Self-raises your consciousness

Change. Suddenly I change. It always seems to shift the paradigm. A lot of grumbling, turmoil and chaos, before he showed himself. In fact, grumbling, turmoil and chaos imply changes. Once we felt enough pain, we want to change. The fundamental principle of NLP. Nobody does not change, if the pain is not too suffers. […]

Creating a sense of chaos

Given your views on world events chaos is higher. Weather & # 39; ie, banking, economy, environment, and on and on. Now, I guess that there are many people who are in a panic and fear. We need a higher perspective, a different view, which will begin to make sense of what seems to be […]

Early history bumper stickers

In 1927, Henry Ford has changed the way that we got from point A to point B. We have replaced the horse and carriage to the model A, and we quickly found a way to turn these metal trays on a new way to express their opinion. Henry Ford also did for us something else […]