What to visit in Las Vegas?

High Roller Ferris wheel on the Linq

The strip is home to the famous Ferris wheel High Roller, which sits at the corner of Linq Drive, tourists can enjoy the best views of the strip and surrounding areas while riding a capsule of the gigantic Ferris wheel that stands 550 feet from high and which takes half an hour for a full rotation. The cabin can accommodate 40 people. The sights are particularly noteworthy at night with the city fully lit.

New York – New York Hotel

The New York-New York Hotel in Las Vegas is located just across the street from the MGM Grand Hotel and the Excalibur Hotel. The hotel, which looks spectacular, is designed to resemble the New York skyline with the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge to complement it. There is also a giant roller coaster that goes in and around the hotel.

Palace of Caesar and the Colosseum

The Caesar & # 39; s Palace is one of the most popular resorts in Las Vegas as it continues to grow. Right now, Caesar's Palace is a huge complex in the center of the strip and it comes with all the entertainment options possible. Most people associate the hotel closely with the shows performed in its huge concert hall called "The Colosseum".

Popular celebrities (such as CĂ©line Dione and Elton John) entertain guests for an extended period of time and shows are usually sold out well before show time. Thus, tourists who plan to attend a show in this place will need to check in advance for dates and availability of tickets.

Mob Museum

The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, also called Mob Museum of Nevada, is a museum that stands out for its uniqueness. It is located inside a neoclassical building from 1933, which was once the American post office and the courthouse which has its own history. It was one of the places where the famous Kefauver Committee hearings of 1950 took place, revealing some ugly realities regarding organized crime in Vegas and the United States.

The museum tells the story of the American crowd through attractive video clips and interactive displays. Exhibitions have something to do with people, events, culture and fashion that are relevant over time.

Mandalay Bay and Shark Reef Aquarium

Another popular tourist spot at the southwestern tip of the Strip is the Mandalay Bay Resort, which is close to the Luxor Hotel. One of the main attractions of the complex is the Shark Reef aquarium. It has a gigantic 1,300,000 gallon tank that houses a huge assortment of fish, reptiles, sharks, rays and marine invertebrates.

There are around 100 sharks of 15 different species and over 2000 animals on display. Its most impressive feature is the shark tunnel. Shark Reef has accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and works with wildlife biologists on the preservation of threatened marine and lake populations as well as the rehabilitation of injured animals.