Seller-cry babies —– What should I do?

Rick, I have a seller who does a pretty good job, but he's always something to whine. He takes a huge amount of my time, inside sales, and those who listen. I do not want to dismiss the guy because he is really decent. What do you suggest?

Joe, Deputy of Sales, Building Products industry

Dear Joe;

Wow! If I had used the term with his wife, she would have probably picked off my head, but you have what is commonly known as a high-maintenance "Crying children dealer"

This condition is known as "high-partner needs." It may be falling seller. We all have a partner needs, but for merchants, when they become excessive, they can undermine any real talent. This type of person is usually very nice people and can start a conversation about anything, anywhere. That is why they seem to reach a relative success in the sale of the field. But remember, if this man spends his time because of this condition, most likely, some or most of his clients feel the same way. It is necessary to learn.

The question that you need to ask yourself, "or the maximum that a person who is engaged in sales, maximizes the full potential of their territories in market share, profitability and share of existing accounts of expenditure?

The answer to this question will determine whether you need to train teachers or control that person.


o when it reaches the peak characteristics of the territory. Become a confidant and be completely honest with him. If it is fair point – admit it. When he whining — let him know. Be constructive and supportive. Encourage him. Give him examples and help him to make the same findings on each situation.


o Since you stated that decent numbers, it sounds like he is worthy of your time investment. Start with the numbers. To be peaks in its territory? Put a few goals stretching. Work with him, using his sales experience with a view to targeting, goal setting and action planning to achieve these goals. During the process, it will be apparent high demands on the maintenance owed needs. Demonstrate how they can prevent the achievement of goals.


Some management is certainly mixed with the process of coaching, but if the training is not doing the trick, and it actually works is lower than the expectations of the territory may have time to get a tough job. Stick on the & # 39; objective facts. Stick figures. Clearly define expectations and stick to them.