How to Get Discounter Theater Tickets in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is simply a wonderful city. There are always a hundred things going on and a million things to see. Almost all Vegas hotels have a number of shows that occur every night – many of these shows are high budget productions that are of unsurpassed quality anywhere in the world.

If you know exactly what show you want to see and when you want to see it, the best way to organize tickets is probably directly on the show website. However, if you have a little flexibility, you can take advantage of two discount ticket vendors located along the strip. These discount ticket sellers sell last-minute tickets, usually for the day of production. Discount ticket vendors have a different selection of tickets each night, but they always have a large selection. If you're ready to wait for "day to" to decide what to see, this is a great way to save money!

The two discount ticket sellers are Tix4Tonight and Tickets2Nite. Both providers have locations along the Las Vegas strip. The general procedure is to arrive early in the morning – just when the sellers open. Tickets sell out throughout the day, so the earlier you can get there, the better. There is usually a line that begins to form up to an hour before the counters open.

Once you get to the front line and buy your tickets, you will likely receive a voucher. You must then bring this voucher to the ticket office (usually located in the hotel where the theater is located) to exchange the vouchers for actual tickets. Do this as soon as you get the vouchers, as seat numbers are assigned on a "first come, first served" basis. The sooner you exchange coupons for tickets, the better places you will get!

It should be noted that ticket sellers add a small service fee (usually around $ 3-4) for each ticket you purchase. Since show tickets can easily cost more than $ 100 each, the service charge is a small penalty to pay when you save up to 50%.