Carp loves french fries?

In the autumn of the year, usually during the last week of September, my son, my brother, I and a friend go to a three-hour trip to Makkonelsvil, Ohio. This autumn fishing, where we usually stay for about three days. We lavim fish belonging to AEP (America Electric Power Company).
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This area is open to the public; all you need is a permit that you can print from your Web site. At CES, there are about 300 lakes to fish, some very small and others – in a mile. But this is not a story about fishing in the EEA area, is the story of a carp and catfish Muskingum.
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Every day we monitor the territory of the EEA, and then in the evening we return to our hotel, Three Sisters Hotel on NW 60. This is a wonderful thing about our trip; we lavim Bass all day, then around 4:00 pm or so to get back to the hotel cleaning, then to eat.
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Due to the time it takes to return to the lakes and the fact that across the road from the hotel is the river Muskingum, and the hotel has its own dock, we had to try fishing. Usually we never lavim Karp, but we realized, “hey, why not.” I did not come on this trip to sit around a hotel room and watch TV, I can do it at home.
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Here it gets interesting, but I need to give you the layout area. The hotel is on the main drive, and near the hotel there is a small restaurant; there is a large network, only a small city restaurant, but really good food. Not far from the restaurant is a restaurant McDonald & # 39; s. I know you’re saying to yourself that this is due to fishing carp and catfish; hang, and I’ll tie it all together.
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Well, this is when I decided to cross the road and try to carp and catfish to try. The rest of my group were less than thrilled with the fishing on carp or fishing cats. You can say that they were a bit finicky at fishing on anything other than Bass.
I was looking at his fishing tackle and bait chose the heaviest and rice for me. I was setting in Kentucky with one hook. But here is the part of the story, in which the people were a little hard to believe. When I collected my fishing supplies, one of the sisters of the hotel’s “Three Sisters” told me the best bait to use McDonald’s fries; Yes, you read it correctly McDonald’s fries.
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So, I never caught a carp, I listen to any recommendations that I could get. So I go to a restaurant and purchase bait; By the way, this is the first time I was able to eat sea fishing.
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So I’m at the docks with their fries, my rod and shpurkay and ready to try luck. Around the time when I’m getting ready to throw the other, I was bored, and I came to watch the fish and make fun of my bait.
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After a couple of minutes I was pulling carp 5 pounds, which gave me fight a couple of times and purified water as bass. I uploaded my hook backup with my special bait, and it was not so long ago, as I was pulling another fish, but this time it was a catfish.
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Well, that at the marina were four lines with special bait, and we were fishing. My brother, who had never fished for Carp, in a very short time has become a real fans, and landed more fish than the rest of us. We had a bright ideal to try French fries, served in a small restaurant, which I mentioned; but failed to bite. Pisces know what they like, but close is not considered.
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The moral of this story is that old dogs can learn new tricks, which we are confident.

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