the full potential of their territories in market share, profitability and share of existing accounts of expenditure?

The answer to this question will determine whether you need to train teachers or control that person.


o when it reaches the peak characteristics of the territory. Become a confidant and be completely honest with him. If it is fair point – admit it. When he whining — let him know. Be constructive and supportive. Encourage him. Give him examples and help him to make the same findings on each situation.


o Since you stated that decent numbers, it sounds like he is worthy of your time investment. Start with the numbers. To be peaks in its territory? Put a few goals stretching. Work with him, using his sales experience with a view to targeting, goal setting and action planning to achieve these goals. During the process, it will be apparent high demands on the maintenance owed needs. Demonstrate how they can prevent the achievement of goals.


Some management is certainly mixed with the process of coaching, but if the training is not doing the trick, and it actually works is lower than the expectations of the territory may have time to get a tough job. Stick on the & # 39; objective facts. Stick figures. Clearly define expectations and stick to them.

5 steps to a new patriotism – what can be done

The results of the 2008 elections there is a wave of optimism and hope the tide. On the eve of a new President, we are pregnant with anticipation and wonder, and some of us with fear. What will happen next and how can I help? If ever there was a time when you have an individual value, it is now. What's this you can do?

Of course, not much you can do about the economy, the war in Iraq or the terms of our educational system. Looking "out there", it makes us feel small, helpless and powerless. However, President Obama told us: "So, let's call a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility, where each of us decided to step in and work harder and look after not only ourselves, but also about each other." He laid the guidelines of our participation in this new America. And before you understand what you can do, let me assure you of this: never doubt for a moment that what you're doing, and you have a value for each of us as a whole. It does.

  • First, President Obama called us Abraham trigger a new patriotism in our individual actions. What does this mean for you? It is a call to enable. The new patriotism you will seek to treat their Americans as real beings who have legitimate concerns, opinions and points of view. This means that you will keep them in grace, even if you listen to points of view that you do not see, let alone division. How? You see them as valuable. Their concern or opinion is not in who they are, it's just an opinion. This is a significant patriotism 101. There is one point of view. Hurray for that, because if it were not so, and your opinion here could not be. Therefore, if someone raises an issue that causes the blood boiling, this time pause. Rethink their internal frustration this way: "This is great. This person has such a thought, it is here in America. Thank heavens for that. I can listen to and allow it, because it is, in fact, is what makes us different. Now that was you talking about? "Then, really listen.
  • New patriotism – it is the end of separation and movement in Unity. This allows all. He hears all things. What it was wrong in the past – that's what the old patriotism was exceptional. If you thought so, as "we" I think you were. This new patriotism appreciates and honors all the views and the people. Includes. Thus, if you hear some of the old conversations, old fanatics, slander and mockery zavumennasts, you can transfer. You will no longer be responsible in equal strife, slander and derogatory signs. You can respond with tolerance and understanding. These old ways of thinking are rooted irrational fear. No amount of words will never appease an irrational fear. But you can let someone else express their own without revenge. You can respond as follows: "I understand how you might think about it. But there is more, let's see how this will unfold. In this feast includes everything, even you." If your expectations are not met in this election, you can decide to open up the possibility that you will be pleasantly surprised when they are not surprised. You can relax and let to your needs, wishes and expectations were also important. You can search for and wait for the Good.
  • With regard to the responsibility that we all have a responsibility in this new patriotism to participate actively in our power. We need to pay attention and stay awake; by e-mail, telephone and in both cases correspond to our senators and representatives of our White House, giving our comments, problems, praise, and above all, our ideas. They are important, unique and will be heard.
  • With regard to the promotion and more work: Do make good in where you can. If it is to gain a liter on the sidewalk, or to run a marathon in the case, and you can feel the desire to do it, then do it. Make your ideas and inspiration. If you can not say something nice or constructive, dare to be, until you can. Work on your inner state. Pay attention to how you feel. If you run the tape for tape negative, fearful thoughts and ideas, set aside them, delete them. Work hard to insert themselves into this new model, because you will only be excluded from your own ideas.
  • As for others, how much you care for yourself: it is to know that all is enough space and a place for everyone. In your personal meetings lay them all with the idea of ​​a win / win. How it can work for the highest good of all concerned. Then start looking for these methods.

The use of any or all of these practices will not only make for you a happy life, but also for us as a whole. This is a new patriotism in Love, which is based on a personal self development.

Isaac Merrit Singer

Who would have thought that the first international business operating outside the United States – a sewing machine company Isaac Merryta Singer – and to cover all this the man himself, with his family & # 39; s to live in a small old Peyntane called " place your irrigation & # 39;.

But without the genius of the man who started from scratch, earning very little, as a student, boy Store in early adolescence, the huge popularity of the sewing machine never comes off so much that it made all the rage, easy to operate and affordable.

He patiently worked on a method to make the sewing machine more practical.

I wonder why Hollywood blockbuster never made it. Perhaps it was thought that this brotherhood is not popular among the films that are going to fraternity – but bright and deeply in love with a person's life would be made for a wider audience, I believe that, according to modern standards. It is called one of the strongest, brightest and unscrupulous tycoons in American history.

I remember as a boy thought how clever man was he who found a way to sewing machines. What revolution was supposed to be – after years of sewing hand – all material that, for example, is needed to create a beautiful full and flowing dresses and samples Tudor until the early nineteenth century. How ever they succeeded!

But Isaac Meryt was the first to admit that he had never invented the sewing machine, and indeed it has been accredited by the British inventor Thomas Saint, who patented it in 1790 before Singer with & # 39; was born.

Isaac Merrit Singer, a Jewish ancestry, was born in the village Zhonsanvil, in Pitstaun, Rensselaer County, New York, October 27, 1811.

In 1830 he married for the first time. His bride was Catharina Maria Haley. He died in Peyntane July 23, 1875, 63 years after the parents of at least 19 children with their five known "wives" Catherine gave birth to a son, William – and daughter Lillian.

Mary Ann Spenseler bore him 10, including the son of Isaac. He had a five – Mary McGonigal, a daughter who was named Mary Alice Eastwood, and at least one, Paris Eugene Singer – his French lover Isabelle Boyce.

He was a pious bride and probably ask for at least a few children.

At that time, he was a tall man, 6 feet 4 inches, which seemed to match his charisma and genialnastsi.

Years later, after the passage of the living children, wives and countless lovers were costly lawsuits. He certainly left his mark, but none of his descendants did not justify his genius.

In the 40s – when to pay for the repair of clothes and linen, and making them as well as my mother, I remember how to do simple scarves partially worn sheets, just seyayuchy stitches along each side of the square. In these grim days, in the days of Isaac Singer, before electricity and invest in one of the latest Singer sewing machines had a lot of tread practically women to make clothes and repair money to supplement low wages bread winners. what to do.

The original machine was built without a protector, it was excellent for periodic maintenance, but to be more efficient and productive protector was required, giving the operator the opportunity to work with both hands. Despite the fact that expensive for low-income workers, the company has made it possible to buy a new car with the recently introduced scheme of purchase of common lease payments and initial contribution of five dollars (about 25 shillings) – that the finding was in turn. if the benefit is not slipped out of the land out of the hands.

It is interesting that Isaac could think about current plans to convert his former mansion, bought the city district council Peyntana in 1946 and used as an office – the hotel and convert part of the territory to the building property.

But, of course, is now a world. Isaac certainly lived life to the full & # 39; volume, starting from humble beginnings, and to say that he groom is probably an understatement. He simply loved women, and, of course, had an influence and money to nurture their hearts content.

In private life there are a variety of abnormalities, such as his driver, who said that in New York, he went to prostitutes. For the sake of advertising girls who advertised business affairs, carrying school bags, which apparently caused him a lot of trouble with the local police.

And when he lived in Peyntane, he hired a man who looked very much like him, what is this? Mind ranges. Imagine the reactions of the Sunday papers – is bad enough, but in those days it was not so much competently.

The two wills Isaac left an estate of about $ 13 million. If it was built Oldway Mansion in the French style, it was due to the persuasion of his last French wife. Isabella was a beautiful woman, and although France became his adopted country, he decided to run, when the war of Prussia threatened their lives, and he moved with his new young family & # 39; s safe to London.

One of his early vocation was acting, but he had an inquiring mind – try new invention by examining the hard way, as many well-known authors, out of the box, complete tear off. The first real success came when he received a patent for a machine to drill rock, selling it $ 2,000 – more money than ever before. Then he decided to return to acting on a five-year tour of the United States, formed a group known as "The players Merryta" who calls himself Isaac Meryt.

In 1884 he got a job in a printing house in Frederyksburgu, Ohio, but soon after two years he moved to Pittsburgh, he wanted to make something of himself, had several ideas and notions and intended to put them into practice. He created a workshop for the manufacture of wood and signage, where he developed and patented a machine for carving wood and metal.

When he was thirty-eight years old, he moved to New York with his two wives and eight children, and then to Boston. His luck quickly gathered. He had various problems with the financing of new patents, but beautiful lawyer Edward Clark considered it necessary to provide for their patents, and to advance digit cash advance. He also became friends with Orsham Phelps, enthusiasts of cars. Orson engaged in designing and Leron Bludgett sewing machines. After hearing a little down when vynayshovshy new machine for cutting a tree in New York, exploded boiler prototype destroyed, his new friend inadvertently came to the rescue when he asked Isaac to look at the sewing machine.

"They are difficult to use and produce" – complained Phelps, "do you have any ideas?"

After careful checking and scratching head and thread sewing material of varying thickness & # 39;. Isaac saw the problem. The current system was clumsy with the shuttle, which runs in a circle. He figured out how to make the boat in a straight line. August 12, 1851 Isaac received patent number 8294 and I.M.Singer & Co. I engaged in business, and the rest – history. His first car was eventually known as the angular thread machine. Hoover was to the vacuum cleaner, Singer was a sewing machine.

His business was accumulated wealth and success, but his private life and reputation bigamista, at least another relationship – continued unabated in the United States. The papers were full of scandal associated with him, and he fled to France in 1860 – and then in 1871, after a spell in London, he moved to South Devon with his wife Isabella and their young family & # 39; it.

Isaac purchased the estate in Farnham Peyntane in 1872 consisted of two villas, Little Oldvey and Fernhem, Rising Sun, some cottages and a large area of ​​the park – all these were demolished to give way to the farm Oldvey. He appointed a local architect George Brydmana build a house, a building with French design. By 1814 Brydman following implicit instructions of Isaac, has created a beautiful house, which contains a kitchen, offices, halls servants, wine cellars, many wonderful rooms and the theater, similar to the French villa.

Unfortunately, Isaac died before the mansion and the adjacent "wigwam", a great room for a circular dance was completed.

But Paris Singer, his son, Isabella, was responsible for the restructuring of an old mansion in the French / Italian Versailles shine. Paris had to do with Isadora Duncan, the American dancer today, and she gave birth to a son, who died as a child in a car accident. He's silly to spend more of their money on gambling.

Little is known about the studio of silent cinema, located behind the arch at the main entrance.

At the request of Winston Churchill Paris offered residence in Oldvei for use as a fully equipped hospital with 250 beds for wounded servicemen. Another son, Washington Singer, was a major donor to the University College of the South West of England, which later became the world Ekseterami, and one of the buildings is named after him.

American influence is certainly well and truly made its mark in South Devon, and I believe that we should be privileged that Isaac Singer decided to be buried in a cemetery in Torquay. He wanted to Paignton, but the soil was not deep enough for the mausoleum of white marble. His funeral consisted of several trainers with black horses, and his hearse was drawn 12 of his black stallion. Funeral ownership headed by his three oldest sons – Paris, Washington and Mortimer.

I wonder how many there were women with whom he had been. Rumor has it that he was "entertaining" several Peynttona girls. But never confirmed. It was very likely due to the reputation of Isaac. When he lived in New York, he was often seen as riding through Central Park in a yellow car with lovers.

It is said that he was good and gave a lot of local employment, and many were sad when we were witnesses of his last trip to the cemetery.

His son Paris was built a house, adjacent to the Green Peyntana, which is now turned into a Palace hotel, and for Mortimer, another son, the building now known as "the Green Hotel".

And the company still publishes the latest sewing machines for Singer brand.

In 2007, the great-granddaughter of Isaac Singer, Radante Selous, attended the historic meeting at the Palace, Peyntton, brought together descendants from all over the world.

And in the Peyntene have tea shop Old Singer and pub / restaurant Witherspoon Isaac Merrit.

Self-raises your consciousness

Change. Suddenly I change. It always seems to shift the paradigm. A lot of grumbling, turmoil and chaos, before he showed himself. In fact, grumbling, turmoil and chaos imply changes. Once we felt enough pain, we want to change. The fundamental principle of NLP. Nobody does not change, if the pain is not too suffers. Voila! Economic shocks, environmental prapasts, war, medical and educational breaks. What else should say enough? Well, I will change.

There are two views on this change, which are closely related to you. Universal mandate and his personal approval. In other words, it will happen, no matter what it was. We are in the space tractor beam universal consciousness, and reach home. Direction of travel – up, up, and this journey of consciousness, not the geography of space. About 9 billion years ago, the planet was formed, according to Book Uranians. Depending on whom you refer, this time interval varies. In those early days we pass through different stages of consciousness. Soup, algae, frogs, lemurs, plants, and eventually themselves suddenly realize human forms. We did not start from Harvard and Mensa, rather, we were very primitive, and, of course, we know that we have evolved for a long time before, where we are today. Born in the universe of infinite intelligence, we go on the way home, tied to the conscious unity of the Source or God.

Our written texts, bible . Talmud . Qur & # 39; an, and other ancient texts tell us about these stories with our mercy fall. These are stories that describe our collective experience Being in Unity Consciousness, and then we were not. While each of us can remember in recorded history, we are in this division of consciousness; fear, lack and limitation – is a hallmark of the human consciousness, which is separated from the Source.

Happy news is that we are on schedule and are back in the Light and Life. It will not happen tomorrow, but it all started. Like the universe, the human counting always takes a very long time. Of course, they are in eternity, so they do not have such an acute sense of time as we humanoids; but make no mistake, it all started at last. It reached a critical mass in human consciousness to secure the Crystal consciousness on Earth. The awakening of humanity began. This is good news for all those who longed for love, peace, truth, joy and happy adventure, known as your life.

As you navigate this shift of consciousness? Well, as in all things in the world, it's your choice. You can resist all changes and try it out the hard way, or you can participate in it, to cultivate the expansion of its own individual consciousness and enjoy the ride.

This shift of consciousness speaks to rise above a pair of opposing the kingdom of God-Consciousness. No more them or us; or something else; but I. If you choose to make it private, intimate and unique tour just for you. All what you are doing to expand your consciousness, it turns your earthly life, because this journey prospects. From the point of view of the human mind, we see only ourselves and on top of the other two options are either perspective, if it is so. If we live in this silent mind and open the doors of our mind, we run inside its own Godchypam to see higher and higher perspective. Just like climbing a mountain, at the bottom you can not open the view from the top. Once you reach the top, you will be stunned by the view. Thus, the journey in the mind – it is a constant parade of changes in your point of view, if you ask and adkryvaetsesya.

For you, consciously choosing to expand their consciousness, aware of this, it means that you release old beliefs that keep you a prisoner of the pain. These beliefs handed down to us from the history of the people who come to us, taught us how "as it is on Earth" in our process of socialization in the consciousness, separated from the Source. In his journey, I realized that almost all of what I was taught the people, and perhaps it was 180 degrees against the Truth, Wisdom, Love. Going this way, you understand the personal freedom that you never imagined. You do not get any beliefs or actions of others. Do you realize your personal power and sovereignty over their own lives. You enjoy life and others more, because your happiness is not dependent on anything outside of you. He loves? Oh, that's cool discovery. Human love – it is a very pale version of Divine love that beats you.

The journey is not easy, because if it were, everyone would be doing it so far. But you can start right now by simply asking yourself, to show you the way. Honestly expressing yourself that you are willing to know more, enjoy more, be more and more love. You give up the pain, fear and limitations and are willing to accept the fullness of your life. This is the beginning. Your personal journey of consciousness began.

From that moment on, unscrew your awareness. See. Do not judge. Let me open up. Follow things you are intriguing, and feel good. You are on God American mountain roads. It's an adventure, it's personal fulfillment, and it overcomes all that was possible to look at realistic television. it reality . Welcome home.

Creating a sense of chaos

Given your views on world events chaos is higher. Weather & # 39; ie, banking, economy, environment, and on and on. Now, I guess that there are many people who are in a panic and fear. We need a higher perspective, a different view, which will begin to make sense of what seems to be – and some say – it's the end of the world.

Firstly, in a sense, it's the end of the world, but not as "would you believe". The sky is not falling, and we will not go into the flames. I am sure it is the time of the end, but again, not the time of the end "they" would have believed you. So what the hell is going on? Arrange all this is all right. In fact, it is already good.

Let me give you a little background information to establish a matrix, in which you can climb to the next level and get a more complete overview of things.

Earth – it is only one planet in the same universe. We create, as well as all the other planets. There was a lot of thought and dumalnyh forms included in the creation of the Earth, as well as in the creation of the sun, moon, galaxies and all that there is on this little planet Earth. We are in what I like to think of space tractor. We can not be lost and forgotten in the great plan. In fact, what is happening, we pulled up in our minds. We evolve as a planet and as a race in the highest state of being. Now his experience as a rough ride.

Our planet and the human race are brought up in the holy consciousness, the consciousness, the opposite of duality. If Adam and Eve was a little incident in the Garden of Eden and the "fallen by the grace of" what happened, passed from life and stay in Oneness with the Source to a sense of separation from the Source. Now we return to the Unity. Now it is only a single rides; the greatest game in the universe. And we can be a part of it.

If you happen to "fall", the human mind took over the planet Earth. This consciousness, devoid or which allows very few sources. It turned into a giant-minded form of ideas and concepts, all based on LACK. This lack of fundamental lack of sources. The human mind for thousands of years becomes the most complicated and intricate network of ideas and dumalnyh forms, which are characterized by complexity, lack. and fear. None of these ideas is not based on the truth that with the & # 39 is the source.

All that is created in need, without truth, should crumble and wash away the same as those sand castles, you are building on the beach. This is what is happening now.

If more love and the truth will come to the planet, all that has been created in love and truth, washed away. In principle, almost all of what we have created in the world so far. Those who have followed the banking crisis, are well acquainted with the immensity of this collapse. Just, I hear a lot of people who say that it was caused by greed and the perpetrators must be punished. Only the human mind would condemn these people.

Friends, these people are just like you and me. They created out of greed, just a lack of an extension. This separation from the Source from which we all suffer. They did not do anything more or less than you or I have in other areas of life. If the human mind does not see any other way out, he does what Shakespeare called "tangled web". Each decision is based on the original idea that it is simply not enough, and probably no wealth or prosperity, nor the infinite intelligence. All our systems are designed from the same thoughts. The idea of ​​an endless supply has never been in our physical creation.

Stand up, stand up on a chair and get the big picture. As with all "accidents" when a person comes back and sees only gravel, the next step with the & # 39 is to remove debris (limited minds), and began to build again. We have an opportunity to make the greatest opportunity ever: we can now rely on the truth in connection with the Source.

New Consciousness, Crystal consciousness – is not a religion, but rather a return to who we are. We are the Creator; we source, having a physical experience on Earth.

This process of realization of our oneness with the source of the individual – is the work, which is now for all of us. From this unity that we will remember and feel alone, we can and will create only good.

Crystal – this consciousness, and not man. Jesus was a man who reached the Crystal Consciousness, being here and showing us what you can do. Just did Buddha, Krishna and many others. It is not a religion, it is a personal and intimate spirituality: travel back to Unity. This is the story of the prodigal son at the planetary level.

What to do? The first to gain a new perspective. Spend more time listening and much less on request. Be still. Follow those things that feel good inside. Start internal communication with your personal source. Speaking … Feel. Collect the eyes and mind focused on the right, and you will see miracles, first within ourselves and then, when you look out into the world.

This chaos – a prelude to the New. The end of time? Yes, the end of the human mind separated from the Source. The second coming? Yes! Only with us. We are the second coming of consciousness – on the planet – the Light, Life, and Oneness. And the best part? You can become a part of it. Pretty exciting stuff.

We have nothing to fear; we have nothing to fear. We loved beyond measure. Now let us remember who we really are, and get to work, when we & # 39; is the Creator. It really is good.

Early history bumper stickers

In 1927, Henry Ford has changed the way that we got from point A to point B. We have replaced the horse and carriage to the model A, and we quickly found a way to turn these metal trays on a new way to express their opinion. Henry Ford also did for us something else with the car. He put them on thousands of people to buy, and when people started the incident, he said bumper to provide some protection for the front and rear of the vehicle. Combine this bumper with America's desire for freedom of expression and people have found a new way to advertise their products and ideas.

First Bumper "stickers" were made of cardboard and metal. Then they were bound with wire and cord. In fact, they were more like a license plate than the sticker. However, these were the forerunners bumper stickers, as we know them today.

The change in how the bumper stickers have been made, will come later. In the 1930s, Forest P. Gill worked in the manufacturer Crawford, Kansas City, Missouri. The company produced paintings, such as seat covers and tires. The web was a solid material which was also very versatile, since it can print ink through screen printing. These paints are different from dyes that have been used in the past as dyes paled and working under sunlight or rain. As a result, the canvas proved an excellent option for print advertising outdoors. Soon the web was used for outdoor advertising canvas awnings that went over the shop windows, and then they were also used to cover the replacement of tires and turn them into advertising.

After the Crawford Manufacturing Company went into business, Jill decided to go into business for themselves. Gil was part of printing equipment from a former employer and started printing business in the basement of the house in 1934.

Jill struggled to make ends meet and typed everything from bumper digits to the inscriptions on the banks. The prints were treated with chemicals to prevent them from working, and to withstand the weather & # 39; e. As Gil operation grew, he had to hire staff. Gil left the basement to 906 Central Kansas. The shop is located in close proximity to the Savoy Hotel, where Harry Truman Savoy dinners on the grill.

Later in 1946, a new trend in the paints and dyes. They were founded in Cleveland, Ohio. They have presented new colors, which are called DayGlo because of their bright, shiny kind during the day. Jill soon began to experiment with these new inks and create signs with them. These paints are very attractive, and advertisers want to use them to attract more attention.

At the same time it created another opening. This discovery became the new paper with adhesive backing that has been available for commercial printers. On the reverse side of the paper substrate can be contracted, and the paper can stick to the smooth surface. Until now, of silk-screen labels used only with rubber water-activated paper, but they could not hold out & # 39; s and collapsed over time.

Elsewhere, Kansas City printer told Gill about the company, which used independent sellers to advertise products that are sold in regional territories, traveling seller of the apartments. Jill contacted the national campaign ads in Arlingtane, Texas. Jill has helped to create an advertisement that would allow advertising stickers on the bumpers of sales representatives who would then sell them to different places, such as in tourist destinations. Bumper stickers quickly became the perfect souvenir as people bought after the war machine.

The first bumper stickers were printed on blue and black background. The ink was fluorescent, and they clearly announced, where vacationing family & # 39; I. Soon, they helped spread the word about the tourist destinations located throughout the country. In order to advertise themselves, Gil posted your company name at the bottom of the label, which he published. It has launched a product that will soon become part of our democracy and become a symbol of the first amendment.

Social trends – reflected shifts in consciousness

Back in 1996, when the Internet first became a topic for discussion among ordinary people, I lived in a stone cottage in the mountains Kuyamaka San Diego State Park. My friend and I discussed this with a new & # 39 ad and I was completely unintelligible. When my friend said: "Kate is all about consciousness," I immediately understood the value of the Internet.

"Wow – I thought, – communication with the mind to mind to anyone skewed perception or adopt the opinion of some idea."

Within a few months, I bought my first laptop and was on the Internet. I have not looked back. In fact, the Internet and all the technology – it's two things that I always list the "appreciate" in their daily practice.

I remember how he lived on a ranch in Montana, and I would like to live in this beautiful place and to do business. Well, voila! Ask and it is given.

Recently, a phenomenon of social networks. I must admit that I have long walked by it (for the process time). At first, the only website to view became "my space", which the children seemed to be "immediately" got. Being fairly private person, I just can not imagine to place your "profile", not to mention my thoughts the whole world to read, edited and aired. Then, in a short order Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter debut with the others. I owe it to my friends who are rather unceremoniously pulled me into the 21st century.

I spent a lot of time reading and studying the media, because I mostly skeptical, shy and unauthorized. Most often, I come across social networks with respect to business growth, and here I doubt more doubts. Where the money – it's the motive, I usually do pause before to monitor possible rock.

My first entry into the social network has been Linked-In. A friend invited me and I joined. Has reservations were: how long it takes, and I just will publish the facts of my case on the Internet and did not win who I am. Nevertheless, I dipped my toes in this amazing water. It turns out that it takes a lot of time, but the most amazing thing is that the people I did not know started asking me to contact them. At the same time with another site I was getting requests for "recommendation" of people. My reaction was that to answer them: "I would like to recommend to you, but it is my policy to really know you, please do not hesitate to contact me and let's get acquainted.". As you can imagine, no I did not have time to call. It seemed to me that this is a game with numbers; cheesy, not really. I can say that on this site, I still firmly adhere to this policy.

Around the same time, I joined Facebook and Twitter, once again thanks to friends. Initially, I had a very quick section, and I did not do actively work with them. Then the universe has sent me an angel to explain the apparent blunt – me. The angel said, "Kate, are the places where you can get to know people and they know you." A similar version of the statement of my first girlfriend. With this space Lapel head I began to realize …

Perspective – is a beautiful thing. If you can keep up with something, you start to see the big picture and what's really going on. So I stood on his mental stairs and looked at the picture on social networks, and that's what I see.

The most obvious is that I see is that people need to connect and communicate with each other. To a large extent I like that people discarded and TV commercials that tell them how to think about a topic that "they" want you to think. Occasionally I have the opportunity to watch commercial television, for example, when I'm in the gym, I get an idea of ​​what propaganda is happening in society. Here is a disease (seed plant), and if you get it, ask your doctor about this drug (direct lemmings). Argument. The other day I saw an advertisement of corn syrup, high fructose, and why it is good for you. Double orga. Therefore, when I listened to the forecast that in 2009, television viewing is reduced by as much as 15% in favor of social networks, I started to smile. Not often do people go to me and stop watching television.

Secondly, I see basically the point of view that this is a reaction to the impersonal whip dystantsyyatsyyu that corporations, companies and others have brought in recent years, phone tree. You can not talk to a real person, and if you get someone, they probably do not know how to help you, not to mention the inspiration and desire to really listen to you. We are very much not to be missed Real Madrid. Do not believe me? Try to talk to someone about your mortgage or your insurance needs. It robots and machines that could care less. So, here are the social networks you can in a matter of seconds to place your answer on what you are doing. You are looking for a bank that is engaged in the personal service? Your followers may prescribe and guide you to a personal experience. Looking for the latest natural cure for cancer, Twitter is and see how many hearts come to your aid.

This contact between the people once again, only to re-mixed for the global era. How is COOL? We do not need to sit with the response of the banker or insurance agent or doctor who has given us, and to swallow, if it is not, we can go to our "extended, extended, extended family & # 39; and" and reach of space and time for more and better.

Thirdly, we are completely transparent to light. It's a good thing. One of the main things that led us to a cripple, as a nation, with a & # 39 is the concept of a "hidden agenda". We hear the words of the obvious and do not hear the twisted messages. You may say, why is it different? Over time, it is very difficult to be something artificial. You might want to hide some aspect of what you really want, but if you again twittering or talking to other people in Facebook, eventually your true colors shine or what you say, how you say it. or the nature of friends and followers, which you collect. All of this is governed by the universal law of attraction, and you can not fake it here. Thus, a very subtle way, the explosion of social networking sites as a & # 39 is a return to our pursuit of the truth.

Finally, it is an expression of who we really are, and that gives our contribution to the world. We have seen and heard. We can demonstrate its uniqueness and offer to enter into a fine blend the soup in the world, and that is all that we have come to do … to play with the others.

Even if we use it for the sale of our business, widget, widget or service, we are in essence the world demonstrate their existence, offering it as we were told that before we pryzemlimsya here. But one thing is certain: we Demolition person to person, "the Spirit – the Spirit." Amin ago.

Expanding on the trade stands: increase sales with these tips

Have you ever sat in a restaurant and the server offered you a specific drink, snack or dessert? Or you stopped at an electronics store and you are asked if you need batteries for electronic things that you buy? If this happens to you, the sellers have used a very popular and successful method of selling – optimism. It has been shown that the extension improves customer loyalty and increases sales, but in this method is an art. If you are interested in how to teach their employees how to successfully sell to customers shopping at the stand, take a few minutes to learn about the technique of extension.

Ask about additional products when customers are ready to make a purchase in retail kiosks – not earlier

Have you ever been interested in how to find information, but won the seller to stop you pour additional suggestions that you just do not care? If this happens to you, you can see how this can be annoying. To avoid such a seller, wait for your customers to make a purchase before you offer additional goods. Customers are more likely to say "yes" when they are already in buying mode at retail kiosks, which can increase your employees & # 39; the chances of success when they are trying to increase sales.

Make your offer relevant

Next, make sure your offer appropriate. If you have a shoe store, a natural complement to the & # 39 is a pair of socks or nail shoes – ask customers if they want any DVD-files that have no meaning. If you find it difficult to come up with additional products that you can sell, look critically at your industry. Think about what your competitor is selling the items and make a package to highlight these items. If you stumble on an idea, visit the website of your competition, or do a little searching on the Internet to determine which foods naturally go together. Or simply talk to their customers who visit trade stands and ask what they would like to see in your store.

Place a variety of packages for customers

In addition, you should also offer a number of different subjects. For example, in the example of the shop footwear products you can sell additional items such as socks, nail shoes, appropriate belts, bags and even hats. You can sell a pair of shoes and a corresponding handbag at a discount, and then increase the discount if sold more items. Your customers will feel that they will get a deal that could encourage them to buy more. In addition, if customers can choose from several packages, they are more likely to find one that fully meets their needs.

If your employees are not used to sell when they again stand in front of your exhibition, it may seem forced and uncomfortable. The best thing they can do is just continue to practice the methods of sale. The more experience they have with them, the easier it will be in the future. While some customers will always respond to additional proposals, many companies believe that the simple request the customer to purchase more can lead to an increase in sales by 30%.

Boost your claim for compensation with the help of a personal lawyer

There are people who do not have enough office near their homes, because they hate to go to the office. However, riding in office has its share of pleasure and satisfaction. While driving you see a changing landscape, roadside establishments and many opportunities to enjoy life and expand your business.

But there is always a flip side of the coin! Behind the wheel of the car comes the risk of car accidents and a constant threat to your life. What to do if you are faced with an accident? What if at the time of parking the car on your attacker was attacked as a result of detention, which led to the unlawful death? What to do if you get injured on the job due to unsafe working conditions without the safety standards and rules?

Being aware of what to do if you encounter a personal injury, you guarantee yourself safe on medical expenses that otherwise you would have spent out of pocket in the case of complaints get the best possible compensation. Obviously, you can not do it all yourself, and you will need the assistance of counsel for injuries in your area.

With legal help America Consumer Rights Protection Association of the victim may decide on the next phase, including the hiring of a lawyer injuries.

There are different types of injuries and, based on the nature of the injury, decisions can be made on claims and compensation. Your compensation claims may be at the birth of a newborn baby, spinal cord injury during surgery, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury or trauma due to abuse of the elderly at home. Certain medical conditions, including cerebral palsy can occur even without medical negligence, so it is important to make sure that the injury at birth or medical complications were the result of negligence.

The first step – to determine the nature of the injury and related laws in the state in which you reside. If all seems so complicated, it is recommended to hire an experienced personal lawyer. Say you were injured in a car accident as a result of the negligence of the driver. Since the drivers have to comply with reasonable care while driving, if they do not act in a reasonable way, you are entitled to compensation for the loss. Some states have laws "without fault", so consult with a lawyer, who suffered an injury before applying for compensation.

Your personal lawyer suffered a major role in getting the right compensation. Since you will need to submit their claims for compensation within a reasonable time, your lawyer will quickly complete the application process. If you or your attorney do not give the matter within a reasonable time, your business will generally be considered in court.

If the other side wants to settle the case out of court, from you will need to sign a contract, which frees the second side of any additional requirements or responsibilities. That is why you need to be more careful and seek the assistance of a lawyer from the personal injury, so they can better guide you and help to remove / add an item, that works in your favor, in addition to get the maximum compensation.

Finally, develop a fee for your lawyer based on the amount of compensation and the level of experience that he has in his field.

Miriam Weiss: Vyzhyvtsa Holocaust and the mother of the kibbutz

Miriam Weiss: June 29, 1915 – January 4, 1997

In this valuable list of "righteous" (rare person who helped Jews during the Holocaust) is a great name Ian Bulska who risked their lives and something & # 39; s in Poland, to save my "mother-kibbutz" – Miriam Weiss – with whom I met and was "adopted" in Kibbutz Ramat Yochanan near Haifa in northern Israel, while the volunteers were there from October 1982 to February 1983.

This is an excerpt from my blog article "Life – the way" "Kibbutz Ramat Yochanan,, Restal Hotel, Tiberias", Israel – the letter I wrote to an American friend (not touching it for writing) July 27, 1989 to Kibbutz Ramat Yochanan, Israel:

"Miriam and I cried yesterday when she received a letter in which it was reported that a man in Poland who hid her and saved her from the Gestapo and the Holocaust, has died. It opened last week and told me that I did not know, and how wealthy she grew up, as far as is consistent, she married jewelry and fur coats and wide-rich contacts and travel to Europe, and she was happy, and was a cook for her and her husband and her maids, and how after Hitler invaded Poland her husband immediately joined the underground buying weapons and infusion tight during the session, so she moved in w / friends for the sake of security & his later captured by the Gestapo and killed in Mettauzene, Austrian concentration camp, and how she was sick / grief and pain, she loved him. And as one of the women, who risked to save his life, were caught attempting to save other people were killed when sent to Ravensbrück concentration camp, his mother was in the Warsaw ghetto and sent to the gas chambers at the Treblinka death camp. when she talked about how much pain can take after her husband's death. Miriam had just turned back in '74. I do not know how they cope with such hell … She is sick the last two months, and I feel helpless to help her … "

When I wrote this article to honor the memory of Miriam and share a story, I almost Soshel & # 39; mind, searching for paper fuchsia, who knew that I was a girl's name and the name of their Catholic husband, Polish, Gentile, one of the four brothers, that each of them was a large industrial bank in Poland, the paper that I typed in his home the next day after she gave me the details of her life. I can not find it and I wonder I did not understand, knowing your are already in Poison Information or what, but I can not imagine how I would like to add to it your own personal touch and memories. Perhaps it is symbolic of fears and disappointments to seek the lost family members & # 39; and the survivors of the Holocaust, and it is not under the control of you, and so preferred.

Miriam said that Heydrich (Himmler?) I thought that everything was going too slow in Poland, and he decided to gather a lot of people on "Black Saturday." That's when they took her husband, since he was involved in the Polish underground. Miriam said that was in the Warsaw ghetto with his mother (Miriam's parents were Zvi and Khan Hampel), but went out and had hidden the woman he later sent to Ravensbrück for help in rescuing Jews. One night a drunken Pole came and knocked on the door and told the woman that they know that she is hiding "Sewing, Jewish shven" pretending to be the Gestapo, and left only when they turned fur. That's when the lady told Miriam that she would have to return to the Warsaw Ghetto, until you find another place for it.

Miriam said she dyed her hair in blond hair to look like an Aryan, as it could be, and was wearing a veil widow, and that the Nazi guards of the Warsaw Ghetto made a comment about how young she was already a widow. Then, when the other place was found for Miriam, she said that her mother so happy that she came out, but the last time she saw her, Miriam sees its survival to the prayers of his mother. Miriam said her mother sent to Treblinka, where she died, but in a letter dated Geniuses Seidman (best Israeli-Polish girlfriend Miriam) said that she died in the Warsaw ghetto. Miriam also said, if I remember correctly, it was hidden in a hole in the ground at the place she Bulskaga, and that the only thing that comforted her was a small vial of perfume, which she kept. I always gave her a perfume for Sukkot (the Holy Tabernacle). Genius wrote that Miriam was hidden in their kitchen. Perhaps Miriam said that after the war, everyone was talking about where they were during the war, and how hardly anyone could believe, where she hid, because the Jews before the war, did not welcome! Miriam felt that the Poles more than the anti-Semitic than the Germans.

Miriam told me that after the Russians arrived, she arranged for him to get to Berlin, but you could never know for sure when someone who you pay to help you get to the & # 39 will be a help, but it did help, but it ended in the Russian section of Berlin on the eve of the birth of Christ was in a small room with no windows and a mattress on the floor, where about 50 people were killed there. She said that everyone hopes to get into the American Quarter. She also said that after the war there was so much food, almost too much food.

Miriam was married to someone else, I think, she met this Christmas night in Berlin ever known him in Poland, Hanoch Eisenberg, and wandered with him through Europe, and how to write Genius, "Sumesnik brought her and her husband … Italy. From Italy, they drove the ships to Israel, but in the days of the British mandate of the ship has been kidnapped and taken to the camp Cyprus. in Cyprus, they may have a year, and they came to Ramat Zhohanan "in 1949.

In reality, Miriam had a friend or relative who visited Ramat Yohanan to Kibbutz Yagur, who was reading a letter to her, like Miriam said, and she began to cry, and the Genius Seidman, being famous woman soft heart, asked her why and she said, Miriam was so depressed in Cyprus, and the Genius told her to tell her that he plans to come to Ramat Yohanan. If Miriam first came to the kibbutz from Cyprus after Israel's independence, they called genius, who worked in the former kitchen (not a big beautiful heder ochel – dining room – they have now, she said), almost wooden house, and although she had a black or something on his face, her beautiful blue eyes shone (and geniuses had such beautiful blue eyes) and Genius and her mother hugged and Miriam greeted as something & # 39; S. Something & # 39; I Geni left Poland before the Holocaust.

Miriam divorced Eisenberg, who did not want to stay on the kibbutz and moved to Tel Aviv. Later, she married – one day – David Weiss from the kibbutz. I greeted him and often watched him work on a kibbutz factory, "Palri". A very short man, older, white-haired. I once ate with David and mentioned that the Queen of England continued the dynasty of King David, and was surprised that he was familiar with the faith, but seemed to dismiss it as "a nice story."

Miriam and genius were short Polish Jews. We will always sit together in the dining room and there, and they will continue to work in Polish, as well as in Hebrew and English. If you do not know them, you would find that they are always arguing, but just as they were talking, when I smiled, remembering them. Mailboxes were in the dining room, and because it was easier to walk in their own "long legs" and receive mail, Miriam, I'd like to. So I brought her a letter that day, when we found out that Ian Bulska died. I wrote about it once, and sent him, perhaps $ 20 or more through some gratitude to the Polish organization in Toledo, Ohio, to make sure he got it. They said that on the black market it traded for more than PLN. He was a diabetic and was getting something on a monthly basis by Yad Vashem after Miriam and saw his genius. The tree was also planted in his honor on the "Walk of the righteous" at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Miriam cried and said she did not have to risk their lives and the lives of his family & # 39; and to save her, but that he did, and he's such a good man. We Genya just silent and wept with her.

Miriam told me that in her family & # 39; and the money from the tea industry. They bought and sold the famous Lyons tea from England, and then rasfasavali it or do anything to make a profit. She loved the European concerts, and then with my husband traveled all over Europe and North Africa. She said that the love of music comes from the mother.

In Miriam was another "son" kibbutzim, like me, also an American, whose name is Joe from New Hampshire. She was going to leave him to his album. Joe went with her to Switzerland to attend the general female friend that Miriam tried to play matchmaking between him and her, but they remained friends and nothing more. Miriam asked why Moses could not lead the children of Israel to Switzerland! People could say of the sons of Miriam as "Joe and Hoover." (I was born with the name of Hoover, but legally changed my name to David Ben-Ariel for religious reasons). Miriam exclaimed: "Do you know how many people would like to have a passport to be an American?" I would tell her that even though I really like the United States, I would like to live in Israel, and she relents and says something like: "Well, if it makes you happy, if that's what you want." She also worried that I would be killed, as well as Meir Kahane, for being so open.

One of my many favorite and funny memories – Miriam and I arrived a little late on the Sukkot holiday by the pool in Ramat Yochanan, and there were many people who were standing around, and we were looking for a place to stand, and then she found a bale straw sitting next, and then to & # 39 there was some confusion, as the lady who was supposed to lead the singing children, frantically looked around, and then found out that Miriam sits on folded banners, which were the words to their songs!

Miriam was resting in bed after we ate in the afternoon and listened to her classical music (I've given the classic albums Grandma Vivian Hoover) and read The Jerusalem post and then sighed as she hated politics, comments that she was tired of the world news, but it will continue to read newspapers and listen to each hour on the hour news on the radio when I was reading a book or writing in his living room (where she exhibited an Austrian castle with crystal glass, which I once gave her a gift that I have called "the kingdom of the Messiah" – because of its shine – and pictures of Joe adorned its walls … Miriam was an artist and author for her sons).

Every time I visited Israel, I would be heading for Miriam. Last time I saw her in 1995, when a friend told me that he was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. She moved out of her apartment in a nursing home. They told me that she remembers someone, it's me. I walked in and she prychapivshysya to a wheelchair, wanted to get out, and wanted me to come out and talk to me in German. (Miriam knew German, English, Polish and Hebrew). She was so tightly held on to my hand, peering anxiously, and I said. "Miriam, David is an American I speak Hebrew or English, I do not know German…" She cried and I cried. Another Myriam, a native of Berlin, very angry deterioration Miriam and said the Germans, who questioned the Holocaust, so that they could hear Miriam experiencing her mother and shouting, as though if that was not enough! Genius wrote me that Miriam was born in Poland June 29, 1915 and died on January 4, 1997 in the frame of Johanan, and was buried there and "had a remarkable monument in the cemetery."

For a deeper understanding of my beloved Miriam I close part of flattering sheet March 18, 1988, she wrote my name Joseph Tkachev, the youngest in the world of the Church of God:

… my son David Hoover Kibbutz … first came to our kibbutz seven years ago … he posted (in fact, someone else was doing in the communal dining room), an article he had written about his struggle for the liberation of the drug for all members to read. A very brave thing, because drug addiction is considered a terrible social and personal offense. I invited him to visit me, and after we are well acquainted. David stayed in our first six months kibbutzim. He worked hard and, therefore, earned the respect of many of the members here. I never had a problem. Quite the contrary. And David shared his Christian beliefs, which gave him the strength to overcome their dependence … When I say that he shared their beliefs, I mean, he suggested, but did not force them to us. As you well know, we are sensitive to any aggressive Christianity presentations, discrediting our Jewish inheritance. But David deeply and gently respects him. I myself am not religious and I must admit that I am sometimes surprised by his impressive knowledge of the Bible and Jewish customs, but if it gives life a life, I'm very happy for him … In the last seven years, David has come to Ramat Yohanan to celebrate Sukkot. He stayed with me and very well behaved. He also corresponded regularly with me and started a subscription on plain truth, which I have read with interest. I recently went on a subscription. I might add that several other members of our kibbutzim are now also read it … I think confidence in it may be your church in the Middle East …



Miriam Weiss

I try to return to Zion and visit the tomb of Miriam, but without the Ramat Yochanan simply will not. And the dining room without Miriam or a genius …

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