Self-raises your consciousness

Change. Suddenly I change. It always seems to shift the paradigm. A lot of grumbling, turmoil and chaos, before he showed himself. In fact, grumbling, turmoil and chaos imply changes. Once we felt enough pain, we want to change. The fundamental principle of NLP. Nobody does not change, if the pain is not too suffers. Voila! Economic shocks, environmental prapasts, war, medical and educational breaks. What else should say enough? Well, I will change.

There are two views on this change, which are closely related to you. Universal mandate and his personal approval. In other words, it will happen, no matter what it was. We are in the space tractor beam universal consciousness, and reach home. Direction of travel – up, up, and this journey of consciousness, not the geography of space. About 9 billion years ago, the planet was formed, according to Book Uranians. Depending on whom you refer, this time interval varies. In those early days we pass through different stages of consciousness. Soup, algae, frogs, lemurs, plants, and eventually themselves suddenly realize human forms. We did not start from Harvard and Mensa, rather, we were very primitive, and, of course, we know that we have evolved for a long time before, where we are today. Born in the universe of infinite intelligence, we go on the way home, tied to the conscious unity of the Source or God.

Our written texts, bible . Talmud . Qur & # 39; an, and other ancient texts tell us about these stories with our mercy fall. These are stories that describe our collective experience Being in Unity Consciousness, and then we were not. While each of us can remember in recorded history, we are in this division of consciousness; fear, lack and limitation – is a hallmark of the human consciousness, which is separated from the Source.

Happy news is that we are on schedule and are back in the Light and Life. It will not happen tomorrow, but it all started. Like the universe, the human counting always takes a very long time. Of course, they are in eternity, so they do not have such an acute sense of time as we humanoids; but make no mistake, it all started at last. It reached a critical mass in human consciousness to secure the Crystal consciousness on Earth. The awakening of humanity began. This is good news for all those who longed for love, peace, truth, joy and happy adventure, known as your life.

As you navigate this shift of consciousness? Well, as in all things in the world, it's your choice. You can resist all changes and try it out the hard way, or you can participate in it, to cultivate the expansion of its own individual consciousness and enjoy the ride.

This shift of consciousness speaks to rise above a pair of opposing the kingdom of God-Consciousness. No more them or us; or something else; but I. If you choose to make it private, intimate and unique tour just for you. All what you are doing to expand your consciousness, it turns your earthly life, because this journey prospects. From the point of view of the human mind, we see only ourselves and on top of the other two options are either perspective, if it is so. If we live in this silent mind and open the doors of our mind, we run inside its own Godchypam to see higher and higher perspective. Just like climbing a mountain, at the bottom you can not open the view from the top. Once you reach the top, you will be stunned by the view. Thus, the journey in the mind – it is a constant parade of changes in your point of view, if you ask and adkryvaetsesya.

For you, consciously choosing to expand their consciousness, aware of this, it means that you release old beliefs that keep you a prisoner of the pain. These beliefs handed down to us from the history of the people who come to us, taught us how "as it is on Earth" in our process of socialization in the consciousness, separated from the Source. In his journey, I realized that almost all of what I was taught the people, and perhaps it was 180 degrees against the Truth, Wisdom, Love. Going this way, you understand the personal freedom that you never imagined. You do not get any beliefs or actions of others. Do you realize your personal power and sovereignty over their own lives. You enjoy life and others more, because your happiness is not dependent on anything outside of you. He loves? Oh, that's cool discovery. Human love – it is a very pale version of Divine love that beats you.

The journey is not easy, because if it were, everyone would be doing it so far. But you can start right now by simply asking yourself, to show you the way. Honestly expressing yourself that you are willing to know more, enjoy more, be more and more love. You give up the pain, fear and limitations and are willing to accept the fullness of your life. This is the beginning. Your personal journey of consciousness began.

From that moment on, unscrew your awareness. See. Do not judge. Let me open up. Follow things you are intriguing, and feel good. You are on God American mountain roads. It's an adventure, it's personal fulfillment, and it overcomes all that was possible to look at realistic television. it reality . Welcome home.