5 steps to a new patriotism – what can be done

The results of the 2008 elections there is a wave of optimism and hope the tide. On the eve of a new President, we are pregnant with anticipation and wonder, and some of us with fear. What will happen next and how can I help? If ever there was a time when you have an individual value, it is now. What's this you can do?

Of course, not much you can do about the economy, the war in Iraq or the terms of our educational system. Looking "out there", it makes us feel small, helpless and powerless. However, President Obama told us: "So, let's call a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility, where each of us decided to step in and work harder and look after not only ourselves, but also about each other." He laid the guidelines of our participation in this new America. And before you understand what you can do, let me assure you of this: never doubt for a moment that what you're doing, and you have a value for each of us as a whole. It does.

  • First, President Obama called us Abraham trigger a new patriotism in our individual actions. What does this mean for you? It is a call to enable. The new patriotism you will seek to treat their Americans as real beings who have legitimate concerns, opinions and points of view. This means that you will keep them in grace, even if you listen to points of view that you do not see, let alone division. How? You see them as valuable. Their concern or opinion is not in who they are, it's just an opinion. This is a significant patriotism 101. There is one point of view. Hurray for that, because if it were not so, and your opinion here could not be. Therefore, if someone raises an issue that causes the blood boiling, this time pause. Rethink their internal frustration this way: "This is great. This person has such a thought, it is here in America. Thank heavens for that. I can listen to and allow it, because it is, in fact, is what makes us different. Now that was you talking about? "Then, really listen.
  • New patriotism – it is the end of separation and movement in Unity. This allows all. He hears all things. What it was wrong in the past – that's what the old patriotism was exceptional. If you thought so, as "we" I think you were. This new patriotism appreciates and honors all the views and the people. Includes. Thus, if you hear some of the old conversations, old fanatics, slander and mockery zavumennasts, you can transfer. You will no longer be responsible in equal strife, slander and derogatory signs. You can respond with tolerance and understanding. These old ways of thinking are rooted irrational fear. No amount of words will never appease an irrational fear. But you can let someone else express their own without revenge. You can respond as follows: "I understand how you might think about it. But there is more, let's see how this will unfold. In this feast includes everything, even you." If your expectations are not met in this election, you can decide to open up the possibility that you will be pleasantly surprised when they are not surprised. You can relax and let to your needs, wishes and expectations were also important. You can search for and wait for the Good.
  • With regard to the responsibility that we all have a responsibility in this new patriotism to participate actively in our power. We need to pay attention and stay awake; by e-mail, telephone and in both cases correspond to our senators and representatives of our White House, giving our comments, problems, praise, and above all, our ideas. They are important, unique and will be heard.
  • With regard to the promotion and more work: Do make good in where you can. If it is to gain a liter on the sidewalk, or to run a marathon in the case, and you can feel the desire to do it, then do it. Make your ideas and inspiration. If you can not say something nice or constructive, dare to be, until you can. Work on your inner state. Pay attention to how you feel. If you run the tape for tape negative, fearful thoughts and ideas, set aside them, delete them. Work hard to insert themselves into this new model, because you will only be excluded from your own ideas.
  • As for others, how much you care for yourself: it is to know that all is enough space and a place for everyone. In your personal meetings lay them all with the idea of ​​a win / win. How it can work for the highest good of all concerned. Then start looking for these methods.

The use of any or all of these practices will not only make for you a happy life, but also for us as a whole. This is a new patriotism in Love, which is based on a personal self development.