Must see places in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, located in the deserts of Nevada, shines like a dazzling jewel at night by lighting up with neon lights. What makes it one of the best tourist spots are the lasting memories that visitors take home.

Long ago, Nevada had a deer city called Las Vegas. It was in 1931 that he obtained his first gaming license. Since then, Vegas has continued to attract herds of casinos and gamers. The first visitors were mainly post-war gangsters and then developed as the favorite place of the Rat Pack of the mid-60s. Today it presents a sumptuous view with massive hotels, neon lights incredible and strange personalities.

You will find many distinguished hotels in Las Vegas. Traveling along the journey is like traveling the world. The Caesars Palace Hotel takes you back to the beginning of Rome, while the Mirage makes you marvel at an erupting volcano. You can taste champagne on reaching the top of the Eiffel Tower, Paris or watch the Big Apple Skyline from the New York hotel.

The band

In the heart of this city, a six-kilometer-long road runs down Las Vegas Boulevard, better known as "The Strip". by the name of Bugsy Siegel opened it in 1946 and it was named so because of the nickname of his girlfriend Flamingo. The strip has been featured in a number of Hollywood movies. , the day spas and the glamorous nightlife it offers.

Bellagio Casino

Having had a grand opening in 1998, Bellagio is among the most famous resorts in the world and attracts huge crowds. Its designer was inspired by an Italian town called Bellagio located on the shore of Lake Como. The ceiling of his hall, too often photographed, presents an illustration of art, "Fiori di Como", by Dale Chihuly. It includes over two thousand flowers in hand-blown colored glass. It is famous for its immense lake and its incredible musical fountains which become functional at night. Ocean & # 39; s Eleven, a 2001 film had Bellagio in the background and made it a memorable show for moviegoers.

Mandalay Bay Shark Reef

Vegas makes everything possible for its visitors, offering them to discover many of the most dangerous and foreign sea creatures as they descend deep waters.

The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino contains the Shark Reef aquarium which is home to over two thousand animals, including a golden crocodile and earthly inhabitants such as the Komodo dragon. Without traveling too far and getting your feet and legs wet, you can take a close look at the endangered varieties of jellyfish, turtles, sharks and piranhas at Las Vegas casinos.