How to pick up girls in Las Vegas at a bachelor party

The long-awaited journey has arrived. You have saved for months, all the planning and organization are done, and the only thing left to chance is your pickup skills. In Las Vegas, you can play any sport, cards, so why do it with women, especially if it will cost you almost $ 100 to get into a nightclub. Besides, who knows how much you'll end up spending on drinks and let's not forget the bottle service in the nightclub, you know the excuse for guys to bring girls to the table, there are much more economical ways to mark a woman in Las Vegas, however, I will detail both.

This article mainly focuses on the best ways to pick up women in Las Vegas and the tools available to you to do so. Whether you are on a vacation retreat or at a bachelor party event in Las Vegas, these techniques should save you money and be rewarding at the same time.


Logistics is perhaps the most overlooked when organizing parties and stays in Vegas. Try to arrive on Thursday evening and leave on Monday. No one knows, but the best nights out in Las Vegas are Thursday and Sunday nights, you get a mix of industry people and guests + a few remaining convention attendees looking to let off steam.

Second, the hotel! Don't be CHEAP! The hotel could prove to be your greatest ally, why? Do you think hotties pay to stay in 5-star or 1-star hotels? There are 2 things to consider when booking a hotel apart from the price which is:

  1. Does the hotel have a nightclub or major lounge?
  2. Is the hotel at zero point for bachelor parties?

So, you haven't thought about this one, staying in a hotel with popular social lounges and a great price, you will greatly increase your chances of finding a lovely companion for the night. A handful of hotels have hit the price and amenities, making them ideal landing grounds for hosting a bachelor party in Las Vegas. A list of these hotels includes MGM Grand, Harrah & # 39; s, Monte Carlo and Venetian (when they offer a good rate).


Please do not show up with a khaki and buttoned shirt. Each girl tries to wear and look her best. Women buy clothes specially for the weekend in Vegas, so why not you? Head to a boutique with a soft outfit, even a bathroom, if its pool party season too. What's better than being complimented on your wardrobe, hello! she shows interest! So bring it, look sweet, get your hair done and let yourself go for a few nights. The lighter-colored clothes you wear will be more visible to people.


At the very least, you should consider getting some form of VIP service in Las Vegas to help you with your nightlife needs. They generally come in 2 forms: entry to a hosted nightclub or bottle service. Admission to a hosted nightclub is the best value, as you will instantly skip the queue, thus attracting the attention of all of these “ chumps '' & # 39; & # 39; in the queue. In addition, you will keep your buzz strong because you will be able to continue to indulge in your alcohol marathon in a few minutes and not in a few hours by avoiding the long queues at the front doors of every nightclub.

If you want to give yourself the best chance of scoring with women in Las Vegas, then bottle service is the way to go! You get instant access to the club and all the girls wearing heels need an excuse to sit down, so guess what? It could be next to you! But, buying a table is not good enough. Placement of the table in the nightclub is important, so be sure to make bottle service reservations before you arrive. This shouldn't be too much of a concern since the majority of Bachelor Parties in Las Vegas purchase bottle services and can spread the costs among a large number of participants.

For those who are the cheapest, stay close to the bathroom, as women always need to pee. This gives you easy access to catch them on the way out and find your target for the night knowing that it is moving aimlessly on the dance floor.

VIP host

Travel the city like your VIP. These guys formerly reserved primarily for High Rollers are now available for hire in one form or another as a personal host, guide, Wing Man, whatever. For a small fee, you can hire an independent Las Vegas VIP host who will give you instance certification with nightclub doormen, club owners, rented guns and all hotties around the week -end. VIP hosts in Las Vegas are an essential tool for a bachelor party or a group of guys and even a lonely visitor who just wants the best odds to score and have fun in town. Independent Las Vegas VIP hosts know everyone, every club, and they'll give you instant ROCK STAR status, making it 10 times easier with women!


You want social proof, you have it! Having a female wing to help you meet other women in the club is the next best thing to hire an independent VIP host in Las Vegas. These beautiful Las Vegas party girls charge a modest amount to give you the best chance to score. Having beautiful women around you is also attractive to other women and will make your attempt to woo them in the nightclub much easier. One thing to note, hiring a woman as a wing usually requires bottle services, so if your price is aware, be sure to take this variable into account.

I hope you enjoyed this brief overview to help you find a woman in Las Vegas. Speaking of experience Las Vegas is a high energy city, these women are not looking for a long term relationship, but rather a person with whom they can enjoy a night of romance, as they are constantly witnessing in the movies they watch everyday. Picking up women in Las Vegas is not so much an art but rather an attitude. "Act like" no one knows who you are so have fun being your own invented person for a few days!