Why is art exhibition in hotels so important?

Are luxury hotels becoming art spaces?

Art has been part of the hospitality industry for a very long time. Hoteliers have often had to adopt creative strategies to stand out. By placing interesting and eye-catching artwork throughout the hotel, they have offered an exclusive experience to their customers.

The artwork contributes to building the identity of a hotel and provides a superior aesthetic experience by creating an inspiring and stimulating atmosphere. While the smaller accommodation options prefer cost-effectiveness and basic amenities, the works of art are almost an integral part of luxury, boutique and design hotels.

The need for art

The work of art is a representation of society because it served as both functional and symbolic elements. While some may say that art is a demonstration of their ethnic sophistication, for some, it may be more of an individualistic expression. As a functional element, works of art are used for psychological and healing purposes, for social causes and even as a mode of communication. Personally, they connect people to their roots or to the human condition at large. The artwork also evokes curiosity, interest and offers an exuberant experience.

Enhance the style of hotels with works of art

The conservation of art for a hotel is often done by the hoteliers themselves and, for this reason, it often reflects their values, their creativity and the theme they associate. A separate budget is set aside for this purpose, and while investment in art is limited, it has resulted in different types of marketing strategies for hoteliers.

The use of paintings, sculptures or creative elements in hotels is undoubtedly an effective way to reorganize your look without investing in structural changes, which could turn out to be more costly and time consuming. . Experienced hoteliers often say that simple changes in the color of the walls or readjustment of the furniture can visually enlarge the room by almost a foot. In fact, the pieces that have framed works of art by famous painters are more expensive than others.

Integration of artistic communities and galleries in hotels

Famous luxury hotels are usually helped by the artistic community for new and exciting works of art. This helps hotels stay up to date with the latest trends while artists get a canvas to showcase their talents. It is a collaboration that benefits both parties. As Paul Morris, the famous host of many international art fairs, including the New York Armory Show, quoted, "Hotels can no longer do without putting duck prints mallard on the wall. Therefore, they have to tap into artistic communities to help. "

Freelance art consultants and interior designers are also known to collaborate frequently with hotels. Not only do they help define the appearance of the property, they are able to source locally from the best talent and get it cheaply. With the help of interior architects and consultants, hoteliers can reach new heights in creativity.

Hotels that have brilliantly integrated art

In these times, art has become fundamental for a hotel instead of just being ornamental or an element of its design. As a result, hoteliers are inspired to think outside the box and organize art in the most exquisite and unexpected way possible.

Take for example the typical room at the Thompson LES hotel in Manhattan, which has a chic industrial loft with exposed concrete columns and floor-to-ceiling windows. But what really catches your eye in the room is the work of art hanging over the bed. It is a giant light box inside which there is a photo of a tree from the series & # 39; Apples & Olives & # 39; from photographer Lee Friedlander. As amazing as the installation is, it also perfectly complements the organic setting of the room.

Over the past decade, hotels like Wynn Las Vegas, Chambers in Minneapolis, Sagamore in Miami Beach, and the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Orlando have all featured large collections of art. The Gramercy Park Hotel, after being renovated, presents works of art of high caliber. In fact, the Museum of Modern Art is known to have taken a group of tourists to the hotel. I would call this praise indeed!

Abstract artist Lynette Shaw painted a series of eight serene, textured 8-foot-wide canvases for the lobby and restaurant of the Wyvern Hotel in Las Vegas. Today, the work of art is the most attractive quality of the hotel. Other hotels with famous works of art include the Ace Hotel in New York with four art-centric properties. The New York Pod Hotel also presents frameless works of art. J. M. Rizzi, the artist, painted city scenes and abstract shapes directly on the walls of the hall and corridors.

Most hotels order and collect works of art that showcase the elements of the city inside the hotels. In some cases, they create a visual record of the rapidly developing neighborhood. For example, in south Miami, owner Michael Achenbaum commissioned London-based multimedia artist Deborah Anderson to photograph some of the region's Art Deco architecture and also staged model models tattooed with hair and clothes from the 50s. The photographer finally compiled 300 photographs, which were taken on the 2,800 prints to be hung in the Gansevoort Sud.

Art in Indian hotels

If you're wondering where India is in terms of incorporating art into the hospitality industry, we have a few examples. And why not! Indians have a reputation for being artistically inclined and we have some of the finest examples of architecture in the world. There is absolutely no way that we are left behind when presenting artistic talents on the walls of our hotels.

Take for example the Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad. In a country famous for the creative sensitivity of the Nizams, the hotel does justice to its heritage and heritage. The frescoed ceilings of Falaknuma, the carved furniture and the Venetian chandeliers have art lovers in full ecstasy. The hotel library is a replica of Windsor Castle in the UK and houses 6000 books. You are free to take a tour of Falaknuma Palace accompanied by the hotel historian, who takes you back in time feasting on stories from the past.

Yet another name that comes to my mind is ITC Maurya in the capital of India. As soon as you enter the hotel lobby, you are greeted by the breathtaking visual spectacle of “ The great procession '' & # 39; & # 39; by Krishen Khanna – a rich representation of vibrant life in India. But your artistic experience doesn't end there. There are other exemplary works scattered around the hotel, including the painting “ Bull in the Landscape & # 39; & # 39; by Tyeb Mehta and Ashoka “ After Kalinga War & # 39; & # 39; from AR Ramachandran – an engraved sculpture with the anti-war inscriptions of Ashoka in Devanagri.

There is no end to examples of brilliant art exhibits in hotels. It is important for their identity and their being. In fact, the artists consider it a success to see their paintings hung in famous hotel chains. The mix of art in hotels is what makes it an ideal place where people want to spend their holidays. And in many cases, it is an intrinsic part of the memories that a traveler takes with him on his return from the hotel.


All-inclusive Las Vegas Guide – An overview of nightlife and entertainment, casinos and more

Take a stroll down one of the most famous streets in the world on your next visit to Sin City. The Vegas Strip is filled with tons of thrills and excitement. No matter where you stay, you will never be bored. Choose from one of the many all-inclusive packages in Las Vegas and have the trip of a lifetime.

Start by booking a plane ticket to McCarran International Airport, which is located two miles from the southern part of the Strip and six miles from hotels and casinos. Some vacation packages may already include airline tickets. Decide if it would be cheaper to book it separately from the hotel, car rental and other amenities.

You won't have to worry about food as there is always something free or cheap to eat in Vegas. Many resorts offer free drinks and buffets. Las Vegas coupon books are also easy to obtain. No matter what type of food suits your taste, you can find great affordable meals along the Strip. Restaurants and sandwich shops of all kinds are within walking distance of most hotels.

If you're interested in gambling, you may want to check out the entertainment packages, which can include everything you can eat buffets, free tickets to shows, spa passes, entry VIP in discos, and more. This type of package is ideal for couples or adults traveling alone.

Don't think Vegas is about nightlife. Don't be put off by the nickname "Sin City". There are also hotels and activities for families. You can take the family for a ride out of town to see the breathtaking natural beauty of the desert and red rocks just outside the city limits.

Children's Choice of All-Inclusive Packages in Las Vegas

Which of the many stations offers activities suitable for children? Mandalay Bay, The Mirage Hotel, Excalibur and MGM Grand to name a few. MGM Grand in particular is great fun for kids as it has a complex of five pools located on 6.6 acres! It has a winding river pool with waterfalls, Rainforest Café and cave-shaped caves.

You don't have to stay right on the Strip. There are also all-inclusive packages to Las Vegas in nearby cities. Henderson Hotels are just 13 miles away. Boulder City hotels are approximately 38 km away. You may also want to stay in the Indian Spring area. No matter where you want to stay, take a close look at all the packages. In addition to the price, consider the number of nights, that airfare and car rental are included, the resort, gifts and perks, etc.

There's no question about it: online discounts will help you save a lot of money on your next Vegas vacation. Use the site to search for all inclusive Las Vegas packages and compare all offers. No matter when you want to go, there is usually a good deal to be found.


Coin Prices Info

The price of bitcoin
Bitcoin’s strong price is above $ 10,000 resistance and above $ 10,200. BTC / USD traded at a new high of 2020, near $ 10,450, and is currently consolidating revenue. Initial support on the savings side is close to $ 10,200. There is now a huge support of $ 10,000.
In turn, the $ 10,450 level is the initial resistance. Home resistance is close to $ 10,500 USD, above which the price can rise sharply to $ 10,850 and $ 11,000.

Offer price
The Ethereum price performed well and rose sharply to $ 230 after breaking resistance. ETH / USD rose 15% and even traded below $ 250. If there were more jumps, the bulls were likely aiming for $ 265.
In terms of decline, initial support is around $ 246. The main support is $ 242 below which there is a risk of reducing the support to $ 230 (last break area).
crypto live prices
Bitcoin cash price, Lithuania and XRP
Bitcoin’s cash price finally managed to clear the resistance level at $ 455 and $ 460. BCH / USD rose 8% to $ 470. It looks like the price will continue to rise at the $ 500 checkpoint. In contrast, the price may support between $ 460 and $ 455 if a decline is observed.
Litecoin is back at $ 75.00 resistance and it even traded at a new 2020 high. The LTC / USD is trading at $ 78.50 and is likely to exceed the $ 80.00 resistance in the near term. In terms of decline, recent resistance reached $ 75.00.
The price of XRP rises above resistance level, $ 0.278 and $ 0.284. It trades at $ 0.290 resistance, which may rise above $ 0.300. If there is a new drop, the $ 0.284 and $ 0.280 levels are at a decent level of support.

Currently another market for Altcoins has been sold
Over the past three sessions, many small discounted alcoholics have gained more than 15%, including HBAR, LUNA, CKB, XTZ, XEM, BCN, GNT, LINK, BEAM, CENNZ, VET and DGD. Of these, HBAR stabilized by about 140% and Luna by almost 30%.

Overall, the price of bitcoin is constantly rising and rising above $ 10,200. If the BTC / USD exceeds the $ 10,500 resistance, you may be looking at the $ 11,000 resistance zone in the near future.


How to Maximize Savings Through Online Hotel Booking Sites

The holidays are fun, but paying the high price for your hotel during the holidays is not. This is why it is so important to do your research before making your hotel reservations. Read on to find out how to maximize your savings by booking cheap hotels on online hotel booking websites.

Hotel booking sites offer users the wonderful benefit of being able to check hotel room rates worldwide for almost any date. So the first way to maximize your savings is to look at different dates. If your travel plans are flexible, you may find that a weekend is much cheaper to book rooms than another weekend. If your travel plans are to take place over a specific period, you don't mind either. A hotel reservation site will allow you to check rates for a bunch of different hotels in the area you are visiting.

Discount group trips

Group travel rates are generally available for large groups of travelers, including sports teams, business colleagues and friends and families on vacation. These discounted group rates allow groups to plan their trip as a single unit to ensure that they are staying close to each other, and also to take advantage of their purchasing power. of group.

Special Internet rates

Speaking of group purchasing power; due to the large number of discount hotel booking processes, they are able to negotiate special rates that you might not be able to get by yourself. Most websites will ask you to guarantee your reservation at this low rate with an initial payment with your credit card. By booking a room marked as a special Internet rate, you receive both savings and the security that your room will not be accidentally given to someone else. You can't beat this!

Additional discounts

Many hotels also offer discounts for governments, businesses or seniors, so when you go on vacation, be sure to bring special documents and ID with you to confirm that you are qualified to benefit from an even lower rate when registering.

Last but not least, when booking your hotel, carefully review the room descriptions and pricing rules to make sure the room you have selected can accommodate your entire party. You would not want to end up needing to book another room once there, as you will certainly pay the higher price via the hotel.

You want to have as much fun as possible during your vacation, but you can't have fun if you care about the money all the time. Guarantee the vacation of your life by booking your hotel reservations with an online hotel reservation site in advance for maximum savings.


How to find a hotel deal this summer

When planning a summer vacation, hotels are the last item on the list of people to book. This is not a good approach, especially if you are traveling with family, as good hotels are booked first. You could be stuck with a poorly managed and located hotel.

Summer is the busiest vacation season in the United States and I felt it was important to share some tips on booking a hotel for your vacation vacation. ;summer.

Many vacationers are looking for newer, more luxurious hotels while some old tradition hotels with excellent customer service history are available at a lower price. Recently I helped a client book a hotel in Los Angeles with 100 years of history. The price was 25% cheaper than a new hotel. He really enjoyed his stay and told me that the staff had told him many interesting stories from past celebrities.

Hotels located near a popular tourist destination are always more expensive and more crowded. I recently went on a family vacation to Las Vegas, we booked a hotel 800 yards from the famous Strip but much more comfortable, cheaper and convenient. We did not have to face drunk couples depressed because of their losses in the casinos.

Weekend rates are cheaper than week rates for hotels. The reason is that many business travelers book hotels on weekdays for their business trips. Hotels, on the other hand, market their properties more to business travelers on weekdays. If you want to save money, it is always better to book hotels for the weekend.

If you book a hotel with a car in a package, you may be able to save more as travel service companies like GetUSAHotels to get bulk discounts on package sales. Make your own calculations and if you think you can get a better hotel with a car for the same price, this is a good deal.

There is no set formula for saving on travel, but a little effort can make your trip pleasant, comfortable and economical.

For more details, visit here.


Must see places in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, located in the deserts of Nevada, shines like a dazzling jewel at night by lighting up with neon lights. What makes it one of the best tourist spots are the lasting memories that visitors take home.

Long ago, Nevada had a deer city called Las Vegas. It was in 1931 that he obtained his first gaming license. Since then, Vegas has continued to attract herds of casinos and gamers. The first visitors were mainly post-war gangsters and then developed as the favorite place of the Rat Pack of the mid-60s. Today it presents a sumptuous view with massive hotels, neon lights incredible and strange personalities.

You will find many distinguished hotels in Las Vegas. Traveling along the journey is like traveling the world. The Caesars Palace Hotel takes you back to the beginning of Rome, while the Mirage makes you marvel at an erupting volcano. You can taste champagne on reaching the top of the Eiffel Tower, Paris or watch the Big Apple Skyline from the New York hotel.

The band

In the heart of this city, a six-kilometer-long road runs down Las Vegas Boulevard, better known as "The Strip". by the name of Bugsy Siegel opened it in 1946 and it was named so because of the nickname of his girlfriend Flamingo. The strip has been featured in a number of Hollywood movies. , the day spas and the glamorous nightlife it offers.

Bellagio Casino

Having had a grand opening in 1998, Bellagio is among the most famous resorts in the world and attracts huge crowds. Its designer was inspired by an Italian town called Bellagio located on the shore of Lake Como. The ceiling of his hall, too often photographed, presents an illustration of art, "Fiori di Como", by Dale Chihuly. It includes over two thousand flowers in hand-blown colored glass. It is famous for its immense lake and its incredible musical fountains which become functional at night. Ocean & # 39; s Eleven, a 2001 film had Bellagio in the background and made it a memorable show for moviegoers.

Mandalay Bay Shark Reef

Vegas makes everything possible for its visitors, offering them to discover many of the most dangerous and foreign sea creatures as they descend deep waters.

The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino contains the Shark Reef aquarium which is home to over two thousand animals, including a golden crocodile and earthly inhabitants such as the Komodo dragon. Without traveling too far and getting your feet and legs wet, you can take a close look at the endangered varieties of jellyfish, turtles, sharks and piranhas at Las Vegas casinos.


Shamian Island – The place for a good cheap hotel in Guangzhou, China

As a budget traveler on a recent trip to Guangzhou, China, my wife and I were rather disoriented when we arrived at the city train station. It is one of the largest cities in the country and although we do not normally book in advance when we are hiking, this time, the absence of absence hotels of all kinds around the main central station led us to seek the guide.

Shamian Island, on the Pearl River right in the middle of town, seemed like a good place to find a cheap hotel, and when we arrived by taxi, we were immediately happy to be Venus. This small island, perhaps a quarter of a square mile, located directly on the banks of the river, and is a small oasis of calm in this bustling city. My first impression, believe it or not, was from Savanna, Georgia, the United States! Much of the architecture has been colonial since the days when the United Kingdom and the French used it as a commercial outpost. The old buildings are generally in good condition and there are wide streets and beautiful tall trees which give the whole island a feeling of relaxation. It & # 39; sa great place to walk.

We looked at some cheap hotels but settled on the Guangdong Shamian Hotel, a relatively cheap hotel that had some rough edges but very friendly and helpful staff. I would recommend it, for the large rooms and the perfect location.

At night, the waterfront of Shamian Island comes alive with outdoor restaurants on the Pearl River, and you can sit and watch the boat traffic on the river and enjoy ; an impressive view of the city. The prices here are a little higher than in other parts of Guangzhou, but it was worthy folly and we thoroughly enjoyed our seafood dinner.

One interesting thing about Shamian Island is the amount of westerners we see walking around pushing strollers carrying small, clearly Chinese babies. It turns out that Guangzhou is a center for Americans who want to adopt orphaned Chinese babies, and since the U.S. Consulate is located on the island, most people stay at the White Swan Hotel. nearby.

Shamian Island is a very good base for exploring Guangzhou, China, and although the hotels cannot really be categorized into the budget category, we certainly could have found some good hotel options market in Guangzhou on the quiet island, right in the middle of one of the biggest cities in China.


Discounted air tickets to Las Vegas, more money to play

There are many places to look for discounted airline tickets to Las Vegas. The trick is not to arrive in the thousands. It is best to start by looking for websites that you know or have heard of. If you use the keywords of discounted airline tickets: Las Vegas are likely to have several thousand sites appear in a search engine.

If you know some of these travel sites, you will find those that often have the best deals during the week, and may even provide other services. Everyone knows that you can get a better discount in Las Vegas if you combine it with a package. Air tickets, hotels and rental cars are the best way to get a package. Some sites or even travel agencies will offer you a better offer if you are traveling as a couple.

If you are looking for a great Las Vegas discount, think about the time of your trip. The best deals tend to be Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. You can also find better deals on certain websites that offer special offers and discounts on a certain day of the week. is a great place to start if you have to travel without a lot of delays.

If you have plenty of time to choose your trip, it is best to research a few months in advance. Usually, the closer you get to the date of the trip, the less the rooms and flights available increase the price.

Find the best deal

Most of the cheap air tickets to Las Vegas can be found on the Internet, but you can also consider your local newspaper. Some travel agencies or travel agencies often offer deals to Las Vegas for as little as $ 169 per person for hotels and air tickets.

Once you've found the perfect Las Vegas air ticket or package, you'll need to invest in travel insurance, especially if you book in advance. This insurance can help you if you have problems just before the flight so as not to lose this money. You may also want to be aware of hidden costs that are not easily seen on the travel page. Hidden charges can be taxes or service charges.

There are many things to consider when looking for a discounted air ticket to Las Vegas. It is important to know what you can expect from different online sites in order to find the best deal available. Often it just takes a little research.


Travel Forecast for 2010 – Unexpected Good News!

  • January is traditionally the cheapest (and coldest!) Travel month of the year. My suggestion is to stop worrying about taking your holiday decorations and running away for a week in the hot sun – sip a Margarita or two and rub your toes in the sand. You'll find incredible deals for all-inclusive Caribbean resorts on sites like, and During certain weeks this winter, you can spend a week's vacation in an all-inclusive resort in Mexico or the Dominican Republic for just over $ 1,000 per person, plane included!
  • January also brings "Cruise Week" to the cruise industry. The lowest cruise prices of the year are traditionally offered during Wave Week promotions. Keep a close eye on sites like, and for low-priced cruises this winter.
  • It will be very difficult to find a cheaper destination than Las Vegas in 2010. The combination of new complexes that have just opened (City Center, Trump and Hard Rock), coupled with a dramatic reduction in convention activity means that Luxury resorts are offering discounts like never before. It is likely that you can find luxury rooms in Las Vegas cheaper than anywhere else in the country. Combine an inexpensive hotel room with all these cheap buffets and spectacular stage shows, and you have the makings of a memorable vacation. Be sure to visit to find very discounted show tickets.
  • Wherever you travel, prices for resorts and services that you have never been able to afford before – you may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of their discount. Four- and five-star resorts regularly offer 30-50% discount when staying extra nights. (Stay 2 nights, get 1 free, etc.) Sandals hotels continue to sell their 65% discount in 2010. Hotels offer extras like free breakfast; kids eat and stay free, spa services, and even free golf. Airlines also have more room at the top. Business class and first class seats will see big promotions in 2010, with companies setting travel policies restricting coach class travel. It will also be a great time to try and use your frequent flyer miles to get business class or first class seats as more seats will be opened.
  • Watch Europe to put out the welcome mat brilliantly this spring. With passengers reluctant to make international trips after the Christmas bomber incident, Europe will feel the pinch more than usual. Keep an eye out for sites like, and to offer fantastic prices for trips to Europe. We will also likely see fabulous prices on European cruises. They have a short season to fill their cabins and they will organize great promotions to get you on board.
  • There is a growing trend in vacation accommodation that is increasing day by day – houses, villas, condos and apartments for rent by the day, week or month. People who have been unable to sell their vacation properties have listed them on the “ For Rent by Owner '' websites, and as the volume of choices increases, offers and special offers are also increasing. Visit the offers page on to begin your search.
  • For everyone with a free spirit who just wants to sleep in a bed, the Internet has opened up a whole new world of beds and sofas for rent (and often for free). The popular site is a great place to start – they have communities for everyone from students to retired adventurers.
  • 2010 is very likely to be a great year for car travel. Gas prices are expected to remain fairly stable and the attitude of airlines would curb our desire to soar. It will be a great year to connect with regional bed and breakfast associations and monitor seasonal promotions. For New England, become a member of "Inn Crowd" with offers on the site. For the west coast, you will find magnificent inns and lodges at

The year 2010 will be filled with opportunities to venture out and meet new people and discover wonderful places. Save your pennies and add adventure to your life!


Evora – a glimpse into Portugal's golden age

South of Lisbon and the Targus River lies a region of great plains known as the Alentejo Province. In the central part of this region lies the historic town of Evora. With a population of 50,000 in 2006, Evora is a city looking to the future, but whose city center is so well preserved that it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Evora has historical monuments dating back 2000 years, and its well-preserved monuments represent many different historical periods. A large part of the old city walls are still intact, and inside these city walls, there are no less than 4,000 monuments of different interest, including doors, palaces, churches, squares and more, representing styles ranging from Roman to Visigoth and Moorish and beyond.

Situated at the top of a hill, the Gothic cathedral of Evora dates back to the 13th century with additions to the 14th century. The Gothic Church of Sao Joao Evangelista is near the cathedral and is an impressive building, having been founded in 1485. Be sure to check out the beautiful hand-painted tiles in the nave.

Another wonderful monument in Evora is the Palace of Vasco da Gama. Its cloister is in Manueline style and the murals are clearly Renaissance. The University of Evora, which started as a Jesuit college in 1551, is also not to be missed. The Jesuits were expelled in the 18th century, but beautiful monuments remain, notably the cloister of the 17th and 18th centuries and the Mannerist church of the 16th century.

Dominating the center of the city is the most famous monument of Evora, the ruins of the Roman temple of Evora dating from the first century. Illustrating the longevity of the monuments of Evora, there are fourteen granite columns still standing after 2000 years.

Overall, Evora is the best intact example of what was "the golden age" of Portugal.