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The price of bitcoin
Bitcoin’s strong price is above $ 10,000 resistance and above $ 10,200. BTC / USD traded at a new high of 2020, near $ 10,450, and is currently consolidating revenue. Initial support on the savings side is close to $ 10,200. There is now a huge support of $ 10,000.
In turn, the $ 10,450 level is the initial resistance. Home resistance is close to $ 10,500 USD, above which the price can rise sharply to $ 10,850 and $ 11,000.

Offer price
The Ethereum price performed well and rose sharply to $ 230 after breaking resistance. ETH / USD rose 15% and even traded below $ 250. If there were more jumps, the bulls were likely aiming for $ 265.
In terms of decline, initial support is around $ 246. The main support is $ 242 below which there is a risk of reducing the support to $ 230 (last break area).
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Bitcoin cash price, Lithuania and XRP
Bitcoin’s cash price finally managed to clear the resistance level at $ 455 and $ 460. BCH / USD rose 8% to $ 470. It looks like the price will continue to rise at the $ 500 checkpoint. In contrast, the price may support between $ 460 and $ 455 if a decline is observed.
Litecoin is back at $ 75.00 resistance and it even traded at a new 2020 high. The LTC / USD is trading at $ 78.50 and is likely to exceed the $ 80.00 resistance in the near term. In terms of decline, recent resistance reached $ 75.00.
The price of XRP rises above resistance level, $ 0.278 and $ 0.284. It trades at $ 0.290 resistance, which may rise above $ 0.300. If there is a new drop, the $ 0.284 and $ 0.280 levels are at a decent level of support.

Currently another market for Altcoins has been sold
Over the past three sessions, many small discounted alcoholics have gained more than 15%, including HBAR, LUNA, CKB, XTZ, XEM, BCN, GNT, LINK, BEAM, CENNZ, VET and DGD. Of these, HBAR stabilized by about 140% and Luna by almost 30%.

Overall, the price of bitcoin is constantly rising and rising above $ 10,200. If the BTC / USD exceeds the $ 10,500 resistance, you may be looking at the $ 11,000 resistance zone in the near future.


Cheap Travel – Find Cheap Flights and Hotels

Everyone wants to save money during the trip, but finding discounts on the trip can be time consuming. Here are some tips for finding cheap air tickets or flights, as well as cheap hotels or vacation packages.
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Generally inexpensive travel advice that can help you save money during the trip, is specific advice on where and how to get the best deals on specific things like hotel discounts, good rental cars market, cheap airline tickets or other travel discounts. I will try to include as much of this type of information as possible and point you in the right direction for more.
best price airline tickets
There is however a limit to this type of approach. If, for example, you find the best deal on the best Las Vegas hotel in peak season, you will save money, but still have a very expensive vacation. Trying to always get exactly what you want, or what you think you want, will usually be an expensive proposition, both when traveling and during high season vacations.
cheap all inclusive vacation packagese
So try to avoid the high season, if you can search for the best deals to find cheap airline tickets or cheap hotel rooms, as these two things are an important part of your travel cost.
cheap air tickets
Cheap international travel or domestic travel, always start finding travel deals with airline tickets, find cheap hotel rates or cheap motels and also include the cost of food, some hotel accommodations can be inexpensive but they can provide food. If the hotel offers a pick-up service, you can also save on car rental.
You can find cheap flights, hotels, car rentals and cruises below.


Best family pools in Las Vegas hotels

Now, when most people think about visiting Las Vegas, they think it’s a more adult-oriented vacation destination. What many people don’t know is that Las Vegas can be a vacation spot that you can take with your whole family. All you have to do is choose the right time to visit and you and your family can have a great vacation. One of the best parts of a Las Vegas vacation like the hotel and the pool or pools that they have to offer. There are many large hotels in Las Vegas that have great family pools. Here are some of the hotels that offer the best family pools.
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When searching for the best family pools, the MGM Grand Hotel is one of the first hotels to consider on your list. The pool complex offered at this hotel is considered one of the best in Vegas. Your family will feel that they have entered a completely different world when entering the swimming pool of this hotel. You will feel like you are an exotic jungle paradise filled with magnificent flowers, lush greenery as well as fountains and small islands connected by bridges. This huge swimming area offers hotel guests over six hectares containing five pools, three hot tubs as well as a lazy river. The lazy river you will find will probably be the largest with your family, as it is something that people of all ages can participate in.

The Monte Carlo Resort Hotel is another hotel that, although it doesn’t offer a pool complex as big as the MGM Grand, is still a great place to swim. There is a lot of fun for every member of the family to have in this hotel while swimming. Younger children in your family will love the enclosed children’s pool with small children’s beach chairs. There is also a wave pool which is capable of producing means that measure 3 feet tall so you can simulate the ocean and create a huge amount of fun for your whole family. For older children in your family, you can swim in the lagoon pool. The lagoon pool is a square pool which benefits from a very relaxing waterfall. For those who like it slow and relaxing while they are enjoying the water, they will appreciate the Easy River Ride.

The Mirage Hotel should be the next on your list of family hubs to explore. This hotel has a series of swimming pools that will really make you feel like you are in a lush tropical setting. This series of soundings has been linked here by bridges and lagoons. There are also several cascading waterfalls that further enhance the beautiful tropical setting of the region. All you have to do to get to this beautiful section of the hotel is to walk down a small hallway containing several shops as well as the cafe and the dairy.

When you enjoy the family pools that are on offer in Las Vegas hotels, remember that you are following all the rules of the pool. For example, registering chairs is not allowed. As long as you follow the rules and make sure your kids keep an eye on this at all times, you will have a wonderful Las Vegas vacation.


Disney World – An exciting esplanade to visit your dreams

We all have memories of Disney, be it Disney World cartoons or Disney movies. People who want to explore and experience Disney's larger-than-life attractions should visit Walt Disney World. Everything is magical in the Disney world. The castle, the music, the characters and the rides transport you to a different world. It is the perfect place for families to create exciting memories of life.

Walt Disney World is a fun complex located in Florida in the United States. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney & # 39; s Hollywood Studios and Disney & # 39; s Animal Kingdom are the four theme parks at Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World has it all for a family – water parks, golf courses and shopping malls and if you want to go on camping trips, this option is also available on the Disney property.

When to visit the Walt Disney World Resort

If you are planning a trip, there are many factors to consider. Even if you're a regular at Disney parks, planning your trip can sometimes be a troubling task. There is a lot to do with your friends and family, but you have to decide when to visit it. Classic souvenirs can be created there even if the crowd level is too high, but it is advisable to visit it when there are fewer people. At the same time, there is also a downside. When the crowds are lower, park hours are also shorter and more exciting rides like Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom and Fantasmic at Hollywood studios are only open when the crowds is high. Star Wars-Galaxy & # 39; s Edge is a new addition to Disney; However, it is only accessible to boarding groups. September is known to be the best month to visit Disney parks. If you worry about accommodation when you visit Disney World, you don't have to think about it much as there are many large resorts and hotels. There are many three star hotels where you can get cheaper deals as compared to other resorts.

How to reach

It is common to know if you should drive or fly to Walt Disney. It depends on the budget you want to spend on your travels, the time you have and your comfort. If you have time constraints, then flying to Orlando is a much more feasible option as it will take less time, but if budgeting is an issue then driving is the answer.


London hotels near tourist attractions

London is one of the most visited and popular tourist destinations in Europe. Like other popular tourist destinations around the world, most accommodation in a metropolitan city like London offers high quality standards at the most competitive prices. It is therefore very easy for travelers on a budget to find quality cheap hotels and restaurants. All tourists and budget travelers want to find not only affordable accommodation or just reasonably priced hotels, but also good value for money. The idea of ​​budget travel is to save on hotel and accommodation costs in order to have enough money for activities such as sightseeing, parks, zoos, theaters and nightlife.

When selecting hotels in London, location should be the most important element in the procedure of choosing the right hotel. Many of the most popular hotels in London are conveniently located near the city center. Other hotels in London border quiet neighborhoods and are still close to London city center. They are also close to public transport alternatives such as metro or bus stations. Visitors are assured of a warm welcome at major London hotels.

The accommodation is well appointed, attractive and comfortable. Guests have the option of using the leisure center which has amenities such as a solarium, putting green, darts and pool tables. The rooms have a TV, a telephone and a private bathroom with a shower. The majority of hotels offer rooms, with a wide variety of beds and room sizes. The hotels also have a variety of conference rooms with internet and videoconferencing capabilities. There are also a variety of conference events such as lunches, cafes or round table dinners.

The most popular tourist attractions around hotels in London are: the Big Ben, which is one of London's best known landmarks, HMS Belfast, a huge ship used during World War II, the House of Parliament located in Westminster in the heart of London, Hyde Park, theaters, the British Museum which presents drawings and paintings, the Science Museum, the Tower of London located along the Thames and London Zoo, among other attractions.

Popular restaurants around London hotels are: Artisan Restaurant, offering European and Italian cuisine, Indigo; specializing in Japanese and Asian cuisine, Langtry Restaurant; offering a combination of seasoning ingredients and innovative cuisine and Pissarro & # 39; s which is located along the Thames and offers entertainment for adults and children.

Sport is another tourist attraction with many cheap hotels in London city center located around the stadiums. For example, there are more than 40 hotels around the Emirates Stadium. Popular hotels near the Emirates Stadium include Mount Mansions, Arsenal Journeys London, Central Park Hotel, London City Apartments, Pembury Hotel and Five Kings Hotel. Costello Palace Hotel, Corner House Hotel, Queens Hotel, New Market House, Spring Park Hotel, among others. Wembley Stadium has more than 50 hotels around. The hotels within walking distance of the property are the Ibis London Wembley, Wembley Plaza, Quality Hotel Wembley and Premier Inn Wembley hotels. There are always affordable hotels in and around tourist areas, wherever you are in the big city of London.


Fun without playing in Las Vegas

Although Vegas was built from a desert mirage on such games of chance, there is actually much more to be done in modern Las Vegas than gambling. Here's a quick guide to some of the “other” sites in the City of Lights. Shows. Okay, that’s probably the second thing people think of when they think of Las Vegas.

But aside from Paris and New York, Las Vegas is the biggest place to find the best and biggest new shows. Since Sinatra started producing songs, Las Vegas Nevada has become an entertainment capital. And not just big items like Penn & Teller, Céline Dion and The Blue Man Group. Residents are aware of the thousands of cabarets, comedies and improved venues scattered around the city. Google Las Vegas shows up for a quick list of current shows and ticket information.

Adventure sports. With the desert comes adventure sports. Baja buggy, desert windsurfing, climbing, hiking, parasailing, parachuting, camping, high performance driving, off-road mountain biking, same skiing, yes skiing in the nearby mountains that surround the city of lights. Upon arrival at the hotel, speak with the concierge about the many outdoor activities available nearby.

Amusement park. Since Circus Circus, casinos have supplemented their games of chance with a variety of fun-style games. The Stratosphere Hotel on a roller coaster galore. And most, if not all, have lavish video game rooms for the little ones.

Purchases. Another huge draw. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, especially your money. Unless you shop instead, you can take your loot home along the way. I'm not sure about you, but most people will draw far more from a nice pair of shoes than a roll from a loaded dice.

Golf. There are literally hundreds of courses here. Support the incredible watershed (imagine how the gallons of man should be channeled) to make these courses green.

Spas. Indulge in some of the most incredible spas and pools in the world. Vegas is nothing but spectacular and their pools and spas are the same.

Remember that traveling to Sin City does not automatically mean traveling to play. It has truly become a place where there is something for everyone. Get off the beaten track and look for all the other amazing things to do, without a bet, in the World Play Center.


How to Get Discounter Theater Tickets in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is simply a wonderful city. There are always a hundred things going on and a million things to see. Almost all Vegas hotels have a number of shows that occur every night – many of these shows are high budget productions that are of unsurpassed quality anywhere in the world.

If you know exactly what show you want to see and when you want to see it, the best way to organize tickets is probably directly on the show website. However, if you have a little flexibility, you can take advantage of two discount ticket vendors located along the strip. These discount ticket sellers sell last-minute tickets, usually for the day of production. Discount ticket vendors have a different selection of tickets each night, but they always have a large selection. If you're ready to wait for "day to" to decide what to see, this is a great way to save money!

The two discount ticket sellers are Tix4Tonight and Tickets2Nite. Both providers have locations along the Las Vegas strip. The general procedure is to arrive early in the morning – just when the sellers open. Tickets sell out throughout the day, so the earlier you can get there, the better. There is usually a line that begins to form up to an hour before the counters open.

Once you get to the front line and buy your tickets, you will likely receive a voucher. You must then bring this voucher to the ticket office (usually located in the hotel where the theater is located) to exchange the vouchers for actual tickets. Do this as soon as you get the vouchers, as seat numbers are assigned on a "first come, first served" basis. The sooner you exchange coupons for tickets, the better places you will get!

It should be noted that ticket sellers add a small service fee (usually around $ 3-4) for each ticket you purchase. Since show tickets can easily cost more than $ 100 each, the service charge is a small penalty to pay when you save up to 50%.


Las Vegas wedding packages for an unforgettable wedding experience

The United States has so many interesting travel destinations such as New York, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Yellowstone National Park and Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a resort town known worldwide for gambling, fine dining and shopping. The city is located in Nevada, and it is also the most populous city in the state. It is filled with various entertainment assortments, hence the name of Sin City.

Most people associate Las Vegas with unlimited casinos, showgirls and buffets. But the city actually has more exciting things to offer besides gambling, gastronomy or shopping. Indeed, there are many large casinos, Michelin star restaurants and beautiful shopping centers scattered around the city, but the city also has hidden gems. Thanks to the many buildings inspired by ancient European architecture, the Sin City is also considered to be one of the most romantic travel destinations on the planet. There is no need to visit Italy to experience the beauty of Venice as it is found here in Vegas. The romantic atmosphere that the city has to offer makes it the perfect place to organize a memorable wedding.

Many hotels or resorts offer a wide selection of Las Vegas wedding packages. These wedding packages are unique and you won't find them anywhere else. You can opt for a predetermined wedding theme or you can cooperate with the hotel or resort wedding planner to create a personalized wedding plan. If you book for a Las Vegas wedding package, you don't have to worry about the details as everything will be taken care of by the wedding planner. You don't have to worry about organizing the wedding ceremony and menu, deciding which music to play, ordering the wedding cake, decorations, bouquet and wedding dress, or booking a limousine. You can sit back and relax because the package already contains everything you need for the perfect wedding.

Organizing a wedding in the city of Sin means that you can also choose the wedding location as you wish. This city is full of many buildings with romantic architecture. You can organize the wedding ceremony in a large chapel or in rarer places like at the top of a bridge, in a flower garden, in a moving gondola, in front of the Bellagio fountains and in the courtyard or the chapel of Venetian style terrace.

Las Vegas wedding packages are available in several options so you can choose the one that suits you best. You can still get married in style even if your budget is tight. For example, if you want an intimate wedding, you can opt for a wedding package that can only accommodate 20 to 40 people. On the other hand, you can always select a more festive wedding package if you want to invite all of your family and friends.

Besides all the advantages mentioned above, you will also get more exciting privileges. Generally, when you select a wedding package offered by a particular hotel or complex, you will be able to access other facilities at a reduced price or even free of charge. This not only applies to Las Vegas hotels and resorts, but it also applies to well-established hotels and resorts around the world. However, free access or discounts may vary from hotel to hotel. Ask the staff about additional services; This can be a discounted or free limousine rental, free or discounted access to the gym or spa, a free room, or a reduced price for a limited number of nights, etc.


Las Vegas Music – The best music Las Vegas has to offer

Over the years, Las Vegas has hosted some of the biggest names in music history to present shows in its halls. Liberace in the 1950s was perhaps the first world-class name to occur regularly here. The legendary “ Rat Pack & # 39; & # 39; made up of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. made the big city their home in the 1960s, selling shows every night to an audience that just couldn't get enough of the talented trio and Elvis Presley was a regular on the music scene in the 1970s, performing regularly to sell crowds until his unfortunate death in 1977.

In recent years vacation tourists have been able to book tickets for Elton John, Tom Jones, Cher, Celine Dion and many others who have signed lucrative contracts with some of the larger hotels for a series of shows. Many more famous artists and bands play several nights in the city as part of a long American tour like Madonna, U2, The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney to name a few.

If you are going to vacation and want to see a concert while you are there, then current "residents" include Garth Brooks at Wynn, Cher at Caesars Palace (to be replaced by Céline Dion from March 2011), Matt Goss, also at Caesars Palace, Barry Manilow in Paris Las Vegas and Joan Rivers at the Venetian.

Popular resorts for concerts and one-off shows include the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino which will see Meat Loaf, Sheryl Crow, Van Morrison and The Black Crowes and a host of others performing before the end of the night year. In addition, MGM Grand will welcome Michael Bublé, Nickelback and others in the coming months.


Find and Compare Cheap Flights to Get the Best Travel Deals

In the age of advanced technologies, traveling by plane has become more of a prerequisite than a simple alternative. Speed, comfort and class of flights can never be replaced by any other means of transport. However, with rising fuel prices and other imperative facets, airfares have recently increased.

In such a scenario, getting hold of cheap flight deals might come to your mind as a daunting and time consuming task. The very first step in finding flight deals is to decide on the destination you want to go to.

There are many places that will please your addiction like Las Vegas, Montreal, Toronto, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Vancouver, New Orleans, or even travel destinations like Los Angeles, Cancun, Maui , Philadelphia, Kauai and Puerto Vallarta. Once you've set a destination, you need to assess your personal needs such as flight time, season, etc.

The more flexible you are, the more likely you are to get your hands on cheap flight deals. Besides the flexibility in the date and schedule, the flexibility of the airport will go a long way in making your research and comparing the low cost flights quite simple and hassle free. You have to understand that there are peak seasons and then there are the off seasons where travel deals will become much cheaper.

Doing a bit of complex research on the World Wide Web will also help you if you are anxious to book tickets online and not go to a travel agent for help. The best advice we can give you is to book your tickets well in advance, whether for flights, trips, cruises, vacations or hotels. Book flights at least 2-4 months before your actual trip to get the best and most profitable flight deals.

It is also imperative to check the travel search engines which search and compare the cheap flights of different air carriers, so that you are assured that you have actually bagged the cheapest flight deals available in the market scenario current. Some fly for commercial purposes and some are just for the pleasure of traveling; whatever the reason for your trip, flight deals and travel deals will save you amounts of money and resources which can then be used in other productive work like shopping, food or accommodation.

Be sure to look for cheap hotel deals, travel cruise deals, hotel deals, etc., as this will also guarantee that you won't have any problems with preparations. of last minute. It is not surprising that you save a lot of time and resources when you plan to search and compare cheap flights via the World Wide Web. For flaking pipes for cheap flights to Miami, check the availability of charter flights. Equipped with this know-how, you will surely deliver a well-versed and balanced verdict on cheap flight deals and profitable travel deals.


Gibraltar Vacations – Cheap Flights and Hotels

Gibraltar Holidays

Located at the southern tip of Spain, the famous and picturesque island, Gibraltar is essentially an overseas part of the United Kingdom. It is generally positioned at the western entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. The British claimed the island in 1973 and currently it is an international port and a hot tourist spot, famous for vacations, short city breaks and as a destination for weddings and honeymoons. There are many travel agents offering cheap flights to Gibraltar. Book a cheap flight and hotel package for your next vacation in Gibraltar. But before that lets play around the island.

Rock of Gibraltar

The main tourist attraction of Gibraltar is "The Rock" and its pleasant though. The Rock of Gibraltar is a considerable theme for botanists and birdwatchers, but also to provide tourists with tourist actions such as semi-wild great apes, caves, tunnels, large military cannons and many more. Other sites of historical and geological interest. It has a very famous tunnel known as the "labyrinth". Cable cars are used to reach the top of the rock.

Gibraltar Hotels

Gibraltar has a diverse range of cheap and luxurious hotels, offering the best services to their customers. You can get very cheap and reduced rates for some of the best hotels in Gibraltar for your short city break at "". They have contracted rates for most Gibraltar hotels and claim to offer the cheapest rates than others. The most preferred hotels in Gibraltar are: The Rock Hotel, The Eliott Hotel, The Caleta Hotel, The Bristol Hotel, The Queen Hotel, The Continental Hotel and The Cannon Hotel.

Duty Free Shopping in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a renowned shopping destination because it is one of the few VAT-free shopping destinations in Europe, offering its visitors a varied range of duty-free products. The best thing about shopping in Gibraltar is that you don't even have to change currency for shopping, so no fiddling with foreign coins! With exactly the same value, the pound sterling and the Gibraltar pound are both acceptable forms of payment at all points of sale. So shop on the island on your next vacation to Gibraltar.

Guided tour of Gibraltar

The places you should see during your Gibraltar vacation are The Rock, Europa Point, Sailing Trip, Cable Cars, Dolphin Safaris, Botanical Gardens, City Gates and Fortifications, Catalan Bay. Those interested in the natural history of the sea, rock, earth or plants will enjoy a party in Gibraltar as the island is very rich in such things throughout the year. For the convenience of visitors, some travel agents organize day trips to Gibraltar which include a short visit in minimum time by taxi or coach so that tourists can spend their maximum time traveling to many places .

Gibraltar Travel Forum

There are some native regions like rock monkeys, trips with dolphins in the bay of Gibraltar and other marine mammals which include the pilot whales, which always attract tourists and are worth a visit while on vacation in Gibraltar . For bird lovers and bird watchers, there are several different species, including prey, storks, vultures, songbirds and seabirds. In spring, beautiful butterflies emerge, making the island a lovely paradise for natural wildlife. There is a lot to see in Gib while you are vacationing in Gibraltar. The botanical garden is the combination of aesthetic beauty, a very silent area filled with colorful fountains, ponds and waterfalls. There is a Catalan bay, a small village on the east side of the rock where you can enjoy traditional boating and fishing. Although a village but Catalan Bay has a beach, pubs and restaurants, etc.

Gibraltar Flights

With airlines starting new routes to Gibraltar, there is now a good choice of cheap flights to Gibraltar. Regularly look for free night deals and other savings deals when you book online! Plan your vacation to Gibraltar now while airfares are still low and the city remains untouched before hordes of tourists and deer discover this latest new destination.


Top 5 Most Expensive Wedding Packages In Las Vegas

Known as "the wedding capital of the world" for good reason, most people know that knotting in Vegas is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to get married. What most people do not do it know, it's that Vegas is where you'll also find some of the most luxurious, extravagant and expensive wedding packages around.

With packages ranging from $ 39 for an "office wedding" to a wedding chapel in Las Vegas (the minister literally sits at his desk and marries you!) Up to the elegant ceremony package of 23 $ 090 at the Wynn Hotel & Casino, there are literally hundreds of different Vegas wedding packages to choose from.

In case you're wondering which casinos offer the most expensive wedding packages in Vegas, here they are:

1. $ 23,090 – The elegant business ceremony at the Wynn Hotel & Casino

When you book the most expensive wedding package in Vegas, you expect to be pampered. The Elegant Affair Ceremony package at the Wynn Hotel & Casino does not disappoint.

After being picked up at the airport by your private driver who will take you to the courthouse to obtain your marriage license, you will be checked into your extraordinary 2490 square foot Wynn Fairway Villa (which offers breathtaking views of the course golf course, a private patio and a private massage room) where you will spend two nights.

Preparing for the big day includes caring for the bride and groom. While the groom enjoys not one, but two rounds of golf with a private caddy, the bride is entitled to a pre-wedding visit to the Salon for a makeup and makeup application and a Spa manicure and pedicure with paraffin treatment (the bride returns to the Salon the next day for her makeup application and makeup for the wedding day). Lest the groom feel left out, the package also includes a hot foam shave and a classic salon manicure for him.

For the wedding itself, couples will take advantage of extravagant floral packages (personalized bouquet and boutonniere, as well as eight custom-made bench arrangements and an aisle runner generously covered with a delicate path rose petals) and two hours in the private bridal salon. A full set of photographs and videos completes the highlights of the ceremony.

Other indulgences include a Good Luck ritual massage, personalized for two in your villa, followed by peppermint foot treatments, hydrating hand therapies and aromatic scalp treatments.

Additional delights include a sumptuous "morning tasting" for two served in bed – with Italian mimosas, dinner for two at Alex's, plus two glasses of Tete de Cuvee champagne from Alex's champagne cart and fondue for two in your semi-detached villa with a special bottle of dessert wine. During your stay, you will also receive two tickets for a gourmet VIP package for Le Reve.

The extravagant bag includes a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, Rose champagne "La Grande Dame", a bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte Premier Cru Brut champagne and a special wedding gift, two glasses of Nicolas Feuillatte Premier Cru Brut champagne to toast your living together and two spa robes monogrammed as a souvenir.

The newlyweds are exceptionally pampered during the elegant ceremony. But if there are guests who want to attend, you will need to let them know that they are alone when it comes to the festivities and the food and drinks.

2. $ 18,500 – All inclusive Decadence ceremony and reception (up to 50 people) at Mandalay Bay

This ultimate all-inclusive event is sure to please you and 50 of your closest friends and family as you enjoy an exceptionally beautiful wedding ceremony and cocktail at Mandalay Bay. You can just sit back and relax while your personal wedding planner takes care of all the details for you!

Your package starts with a private driver who waits for you at the airport, takes you to obtain your marriage license, then takes you to Mandalay Bay where you will check in for three nights in your moon suite high-end honey.

The package includes a wedding rehearsal, a personalized makeup and makeup application for the bride at the Robert Cromeans salon on the day of the big event, and a generous floral package with bouquets for the bride and her bridesmaid as as well as buttonholes for the groom and his best man.

Four hours of photography ensures that every precious moment is captured throughout the day. The package also includes 250 photographs, various enlargements of your favorite photos and a DVD of the ceremony as well as the private webcast of the event.

During the ceremony, guests enjoy the beautiful sound of elegant music played by a pianist while a DJ provides music for three hours during the reception.

Speaking of reception, if you choose this all-inclusive package at Mandalay Bay, you'd better tell your guests to be hungry. The three-hour cocktail in the private ballroom includes past hors d'oeuvres and delicious dishes station after station accompanied by a premium brand bar service of three hours. A personalized wedding cake and a champagne toast complete the menu.

Guests will return home with a personalized poker chip gift as a souvenir of the event.

3. $ 17,000 – Ceremony and reception package for Brasilia (100 guests) at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Invite your 100 favorite guests to Las Vegas to enjoy this exceptional all-inclusive ceremony and the Rio reception event fully planned for you by your personal wedding coordinator.

Treatments include a couple massage for two, a spa package including a manicure, a pedicure and an update for the bride on her wedding day.

Your one night stay in an upgraded Rio suite also includes breakfast in bed for two, dinner for two in one of Rio's restaurants and Strawberry Kiss equipment for two in the suite, as well as the use of a private limousine for one hour.

Decadent decor and generous floral arrangements transform one of Rio's elegant ballrooms into a magnificent place for your dinner and dance reception. Guests will enjoy a fully composed dinner of your choice of an appetizer, followed by an incredible appetizer (can we recommend the Petit Filet Mignon served with herb butter and shrimp stuffed with lobster ….), ending with a wedding cake for dessert and a champagne toast.

Four hours of photography (including a generous printed package) and a DVD of the event guarantee that your memories will last a lifetime.

4. $ 16,500 – Dolce Romanza – Sweet Romance wedding package at the Venetian / Palazzo

It doesn't get any more romantic than a wedding package from the elegant The Venetian / The Palazzo, where your dream wedding in Las Vegas blends in with the charm of Italy's storybook of the old world. When choosing this package, your personal event planner will assist you with the details of the ceremony, a reception (not included in this package) and group accommodation.

The package includes a two-night stay in the luxurious Prima suite and up to 20% discount on suite accommodation the additional nights booked if you wish to extend your stay.

Start by choosing one of the many magnificent ceremonial places around the station: the magnificent Venezia courtyard, the spectacular Palazzo waterfall or the elegant wedding chapel. Six sumptuous floral arrangements will be placed around your ceremony site with fresh floral aisle markers, perfectly coordinating your $ 300 floral allowance for your custom-made bouquet and matching boutonniere.

In addition to your ceremony which includes musical accompaniment in string trio, the package also includes a 30-minute rehearsal, honeymoon lunch in bed, strawberries coated with Tuxedo chocolate, a bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne and a service one hour limousine to use as you choose.

You will also receive the Fortuna photo package with upgraded second camera, a ceremonial DVD in a personalized leather folio and a Venetian photo album.

5. $ 16,000 – Cosa Bella wedding package at Bellagio

With this Bellagio wedding package, you'll stay in a luxurious Penthouse suite for two nights with a lake view and a high floor and enjoy additional indulgences such as continental breakfast for two in bed, dinner for two at Picasso or Prime (drinks, beverage tax and tip not included) and a Bellagio gift certificate of $ 750 to be used in the salon and / or spa.

This package includes private limousine service to and from McCarran Airport as well as limousine service to and from Bellagio to the marriage license office. A rehearsal the day before your wedding is also included and a professional harpist will serenade during your ceremony.

The floral package includes the bride's floral bouquet and the groom's buttonhole, six extravagant bench markers with floral sprays and two coat arrangements, a walkway of fresh white petals for the bridal party (includes 3 bags) and the Using a custom Bellagio aisle runner.

The generous photography package includes the Cosa Bella photography package (see details in the photography section) an hour and a half of chapel time (East or South), including chapel photography, two additional hours and thirty additional images taken for photography in the station. You will also receive two DVDs of your wedding ceremony and a live broadcast of your wedding ceremony on the Internet.

The Bellagio includes a bottle of Cristal champagne, Jean Philippe Maury Gourmet Cho colates from Bellagio, crystal flutes with Swarovski champagne, two luxurious Bellagio suite dresses and a tailor-made Bellagio tote.

During your stay, you will also benefit from two tickets for the Cirque du Soleil show "O" (according to the show schedule).

Well, a girl can dream, right ?!

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Destination ideas for spring break – sunny beaches, big cities and ski trips

It's finally spring. When it comes to spring vacation destinations, Americans have always loved fun, sunny beach vacations. Although beaches are still popular, there are still a few other types of vacations that attract spring vacation enthusiasts these days. Where do you plan to go? Are you trying to narrow your list?

Here are some ideas:

• Cancun – This is really not a surprise. Cancun is generally # 1 on most lists. With its turquoise waters and pristine beaches, it's no wonder so many people flock to this Mexican destination every year. Air tickets are usually inexpensive and there is no shortage of resorts. Hotels, restaurants and bars are a real spring break and party goer.

• Miami – Those who don't have a passport can still enjoy similar weather in South Beach. You can relax in the sun during the day and party at night when the skyline neon lights come on. The city has always been known for its reputation as a "nightlife paradise". Not only are there tons of resorts and hotels along South Beach, but there are also plenty of apartment and condo rental options.

• Jamaica – You get a few popular spring vacation destinations in this Caribbean island: Montego Bay, Negril, Kingston and Ocho Rios. Jamaica isn't all sand and water either – there are rainforests and mountains. Head to Negril if you want to snorkel or snorkel. In Montego Bay, there are many infamous all-inclusive resorts and British colonial architecture. Kingston, the capital, is known for reggae and the Bob Marley Museum.

• Las Vegas – If you're not looking for a beach vacation this year, head to Vegas. Just take a road trip to Sin City or take advantage of discounted airline tickets. There are many things to do with a budget. Vegas is much more than a city filled with casinos. Live entertainment is second to none.

• New Orleans – Interested in spring break destinations that offer a cultural experience? Just go south to NOLA. It’s not only popular during Mardi Gras season, it’s also popular for spring break. It is a city proud of its culture and traditions, and you can discover all that it has to offer, from Creole cuisine to ghost tours.

• Park City – Not everyone associates "spring break" with "ski resorts", but if there is one destination that offers spring break enthusiasts a good time, that’s Is Park City, Utah. It is particularly attractive for families who want to spend their spring holidays together. It's not just about skiing; there are also a lot of other fun activities.

Final remarks

Go to one of these spring break destinations and you are sure to have a good time!

Expedia discount codes don't last forever, so get one now while they're still available this spring! You can often get good deals if you book early. Shop around and compare vacation packages to popular spring vacation destinations and apply the coupon when booking the trip!