Creating a sense of chaos

Given your views on world events chaos is higher. Weather & # 39; ie, banking, economy, environment, and on and on. Now, I guess that there are many people who are in a panic and fear. We need a higher perspective, a different view, which will begin to make sense of what seems to be – and some say – it's the end of the world.

Firstly, in a sense, it's the end of the world, but not as "would you believe". The sky is not falling, and we will not go into the flames. I am sure it is the time of the end, but again, not the time of the end "they" would have believed you. So what the hell is going on? Arrange all this is all right. In fact, it is already good.

Let me give you a little background information to establish a matrix, in which you can climb to the next level and get a more complete overview of things.

Earth – it is only one planet in the same universe. We create, as well as all the other planets. There was a lot of thought and dumalnyh forms included in the creation of the Earth, as well as in the creation of the sun, moon, galaxies and all that there is on this little planet Earth. We are in what I like to think of space tractor. We can not be lost and forgotten in the great plan. In fact, what is happening, we pulled up in our minds. We evolve as a planet and as a race in the highest state of being. Now his experience as a rough ride.

Our planet and the human race are brought up in the holy consciousness, the consciousness, the opposite of duality. If Adam and Eve was a little incident in the Garden of Eden and the "fallen by the grace of" what happened, passed from life and stay in Oneness with the Source to a sense of separation from the Source. Now we return to the Unity. Now it is only a single rides; the greatest game in the universe. And we can be a part of it.

If you happen to "fall", the human mind took over the planet Earth. This consciousness, devoid or which allows very few sources. It turned into a giant-minded form of ideas and concepts, all based on LACK. This lack of fundamental lack of sources. The human mind for thousands of years becomes the most complicated and intricate network of ideas and dumalnyh forms, which are characterized by complexity, lack. and fear. None of these ideas is not based on the truth that with the & # 39 is the source.

All that is created in need, without truth, should crumble and wash away the same as those sand castles, you are building on the beach. This is what is happening now.

If more love and the truth will come to the planet, all that has been created in love and truth, washed away. In principle, almost all of what we have created in the world so far. Those who have followed the banking crisis, are well acquainted with the immensity of this collapse. Just, I hear a lot of people who say that it was caused by greed and the perpetrators must be punished. Only the human mind would condemn these people.

Friends, these people are just like you and me. They created out of greed, just a lack of an extension. This separation from the Source from which we all suffer. They did not do anything more or less than you or I have in other areas of life. If the human mind does not see any other way out, he does what Shakespeare called "tangled web". Each decision is based on the original idea that it is simply not enough, and probably no wealth or prosperity, nor the infinite intelligence. All our systems are designed from the same thoughts. The idea of ​​an endless supply has never been in our physical creation.

Stand up, stand up on a chair and get the big picture. As with all "accidents" when a person comes back and sees only gravel, the next step with the & # 39 is to remove debris (limited minds), and began to build again. We have an opportunity to make the greatest opportunity ever: we can now rely on the truth in connection with the Source.

New Consciousness, Crystal consciousness – is not a religion, but rather a return to who we are. We are the Creator; we source, having a physical experience on Earth.

This process of realization of our oneness with the source of the individual – is the work, which is now for all of us. From this unity that we will remember and feel alone, we can and will create only good.

Crystal – this consciousness, and not man. Jesus was a man who reached the Crystal Consciousness, being here and showing us what you can do. Just did Buddha, Krishna and many others. It is not a religion, it is a personal and intimate spirituality: travel back to Unity. This is the story of the prodigal son at the planetary level.

What to do? The first to gain a new perspective. Spend more time listening and much less on request. Be still. Follow those things that feel good inside. Start internal communication with your personal source. Speaking … Feel. Collect the eyes and mind focused on the right, and you will see miracles, first within ourselves and then, when you look out into the world.

This chaos – a prelude to the New. The end of time? Yes, the end of the human mind separated from the Source. The second coming? Yes! Only with us. We are the second coming of consciousness – on the planet – the Light, Life, and Oneness. And the best part? You can become a part of it. Pretty exciting stuff.

We have nothing to fear; we have nothing to fear. We loved beyond measure. Now let us remember who we really are, and get to work, when we & # 39; is the Creator. It really is good.