Isaac Merrit Singer

Who would have thought that the first international business operating outside the United States – a sewing machine company Isaac Merryta Singer – and to cover all this the man himself, with his family & # 39; s to live in a small old Peyntane called " place your irrigation & # 39;.

But without the genius of the man who started from scratch, earning very little, as a student, boy Store in early adolescence, the huge popularity of the sewing machine never comes off so much that it made all the rage, easy to operate and affordable.

He patiently worked on a method to make the sewing machine more practical.

I wonder why Hollywood blockbuster never made it. Perhaps it was thought that this brotherhood is not popular among the films that are going to fraternity – but bright and deeply in love with a person's life would be made for a wider audience, I believe that, according to modern standards. It is called one of the strongest, brightest and unscrupulous tycoons in American history.

I remember as a boy thought how clever man was he who found a way to sewing machines. What revolution was supposed to be – after years of sewing hand – all material that, for example, is needed to create a beautiful full and flowing dresses and samples Tudor until the early nineteenth century. How ever they succeeded!

But Isaac Meryt was the first to admit that he had never invented the sewing machine, and indeed it has been accredited by the British inventor Thomas Saint, who patented it in 1790 before Singer with & # 39; was born.

Isaac Merrit Singer, a Jewish ancestry, was born in the village Zhonsanvil, in Pitstaun, Rensselaer County, New York, October 27, 1811.

In 1830 he married for the first time. His bride was Catharina Maria Haley. He died in Peyntane July 23, 1875, 63 years after the parents of at least 19 children with their five known "wives" Catherine gave birth to a son, William – and daughter Lillian.

Mary Ann Spenseler bore him 10, including the son of Isaac. He had a five – Mary McGonigal, a daughter who was named Mary Alice Eastwood, and at least one, Paris Eugene Singer – his French lover Isabelle Boyce.

He was a pious bride and probably ask for at least a few children.

At that time, he was a tall man, 6 feet 4 inches, which seemed to match his charisma and genialnastsi.

Years later, after the passage of the living children, wives and countless lovers were costly lawsuits. He certainly left his mark, but none of his descendants did not justify his genius.

In the 40s – when to pay for the repair of clothes and linen, and making them as well as my mother, I remember how to do simple scarves partially worn sheets, just seyayuchy stitches along each side of the square. In these grim days, in the days of Isaac Singer, before electricity and invest in one of the latest Singer sewing machines had a lot of tread practically women to make clothes and repair money to supplement low wages bread winners. what to do.

The original machine was built without a protector, it was excellent for periodic maintenance, but to be more efficient and productive protector was required, giving the operator the opportunity to work with both hands. Despite the fact that expensive for low-income workers, the company has made it possible to buy a new car with the recently introduced scheme of purchase of common lease payments and initial contribution of five dollars (about 25 shillings) – that the finding was in turn. if the benefit is not slipped out of the land out of the hands.

It is interesting that Isaac could think about current plans to convert his former mansion, bought the city district council Peyntana in 1946 and used as an office – the hotel and convert part of the territory to the building property.

But, of course, is now a world. Isaac certainly lived life to the full & # 39; volume, starting from humble beginnings, and to say that he groom is probably an understatement. He simply loved women, and, of course, had an influence and money to nurture their hearts content.

In private life there are a variety of abnormalities, such as his driver, who said that in New York, he went to prostitutes. For the sake of advertising girls who advertised business affairs, carrying school bags, which apparently caused him a lot of trouble with the local police.

And when he lived in Peyntane, he hired a man who looked very much like him, what is this? Mind ranges. Imagine the reactions of the Sunday papers – is bad enough, but in those days it was not so much competently.

The two wills Isaac left an estate of about $ 13 million. If it was built Oldway Mansion in the French style, it was due to the persuasion of his last French wife. Isabella was a beautiful woman, and although France became his adopted country, he decided to run, when the war of Prussia threatened their lives, and he moved with his new young family & # 39; s safe to London.

One of his early vocation was acting, but he had an inquiring mind – try new invention by examining the hard way, as many well-known authors, out of the box, complete tear off. The first real success came when he received a patent for a machine to drill rock, selling it $ 2,000 – more money than ever before. Then he decided to return to acting on a five-year tour of the United States, formed a group known as "The players Merryta" who calls himself Isaac Meryt.

In 1884 he got a job in a printing house in Frederyksburgu, Ohio, but soon after two years he moved to Pittsburgh, he wanted to make something of himself, had several ideas and notions and intended to put them into practice. He created a workshop for the manufacture of wood and signage, where he developed and patented a machine for carving wood and metal.

When he was thirty-eight years old, he moved to New York with his two wives and eight children, and then to Boston. His luck quickly gathered. He had various problems with the financing of new patents, but beautiful lawyer Edward Clark considered it necessary to provide for their patents, and to advance digit cash advance. He also became friends with Orsham Phelps, enthusiasts of cars. Orson engaged in designing and Leron Bludgett sewing machines. After hearing a little down when vynayshovshy new machine for cutting a tree in New York, exploded boiler prototype destroyed, his new friend inadvertently came to the rescue when he asked Isaac to look at the sewing machine.

"They are difficult to use and produce" – complained Phelps, "do you have any ideas?"

After careful checking and scratching head and thread sewing material of varying thickness & # 39;. Isaac saw the problem. The current system was clumsy with the shuttle, which runs in a circle. He figured out how to make the boat in a straight line. August 12, 1851 Isaac received patent number 8294 and I.M.Singer & Co. I engaged in business, and the rest – history. His first car was eventually known as the angular thread machine. Hoover was to the vacuum cleaner, Singer was a sewing machine.

His business was accumulated wealth and success, but his private life and reputation bigamista, at least another relationship – continued unabated in the United States. The papers were full of scandal associated with him, and he fled to France in 1860 – and then in 1871, after a spell in London, he moved to South Devon with his wife Isabella and their young family & # 39; it.

Isaac purchased the estate in Farnham Peyntane in 1872 consisted of two villas, Little Oldvey and Fernhem, Rising Sun, some cottages and a large area of ​​the park – all these were demolished to give way to the farm Oldvey. He appointed a local architect George Brydmana build a house, a building with French design. By 1814 Brydman following implicit instructions of Isaac, has created a beautiful house, which contains a kitchen, offices, halls servants, wine cellars, many wonderful rooms and the theater, similar to the French villa.

Unfortunately, Isaac died before the mansion and the adjacent "wigwam", a great room for a circular dance was completed.

But Paris Singer, his son, Isabella, was responsible for the restructuring of an old mansion in the French / Italian Versailles shine. Paris had to do with Isadora Duncan, the American dancer today, and she gave birth to a son, who died as a child in a car accident. He's silly to spend more of their money on gambling.

Little is known about the studio of silent cinema, located behind the arch at the main entrance.

At the request of Winston Churchill Paris offered residence in Oldvei for use as a fully equipped hospital with 250 beds for wounded servicemen. Another son, Washington Singer, was a major donor to the University College of the South West of England, which later became the world Ekseterami, and one of the buildings is named after him.

American influence is certainly well and truly made its mark in South Devon, and I believe that we should be privileged that Isaac Singer decided to be buried in a cemetery in Torquay. He wanted to Paignton, but the soil was not deep enough for the mausoleum of white marble. His funeral consisted of several trainers with black horses, and his hearse was drawn 12 of his black stallion. Funeral ownership headed by his three oldest sons – Paris, Washington and Mortimer.

I wonder how many there were women with whom he had been. Rumor has it that he was "entertaining" several Peynttona girls. But never confirmed. It was very likely due to the reputation of Isaac. When he lived in New York, he was often seen as riding through Central Park in a yellow car with lovers.

It is said that he was good and gave a lot of local employment, and many were sad when we were witnesses of his last trip to the cemetery.

His son Paris was built a house, adjacent to the Green Peyntana, which is now turned into a Palace hotel, and for Mortimer, another son, the building now known as "the Green Hotel".

And the company still publishes the latest sewing machines for Singer brand.

In 2007, the great-granddaughter of Isaac Singer, Radante Selous, attended the historic meeting at the Palace, Peyntton, brought together descendants from all over the world.

And in the Peyntene have tea shop Old Singer and pub / restaurant Witherspoon Isaac Merrit.