Lake Erie Islands – Bay Point

If you have the chance, you should visit the island of asters, which presents an old-fashioned ice cream shops, bicycle built for two, hills with cascading vines, historical attractions and some of the best lobster biscuits on the planet. So where is the value of this landscape? Why Lake Erie, of course. In Lake Erie has 20 plus separate islands, but only one that can boast the name Put-in-Bay. Island South Bass, its official name, was a summer resort since 1864, when vacationers began to treat the island on boats and other public events. This sailor sailors earned studying the island in July 1784. These sailors have made the islands maps and named one of them Pudding Bay after the old-fashioned bags for pudding. He was also named Puden Bay in such journals of other researchers of that era.

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial, which is visible from neighboring islands – a tribute to Admiral Oliver Perry Hazara. This 352-foot granite monument recalls the naval victory over the British fleet at the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812. The famous saying, "We have met the enemy and they are ours" is derived from the notes that Perry ordered on the back of an old letter to the then General William Henry Harrison. The memorial is situated on a narrow strip between the city center and residential area of ​​the island, where some of the houses date from the mid-1800s.

Rent a bike or a golf cart and a trip to the ingenious city center, where you can enjoy an old-fashioned ice cream by hand, homemade fudge and unique, eclectic decorations and artwork. Included for adults in Put-in-Bay has a round bar, where you can drink beer and show most summer dinners, all without corners. Round house dates back to 1873 and a & # 39 is one of the oldest buildings on the island. Lounge for a beer – this is the longest continuous bar in the world and now occupies a place of historical kalaniyalu, who died in a fire on Memorial weekend 1988. Size 405 feet and 10 inches, you'll need a catcher mitt and some time to catch a beer that slides on this bar.

If you're more a fan of grapes, visit wine with Heineman & # 39 is optional. Family establishment dates back to 1888, when Gustav Heinemann came to Ohio from the German Baden-Baden. The winery continued as a result of economic recovery, depression and prohibitions and still managed third and fourth generation of Louis and Edward Geynemana. Tastings are held regularly and are educated in the field of fine art Ohio.

For the rest, Put-in-Bay offers a first-class marina in front of one of the oldest yacht clubs in the country, camping in a state park Oak Point and the many hiking and biking trails. Get ready for the harbor Put-in-Bay and have a look at the Stone Laboratory on Gibraltar Island. Founded in 1895, the territory of the island of Ohio State University campus – the oldest fresh water in the country. Bakey where students gain practical experience in the field of research with such courses as biology insects, lake sediments and aquatic biology.

If you feel the need for a good nasinniku visit any of the more than 25 different restaurants for fresh Lake Erie Valle or Sudak, chicken BBQ sauce in a home-based wine and cream, coffee barbecue. For family fun, visit the cave Perry and Crystal Cave, located opposite one on the Catawba Avenue. Perry's Cave is celebrating this year its 140th anniversary, and it was there kamudor Perry found the drinking water for the people. Take a jacket; temperature remains constant, cool to 50 degrees. Crystal Cave is under Heineman Winery and is the largest in the surveying world where you will be surrounded by glistening crystals tselebrata.

By nightfall, stay in one of the historical knives and swimming pools, or in one of the new resort hotels, complete with swimming bars and conference centers. Arrive by plane in the afternoon from the airport "Put-in-Bay" feel and panoramic views over the span of 3,987 miles between the United States and Canada, all of comfortable seats.

If your plans will call back to shore Erie, go to the Miller Ferry or on the Jet Express back to one of several ports. Miller Ferry runs with different schedules from March to November, and crosses the lake since 1905, when William Miller and Harry Jones started their ice business. Offal Boat "Miller" has remained a family business with confidence and since then has changed only with the family & # 39; and Miller to the family & # 39; and Market in 1978, when the family friend bought from Mary Miller, the sister of co-founder William Miller. It is a slow ride, but built from the tradition and the fact that you have to experience.

If in your plans a quick trip, Jet Express service – it's your choice. High-speed ferry to travel up to 40 miles per hour and covers the 12km trip from Port Clinton for 25 minutes. Other ports of departure include Sandusky, Lorayn and mizhvostravnyya routes, which include the island of Kelly.

Anyway, the island of Put-in-Bay – a value in Lake Erie, which shines so brightly as any asters island, which you can find anywhere at any time. Do not leave it out of your summer plans.