How to choose the right place for your next conference of the Association

Susan Tseppernik, CMP, CTA, since 2007 with the & # 39; is the national sales manager at the Conference Center of the Grand Columbus (Ohio). Next comes the interview & # 39; nd with Suzanne.
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Q: What trends do you see as the association back to the holding of conferences for its members?
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I saw the two associations with similar missions that operate within the same conference. Association also get corporate sponsors to pay for the sessions, power, Internet connectivity for visitors and other amenities, which covers associations.
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Association now green, developing applications that replace expensive publication on s & # 39 leadership; Congress. These applications can be personalized to the participants and, if you change the agenda of a particular party, the association can send a notification to your smartphone or tablet participants in real-time, and often just in time.
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Association settings using rooms that vary from standard theater or classroom sets, for example, using a small group of seats group promoting interactive communication and sharing of ideas.
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Association also contributes towards more informal meetings in public places. Planners appreciate when peers have comfortable seating and a meeting is ordinary sessions breakthrough.
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Some associations previously set a three-day conference in the schedule two days to quickly take its participants.
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Question: What do the best leaders of associations for the convenience of its members in the planning of future conferences?
First, they select the access point to which it easy to travel, both for the association and its members. Next, they create passion for the city of destination, using social media and creating a short video about the city, or they will use a video from the local to the & # 39; convention and visitors bureaus and send the link to its members via e-mail.
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Also, managers create short videos to promote upcoming events, which include highlights from the last conference.
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For their members, they agree on the best prices in local hotels and next to the conference room for the meeting was easy for the visitors. For the association, they will negotiate the best prices for food and drinks.
They will understand the terms and send reminders: register, book a hotel and buy space for booths.spirit airlines reservations
The most successful conference speaker presentations published on the Internet and will be devoted to the exhibition hours.
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Q: What kind of things can be easily seen? What are the common mistakes that allow associations and what can be done to avoid them?
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First, keep in mind all of the full costs of the meeting, including, or & # 39 is the appointment of a union or nesayuzny charge for Internet, pragulnasts and digital signage. For example, using our digital signage outside the meetings, one conference planner saved $ 20 000 in fees easels and signs!
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Next, select the destination in which there are a lot of restaurants and attractions. Hotels are also connected, for example, in Colombia, now has 2100 rooms is linked or attached to our convention center.

Never lose sight of the allocated time on the network. For most visitors it is just as important as the schedule of classes.

Get an application and / or operate the service on its own AV company, even if you usually travel with a predominance of the audiovisual company. Why? AV own company usually knows best equipment as well as maintenance and troubleshooting on site. Using your own sellers also saves on costs that refuse to pay for the dress, and set the rent for a one-day collection decorator services and / or AV setup.

Work with the local CVB, to plan sightseeing tours of the city. It offers a great way to visit local attractions and allows colleagues to meet and talk outside the conference. For example, the ASAE fine works, presenting a selection of excursions around the city, which are offered both before and after the educational sessions.

Provide airport transportation and a concierge, accommodated in hotels and the conference to provide assistance in the direction of choosing a restaurant, sightseeing areas, local events and much more.

The examination after the evaluation, using Survey Monkey or Poll Daddy and turn these ideas and proposals to the next meeting.

Q: How do you see the events of the association, which develop in the future?

Technology will continue to celebrate a conference in green and track CEU.

For example, when entering a session using icons for scanning CEU credits. And, to take a step further, the CEU can be automatically updated to the user’s own online profile. This can be a great advantage for the re-certification requirements.

We will continue to see smaller group sessions, for example, to work together in a conversation “pit” to the participants staged a network easier and developed solutions to work together with the whole group.

Even with the advancement of technology the value of meeting face-to-face will never disappear.

Attending conferences can create opportunities for networking and personal interaction, which can be obtained only from personal meetings. The interaction of face-to-face with colleagues is invaluable!

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