Circus Circus Vs Excalibur – Which is better for you?

If you are planning to go to Vegas and looking for a place that is suitable for the whole family (where there are children), you will probably consider booking the Circus Circus or the Excalibur, in the Hope your children won don't hate you forever because you dragged them to an adult place. This page will also discuss the pros and cons of these 2 Las Vegas resorts for adult visitors only.

First of all, I must point out that Las Vegas (and in particular all the major resorts and casinos), is not the place I would take my children to (for reasons that range from intense smoke all over the high level of alcohol). "Bad" related behavior). However, if you really need to take your kids there, you will probably want to offer them something that they will also enjoy. Therefore, the budget hotels Circus Circus and Excalibur will be on the shortlist, which is understandable. But … Which one is best for your family?

In terms of "things to do" for children, Circus Circus has the best configuration, thanks to its huge Adventuredome: here you have a wide range of rides that are suitable for all ages, from toddlers to adolescents; the more sophisticated rides are also great fun for adults and, I have to admit, I would have stayed there all day without my partner who was literally dragging me. Even if you decide not to stay at Circus Circus, if you have children, you will probably want to take them there for a full day of fun: they will thank you.

However: their pool is small and it certainly does not offer a range of rides that would be ideal for children; the rooms are very clean but i couldn't describe them as "comfortable" (the mattresses were too hard); the casino is "depressing" in my opinion, although, to be fair, since Circus Circus targets families, they could have decided that a casino would not be a key factor.

Despite the Disneyesque look, Excalibur is definitely not suitable for children. Yes, they have a basement where kids and families can find games to play together, but they certainly can't compare to the great Adventuredome of Circus Circus. I consider Excalibur as a poor compromise for those looking for budget accommodation with something for the kids in a slightly better location than Circus Circus. A positive feature is, however, their huge swimming pool, with a section large enough designed for children, with children's slides (which can also be used by adults).

The rooms and hallways of Excalibur could hardly be described as “ child-friendly '': all are smoking (well, the non-smoking floors have people smoking in the rooms, mainly drunkards, and everywhere you go, you can smell and breathe the smoke, no matter how hard you try not to). If you don't mind your kids breathing smoke, Excalibur is worth considering by families. However, keep in mind that it is extremely noisy, with semi-naked girls dancing at several casino tables with extremely loud music, and it is filled with middle-aged men medium drunk on cheap vacation; we were surrounded by them on the "non-smoking floor" (filled with smoke).

A key positive feature, however, is that the Excalibur casino is undoubtedly much more fun than that of Circus Circus; children are not allowed on the casino floors but, if you can get a babysitter while you want to play nearby, this casino will provide better entertainment.