The thrill of Las Vegas

If you are looking for thrills when you visit Las Vegas, you will not miss the thrill rides that will provide all the types of adventure that you are looking for. Some of the best adventure tours in Las Vegas include:

At the Stratosphere Hotel, you can ride the Big Shot, which launches you one hundred and sixty feet in two and a half seconds at a speed of forty-five miles per hour. The ride gives you a feeling of weightlessness when going down and four times the force of gravity when going up.

Or if you prefer the real thing, you can get on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and, with one hour's instruction, get behind the wheel or drive in a full-size six hundred horsepower racing car for six laps .

The Stratosphere Hotel also offers a ride called madness. The ride is extended sixty-four feet above the edge of the hotel as the turn turns, you find yourself pulling up to three times the force of gravity and sitting at a seventy degree angle to the Las Vegas Strip directly below you at nine hundred feet.

In the Sahara, you can ride a roller coaster simply called Speed. This ride takes you through a twenty-five foot underground tunnel, then a seventy-two foot high loop, then going up and down a tower of two hundred and twenty-four feet in just forty-five seconds.