The history of vacuum cleaners and detergents NSS

NSS Enterprises, Inc., the beginning of work for almost a hundred years ago in Ohio, in the former of the manufacturer Bissel. A well-known manufacturer of spare parts for Ford Motor Company, Bisel decided to start the production of vacuum motors for various purposes in 1911. Julius Bevingtan, CEO of Bissel, dealing with the extension of vacuum motors, primarily agreed with the company Bissel. In the 1920s, under the name of National Company for supersasavanni had the opportunity to form a vacuum section in his own company. In 1940, the NSS Bevington company introduced to the market a solid model of the vacuum canister, canister, which would later become a vacuum canister M-1 "Pig".

Like many manufacturers of vacuum cleaners since, NSS ceased production of vacuum cleaners and devoted its wartime production. By the end of the war Julius Bevingtan and his son, John, we do business innovation for floor care, and in 1947 invented the first bypass engine for wet / dry vacuum cleaners. By this vacuum water was considered the death of not only cleaner, but also for the operator.

Later, in the early 1970s, NSS has been able to produce an extract of cold water, using several vacuum engines and putting them in order to create enough suction to pull water out of the carpet. In 1976, the NSS has become the first manufacturer of floor care, which produced propane, and the following year they were able to lead the competition, when their debut on the first high-speed electric machine. This invention has created a strong buzz in the floor care, because it creates a floor which owned it a high sheen and look as if they are still wet. This wet look was so popular in society that other floor care companies began to create products to catch up with the NSS.

By the mid-1980s, the NSS was the first that used polyethylene pink composition for the body of their cars. Polyethylene, which is rotated for this purpose with a & # 39 is an exceptional material, thanks to which he & # 39 is very strong and resilient, but it is quite easy. Other companies have followed this example, and today the industry standard with the & # 39 is the use of polyethylene, which turns many machines floor care, such as scrubbers, kindling and padmyatalniki.

In mid-1999 Bevingtan mark, grandson Julius Bevingtan, became the third generation, which is headed by the NSS. In 2009, almost a century after the NSS company introduced the first 27-inch equipment on the battery, model called Ultra Maxx. Specializing in equipment for floor care, since its inception the company has become a favorite of NSS advertising cleaning sector for generations. NSS is far from & # 39 is the only company in the world that deals with its own production for floor care equipment. Always faithful excellence and quality products, the NSS can boast of such global clients as American Airlines and Hilton Hotels, as well as countless. schools, offices and small businesses worldwide. One of the reasons that the NSS was so successful with the & # 39 is its innovation, but an even greater cause to & # 39 is its commitment to customer service. With more than 600 dystryb & # 39; yutarav in more than 60 countries around the world, the NSS does not know does not show any signs of slowing down soon.