Many are surprised at which group represents the majority of crypto bears lately as prices continue to fall. Those who got into cryptocurrency last year probably fled the scene with tails and burnt fingers between their legs. That leaves long-term investors, institutional investors and Chinese cryptocurrencies.

Chinese miners play a short game


Like futures, miners can set a price for their currency instead of facing uncertainty in the future when prices may be even lower. Coverage became a necessary skill in the bear market to survive, when four years ago, when there were fewer Bitcoins and less mining difficulty, Hodling was sufficient.

Bitcoin mining has gone through several stages over the years, from garage activity, gaming platform lovers to mega factories and now to the financial model. Now the key is that if the price drops, the miners make a profit, but that profit is canceled out at the lower value of their currency now. As Trustnodes noted, if the price went up, they would soon lose sales, but that loss is now offset by the higher value of mobile currency.

It’s a pretty selfish and devastating approach to the cryptographic ethics that could end up in the bankruptcy of Chinese miners. The smart ones will probably shake until the storm passes and wait for the time when they can sell again at a higher price, instead of trying to make instant profits by destroying the product.


Carp loves french fries?

In the autumn of the year, usually during the last week of September, my son, my brother, I and a friend go to a three-hour trip to Makkonelsvil, Ohio. This autumn fishing, where we usually stay for about three days. We lavim fish belonging to AEP (America Electric Power Company).
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This area is open to the public; all you need is a permit that you can print from your Web site. At CES, there are about 300 lakes to fish, some very small and others – in a mile. But this is not a story about fishing in the EEA area, is the story of a carp and catfish Muskingum.
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Every day we monitor the territory of the EEA, and then in the evening we return to our hotel, Three Sisters Hotel on NW 60. This is a wonderful thing about our trip; we lavim Bass all day, then around 4:00 pm or so to get back to the hotel cleaning, then to eat.
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Due to the time it takes to return to the lakes and the fact that across the road from the hotel is the river Muskingum, and the hotel has its own dock, we had to try fishing. Usually we never lavim Karp, but we realized, “hey, why not.” I did not come on this trip to sit around a hotel room and watch TV, I can do it at home.
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Here it gets interesting, but I need to give you the layout area. The hotel is on the main drive, and near the hotel there is a small restaurant; there is a large network, only a small city restaurant, but really good food. Not far from the restaurant is a restaurant McDonald & # 39; s. I know you’re saying to yourself that this is due to fishing carp and catfish; hang, and I’ll tie it all together.
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Well, this is when I decided to cross the road and try to carp and catfish to try. The rest of my group were less than thrilled with the fishing on carp or fishing cats. You can say that they were a bit finicky at fishing on anything other than Bass.
I was looking at his fishing tackle and bait chose the heaviest and rice for me. I was setting in Kentucky with one hook. But here is the part of the story, in which the people were a little hard to believe. When I collected my fishing supplies, one of the sisters of the hotel’s “Three Sisters” told me the best bait to use McDonald’s fries; Yes, you read it correctly McDonald’s fries.
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So, I never caught a carp, I listen to any recommendations that I could get. So I go to a restaurant and purchase bait; By the way, this is the first time I was able to eat sea fishing.
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So I’m at the docks with their fries, my rod and shpurkay and ready to try luck. Around the time when I’m getting ready to throw the other, I was bored, and I came to watch the fish and make fun of my bait.
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After a couple of minutes I was pulling carp 5 pounds, which gave me fight a couple of times and purified water as bass. I uploaded my hook backup with my special bait, and it was not so long ago, as I was pulling another fish, but this time it was a catfish.
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Well, that at the marina were four lines with special bait, and we were fishing. My brother, who had never fished for Carp, in a very short time has become a real fans, and landed more fish than the rest of us. We had a bright ideal to try French fries, served in a small restaurant, which I mentioned; but failed to bite. Pisces know what they like, but close is not considered.
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The moral of this story is that old dogs can learn new tricks, which we are confident.


How to choose the right place for your next conference of the Association

Susan Tseppernik, CMP, CTA, since 2007 with the & # 39; is the national sales manager at the Conference Center of the Grand Columbus (Ohio). Next comes the interview & # 39; nd with Suzanne.
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Q: What trends do you see as the association back to the holding of conferences for its members?
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I saw the two associations with similar missions that operate within the same conference. Association also get corporate sponsors to pay for the sessions, power, Internet connectivity for visitors and other amenities, which covers associations.
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Association now green, developing applications that replace expensive publication on s & # 39 leadership; Congress. These applications can be personalized to the participants and, if you change the agenda of a particular party, the association can send a notification to your smartphone or tablet participants in real-time, and often just in time.
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Association settings using rooms that vary from standard theater or classroom sets, for example, using a small group of seats group promoting interactive communication and sharing of ideas.
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Association also contributes towards more informal meetings in public places. Planners appreciate when peers have comfortable seating and a meeting is ordinary sessions breakthrough.
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Some associations previously set a three-day conference in the schedule two days to quickly take its participants.
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Question: What do the best leaders of associations for the convenience of its members in the planning of future conferences?
First, they select the access point to which it easy to travel, both for the association and its members. Next, they create passion for the city of destination, using social media and creating a short video about the city, or they will use a video from the local to the & # 39; convention and visitors bureaus and send the link to its members via e-mail.
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Also, managers create short videos to promote upcoming events, which include highlights from the last conference.
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For their members, they agree on the best prices in local hotels and next to the conference room for the meeting was easy for the visitors. For the association, they will negotiate the best prices for food and drinks.
They will understand the terms and send reminders: register, book a hotel and buy space for booths.spirit airlines reservations
The most successful conference speaker presentations published on the Internet and will be devoted to the exhibition hours.
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Q: What kind of things can be easily seen? What are the common mistakes that allow associations and what can be done to avoid them?
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First, keep in mind all of the full costs of the meeting, including, or & # 39 is the appointment of a union or nesayuzny charge for Internet, pragulnasts and digital signage. For example, using our digital signage outside the meetings, one conference planner saved $ 20 000 in fees easels and signs!
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Next, select the destination in which there are a lot of restaurants and attractions. Hotels are also connected, for example, in Colombia, now has 2100 rooms is linked or attached to our convention center.

Never lose sight of the allocated time on the network. For most visitors it is just as important as the schedule of classes.

Get an application and / or operate the service on its own AV company, even if you usually travel with a predominance of the audiovisual company. Why? AV own company usually knows best equipment as well as maintenance and troubleshooting on site. Using your own sellers also saves on costs that refuse to pay for the dress, and set the rent for a one-day collection decorator services and / or AV setup.

Work with the local CVB, to plan sightseeing tours of the city. It offers a great way to visit local attractions and allows colleagues to meet and talk outside the conference. For example, the ASAE fine works, presenting a selection of excursions around the city, which are offered both before and after the educational sessions.

Provide airport transportation and a concierge, accommodated in hotels and the conference to provide assistance in the direction of choosing a restaurant, sightseeing areas, local events and much more.

The examination after the evaluation, using Survey Monkey or Poll Daddy and turn these ideas and proposals to the next meeting.

Q: How do you see the events of the association, which develop in the future?

Technology will continue to celebrate a conference in green and track CEU.

For example, when entering a session using icons for scanning CEU credits. And, to take a step further, the CEU can be automatically updated to the user’s own online profile. This can be a great advantage for the re-certification requirements.

We will continue to see smaller group sessions, for example, to work together in a conversation “pit” to the participants staged a network easier and developed solutions to work together with the whole group.

Even with the advancement of technology the value of meeting face-to-face will never disappear.

Attending conferences can create opportunities for networking and personal interaction, which can be obtained only from personal meetings. The interaction of face-to-face with colleagues is invaluable!

Corn sugar, and blood, and rise and fall of the Cleveland Mafia

section I

"Big Angel" and the death of the Cleveland Mafia

In 1983, Angelo Lanarda, 72 years old, one-time Mafia boss of Cleveland, became a government informant. He shocked the family, friends, law enforcement and, in particular, criminal associates in its decision, which was adopted after the punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment punishment of 103 years of addiction and racketeering. The verdict comes after a monumental investigation by local, state and federal agencies, except for the Cleveland mafia all but destroyed.

"Big Angel" as it was called, was the mafia of the highest rank. He testified in 1985 at a casino in Las Vegas, "ran" trials in Kansas City, and in 1986 at the trials in New York Mafia over the "ruling commission". As a result of these trials, many of the largest managers of mobs in the country have been convicted.

During his testimony Lanarda told how at the age of 18 years avenged the murder of his father by killing the man who was considered guilty. He further revealed that after the murder, he was responsible for the murders of several PACE brothers, rivals of his father during the ban.

section II

The birth of the Mafia Cleveland

At the end of the eighteen hundreds Lanarda four brothers and seven brothers were friends PACE youth workers and mine sulfur in the hometown of Licata, Sicily. They came to America in the early nineteen hundreds, and eventually settled in Cleveland Forest District. They remained close friends. Several PACE Lanarda brothers worked together in small business.

The clan leader "Lanarda" "Big Joe" became a successful businessman and community leader in the bottom of the Forest Avenue. During the ban, he was a successful dealer corn sugar that bootleggers used to make corn liquor. "Big Joe" provide fixed and raw materials for the poor inhabitants of the Italian region. They did baking, and "Big Joe" bought it back, giving them a commission. He was respected and feared as "Padron" or godfather. "Big Joe" became the leader of a powerful and vicious gang and was known as corn sugar "baron". Joe Porrela was one of his corporal.

section III

The first bloody Area

C & # 39; advent of prohibition Cleveland, like other big cities, has experienced a wave of killings related to the bootleg. The murder of Louis Rosen, Salvatore Vela, August rhinitis and some other pre & # 39; shows the same suspects without charges. These suspects were members of a gang Lanarda. Several murders occurred at the corner of E. 25th Street and Forest. This crossroads was called "bloody angle."

Until now, Joe left Porrela employee "Lanardasa" to start your own business on the optimization of sugar.

Porrela and his six brothers collected their money and eventually became successful merchants sweet corn, with its headquarters in the top of Forest Avenue near E. 110th Street.

With little competition, traders sugar and Bootleggers mysteriously dying violent deaths, Lanardasa business flourished when they acquired almost a monopoly on corn sugar business. The main competitors were old friends Porrellos.

Raymond Porrela, the youngest of his brothers, was arrested by federal agents under the guise of organizing the sale of 100 gallons of whiskey in the barbershop belonging Porrela in E. 110th and Vudles. He was convicted in Daytane. Labor House.

Brothers paid Porrela influential "Big Joe" Lanardu $ 5,000 to release Raymond from the prison. "Big Joe"

He failed in the attempt, but never returned the $ 5,000.

Meanwhile, in Cleveland arrived Orkel Ernest and Jack Bravnshteyn, self-proclaimed "tough guys" from Philadelphia. Orkel and Bravnshteyn were artists who were waiting for them, and their victims were bufligery Cleveland, who was ridiculed as they felt it necessary to clarify that they are tough. A real tough guy, did not have to tell people that they are tough. After a good laugh over the Cleveland gangster, Orkel and Bravnshteyn went to the "one-way trip."

section IV

Corn sugar and blood

"Big Joe" Lanarda in 1926, is now at the height of its wealth and power left Sicily to visit his mother and

relatives. He left the next brother and business partner John.

During a six-month absence, "Big Joe", he lost most of the profits in the $ 5,000 Porrelo, who took advantage of the lack of business skills and the help of John Lanarda disgruntled employee Lanarda. "Big Joe" is back, and started business negotiations PACE Lanardasa.

They "called" Parello back lost customers.

October 13, 1927 "Big Joe" and John went to the hairdresser Lanarda Porrela to play cards and talk to Angelo Porrela as they did during the last week. If Lanardas went into the back store room, two gunmen opened fire. Angelo PACE slumped under the table.

The underworld Cleveland lost the first boss, when the "Big Joe" went down with three bullets in his head. John Lanarda was killed in the chest and the smell, but pulled out a gun and managed to chase the attackers through the barber shop. He threw the gun in the shop, but he continued to chase militants on the streets, where one of them turned back, and bullets hit several times in the head Lanarda example of gun. John collapsed and left with blood.

PACE brothers were arrested. Angela has been charged with murder Lanarda brothers. Later the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. Joe Porrela changed Lanardasa as "Baron" with corn sugar, and later appointed himself "capo" Cleveland Mafia.

section V

Meeting in Cleveland

Trail of blood continued bootlegs tsyachytstsa many killings that resulted from the conflict PACE Lanarda.

Lawrence magnifying glass, a former bodyguard Lanarda, was killed after he became aware that he wants to take over the case with corn sugar Lanarda.

Anthony Caruso, a butcher, who saw the flight of the murderers Lanardasa, was shot and killed. It was believed that he knows the identity of militants and the police is going to reveal them.

December 5, 1928 Joe Porrela and his lieutenant and bodyguard Sam Tilochko conducted the first known big meeting mafia in Cleveland Hotel Statler. many major Mafia leaders from Chicago to New York to Florida were invited. The meeting was raided to how it actually started.

Joe Profaci, the leader of the Brooklyn something & # 39; and in New York, was the most famous of those arrested gangsters. For a few hours, to the surprise of the police and the court, Joe Porrela gathered thirty family members & # 39; and and friends who put up their homes as collateral for bonds gang. Prafachy personally corrected the PACE. After this, the big controversy over the term of the bonds.

Several theories have been given as to why the meeting was held. At first, it was thought that the bandits, local presidents Siciliane Unione, help society to immigrants, imbued with the Mafia, had to elect a new national president. Their previous president Frankie Yale was recently killed by the order of the notorious Al Capone's Chicago. Secondly, it was believed that the meeting may be convened

arrange the most profitable branch of corn sugar. It was also said that the men were there to "confirm" Joe Porrela as "Capo" Cleveland.

As reported, nesitsyliyski Capone was in Cleveland at the meeting. He & # 39; went shortly after arriving in

minded advice, who said that the Sicilians do not want it.

chapter VI

Second bloody Area

With the growth of wealth and Joe Porrela, heirs and close associates brothers Lanarda flattened by revenge.

18-year-old son of "Big Joe" Angelo Lanarda with his mother and his cousin under the & # 39; went to the corner of E. 110th and Polesie, PACE support. There Angela sent word that his mother wanted to talk with Salvatore "Black Sam" Todor. Todor now Porrela lieutenant, he worked at his father Angelo, and is believed to be to blame for his murder. In subsequent years, it was thought that he was actually one of the militants.

If Todor came to talk to Mrs. Lanarda, whom he respected, Angela pulled out a gun and let him in a chunky frame Black Sam. Todor collapsed on the pavement and died.

Ange and his cousin disappeared for several months hiding in Chicago courtesy of another Lanarda Al Capone. Later, it was thought that Angela spent time in California with his uncle Dominic, the fourth brother Lanarda, who fled to the west, when he was charged with murder in the robbery of money in 1921.

In the end, Angela and his cousin were arrested and charged with the murder of "Black Sam". For the first time in the history of Cleveland butlegskih murders took place right when the two young men were convicted and sentenced to life in life. However, justice will not be in the short term, since they will be released only after one and a half years after winning a new trial.

section VII

crowd Rise of the Mayfield Road

October 20, 1929 Frank Lanarda brother "Big Joe" and John shot during a game of cards. For his death, two theories have been put forward; that he took revenge for the murder of "Black Sam" Todor, and that he was killed for not paying gambling debts. Mrs. Frank Lanarda when she informed

On her husband's murder was screaming, "I'll take them, I'll take them myself if I have to kill a whole regiment.!"

By 1929, the criminal boss of Frank Little Italy Milan came to power as the leader of his own gang "Mobfild Road". Milan group was made up of the remainder Lanarda gang, and was associated with the powerful "Cleveland syndicate" Sea Kleinmann, Mo pour, Takeru Sam and Louis Rothkopf. Cleveland Syndicate was responsible for most of the Canadian booze, imported via Lake Erie. In subsequent years, they began to engage in the casino. One of the largest and most profitable business was the construction of the hotel / casino Desert Inn in Las Vegas. Top up it will be known as the "Godfather of Las Vegas father."

Joe Porrela Milan keen political organization, the bipartisan political club "East End" and seeing the value of such an effect, like a & # 39; to associate with the group. Milan refused. Later, it was reported that Porrela contacted with the newly formed 21-m circumferential national club. He had hoped to organize voters Forest Avenue as Milan did on the road Mayfield.

section VIII

More corn sugar and blood

By 1930 Milan has grown quite powerful. He went so far as to demand a piece of the lucrative corn Porrela business. July 5, 1930 Porrela phoned from Milan, who requested a conference in his Venetian Restaurant on Mayfield Road. Brother Raymond Tsilokko Sam and his brother Joe Porrela urged him not to go.

Around 14:00 pm, Joe and Sam Porrela Tsiloka arrived in Milan and the restaurant uttered. Porrela, Tsilaka Milan and Frank sat in the restaurant and discussed the case. Several improvised Milan sat together. The atmosphere was tense when the PACE refused to accede to the demands of Milan.

Porrela reached into his pocket for the clock to check the time. Two Milan men might believe that the Assembly reached the gun and opened fire. Porrela instantly dead with three bullets in his head. At the same time a third party in Milan gang fired at Tylakku that was vanity three times, but failed to break through the door to his new kadylyaka. If fighters pursued him, he fell to the earth, having finished his six more bullets.

Frank Milan and several members of his restaurant were arrested, but they were charged only in suspicion. Militants have never been identified. Only one witness was present in the cabin when the shooting started. It was Frank Carpenter, distributor of slot machines, the only evidence of which was that he "thought" he saw Franco Milan in the restaurant at the time of the murders.

Aggressive and public safety director Edwin Barry Cleveland, disappointed ever-increasing number of bootleg murders, ordered the closure of all the known sugar compounds. He ordered the police to get acquainted with each of them, to make sure that the sugar was added and removed.

Meanwhile, six of the PACE brothers wore black silk shirts and ties, and buried most successful brother. Spectacular double burial gangster was one of the largest Cleveland has ever seen. Two bands and thirty three cars overloaded with flowers, led the procession killed Don and his guard. More than two hundred and fifty cars containing some & # 39; u and friends. Thousands of complaints and curious spectators watched the sidewalks.

The underground world of Cleveland was busy with rumors of imminent war. Brother Porrela Vincent James openly said anyone who is guilty of the murder of his brother.

Three weeks after the murder of his brother Jim PACE still wore a black shirt, when he went to the food market and meat on E. 110th Street and Woodland. When he collected the lamb chops on the counter with the meat, the car "Ford", his tight curtains slowly skipped past the shop. Couple strelavyh guns fired and two arrows were released: one through the front window of the store and one through the front screen door.

Lovers amateur lucky. Two pellets found the back of the PACE head and entered his brain. He was taken to the hospital.

section IX

"I think maybe they Zab & # 39; all of us are of the PACE"

"I think maybe they Zab & # 39; We are all PACE I think maybe they Zab & # 39;. Are all of us, except Rosario They can not.

kill him -. So he Atava prison "Porrela gloomy, but calmly predicted the likely fate of he and his brothers while he was waiting around the hospital premises Jim Jim PACE died at 5:55 pm..

Two local petty criminals have been arrested and charged with murder. A decree was released, and the second was acquitted. As with almost all the killings associated with bootleg Cleveland killers have never seen justice.

Around that time, there were rumors that the PACE brothers marked for destruction. survivors

brothers hid. Raymond, known for his cocky attitude and hot temper, spoke as his brother James was looking for revenge. Raymond was smarter, but taking active measures to protect yourself.

August 15, 1930, three weeks after the killing of James PACE, PACE Raymond house was destroyed in a violent explosion. At that time, when he took something & # 39; w and did not leave his home in anticipation of the attack, he was not home.

Four days later, Frank Alesia, witness the murder of his brother Frank Lanarda "Big Joe" was shot down. With his death bed he identified Frank Brancato as a striker. Brancato was known mainly as a supporter and Lanarda suspect in several murders. Brancato was acquitted for the murder of Olesya.

section X

In March 1931, Rosario PACE was released from a London prison farm Ohio, where he spent one year for carrying a gun in his car.

In mid-1931 the National mafia "capo di tutti capi" (boss of bosses) Salvatore Maranzano was killed. His assassination led to the creation of the first commission for national regulations mafia created to curb the number of murders that occur as a result of conflicts between seven & # 39; Mafia families both inside and promoting the use of modern business practices to the crimes.

Charles "Lucky" Luciano was the main developer of the commission and was appointed chairman. Also Commission were named Al Capone of Chicago, Joe Profaci from Brooklyn and Frank Milan from Cleveland.

In December 1931, Angela Lanarda and his cousin Dominic Suspirata were released from prison after having been acquitted for the murder of "Black Sam" Todor during the second trial. As he avenged his father's death, and (mostly) avoided him, he became a respected member of Mobfilda Mayfield Road.

Revenge of the family members were not satisfied with the & # 39; and Lanarda. generally considered

that "Black Sam" Todor incited and possibly involved in the murder of "Big Joe" and John Lanarda. However, family members & # 39; and Lanarda believed that the rest of the PACE brothers, especially unstable and Raymond John, the elder brother of Rosario continues to pose a threat due to

the murder of Joe and James PACE.

February 25, 1932 Raymond PACE, his brother Rosario and guard Dominique Gulina (also known by several aliases) playing cards at E. 110th and Forest Avenue. Entrance doors and broke into a hail of bullets PACE brothers, their guards and the occasional descent down. Parellos died at the scene. A few hours later he died Gulina. The witness eventually recovered from his


A few hours after the murders Frank Brancato with a bullet in the abdomen pulled at the St. John's Hospital on the west side of Cleveland. He said he was shot in a street fight on the west side. After a few days of testing on the bullet extracted in Brancato, it showed that it had received a pistol found at the murder scene PACE brothers. Хоць ніколі не быў асуджаны ні за адно з забойстваў, Бранката быў асуджаны за ілжэсведчанне за хлусня перад Вялікім журы пра месцазнаходжанне яго падчас забойства. Ён адбыў чатыры гады пасля таго, як тэрмін ад аднаго да дзесяці гадоў пакарання змяніў губернатар Марцін Л. Дэйві.

У 1933 г. забарона была адменена. Забойствы ў бутлегу ў асноўным спыняліся, калі арганізаваная злачыннасць пераходзіла на іншыя прадпрыемствы. Анджэла Ланарда працягваў сваю крымінальную кар'еру ў якасці паважанага члена сям'і Кліўленда, у канчатковым выніку падымаўся праз шэрагі, каб кіраваць ракеткамі паўночна-ўсходняга Агаё ў 1980 годзе.

У пачатку 1933 г., у працяг трагедыі шматдзетнай сям'і Парэла, сын Разарыё Анджэла, 21 год, быў забіты ў сутычцы за гульню ў більярд у Буфала. Казалі, што ён і яго дзядзька Джон спрабавалі заняцца на кукурузным спіртным напоем.


Rem cruises in the US

Rem cruises in the United States may not have castles and ruins, but they have their own history, charm and, in some cases, spectacular scenery.

What the United States can offer adventures in the river cruise compared to Europe? Well, to be brutally honest, not much.

This surprises me, because it can be assumed that in the US, of course, there is plenty of rivers and canals, to make rem cruises viable enterprises.

But another thought on this issue to find out more serious problems. Our powerful system Ohio / Mississippi River has lost a major cruise boat with a permanent docking Delta Queen. Now, when you want to go down the Mississippi, you have to build a raft.

However, all is not lost if someone picked up the slack and Niagara Prince, 78 passenger river boats of the European type, is now kruizue from Chicago to New Orleans. More information can be found on the American Cruland River Cruise. Another cruise company offers trips from Nashville to New Orleans in 2011.

Rem cruise along the mighty Missouri was possible, but not more. This message is posted on their website: "RiverBarge Excursion Line, Inc. have been forced to reduce all operations in 2009 due to economic conditions, growth of costs and very soft orders have forced it to take a decision.". Thus, the economy seems to & # 39 is a big part of the problem.

However, once the nostalgia and fun ride on an ancient river boat, you can realize that these rivers flow through the substantially flat middle west areas. In addition, in the cities of the river is not enough beautiful and exotic qualities of those who are in foreign places.

The rivers that flow through picturesque, hilly areas of the US, may be suitable for rafting, canoeing and other small boats, but they are usually too small or fine for sur & # 39; oznyh river cruise boats.

However, there are a few major exceptions. The most spectacular landscape – a river system polite Columbia / Snake, which can be "forward" on CruiseWest courtesy. TravelWizard may be dated, but he lists cruises on the Columbia and the Ohio River.

Ante-Bell south of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida can be seen on the East Coast waterway ships, such as the "American Star", operated by the US cruise line. They also offer cruises along the east coast, such as the Chesapeake Bay and Maine. In New York, they ply the Hudson River, with its stunning scenery and appeal of New York, to add flavor.

In New York, the Erie Canal continues to act as a channel, but primarily for recreation. There are countless "day" or time travel. Navigating through the medium lakes offers a two or three-day trips on boats with an evening spent in the land of the hotel rooms. You can even rent a self-propelled boat for a week or more on a separate box Erie Canal for 3 or 7 days.

For more information about the channel system of New York look at NYCanal.

Cruises on the river the United States – an agency that covers river cruises throughout most of the country.

However, for better or worse giant lion's share of cruises on the river and canal kruizuetstsa for a short period, perhaps only an hour or two. Up and back. And it seems that many of them, many of them are available in virtually every navigable river or lake country. All you need is a bit of pagugnuts.

However, these short trips can be useful, as they can give some indications that the cruise on the river in the United States.

Home cleaning franchise demonstrated strong growth in 2008

Most cleaning franchise demonstrates a significant increase from 2006 to 2007. Due to changes in the housing market and increase in new and remodeled commercial real estate is still a need in the shops. Here is a small but useful list of treatment franchise that you can run from your home.


Jani-King (Commercial Cleaning) began in 1969 and was engaged in franchising since 1974. Working the night shift at the hotel, forged Jim noticed that continuous services.

In Etrepreneure.com report for 2006-2007, Jani-King has added 496 new US franchises, 29 Canadian, 31 foreign and 3 companies. Since commercial property expects growth in 2008, it is projected that in stravnitskih services demand will also increase.


Running costs $ 11k-34k +

Franchise fee: $ 8.6k- $ 16.3k +

Permanent board for royalty: 10%

Term: 20 years old, restored


You can run away from home

No correspondence forms of ownership

Caring for the construction of bonuses

Well, what do you think it's too personal, but it's a business reality. Jim forged (by Jani-King) divorced and his ex-wife has taken the Eagle forged aid for the construction of bonuses, and you guessed it, this mongrel service. This is an excellent example of how fruitful commercial janitor. BBC was established in 1996 and has increased its franchise in the United States from 1415 in 2006 to 1774 in 2007, 3 of which belong to the company.


Launch: $ 8k – $ 13k +

Franchise fee: $ 6,5k

Permanent board for royalty: 10%

Term: 20 years old, restored

The upgrade fee: $ 2k


You can run away from home

We must work to employees: 1-5

No correspondence forms of ownership

Jan-Pro Franchising Int & # 39; l. Inc.

specialty commercial cleaning began in 1991 and has been franchising since 1992. Founded by Jacques Lapoint Jan-Pro increased US privileges base with 5066 in 2006 to 6409 in 2007. It was launched in 2007.


Launch: $ 3.3k- $ 49.9k

Franchise fee: $ 2.8 – $ 44 thousand

Permanent board for royalty: 10%

Term: 10 years old, restored


New price: $ 1k-14k +

Monetary liquidity: $ 1k

Business experience: management skills


You can run away from home

Number of employees: 1

Many absentee ownership


Servpro (residential and commercial cleaning) started in 1967 and began franchising in 1969. Ted Isaacson began providing home and business cleaning services and restoration, including, but not limited to, protection against natural disasters, air ducts and PEC systems. Servpro has grown on the basis of nationwide franchise from 1310 in 2006 to 1368 in 2007.


Investment: $ 97 thousand – 154 thousand dollars..

Franchise fee: $ 38 thousand

Permanent royalty fee: 3-10%

Term: 5 years, updated

Renewal fee: $ 250


Net worth: $ 100 thousand

Liquidity Cash: $ 60k

Business experience: General, marketing skills


You can run away from home

Employees need: 5-10

Not allowed absentee ownership

Chem-Dry (carpet cleaning, drapery and upholstery)

Robert Harris founded Chem-Dry in 1977 and began franchising in 1978, using a cleaning solution he created. Chem-Dry has worldwide franchise opportunities. From 2006 to 2007 the company has grown into a US base from 2547-2679.


Launch: $ 25k- $ 214k

Franchise fee: $ 13k- $ 35k

Permanent board for royalty: # 350 / mo.

Renewal fee: $ 750


The net value of 75 thousand dollars.

Monetary liquidity of $ 4k


You can run away from home

Possession of correspondence allowed

ServiceMaster Clean (beginning in 1947, the franchise since 1952)

It is said that after the chemical accident Marion Wade partially blind in 1945, he came to the idea of ​​commercial and consumer companies for intensive treatment and rehabilitation of accidents. ServiceMaster Clean with a & # 39 is part of a franchise unit, which includes the cheerful maids and terminiks. ServicesMaster seen an increase in our franchise with 2978 in 2006 to 3041 in 2007. Canadian franchise increased from 166 to 172, respectively. This company has been around for a long time, and for good reason, she felt steady growth.


Investment: $ 21 thousand – 111 thousand dollars..

Franchise fee: $ 17k-45k

Permanent royalty fee: 4-10%

Term: 5 years, updated


Net worth: $ 50k-75k

Monetary liquidity: $ 15k-25k

Experience: General business


You can run away from home

Number of workers needed: 3

Possession of correspondence is not allowed

System4 (commercial cleaning)

It began in 2003 and began franchising immediately baziruyuchy in Brecksville Ohio System4, with & # 39 is a national franchisor of 467 franchisees in 2007 (compared with 283 in 2006).


Investing $ 6k – $ 38k

Franchise fee: $ 4,4k – $ 32k

Duration royalties: 5%

Term: 20 years old, restored


Net worth: $ 10 thousand


You can run away from home

Need employees: 3

Possession of correspondence allowed

Building Stars Inc.

Construction Stars Stars Inc. It began in 1994 and began franchising in 2000. On the basis of the St. Louis Missouri BB Inc was an increase in the number of franchisees from 217 to 225 in 2006 – 2007.


Investment: $ 2.2 thousand

Franchise fee: 1,2 thousand dollars

Permanent board for royalty: 10%

Term: 5 years, updated


Monetary liquidity: $ 1k


You can run away from home

Number of workers needed: 5

Possession of correspondence is not allowed

There are many businesses that already generate more sales. In order for you to receive a slice of the pie, you have to be in the kitchen. Home cleaning franchise will show strong growth in 2008. As always, try to trim your business carefully planned steps for growth and longevity.

Fifteen hit songs with a single word that ends with the letter O

Category for the episode Exclamation at the weekend Saturday, April 22, has been concentrated on the words ending with the letter A. I can not remember exactly how I did it this specific answer, mainly because the thought of some kindred topic.

The remainder of this game, I spent inventing the song titles in one word, ending with the letter O. Here's fifteen most popular, which I found myself.

"Bracero" Phil Ochs

This poet of Latin American migrant workers demonstrates the ability of a folk singer to show social injustice, but war, which he so despised.

"Ohio," Crosby, Stylsa, Nash and Young

Neil Young wrote the classics soon after four students were beaten by the National Guard at Kent State University.

"Chicago" Crosby and Nash Stylsa

This hymn – another anti-war song of the late sixties.

"Hello" by Lionel Richie

The concept of the video for the song, it seems a bit dated back thirty years later, but the ex-Commodore certainly proved that he can be a nice single as a solo artist.

"Hostage-O" Warren Zevon

Artist, twenty years earlier records "Werewolves of London", wrote that it takes one album album Life & # 39; ll Kill Ya with the knowledge that he had a terminal illness.

Eagles' Desperada "

Before heading to the Hotel California, quintet hit the charts with the track name.

"Rio" Fool Fool

Wonderful video that spun in the early days of MTV, helped propel the title track of the top ten.

"Candy-O" car

This title track became a hit less than comrades from albums such as "Come" and "That's all I can do."

"Stiletto" Billy Joel

Piano-man turns to the melody 52nd Street a woman who is good in cutting broken hearts unfortunate men who want it.

"Velcro" on BellX1

The substance here is good indie orchestra as a metaphor for attachment to his beloved Man.

"Domino" by Van Morrison

Horns help to establish this hit apart from his classic "Moon Dance" and "brown eyes".

"Buffalo" My Tori Y

Artist cold wave included this song in his last album, wherefore?

"Wilco" by Wilco

Not only the name of the song and the band, but Jeff Tweedy has also used it as an album title.

"Fernando" by ABBA

In the Scandinavian quartet had many big hits, but it was the only men's title.

"Portobelo" Lords of the New Church

A new wave of eighty years has included it in their self-titled debut, remembered mostly string "If voting changed, they would have made it illegal.

Frantiskanske ceramics – from sewers up & # 39; pink desert & # 39;

BACKGROUND Franciscan Pottery

"Franciscan pottery" began in the mid-1930s as the company Gladding, McBean & Co., which was founded in 1875 by Charles Gladyngam and his partner Peter McGee McBean and George Chambers. Charles Gleding eve of Chicago came to the west, to explore new economic opportunities in the field of clay sewer pipes that have been his place in Chicago.

While hundreds of thousands of people come from around the world to California to look for success after in 1848, it was discovered gold, Charles Gleding decided to move to California to learn about opening … clay – massive clay deposits near Lincoln. Shortly after the foundation, the company has produced and supplied the clay sewer pipes throughout California.

By 1890 Gladyng, McBean & Co. expanded production beyond the sewer pipes. Those distinctive semi-cylindrical neglazuravanyya red tiled roofs of the main buildings of the campus, which is so different from Stanford University? Project Gladding, McBean & Co. in 1891, when the university was founded. And this is just one example of the scores of such projects. Other examples – the presidential library of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan in California and the Italian Embassy in Washington, DC

The beginning of the Franciscan Pottery

Rejoicing that McBean rolled the ball when buying ceramics of Tropico, which was supposed to be a place of production of the Franciscan line of dishes just for ten years. In 1933, when Gleding, McBean bought another company which had factories in Hermosa beaches and Vernon; and it really accelerated in 1934, when Frederick J. was hired in January. Grant, who was vice-president and then president (1932) of ceramics "Weller" in Zanesvile, Ohio. He and his wife Mary, a recognized designer, gave us great recommendations to them from the & # 39; Congress in 1952, some of her works were shown at exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

No less important than the acquisition of additional companies and premises for the later success of the Franciscan ware line, it was a patent A. Malinowski 1928 Malinita process, which is improved and improved in subsequent years.

Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles in June 1934, China and Glass Show in New York next month, were places of western and eastern coasts, which were first presented to the public art and utensils for the Franciscans; premier & # 39; -Minister of New York identified as the first Franciscan California pottery products that were sold in the East.

Why "Franciscan?"

If Gleding, McBean called his vessel for glassware and pottery "Franciscans", it was a shrewd marketing move. In short, they were able to recall the image of the old Californian and Spanish padresav – early missionaries in California – and, finally, the myth of the simple peasant life, which they sought to convey to the rest of the country. .

Name Franciscans also creates the image of the historical tradition, which, combined with the glamor of the film industry razrastanay climate and exotic at the same time give value and help create a romanticized identity of things, "California."

However, it took more than a cleverly chosen name, to ensure success in the years of the Franciscan pottery. (The name was changed to the composition of the Franciscan in 1936 to expand its image and give it a more "upscale" image: a. Another shrewd marketing move) These prizes are a simpler time in the West have been caused by promotions, which helped to popularize low-cost. dishes for lunch and served to push him to the heights of the desirability of years. An early example of this was the journey Lowell Thomas in 1936, which were presented to the Franciscan goods and factory. In 1950 a Franciscan ivy The sample was submitted to the I Love Lucy , And Mary Tyler Moore served to guests at the Franciscan apple dishes on the original show Dick Van Dyke in the 1960s.

Of course, without the high-quality design and craftsmanship, success, who enjoyed the Franciscans, would be short-lived.

The design has changed over the years: from the initial solid pastel colors, to manually flower images – the most important, apple . desert rose and ivy – from the 1940s to the "atomic age" Star explosion a sample of the 1950s.

End Franciscan pottery production in the USA (/ Dishes)

Glading, McBean, who until the end of the 1920s moved from family to corporate ownership and control of the & # 39; yadnavsya a joint pipeline company Lock in 1962 and formed International Pipe and Ceramics (whose name was later changed to a more "forward" sound) Mizhprastoravaya ). In 1979, English hippopotamus Wedgwood Limited bought the property Glendale, and in 1984 all products Franciscan pottery in the United States have stopped when they closed the plant and moved production to England.

Despite the fact that the production of the Franciscan ware continued in the United States more than (or in the process of "malinity") it is not produced, and the years 1934 to 1984 are considered by collectors as the "golden days" of the Franciscan pottery.

Useful sources of information:

Paige, Bean et al. et al. Franciscan: American tradition dishes . Grynsbara: Publications Page-Frederyksen, 1999 (preliminary Amazon review)

Hantysvilskae antique show: dinner dishes in the Franciscan Desert http://huntsvilleantiques.blogspot.com/2010/04/franciscan-desert-rose-dinnerware.html

Gladding McBean http://www.gladdingmcbean.com/aboutus.html

"Ocean Prime" Dallas should be on your short list of the best restaurants in North Texas

What can I say, visiting a five-star restaurant, if the city is in the clutches of ice storm: the other patrons that planned canceled their reservations to hide under the bed woolen caps, which are a hot toy; and, therefore, the chef and his staff dared monstrous out & # 39; I, so they boldly with & # 39 appeared to work, will be very glad to see you there, and they will do anything other than perform hats to express gratitude, giving you excellent dishes with exemplary service.

That was my visit on a cloudy winter day in December Ocean premier & # 39; er, Elegant creation Cameron Mitchell's 2006 Cedar Springs Road opposite the Hotel Crescent Court on the north end of the city of Dallas. The staff was so happy to see us, and our praise after an excellent meal was such that at the time, as we drank coffee, executive chef Evgenio Reyes personally came personally to take a bow and chat with us for a few minutes. He is a gifted artist.

On arrival it was clear that I and my partner found a dinner place. There was another table, this is a five guests, far across the room. My master graciously picked up the table away from the door and any abnormal blasts of icy wind, which could avoid the doorman. Our server was Shelbi Gryfing, a five-year veteran Ocean premier & # 39; er and expert guidance for dinner.

If Shelbi suggested that the chef was excited dish of lamb with root ice (a popular American name chops with root ribs with berries), I climbed ears. On a day you really want to order the menu? In the end, the chef is in the kitchen and one is dying to show off their favorite dish. Why disappoint him – or herself? Under such conditions go to restaurant. We must listen carefully, and if you do not have allergies to specific, you wisely choose it. In these circumstances, the chef is going to make an extra effort to shine. Indeed, long-term high-end restaurant restaurant accustomed me to what is best to eat in those cases when you can "connect", so to speak, with the kitchen staff. Never take for granted the good cooking. Always listen. Father once ten years ago, I noticed that he always can better assess the character of the man, watching as he spoke with the waiters. So it is.

Honestly, I'm not particularly fond of lamb, despite my years in North Africa, because the special skills required for its proper cooking, and it is such a major in such an amount to the world that her training is often indifferent. Too often "lamb" really means "lamb". Lamb is often heavy, hard and unfriendly, it is the meat that makes Australians in remote places. I usually go Ocean premier & # 39; er It eats fish, as in Dallas so few really fish restaurants. I'm partially to Ocean Prime & # 39; s blackened red fish, they fall from the bread knife and corn tartar zhalapeno. I ordered this a dozen times.

But there was something in the description Shelbi yagnyanyh chops that made them exciting, and I and my partner for dinner, and I ordered them. To disassemble the sky, I chose as an appetizer trio simply wonderful in & # 39; etnamtsav Gambasor jumbo shrimp, served in the traditional tomato sauce with a little Tabasco.

And then there came the lamb chops with a lollipop, five little served piping hot. We were not disappointed. Let's start with the fact that the ingredients are the absolute best before Evgenio Reyes doing his magic in the kitchen. They were the best, tender cutlets baranyachyya wild wool and Oregon, have ever made (such as good, if not better than Colorado, that & # 39 is a common place for the best American lamb). In the kitchen as often as in other endeavors in life, that the best ingredients – more than half the battle. But the way of preparing these chops chef was extraordinary and, in my experience, is unique.

Instead of the traditional recipe of lamb or its variants, which are scattered with rosemary and salt, they are served in a very delicate and slightly sweet raisins on the basis of raisins. Absolutely out of this world! Yagnyanyya chops were served with tiny potatoes the size of a marble. I have never had lamb with a hint of sugar and raisins before, except maybe one or two times in Morocco. It was a pleasure, and I remember one thing.

After I asked the chef Reis why these chops candies than the regular menu, and he responded with restraint, that simply can not be every day to get the desired quality of the steaks (although they are usually available) and that also respecting the gastronomic inclinations of his Texan backers, lamb – this is not what people in Dallas want to order every day, no matter how good it is. I think it's wise.

We finished our dinner delicious and very generous cottage cheese with berries, rich custard custard enclosed in armor with caramelized sugar. I then had an espresso with lemon peel.

Executive chef Evgenio Reyes – a man of great culinary talent. Before he took over the helm in Ocean premier & # 39; erHere he was sous-chef, but also regularly visited other caves of Cameron Mitchell across the country for training. He started his car & # 39; a career in Columbus, Ohio, in Mitchell ocean club restaurant. Leaving his native Mexico years ago, Reyes began life in the American kitchens at the bottom of the ladder as a dishwasher, maryvshy of the day when he can become a cook. For two decades, car & # 39; EASURES he learned more and more.

I usually avoid chains, but ten places Cameron Mitchell is not really out of & # 39 are a chain in the sense that every restaurant has been adapted to its owner. In early 2014, Mitchell plans to open its eleventh restaurant that will cater to Beverly Hills, California.

Team Public Relations Cameron Mitchell stated that "Ocean premier & # 39; er with & # 39 is the culmination of creative activities that we began in 2006 to determine the best in cooking, drinks, service and atmosphere "in Dallas, and I think it's fair to say that they have achieved success.

Ocean premier & # 39; er located in 2101 Cedar Springs Road in Dallas (75201) on the corner of Pearl and opposite the Hotel Crescent Court. Even on days when the weather & # 39; e poor, always book a reservation: (214) 965-0440.

Lake Erie Islands – Bay Point

If you have the chance, you should visit the island of asters, which presents an old-fashioned ice cream shops, bicycle built for two, hills with cascading vines, historical attractions and some of the best lobster biscuits on the planet. So where is the value of this landscape? Why Lake Erie, of course. In Lake Erie has 20 plus separate islands, but only one that can boast the name Put-in-Bay. Island South Bass, its official name, was a summer resort since 1864, when vacationers began to treat the island on boats and other public events. This sailor sailors earned studying the island in July 1784. These sailors have made the islands maps and named one of them Pudding Bay after the old-fashioned bags for pudding. He was also named Puden Bay in such journals of other researchers of that era.

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial, which is visible from neighboring islands – a tribute to Admiral Oliver Perry Hazara. This 352-foot granite monument recalls the naval victory over the British fleet at the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812. The famous saying, "We have met the enemy and they are ours" is derived from the notes that Perry ordered on the back of an old letter to the then General William Henry Harrison. The memorial is situated on a narrow strip between the city center and residential area of ​​the island, where some of the houses date from the mid-1800s.

Rent a bike or a golf cart and a trip to the ingenious city center, where you can enjoy an old-fashioned ice cream by hand, homemade fudge and unique, eclectic decorations and artwork. Included for adults in Put-in-Bay has a round bar, where you can drink beer and show most summer dinners, all without corners. Round house dates back to 1873 and a & # 39 is one of the oldest buildings on the island. Lounge for a beer – this is the longest continuous bar in the world and now occupies a place of historical kalaniyalu, who died in a fire on Memorial weekend 1988. Size 405 feet and 10 inches, you'll need a catcher mitt and some time to catch a beer that slides on this bar.

If you're more a fan of grapes, visit wine with Heineman & # 39 is optional. Family establishment dates back to 1888, when Gustav Heinemann came to Ohio from the German Baden-Baden. The winery continued as a result of economic recovery, depression and prohibitions and still managed third and fourth generation of Louis and Edward Geynemana. Tastings are held regularly and are educated in the field of fine art Ohio.

For the rest, Put-in-Bay offers a first-class marina in front of one of the oldest yacht clubs in the country, camping in a state park Oak Point and the many hiking and biking trails. Get ready for the harbor Put-in-Bay and have a look at the Stone Laboratory on Gibraltar Island. Founded in 1895, the territory of the island of Ohio State University campus – the oldest fresh water in the country. Bakey where students gain practical experience in the field of research with such courses as biology insects, lake sediments and aquatic biology.

If you feel the need for a good nasinniku visit any of the more than 25 different restaurants for fresh Lake Erie Valle or Sudak, chicken BBQ sauce in a home-based wine and cream, coffee barbecue. For family fun, visit the cave Perry and Crystal Cave, located opposite one on the Catawba Avenue. Perry's Cave is celebrating this year its 140th anniversary, and it was there kamudor Perry found the drinking water for the people. Take a jacket; temperature remains constant, cool to 50 degrees. Crystal Cave is under Heineman Winery and is the largest in the surveying world where you will be surrounded by glistening crystals tselebrata.

By nightfall, stay in one of the historical knives and swimming pools, or in one of the new resort hotels, complete with swimming bars and conference centers. Arrive by plane in the afternoon from the airport "Put-in-Bay" feel and panoramic views over the span of 3,987 miles between the United States and Canada, all of comfortable seats.

If your plans will call back to shore Erie, go to the Miller Ferry or on the Jet Express back to one of several ports. Miller Ferry runs with different schedules from March to November, and crosses the lake since 1905, when William Miller and Harry Jones started their ice business. Offal Boat "Miller" has remained a family business with confidence and since then has changed only with the family & # 39; and Miller to the family & # 39; and Market in 1978, when the family friend bought from Mary Miller, the sister of co-founder William Miller. It is a slow ride, but built from the tradition and the fact that you have to experience.

If in your plans a quick trip, Jet Express service – it's your choice. High-speed ferry to travel up to 40 miles per hour and covers the 12km trip from Port Clinton for 25 minutes. Other ports of departure include Sandusky, Lorayn and mizhvostravnyya routes, which include the island of Kelly.

Anyway, the island of Put-in-Bay – a value in Lake Erie, which shines so brightly as any asters island, which you can find anywhere at any time. Do not leave it out of your summer plans.

Available liposuction in the Philippines: Selecting a qualified plastic surgeon

Medical Travel – a popular option for patients who want to have cosmetic surgery at a more affordable price. In the Philippines, lower overhead costs and professional fees make cosmetic plastic surgery is very affordable, and Filipino plastic surgeons may charge a fraction of the cost of the same procedures in the United States, Britain and other countries. Cost savings is significant for procedures such as liposuction and body sculpting. For example, the average cost of liposuction (one area) in the United States of 2500-4500 dollars. In the Philippines, this procedure can cost as little as 800 dollars.

With these prices is not surprising that more and more people from around the world travel to the Philippines not only as tourists who come for sightseeing and shopping, but also as patients who come for medical services such as cosmetic plastic surgery. In addition, the available rates for flights and hotels is easy to find and the internet can be the quickest way to compare prices and find the best deals and the best deals. Patients can combine vacation in a beautiful tropical country with affordable, quality elective plastic surgery.

Medical Services Philippines can compete with the best in the world, and there are qualified and well-trained doctors, the last formal training in plastic and reconstructive surgery, or have acquired postgraduate scholarship at the renowned US institutions and have been led by leading American plastic surgeons. They are fluent in English, which ensures good communication with the patient a surgeon that is needed during consultations.

However, as any branch of a doctor can perform cosmetic surgery in the Philippines without legal impediment, choosing the right surgeon is essential for the patient who is considering liposuction in the Philippines. Since many cosmetic surgeons have not been training in plastic surgery, it is important for patients to choose a qualified plastic surgeon with the training and experience necessary for the success of the operation. Patients are advised to choose a plastic surgeon who is appropriately certified by the Philippine Board of Plastic Surgery, the only board recognized by the Philippine College of Surgeons, which is certified plastic surgeons in the Philippines.

While price is certainly a & # 39 is a factor when considering selective surgery, patients who seek quality medical care at very affordable prices should know that choosing the right surgeon – is the single most important decision they will take. If the price – the main factor in choosing a plastic surgeon, risks increase. The success of surgery depends on the surgeon's choice, and to provide the best results, the main focus should be the professional qualifications and experience of the surgeon.

For more information on affordable liposuction in the Philippines and the election of a qualified plastic surgeon, please visit www.cosmeticsurgeryphil.com.

Myth "Dress Friday"

To be politically correct today, many organizations on Friday posted their staff to wear. For specialists in the sale and servicing is a major mistake on the part of management. A study conducted in the 90's by John Little, the author of the famous series of Dress For Success, learned that the people have a picture of how professionals should look for sales and service.

According Minor; if the banker puts on Fridays, customers do not see in them the image of how should look like a banker, so the level of trust is significantly reduced, which makes it more rigid closing sales. Minor also teaches that sales representative should dress one level above their prospects, to give the impression that they are the experts. Removing life leads to one day a week to your representatives were not considered as industry experts, and it can be costly to your organization.

Often young sales representative, or for the production of specialist services is growing a beard or a goat to look more mature for potential clients and customers. However, additional John Malloy studies suggest that the wearing of hair on the face can cost sales or service professional to 30% of success in sales, because a large number of decision makers believe that the beard look sinister or offensive. They see that the representative who has a beard or a goat, is not so much confidence, as a representative of that clean-shaven. In a recent study, reported by Fox News, more than 90 percent of the women surveyed prefer men to be clean shaven on facial hair. . You need to ask yourself whether or not to allow employees to dress or wear a beard, it is worth the lost income of your organization.

Myth "to be effective"

Although the successful sale requires a level of efficiency to deliver to every employee as much as possible of decision-makers, in the shortest period of time, and sales effectiveness is not always effective! The study of effective sales of several large universities suggests that, depending on the industry may take nine to twelve experiences regarding a product or service before the next buyer or the client decides to purchase.

Therefore, your staff need to take the time to soften which takes the decision to confirm the destination (both written and oral). Also, a number softeners direct mail, fax, letter and endorsements, letters need to be sent before and after the sales presentation to enhance the benefits that have been demonstrated.

mitigation plan should be developed to a sales specialist for each prospect, made a representative or employee of support to the impression was almost automatic. Too often members of the Sales Department will not be able to produce the right amount of experience simply because the work required to create the impression seems to be too time-consuming and inefficient. However, if you need to be successful from 9 to 12 impressions, you can really afford to allow their employees to make all impressions in person today to the high cost of maintaining the sales representative in this area. Insisting that your sales reps perform a vital activities necessary for success, despite their restraint, you can significantly increase the success rate of sales in your organization.