Las Vegas – A city of grandeur

Great hotels, expensive restaurants, casinos, roulettes and lots of moolah; this is what a tourist views Vegas. You plan to panic at your bachelor party, or just have fun with a group of friends, this is the perfect place to shower in luxury and spend your money. Las Vegas hotels are not only expensive, but they also provide entertainment and a great atmosphere. There are casinos swarming in the city and there are millionaires ready to empty their pockets in games of chance. Described as a luxury city, this city is home to the world famous Bellagio pools and fountains. The Bellagio has five luxury pools to relax and unwind with a poolside lounge and cafe, which take you out of the world to a place of royalty. The Encore pool is another pool for relaxing.

Another breathtaking place is the Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub, which is galore of a romantic and bachelor's paradise. When it comes to adventure, one place to visit is the Stratosphere Tower, which is perched at a height of 900 feet. There are four exotic rides at this height; Sky Jump, Big Shot, X Scream and madness. Almost all Las Vegas hotels have lounges, clubs and casinos that entertain visitors and make sure they are well received. Besides the places of play and luxury, Sin City also offers its visitors many performances of stars and comedies. Currently, there are performances aligned by rock groups like the Purple Reign; solo performances by CĂ©line Dion and Elton John. The Jersey Boys are one of their kind, attracting a large crowd and performing their own songs every three weeks or more. There are comedy shows by Mike Jammer or the one from Absinthe that make the audience laugh from their chairs.

Another artist in this city is Dream Racing which showcases Ferrari and other exotic cars and gives the tourist a first-hand experience of driving such beauties. Pilots and enthusiasts discover a speed racer and live in the shoes of Michael Schumacher. Richard Petty and Red Rock are other driving pleasures that a tourist can indulge in. In this extravagant city, a cheap escape is the Deuce, a double-decker bus that goes around the city at prices as low as five dollars. When staying in a Las Vegas hotel, the number one destination to visit is the Chapel of Flowers. This chapel has been a wedding destination for sixty years. This chapel has three chapels which act as wedding venues and professional wedding planners who cater to the needs of couples who are to be married. The Sin City is also home to incredible places for Grandeur and wine lovers. All in all, a place to empty your pockets and full of luxury!