Stop feeling sorry for yourself – you are not in danger

"Black people are useless in nature and are not able to fly." This is a direct quote, which I took from the film "Clean Tails", a film that tells the story of how black aviators fought racial segregation and eventually became known pilots. You have to look at it!

In an era of time, which portrays the film, few whites treated blacks with some decency. In those days, racial segregation was so serious & # 39; oznay that there were separate sections of buses and trains for black riders, some hotels and restaurants, as well as separate benches in the park, drinking fountains and toilets. Many negros were disappointed segregation with which they are faced, and so sorry for yourself. You see, people who PAVEDAYUTS shorter for their services, DAHATS NEZABAZHNYH release sales. Unhealthy people are focused on the fact that the poor in their lives – but he was a young black man, who strongly felt that being black – it's not a disadvantage. It is called GUION S. BLUFORD JR. Born in the family & # 39; and 4 years old, parents urged him to always set your goals high. Of course, he did.

When he was in school, on the car & # 39 Advisor; EASURES told him that the book is not for black people, instead of college, he has to learn a profession. Unlike other black men of his time, he has recreated this advice and went on to success, having finished flying colors! They kept telling him that he did not do it at university. Again, he chose to ignore it, and he continued to move forward, setting his goals higher and higher. From early childhood, he learned that if you demand the best for yourself, you will become more valuable, attractive and pleasant.

Eventually he received a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University; Master's degree with distinction in aerospace engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology; PhD in aerospace engineering with a minor in laser physics from the Air Force Institute; and an MBA from the University of X & # 39; Euston, Clear Lake. Even though the prestigious qualification, a lot of proposals for service bypassed him in the chain of command, because he was a black man. But he would not regret themselves and progressed to become a colonel in the US Air Force. And guess what?

In 1978 he was elected as an astronaut Blyufard Gihon, and the first black people PERADEYTSA! This was the beginning of many international awards and come. His first mission was STS-8 (Challenger), the first shuttle, which was launched and landed at night. Currently Blyufard with & # 39 is a vice president and general manager of engineering services, NYMA, Inc., of Brook Park, Ohio.

One of the reasons that Guyon was a success, with the & # 39 is that he gave up what felt like a black and become creative. Unsuccessful people believe that life is unfair and success for them is not an option. The problem for most people.

* Rebecca complain about the housework, the requirements to be a mother and boredom.

* Wendy's to complain about the way you need to have "experience" to get solid job.

* Peter complains about the lack of opportunities, because he had aged.

YOU DO NOT YOU UDACHAETSTSA AT ALL !! Stop complaining and start telling yourself that you are valuable. Work on your strengths to their passions, to the best of you. Focus on how to do everything possible in your life and continues to set the bar higher with each achievement. You get it, and I'll see you at the top.