"Ocean Prime" Dallas should be on your short list of the best restaurants in North Texas

What can I say, visiting a five-star restaurant, if the city is in the clutches of ice storm: the other patrons that planned canceled their reservations to hide under the bed woolen caps, which are a hot toy; and, therefore, the chef and his staff dared monstrous out & # 39; I, so they boldly with & # 39 appeared to work, will be very glad to see you there, and they will do anything other than perform hats to express gratitude, giving you excellent dishes with exemplary service.

That was my visit on a cloudy winter day in December Ocean premier & # 39; er, Elegant creation Cameron Mitchell's 2006 Cedar Springs Road opposite the Hotel Crescent Court on the north end of the city of Dallas. The staff was so happy to see us, and our praise after an excellent meal was such that at the time, as we drank coffee, executive chef Evgenio Reyes personally came personally to take a bow and chat with us for a few minutes. He is a gifted artist.

On arrival it was clear that I and my partner found a dinner place. There was another table, this is a five guests, far across the room. My master graciously picked up the table away from the door and any abnormal blasts of icy wind, which could avoid the doorman. Our server was Shelbi Gryfing, a five-year veteran Ocean premier & # 39; er and expert guidance for dinner.

If Shelbi suggested that the chef was excited dish of lamb with root ice (a popular American name chops with root ribs with berries), I climbed ears. On a day you really want to order the menu? In the end, the chef is in the kitchen and one is dying to show off their favorite dish. Why disappoint him – or herself? Under such conditions go to restaurant. We must listen carefully, and if you do not have allergies to specific, you wisely choose it. In these circumstances, the chef is going to make an extra effort to shine. Indeed, long-term high-end restaurant restaurant accustomed me to what is best to eat in those cases when you can "connect", so to speak, with the kitchen staff. Never take for granted the good cooking. Always listen. Father once ten years ago, I noticed that he always can better assess the character of the man, watching as he spoke with the waiters. So it is.

Honestly, I'm not particularly fond of lamb, despite my years in North Africa, because the special skills required for its proper cooking, and it is such a major in such an amount to the world that her training is often indifferent. Too often "lamb" really means "lamb". Lamb is often heavy, hard and unfriendly, it is the meat that makes Australians in remote places. I usually go Ocean premier & # 39; er It eats fish, as in Dallas so few really fish restaurants. I'm partially to Ocean Prime & # 39; s blackened red fish, they fall from the bread knife and corn tartar zhalapeno. I ordered this a dozen times.

But there was something in the description Shelbi yagnyanyh chops that made them exciting, and I and my partner for dinner, and I ordered them. To disassemble the sky, I chose as an appetizer trio simply wonderful in & # 39; etnamtsav Gambasor jumbo shrimp, served in the traditional tomato sauce with a little Tabasco.

And then there came the lamb chops with a lollipop, five little served piping hot. We were not disappointed. Let's start with the fact that the ingredients are the absolute best before Evgenio Reyes doing his magic in the kitchen. They were the best, tender cutlets baranyachyya wild wool and Oregon, have ever made (such as good, if not better than Colorado, that & # 39 is a common place for the best American lamb). In the kitchen as often as in other endeavors in life, that the best ingredients – more than half the battle. But the way of preparing these chops chef was extraordinary and, in my experience, is unique.

Instead of the traditional recipe of lamb or its variants, which are scattered with rosemary and salt, they are served in a very delicate and slightly sweet raisins on the basis of raisins. Absolutely out of this world! Yagnyanyya chops were served with tiny potatoes the size of a marble. I have never had lamb with a hint of sugar and raisins before, except maybe one or two times in Morocco. It was a pleasure, and I remember one thing.

After I asked the chef Reis why these chops candies than the regular menu, and he responded with restraint, that simply can not be every day to get the desired quality of the steaks (although they are usually available) and that also respecting the gastronomic inclinations of his Texan backers, lamb – this is not what people in Dallas want to order every day, no matter how good it is. I think it's wise.

We finished our dinner delicious and very generous cottage cheese with berries, rich custard custard enclosed in armor with caramelized sugar. I then had an espresso with lemon peel.

Executive chef Evgenio Reyes – a man of great culinary talent. Before he took over the helm in Ocean premier & # 39; erHere he was sous-chef, but also regularly visited other caves of Cameron Mitchell across the country for training. He started his car & # 39; a career in Columbus, Ohio, in Mitchell ocean club restaurant. Leaving his native Mexico years ago, Reyes began life in the American kitchens at the bottom of the ladder as a dishwasher, maryvshy of the day when he can become a cook. For two decades, car & # 39; EASURES he learned more and more.

I usually avoid chains, but ten places Cameron Mitchell is not really out of & # 39 are a chain in the sense that every restaurant has been adapted to its owner. In early 2014, Mitchell plans to open its eleventh restaurant that will cater to Beverly Hills, California.

Team Public Relations Cameron Mitchell stated that "Ocean premier & # 39; er with & # 39 is the culmination of creative activities that we began in 2006 to determine the best in cooking, drinks, service and atmosphere "in Dallas, and I think it's fair to say that they have achieved success.

Ocean premier & # 39; er located in 2101 Cedar Springs Road in Dallas (75201) on the corner of Pearl and opposite the Hotel Crescent Court. Even on days when the weather & # 39; e poor, always book a reservation: (214) 965-0440.