Las Vegas Hotels – The 5 Cheapest Ways To Book Your Hotel Room

Almost everyone who visits Las Vegas needs a hotel room and there are many ways to benefit from a cheaper rate when booking. I'll list them here in order of effectiveness, but remember that a little research effort now can help you save a lot of money for playing or partying later.

1. Deal websites

If you are looking for a hotel room and not a flight, promotions websites are the best places to find cheap rates. You can look on Deal News or Slickdeals for some of the best rates in Las Vegas. To find deals for hotels, just type "Las Vegas" in the search field and most deals found in the search will be for hotels. I've seen rates for $ 69 a night at Planet Hollywood Towers and $ 39 a night at MGM Grand. Both offers are fantastic, so don't rule out finding a lot on a third-party website.

2. Vacation packages in the southwest

It may sound surprising to people, but if Southwest serves your nearest airport, you could save money easily. When you book your hotel and your flight at the same time, the hotel and the airline subsidize their prices, which means more savings for you. I wouldn't have believed it either, as I feel like most vacation packages don't save you a lot of money. Fortunately, I learned quickly and booked many vacation packages on, but only after unsuccessfully searching for a better deal.

Pro tip

If you are looking to stay in Vegas for the weekend but have flexible flight schedules, it is often cheaper to leave on Monday rather than Sunday. You get an extra night at the hotel for less money! The main reason for this is that Monday flights are generally cheaper than Sunday flights, so you can extend your stay and keep more money for yourself.


Southwest vacation packages are not ticketless. This means that they send your plane tickets to you by post, and if you lose them, you will have to pay for a new flight. It also means that you cannot check in using your credit card when you arrive at the airport and to save time you have to go through the assisted check-in line.

Example of agreement

Hotel: The Wynn

Kind of bedroom: Resort King

Number of nights: 5 (Thursday to Tuesday)

# of people: 2

Flight: San Jose, CA to Las Vegas (Direct)

Cost: $ 800 in total ($ 400 per person)

Appointment: June 17, 2010 to June 22, 2010

Vegas hotels are the most expensive from Thursday to Saturday and June is a very popular time for people who want to go to Vegas. Over the weekend, many events were taking place, including the World Series of Poker, a North American Poker Tour event, and an MMA fight to name a few. Weekend rates at the Wynn can easily exceed $ 200 a night and flights from San Jose to Vegas cost around $ 150 each, so I got the rooms at less than 50% of their normal rates.

3. Kayaking

Searching on a third party travel site is a great way to find hotel deals. I prefer Kayak because it searches many other websites such as Orbitz and Priceline, but Orbitz usually has the cheapest rates. To find the cheapest hotel you want to stay in, simply enter the dates of your trip and sort by price. If you want a mansion, kayaking is always a good place to look for low rates and all you have to do is enter the name of the hotel.


1. The prices of hotels on Kayak include estimated taxes. The reason is because of the taxes and fees associated with the third party website. Orbitz is simple with its fees, but often other kayak search sites are not, so don't assume you will get the price listed. Make sure to check the final price on the site from which you have chosen to buy.

2. When you book through third party sites, you are not always sure of the number of beds in your room. If you need two beds, check your hotel website to make sure they offer two beds for your room type and call the hotel to request a room with two beds a few days after booking . The worker will usually be more than happy to help you and it is very likely that you will receive two beds when checking in.

Pro Tips

1. Orbitz almost always has promotional codes that you can enter when booking to save $ 25 to $ 75 depending on the length of your stay. The best offer I have seen is 15% off any stay, but it was only available for 72 hours.

2. Hotel charges are generally based on the number of people staying in the room. If you say you have 2 people in the room instead of 3 or 4, you can save a lot of money in fees.

Example of agreement

Hotel: Excalibur

Kind of bedroom: Tower Room

Number of nights: 5 (Friday to Wednesday)

# of people: 2

Cost: $ 225

Appointment: May 23, 2008 to May 28, 2008 (Memorial Day weekend)

This deal is pretty good considering it was Memorial Day weekend. I found the agreement on Kayak and I booked through Orbitz. I also had a promotional code of $ 75 for a 5 night stay at the hotel, which made this deal even better.

4. Twitter

Almost all of the Las Vegas Strip hotels have a social media worker who tweets about their latest offers. This means that if you follow each hotel on Twitter, you are bound to see great rates. Sometimes tweeted links are only posted on Twitter, so it's a legitimate source for finding deals. I have seen rates of $ 20 at Hard Rock and $ 24 at Excalibur.

5. Subscribe to each hotel's mailing list

Some of the best deals can be sent directly to your email address. If you don't mind, spam MGM, Palazzo and the Venetian send lots of offers via email. Often these emails will have special links where you can book the hotel at a cheaper rate than if you just visited the main hotel website. These offers may also include free extras such as slot machine play, discounted show tickets, club passes and much more.

Example of agreement

Hotel: The Venetian

Kind of bedroom: Venetian luxury

Number of nights: 4 (Sunday to Thursday)

# of people: 2

Appointment: July 11, 2010 to July 15, 2010

Cost: $ 476

$ 119 a night is good enough for a Venetian suite. Not only that, but it included extras such as $ 40 off Phantom tickets, $ 10 off your bill at Lagasse stadium, line passes at LAVO Nightclub and $ 25 in slot machine credits.