Corn sugar, and blood, and rise and fall of the Cleveland Mafia

section I "Big Angel" and the death of the Cleveland Mafia In 1983, Angelo Lanarda, 72 years old, one-time Mafia boss of Cleveland, became a government informant. He shocked the family, friends, law enforcement and, in particular, criminal associates in its decision, which was adopted after the punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment of […]

Rem cruises in the US

Rem cruises in the United States may not have castles and ruins, but they have their own history, charm and, in some cases, spectacular scenery. What the United States can offer adventures in the river cruise compared to Europe? Well, to be brutally honest, not much. This surprises me, because it can be assumed that […]

Lake Erie Islands – Bay Point

If you have the chance, you should visit the island of asters, which presents an old-fashioned ice cream shops, bicycle built for two, hills with cascading vines, historical attractions and some of the best lobster biscuits on the planet. So where is the value of this landscape? Why Lake Erie, of course. In Lake Erie […]

Myth "Dress Friday"

To be politically correct today, many organizations on Friday posted their staff to wear. For specialists in the sale and servicing is a major mistake on the part of management. A study conducted in the 90's by John Little, the author of the famous series of Dress For Success, learned that the people have a […]

Myth "to be effective"

Although the successful sale requires a level of efficiency to deliver to every employee as much as possible of decision-makers, in the shortest period of time, and sales effectiveness is not always effective! The study of effective sales of several large universities suggests that, depending on the industry may take nine to twelve experiences regarding […]