Many are surprised at which group represents the majority of crypto bears lately as prices continue to fall. Those who got into cryptocurrency last year probably fled the scene with tails and burnt fingers between their legs. That leaves long-term investors, institutional investors and Chinese cryptocurrencies.

Chinese miners play a short game


Like futures, miners can set a price for their currency instead of facing uncertainty in the future when prices may be even lower. Coverage became a necessary skill in the bear market to survive, when four years ago, when there were fewer Bitcoins and less mining difficulty, Hodling was sufficient.

Bitcoin mining has gone through several stages over the years, from garage activity, gaming platform lovers to mega factories and now to the financial model. Now the key is that if the price drops, the miners make a profit, but that profit is canceled out at the lower value of their currency now. As Trustnodes noted, if the price went up, they would soon lose sales, but that loss is now offset by the higher value of mobile currency.

It’s a pretty selfish and devastating approach to the cryptographic ethics that could end up in the bankruptcy of Chinese miners. The smart ones will probably shake until the storm passes and wait for the time when they can sell again at a higher price, instead of trying to make instant profits by destroying the product.


Carp loves french fries?

In the autumn of the year, usually during the last week of September, my son, my brother, I and a friend go to a three-hour trip to Makkonelsvil, Ohio. This autumn fishing, where we usually stay for about three days. We lavim fish belonging to AEP (America Electric Power Company).
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This area is open to the public; all you need is a permit that you can print from your Web site. At CES, there are about 300 lakes to fish, some very small and others – in a mile. But this is not a story about fishing in the EEA area, is the story of a carp and catfish Muskingum.
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Every day we monitor the territory of the EEA, and then in the evening we return to our hotel, Three Sisters Hotel on NW 60. This is a wonderful thing about our trip; we lavim Bass all day, then around 4:00 pm or so to get back to the hotel cleaning, then to eat.
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Due to the time it takes to return to the lakes and the fact that across the road from the hotel is the river Muskingum, and the hotel has its own dock, we had to try fishing. Usually we never lavim Karp, but we realized, “hey, why not.” I did not come on this trip to sit around a hotel room and watch TV, I can do it at home.
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Here it gets interesting, but I need to give you the layout area. The hotel is on the main drive, and near the hotel there is a small restaurant; there is a large network, only a small city restaurant, but really good food. Not far from the restaurant is a restaurant McDonald & # 39; s. I know you’re saying to yourself that this is due to fishing carp and catfish; hang, and I’ll tie it all together.
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Well, this is when I decided to cross the road and try to carp and catfish to try. The rest of my group were less than thrilled with the fishing on carp or fishing cats. You can say that they were a bit finicky at fishing on anything other than Bass.
I was looking at his fishing tackle and bait chose the heaviest and rice for me. I was setting in Kentucky with one hook. But here is the part of the story, in which the people were a little hard to believe. When I collected my fishing supplies, one of the sisters of the hotel’s “Three Sisters” told me the best bait to use McDonald’s fries; Yes, you read it correctly McDonald’s fries.
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So, I never caught a carp, I listen to any recommendations that I could get. So I go to a restaurant and purchase bait; By the way, this is the first time I was able to eat sea fishing.
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So I’m at the docks with their fries, my rod and shpurkay and ready to try luck. Around the time when I’m getting ready to throw the other, I was bored, and I came to watch the fish and make fun of my bait.
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After a couple of minutes I was pulling carp 5 pounds, which gave me fight a couple of times and purified water as bass. I uploaded my hook backup with my special bait, and it was not so long ago, as I was pulling another fish, but this time it was a catfish.
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Well, that at the marina were four lines with special bait, and we were fishing. My brother, who had never fished for Carp, in a very short time has become a real fans, and landed more fish than the rest of us. We had a bright ideal to try French fries, served in a small restaurant, which I mentioned; but failed to bite. Pisces know what they like, but close is not considered.
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The moral of this story is that old dogs can learn new tricks, which we are confident.


How to choose the right place for your next conference of the Association

Susan Tseppernik, CMP, CTA, since 2007 with the & # 39; is the national sales manager at the Conference Center of the Grand Columbus (Ohio). Next comes the interview & # 39; nd with Suzanne.
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Q: What trends do you see as the association back to the holding of conferences for its members?
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I saw the two associations with similar missions that operate within the same conference. Association also get corporate sponsors to pay for the sessions, power, Internet connectivity for visitors and other amenities, which covers associations.
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Association now green, developing applications that replace expensive publication on s & # 39 leadership; Congress. These applications can be personalized to the participants and, if you change the agenda of a particular party, the association can send a notification to your smartphone or tablet participants in real-time, and often just in time.
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Association settings using rooms that vary from standard theater or classroom sets, for example, using a small group of seats group promoting interactive communication and sharing of ideas.
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Association also contributes towards more informal meetings in public places. Planners appreciate when peers have comfortable seating and a meeting is ordinary sessions breakthrough.
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Some associations previously set a three-day conference in the schedule two days to quickly take its participants.
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Question: What do the best leaders of associations for the convenience of its members in the planning of future conferences?
First, they select the access point to which it easy to travel, both for the association and its members. Next, they create passion for the city of destination, using social media and creating a short video about the city, or they will use a video from the local to the & # 39; convention and visitors bureaus and send the link to its members via e-mail.
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Also, managers create short videos to promote upcoming events, which include highlights from the last conference.
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For their members, they agree on the best prices in local hotels and next to the conference room for the meeting was easy for the visitors. For the association, they will negotiate the best prices for food and drinks.
They will understand the terms and send reminders: register, book a hotel and buy space for booths.spirit airlines reservations
The most successful conference speaker presentations published on the Internet and will be devoted to the exhibition hours.
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Q: What kind of things can be easily seen? What are the common mistakes that allow associations and what can be done to avoid them?
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First, keep in mind all of the full costs of the meeting, including, or & # 39 is the appointment of a union or nesayuzny charge for Internet, pragulnasts and digital signage. For example, using our digital signage outside the meetings, one conference planner saved $ 20 000 in fees easels and signs!
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Next, select the destination in which there are a lot of restaurants and attractions. Hotels are also connected, for example, in Colombia, now has 2100 rooms is linked or attached to our convention center.

Never lose sight of the allocated time on the network. For most visitors it is just as important as the schedule of classes.

Get an application and / or operate the service on its own AV company, even if you usually travel with a predominance of the audiovisual company. Why? AV own company usually knows best equipment as well as maintenance and troubleshooting on site. Using your own sellers also saves on costs that refuse to pay for the dress, and set the rent for a one-day collection decorator services and / or AV setup.

Work with the local CVB, to plan sightseeing tours of the city. It offers a great way to visit local attractions and allows colleagues to meet and talk outside the conference. For example, the ASAE fine works, presenting a selection of excursions around the city, which are offered both before and after the educational sessions.

Provide airport transportation and a concierge, accommodated in hotels and the conference to provide assistance in the direction of choosing a restaurant, sightseeing areas, local events and much more.

The examination after the evaluation, using Survey Monkey or Poll Daddy and turn these ideas and proposals to the next meeting.

Q: How do you see the events of the association, which develop in the future?

Technology will continue to celebrate a conference in green and track CEU.

For example, when entering a session using icons for scanning CEU credits. And, to take a step further, the CEU can be automatically updated to the user’s own online profile. This can be a great advantage for the re-certification requirements.

We will continue to see smaller group sessions, for example, to work together in a conversation “pit” to the participants staged a network easier and developed solutions to work together with the whole group.

Even with the advancement of technology the value of meeting face-to-face will never disappear.

Attending conferences can create opportunities for networking and personal interaction, which can be obtained only from personal meetings. The interaction of face-to-face with colleagues is invaluable!

What is the difference between the reached and "average"?

Have you ever been disappointed with himself, because you do not like people who just seem to have received all the green lights in your life? You are afraid to try something new and different, thinking that this will end in failure, as well as all the other things that you have tried? Have you ever felt that your life will be average and the ability to always stay that way? Have you ever lacked motivation to do that is seeking to get out of the middle zone? Guess you do not need to be "average".

Once you realize that creates achievement or, at least, the mentality of one who reaches you, you're on your way to becoming them. In life, there are people who seem to cope every time. They seem to have the Midas notes. There are those who say that they were lucky, or it is a blessing of God. Whatever you call it, some people seem to achieve incredible things, despite the difficult circumstances. You notice that no matter what type of work they do, when they are in the equation, you just know that the result will be a success. I believe that most people do not consider themselves middle and tend to think that they are above it. However, the man who succeeds, even tinkering with the average value. It is common to achieve – this is something they simply can not understand.


So what is the secret formula that makes the difference? Why there are people who succeed no matter what they do? Can there be a difference in the family & # 39; and wealth, greater opportunities, high morals and character? No, it could not be any of that, because I'm sure you've seen the rich man turns everything he or she touches the ashes. I am also sure that you have seen the father who is a & # 39 is a future champion and has a son, who has two left feet. Thus, none of these features is irrelevant when it comes to the man who with a & # 39 is successful. We have only one sensing factor that separates those who consistently shines and stands well above the others from those who do not. One factor that differs between the ordinary man and the personal achievement – it is a way of perception. It's not just the perception of a man is his perception of failure and the reactions to it. It's just one degree of how they think.

One of the things that we should all be aware – this is what we have failed, but this does not make us failures. Who achieves this, he knows and recognizes it as a fact of his life. Who also gets success, realize that how they see the failure and how to cope with this failure, adab & # 39; etsya on their lives and the result of their level of success. They understand that this is not an option deal with failure, looking at the glass as half empty, but looking at it as a glass filled. It seems to have the ability to achieve a visible and extending through failure and continue to achieve. This is a big factor that stops and breaks many outstanding people. Since we are all faced with a setback, it's just a way of life, but some of us paralizuyutstsa and not take a step forward and lose their problems. On the other hand, who will reach, he will face the challenge will be in the mode of progression forward and just as the train continues. Who can not stop, because they understand that the termination does not collect any problem. They are happy to get rid of the problem and as a result will receive the award, which is called success, not what makes an ordinary person who has been a problem, and this problem takes them success.

The story of achievement

The word failure gets a bad grade. So, "F". But, in truth, failure is inevitable. For example, if a child spills milk, they fail? Not at all! Or they failed to keep the cup on the table, without wasting milk, yes. We often equate failure to us personally – failure. This concept is far from the truth. I remember when I originally started the process of obtaining a doctorate, I had to travel to Atlanta, GA from Cincinnati, Ohio to complete the residence. I went back at the end of the session was to turn the paper. My laptop had a problem, and all of the hotel computers were used. I could not get at least "B" in the final draft, or I'll have to repeat and to pay for the residence. Well, I got a "C" in the short history, because I became part of a computer & # 39; computer complications. Needless to say, my wife was not happy, and I was not on this occasion. Is it made me, no failure. I failed this project, yes, I did, and I got an extra bill for the second residence to confirm this. But it prevented me to continue my program of doctorate. Frankly, I have never occurred to me to ever give up, that was not possible. The fact is that if you keep the proper perspective, you can be reached.

One of the most incredible stories associated with network marketing and achievements – is Mary Kay Ash. Yes, we know her as Mary Kay – the owner of a cosmetics company. Mary Kay was in the years of direct sales and experienced a lot of luck. However, the level of success has always been stifled due to the fact that she was a woman in the corporate world during the 50s and 60s. After more than 25 years in the corporate world and not having a real value, especially in a man's world, so to speak, she retired. Becoming bored with retirement, she decided to start their own business. She decided that a cosmetic company, which will allow other women to own their own business. It acquired the formula, developed a marketing plan and prepared to create a corporation. So she went to her lawyer and accountant, both of whom told her that she will cook & # 39; yatsela. She did not care that must be said that she forged her savings of $ 5,000. She hired her husband, who was involved in the administrative side, but a month before they were going to open for business, her husband died. Despite these dire circumstances, she went on and became a success, which we know today.


As Mary Kay, we all have the ability to overcome any obstacles we encounter. Mary Kay was doing small things that were the only degree of separation from the average individual who took it to achieve the status.

Take a moment to think about the recent setbacks. It may be financial, emotional, etc. Whatever it was, the key to achieving and overcoming make a change that is inside and usually small, not big, unattainable step. You can not change your circumstances, but you can gradually change yourself. You can view the situation differently, and therefore different. This process of self-change begins with the fact that you are amenable to dialogue. If you are willing to humbly take care of another who survived you, you will be able to overcome any setbacks or failures.

I want you to take the responsibility from this day forward, moving forward, to do what it takes to achieve what may put you in a failure, but to do so in advance. Thus, let us go now and get targeted success today!

Successful planning meetings: how to deal with the flow of traffic

On the following pages you will find the time-tested methods of planning meetings and useful tips for dealing with all of these scenarios and more.


If any present stands at the back of the room without a seat nearby, then you did not do your job, and it is necessary that all located in the fast, efficient and courteous manner. To achieve this, use the following strategies:

o Please Apply for the room number, putting space for VIP-persons and speakers.

o If you have a side door, open the door and the front-most point the delegates to the front seats.

o To prevent people to go down the aisle, stand in the middle of the passage and enter there, where you would like them to go. However, do not argue argue with insistent guests, if they want to move up the aisle.

o If the front is filled, close the front-most door and open the next. Continue this process until all but the back of the room, are filled.

o tape or ribbon of the locations that are farthest from the speaker and the nearest to the rear door, or use restrained marks for maintaining the integrity of this zone – about a tenth of the chairs in a room.

o Finally, once occupied the other places or meeting started, remove all tape, ribbons and signs and keep the majority of seats at the rear for a late arrival. Do not forget to place the signs in the back door to the meetings, as soon as the session began.

For larger groups, set one person in front of doors that must remain closed, and one person at the entrance, which will be used first, which automatically direct the flow of traffic to the correct door. Employees located in a room space, decide if you open the next door, and it will give a decision on the radio employees located outside the room. If adjacent doors open, the coordinator acts as the stream and sends delegates to a new door opening. Inside, the staff make their way to the new door and continue to seat people. Walkie-talkies, and many coordinators and assistants are vital for the movement of a large group.

Coffee breaks

o never have opened the door stations in the conference room. If this is not possible due to space limitations, keep the station closed and the first send delegates to the farthest station.

o During station setup always consider the direction from which the people go, and place the station so that the motion was out of the courtroom.

o Organize stations so that visitors did not stop moving until you get coffee or hot water. Place tea bags, sugar and cream immediately after coffee or hot water to those who need only a coffee and were free to move along the line. Place the first normal coffee, decaffeinated second, and hot water last.

o Replace sodas and snacks (if necessary) into individual tables. Arrange the items in the correct order – glasses, then ice, then soda.

o If you need to quickly take a break and work costs are not a problem, the coffee can be poured on the server. Once again, keep tea bags, sugar and sour cream below.

o Make sure that the end of the stream has a socket – Do not start the end of the station into the wall, escalator or a dead end. Keep the plant away from the toilets.

o Going from the general assembly session to breakout sessions, or vice versa, always try to find a break before next chronological destination. For example, if you enter the breakthroughs distant from the common lobby, for example, set a coffee break in the break zone.

o In a situation where both are used remote breakouts and general session, you may experience problems if visitors who are going to remote breakouts attack the coffee station reserved for a general breakthrough session. To solve this problem, give the Speaker first to dissuade the session break and keep closed the station foyer general session, as long as these people do not go. Then, as soon as the first group out of the office, send a second group (those who returned to the general session) on the break just outside the room.


Meeting Planner must be active so that their experiences have adequate space and design. Obviously, the type of cocktail, as well as the number of music stations, installations and entertainment props greatly affect the design of the design and model the movement of the room. The following guidelines apply to all kinds of cocktails receptions.
o Do not place the bars of the door.

o power stations should not overlap and flow into the bar.

o Avoid bars with high density – four or more bars "back to back" – not a good idea.

o Consider beer and wine bars on the big events and outdoor activities.

o Place the seating position in areas with high traffic and group seating. Do not make so that the movement around those who sat.

o Always create more space for traffic to move between zones function.

o For large groups of guests at first move to the back of the room, without opening the beverage and food items are closer to the entrance, while the majority of those present did not go down.

Moving people to dinner

For buffet – Objective: no long lines

o Move as many people as you need to shake to keep the buffet. Participants of the "blood" of the reception, telling only those closest to the exit or dinner buffet that is open. (They are likely to say thank you and move quickly.) If the lines are shorter, repeat the procedure followed by the group, the nearest to the door.

o Do not close all the bars until then until the end of the buffet. First, close the bar closer to the buffet.

o Always discuss your plan with the hotel staff to make sure that you control the flow.

o Never flashing lights and do not do anything to encourage all guests at the same time leave the reception.

Sitting lunches –

Objective: To quickly razmyastsitsesya to start the service of food.

There are several techniques that work.

o Close all strips at once. (Always make a "last call" before using this technique.) If the bar is closed, the cloth goes above the bar, and the bartender turns to the side.

o Work out the last call, and then send a delegate to that dinner is served flashing lights or music playback output.

o In each scenario, encourage people in the door, leave the first idea to be able to select seats. If they pass through the party, others will notice the movement and will also be making their way to the dining room.

o When using these techniques, always be polite, not dictatorial. Keep in mind that civility and warmth works wonders.

Placing people on food functions

Placing people on food products is of crucial importance, especially for large groups. Keep in mind these three rules when they sit a group of several hundred or more on a seat without an appointment:

1. Install more passes to make it easier to move the weight around the room. Method "filter through" (without the transient passages) – guaranteed disaster for 500 or more guests.

2. build banquet staff in the aisles to guide early arrival in the distant room revenues. If the early arrivals sit down at the tables, which are closer to the entrance, they overlap passes required to move visitors. . (Note: reserved signs on the tables that make people close the door behind Take them, if the room is full.)

3. Use as much as possible under the & # 39; porches, if possible combined with a number of corridors.

Reserved seating events

Reserved seating require considerable use of manpower and signage for groups of 800 or more. The first problem is that the people entered the correct door, which minimizes wandering around the room in search of the correct number of the table.

To achieve this, use the following guidelines:

o Place large reproductions of the room layout, complete with table numbers at eye level at the reception.

o Hang a sign above each door to the ballroom, which lists numbers of tables that can be placed, entering through the door.

o Post employees outside each door with a list seat.

o You can also paint every room a zone (with balloons, streamers and tablecloths) and secure the appropriate color sticker for each participant icon with the name. This tactic will send them to the desired area. Then you must specify the number.

Death – the next logical step

I had the honor and opportunity to be present with several people in death, as well as in their lives. Last week, when I tried to calm and soothe my friend, whose husband makes his move, it took me some time to think about the similarities, which I have observed over the years, when people make the transition and move on. Use or focus their spirit from this life to the next. Applied Spirituality in action.

My first personal experience of death – my grandmother. She lived with us when I was growing up, and it was not just a grandmother, but I liked a lot of the other mothers. She was born in 1900 and died in 1991. The last two years of life spent in the health institution, because my mom and dad just could not give it the necessary physical assistance. My grandmother was very unhappy with this; but mom and dad visited her at least once a day, and often twice, spending her food. The last year of her life, she like "gone". She did not close her eyes and seemed to be watching the movie. She was not in a coma and did not suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's disease. If you call her name, she would have opened her eyes and was present with you. It was just another busy. I do not know what it focuses on the memories of the past day or vision for the future of things, but I know that under those closed eyelids, her eyes are always moving.

She had little appetite and little interest in the stories that I tell her, or to those jokes, I cracked. She was polite, kind and loving, as if listening; but then she asked me to go home. In a very short time, I realized that this reorientation process with this area of ​​existence to another. My grandmother was 90 years old and had a very good and long life. So do not feel sorry for the lost chance, but still, I knew I would miss her and there my pain. there was no grandmother. However, I wondered why it hangs? Since it really was not anything wrong with that, so to speak. She had no diseases. She was just old. However, my mother never did without it. Since then, my mother had been married to her mother, my grandmother lived with her. It was my mother, who could not take and could not let go. Over the last year, I realized that my grandmother just hanging out, waiting for the mother to accept and release it. It occurred in approximately one day, when the doctor advised that he would have to amputate several fingers Grana due to lack of blood circulation. This news, my mother could not move, so she finally admitted that Gren needed and even wanted to move on.

In a few hours my mother, having a personal relationship with his grandmother, grandmother great passed away in his sleep. I learned this:

I learned by watching this process that people are connected and have an "agreement". If the "agreement" will be met, they move on

I learned that there is a process of withdrawal from this focus and reorientation to a new plane.

I learned that the process of the elegant and beautifully orchestrated.

My grandmother's death was not. She experienced this many times in the course of a long life. She was not afraid to die. She was a widow with 44 years old and still missed her husband, my grandfather. She kept talking to him, talked with him, and I'm sure his presence felt with her for all the years that came after his departure. She buried the first two grandchildren, who died as infants, and her parents, and was on many friends and relatives. In short, the death of the grandmother does not complicate the fear of it, but rather a long time perceived it as factual and neodymium & # 39; emnuyu part of life.

They said that every life – it's suicide, which is to say that we are consciously or unconsciously decide to make a decision, we choose when, where and how to leave this lifetime. I have witnessed enough deaths to conclude, I believe that this is true. In the life on this planet, we focus our spirit is in our daily lives on planet Earth. We focus on the details, we create, destroy, recreate and spend their adventures.

When we feel as though we have researched this area for a long time, we derive our goal-oriented spirit of this plane, and forwarded to it, what will happen next. This process is the same as when we remove the focus from one job and be redirected to the next. We apply our spirit, where we choose themselves, for their own reasons and their own free will.

It helps when we can see himself eternal creatures, just going on to the next adventure, as actors on the stage, we take its output. I went to this stage, it is possible, but we never went anywhere.

When I said goodbye to my grandmother, I immediately felt that experienced many adventures that she and I have shared over the years. We laughed until they cried. She would have remembered what I had forgotten, and verse. Importantly, we experienced nothing but good things, love – it was all that was left, looking from this place a good feeling, we were both full and complete. It was a great trip together, with no regrets. He was rich and full.

Each life has value, great value. The presence of this person on the planet has far-reaching consequences. My grandmother never received an education. She was living with my parents on a little help in the welfare of less than 400 dollars a month, but was rich. She laughed heartily, loved completely, much worked in the yard and the kitchen. She did everything as if it mattered, and it did. She never worried about your weight, for wrinkles or values. She lived until reoriented – all with tenderness and elegance, knowing who she is: a valuable creature. It is not all over the psychology or religion. She's never been wrong. When she was sad, she cried; and then looking for something to improve yourself, and refocus it. When she was angry, she would have expressed it. And when she was happy, it tickled with delight to the heart. And if she decided to leave and go home, she did it with grace and elegance, without fear.

Life is to be considered as a whole from start to finish. If you are going to see his elegance, you get. Trusting the process, it is controlled from the inside as well as every moment of life. The degree indicates the degree of lightness due to the source inside. But even in those cases where there is a lot of resistance and fear, life is going to shift to more high; and it being found on the other side with loud shouts of "Well done!"

Tourist guide to Lake George, Adyrondak


As blue diamond, which shimmers and shakes hands with invisible wind, Lake George, about 200 miles north of Manhattan, located in the bed of green crushed velvet, officially designated Adyrondak mountains. As a destination it can be considered value.

One of the eleven tourist regions of New York State, including Long Island, New York, Hudson Valley, the mountains Katkill, the Capital District, Central and leather shops, Thousand Islands, Finger Lakes, Grand Niagara and Chautau-Aleghen themselves Adyrondaki with & # 39 They are part of the Grand Cambrian shield. Composed of Precambrian igneous and metamorphic rocks, which was hard-nosed up about ten million years ago, when it was a hunting site Iroquois-Americans and algonkinav.

In order to protect its wildlife and prevent the depletion of the forest, however, the state of New York has created six million acres Adyrondak Park 2.6 of which are federally owned and 3.4 of which are in private ownership in 1892, and two years later Adyrondak forest reserve was created – a constitutionally protected wilderness area permanently in order to "preserve the exceptional colorful, recreational and ecological value."

The size of 9,375 square miles, today it is – the shelter of huge silent forests, 46 strong, green carpets, of which 5343-foot Mount Marcy with & # 39 is the tallest in the park and throughout the state of New York – 3000 sparkling lakes and 30 000 rapid miles of rivers and streams. Contains the top of Hudson river, lake Shamplayn, Black River, St. Lawrence River and Mohak River, it offers numerous natural activities, from hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking and camping to mountain bikes, and attracts more than ten million annual visitors. It is the largest park reserve in the United States.

"In the mid-1800s were Adyrondaki nevykrytymi natural treasures," said the guide, "A visit to Lake George in New York Adyrondankah" (page 1). "Hidden top with mirrored surfaces on the & # 39; together with native rainbow trout tailed deer wandered along the banks of silent waterways towering mountains, zapasanyya bolts, kulminavanymi in the spectacular panorama of the wooded landscape below endless forests of sugar maple and American Buko stretch as far as… the eye could see, drawing autumn hills and valleys papurkay deep oranges and fiery reds. Lake George was brilliant value in a treasure chest, it Adyrondaki ".

AZYARNAYA Velsk Velyka

Designating three names, Lake George was called "Andes-ta-ro-ter", the so-called Native Americans; advanced to the "Lac du Saint Sacrement", or "Lake of the Blessed Sacrament", the title assigned to the father of Isaac, jog, the first white chief, who saw it in 1646; and over this, "Lake George."

Despite the fact that the primeval nature of the region can claim to calm, his early history was marked by conflict, as evidenced by the three forts, including Gezh, George and William Henry, which once rose from the banks and were neodymium & # 39; emnay part of the French and Indian war.

The activities of the Revolutionary War and was made there. In May 1775 Ethan Allen and his 83 boys from Green Mountain Tykanderoga captured the fort, 32 miles to the north, do not miss a single bullet from their muskets, taking it from the British. Lake George served as a strategic waterway during the war for the next eight years.

In winter, one thousand seven hundred seventy-five of 1776 Lt. Col. Henry Knox moved the artillery from Bolton Tykanderoga fort using oxen for final use by George Washington in defense of the British in Boston.

The following year, the British General Burgoyne traveled to the south of Lake Shamplayn, and then through Lake George with its environment and supplies, culminating in Saratoga. The district also visited other historically significant figures in April 1776 by Benjamin Franklin and Philip Schuyler Bolton went through the water, moving to the north, to the military situation in Canada, and seven years later, General George Washington visited the head of the lake at the time of their own positions. -Revalyutsyynaya inspection. Thomas Jefferson to explore the area in 1791, in a letter to his daughter paused to express the quality of the first-born, when he wrote that the lake was "the most beautiful water I've ever seen."

Formed after about & # 39; unification of Queensbury, Bolton and Thurman August 2, 1810, the 32-mile Lake George – the smallest town of Warren County.

While for the beginning of the 1800s was characterized by lumber, as once indicates the spread of sawmills, its beauty combined with steamship lakes began to attract tourists and wealth, like a physical language, it was through an increase in the number of houses and estates rises from the east shore.

By mid-century shops, schools, restaurants and court house are collected in a close-knit town and accessed via New York Thruway (I-87) was the final aspects of the infrastructure, which ensured the transformation destination for recreation, especially in summer months.

Today, Lake George Village with only one main artery called the "Canada Street" (route 9) and are available through the Thruway exits 21, 22 and 23, serves as a base for southern Lake George residents and tourists, as well as his service shop. , Ice cream, restaurants, banks, libraries and historical on & # 39; unification. For younger travelers there are arcade games, fun parks, haunted house and museum of Frankenstein Wax.


Accommodation in Lake George takes many forms – from the well-known, such as Best Western, Holiday Inn, Quality Inn, Hampton Inn, as well as a sizeable courtyard Marriott, to the long-configured properties, which consist of Motel Row in the north. Canada end of the street. Since it is divided into routes 9L and 9N, the last, as he hugs the lake continues to build cabins, cottages and complexes to a considerable distance, when he calls the way to Bolton.

Of particular importance is the Hotel and Conference Center Fort William Henry in the south basin of the lake. Historic staple of the area, whose roots were planted more than a century ago, and now, in the third form of the transfer, it was initially raised at the cliffs, which are left on the most southern portion of what was then the village of Caldwell. Its main, three-story structure, which lasted for 115 feet on both sides and stood 235 feet to the lake, two additional floors were added to the tower on both sides, which is almost double its capacity from 350 to 900 guests. Modernization of the century took place in a private bathroom.

Although the June 24, 1909 a fire consumed the property, he rose again from the ashes of two years, when the new owner of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad opened a smaller, but just as gorgeous on the & # 39; an object that contained 150 on three floors. Outwardly, he was wearing white stucco and red roofing roof.

1912 marked the first year, when it remained open throughout the winter and to this end engaged in skiing, skating and sledding. However, the Great Depression, not a conflagration, it was the second time the enemy, and the railroad has got rid of her.

Corporation "Fort William Henry", founded in 1952 to revive the property and build a replica of the original, as well as the change in tourist profile, deprived of its purpose until 1969, causing its deterioration, leaving, at least temporarily, Fort William Henry Moter Inn.

Yet history, as it has been repeatedly proven, often repeated and dynamics became a reality here. Having made the original trail in 1911 and include the numerous design features, it was constructed a new five-storey hotel complex, which attracts business with a large income, which opened July 18, 2004. Situated on 18 acres and offers luxurious accommodation in the main hotel, mid-level rooms at the Premium-East Wing and budget in a standard western, it offers many amenities: a fireplace and lounge, equipped with a lobby, a restaurant "White Lion" for breakfast, "Tankard" and "Cafe review and its proximity to attractive places such as Museum of Fort William Henry, battle Park, and Lake George company.


Due to the compact nature of the village and all its attractions, which are based on history, are within walking distance.

Center Lake George Visitors:

Located at the corner of Canada and the Coast road, the center for visitors to Lake George offers stocks of brochures and maps, and dioramas area. Staffed, it gives tourists the opportunity to talk to representatives to facilitate travel planning and provide recommendations.

Historical Association and Lake George Museum:

Located at the corner of Canada and Amherst streets in the village of Lake George Historical Association and Lake George Museum are located in three-story house Warren County Courthouse in 1845, and his first act was to preserve the conservation of the demolition of housing.

"Museum with a & # 39 is a popular attraction and is a means of discovering the rich historical past of this region," – he advises.

Of the many exhibits are located in the basement of the prison colony, leading the courthouse in 1845, a shipwreck and pictures earlier that fly on the lake steamer ships.

Museum of Fort William Henry:

Historically significant and symbolic from the & # 39 is red, created by the magazine Museum of Fort William Henry, which in its original form has played a role in the war in France and India. Conflict, the extension of the Seven Years War between France and England, was eventually transferred to the soil of North America.

The struggle for domination of the earth, the British built Fort Edward, considering "a great place carrying" and the third largest settlement after those in Philadelphia and New York, while the French put their own roots in the north of the river St. Lavrens in areas which would later become the states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

However, when the spark ignition between the two sides have the opportunity to overcome the distance between them, and it happened, when the French began construction of Fort Karyona at the southern end of Lake Champlain, which will eventually become the state of New York. Physics principle "every action has an equal and opposite reaction" is perhaps more applicable, because the English "responded" to the strengthening of its own – specifically Fort William Henry at the southern end has designed Lac du Saint Sacrament, so that they can defend their colony. As a point against the French fixing it additionally served protected inland waters between New York and Montreal.

The fort itself was ordered by Major General William Johnson and entrusted his chief engineer, Captain William Eyre, was designed in the style of Vaba – that is, a rectangular adjusted angular bastions and 30-foot Screens, which originally consisted of lumber and veneer. . Outwardly, he was surrounded by three dry moats and the fourth part, which is bent to the lake. Capacity was between 400 and 500.

Hrystsivshy "Fort William Henry", to honor the king's two grandchildren of King George II, he had to protect British interests in the south and serve as the starting point of the military against the French and their Indian allies in the north.

The siege of the enemy under General Marquis de Mankalma, which consisted of 3,000 French regulars, 3,000 volunteers and 2,000 Indian Americans, took place August 3, 1757, when they were gradually intensified line began to press the fort. Lieutenant Colonel George Monro, by quantifying the situation, sent the chickens & # 39; erav in Fort Edward with a request for enhancement, but Major-General Daniel Webb considered too dangerous for the route of his soldiers, and "kept them at home."

Sequential plugging milk artillery depletion and predictable structural damage forced Monroe appear in six days, but the articles of surrender, these conditions of surrender Mankalma were both humane and generous: British troops were allowed to keep all of their belongings and weapons, without weapons; garrison could leave one gun; and they agreed that the attack on the French will be suspended for 18-month break. The next day, the French regulars marched on the British at Fort Edward.

But ironically, "the enemy" was largely silent, incompetent other Indians who got nothing from their participation and, therefore, took matters into his own hands.

Anger, manifesting itself through the fire, and skalpavanne padushynne wounded and sick who are left behind, culminated guns, clothing and equipment, and marching column of Fort Edward was attacked maraduyuchymi Indians. Because of the language and customs bar & # 39; erav between Montcalm and his local allies, he was unable to prevent or respond to their efforts properly.

Nevertheless, he ordered the burning of Fort William Henry on August 11.

Replica, based on the original British plan, it was built in 1955, or through the 198 years after the actual fortification was destroyed by fire. Today, visitors can look into the more rigid British life in the area through the barracks and the ramparts, dungeons, hospital emergency room, protective room, another, Monroe room, food and exhibits borderland of the 18th century, magazines with couples and tailoring shop. Military crypt, 18-pound cannon recovered from the lake, and the original well in 1756 are in the yard.

"Listen to the report on the shooting of muskets and the roar of guns, if you step back in time to 1757 at Fort William Henry", is declared a museum. "Listen to the stories and see the artifacts of everyday life of the British outpost in the wilderness, protecting the colonies during the French and Indian War."

Through the castle and in front of the lake is a wooden sculpture of natural size, made in a canoe craftsman woodwork Paul Stark Lt. Col. Robert Rogers, highlighting the history of the area.

Battle Park:

Located at the southern end of Lake George, Battle Park on 35 acres marks the region, where there were clashes between the Algonkin and Iroquois tribes and the American colonists and British soldiers. Apart from residues of Fort George, there are three large statues.

In the first, dedicated to the Indian region, North American shows, he plunged his hand into the pool. Second, King Hendrick, the chief of the Mahakam, demonstrates the dangers of dividing their forces with General William Johnson. And thirdly, the father of Isaac Zhogs is its attempt to spread Christianity in the Huron Indians during the 1630s and 1640s.

State railway station Delaware and Hudson:

Although it is located only a souvenir shop to Steamboat, Delaware Amtrak Station and the Hudson, opposite of "George Steamboat" and built in 1909-1911, in the Renaissance style, with stucco frame, an elongated brick tower and the top of terracotta. Symbolic role it once played in the area.

Transportation between New York and Montreal originally consisted of waterways – in this case, these waterways were composed of the Hudson River, Lake George and Lake Shamplayn – but more direct route, which resulted in a shorter traveling time, there has been a land-based practices, in particular of the train.

Although it has its origins in Saratoga, Fort Edward, railway line in the 1832 line, which never materialized, was replaced by Saratoga and Washington railway company, which was formed 16 years later and was carrying passengers between Saratoga Springs and Whitehall . Goods are carried as of 1851.

After ownership changes, as a result of the railway company "Saratoga Whitehall" in 1855 and the railway Rennselaer-Saratoga in 1856 the railway line Glens Falls opened in 1869 and has been extended up to Lake George in 1882, Helmut Kohl and Delaware Hudson took control, she made it possible intermodal transport when connecting to the courts of "George Steamboat" for further transportation to Tykanderogu.

Railway station, as her evidence today, has been included in the National Register of Historic Places in 2013.

Laika jargeau

Lake George, which is considered the Queen of American Lakes, on the & # 39 is a brilliant center of the district.

Formed between 10 000 and 12 000 years ago, it is the length of 32 miles, the width of three miles, 200 feet, 320 feet above sea level, has 108 miles of shoreline, covers an area of ​​233 square miles, has 183 islands and is surrounded at 2665 feet Black mountain, its highest peak. Bolton landing outside, it is divided into the North-West Bay and NARP.

Three of interaction between the southern end of the British and French troops at the Battle of Lake George led to the first great victory of the former over the latter. Yet yesterday the blood of war turned into a beauty of today's topography.

"Lake George – incomparably beautiful water I've ever seen" – once wrote Thomas Jefferson. "Formed contour of the mountains in the hollow length of 35 miles, and two to four miles wide, melkoperemeschennym islands its water wicked as crystal, and slopes covered with rich groves silver fir, white pine, aspen and paper birch water; in some places каменныя абрывы правяраюць сцэну і ратуюць яе ад аднастайнасці: багацце крапчатай фарэлі, ласосінай фарэлі, баса і іншай рыбы, з якой яна захоўваецца, дадала да нашых забаў спорт заняткаў. іх ".

Акрамя рэкрэацыйных мерапрыемстваў, якія ахопліваюць плаванне, рыбалку і параплаў, ёсць некалькі круізаў, якія ахопліваюць частку возера.

"Возера Джордж прыгожа назіраць за любым пунктам гледжання, але для ўсведамлення яго сапраўднай велічы ва ўсіх яго формах няма нічога падобнага на слізгаценне па мігатлівай паверхні гэтай" Каралевы амерыканскіх азёр ", – раіць Пол Такетт у сваім артыкуле" Гіганты возера "(" Наведайце раён возера Джордж у Адыронданках Нью-Ёрка ", дэпартамент па турызме акругі Уорэн, стар. 24). "… Любы адзін з некалькіх відовішчных круізных судоў гатовы суправаджаць пасажыраў праз жыццё возера Джордж".

"Правядзіце гадзіну альбо атрымлівайце асалоду ад незабыўнага дня на борце аднаго з цудоўных судоў, якія курсуюць у крышталёва чыстых водах возера Джордж …", – працягвае ён (там жа, стар 24). "Капітан абмяркоўвае каларытную гісторыю возера Джордж, у той час як госці ўглядаюцца ў тую ж берагавую лінію і лясы, якія натхняюць Джорджа Вашынгтона, Томаса Джэферсана, Бенджаміна Франкліна і Джэймса Фенімора Купера".

Дзве кампаніі прапануюць розныя экскурсіі, а абедзве знаходзяцца ў паўднёвым канцы Біч-Роўд.

Па-першае, круізы на возеры Джорджа ў сваім флоце маюць дзве лодкі: 115-футовы, трохпавярховы, 400-пасажырскі "Адырондак", пабудаваны ў 2004 годзе і ўзорны па ўзроўню гастрольных караблёў канца 19-га стагоддзя; і 85-футавы двухпавярховы 150-пасажырскі "Гарыкон", які быў пабудаваны амаль выключна з чырвонага дрэва, ціка і жоўтай сасны ў 1988 годзе.

У кампаніі ёсць уласны рэстаран Shoreline з памяшканнямі на адкрытым паветры і на адкрытым паветры.

Другі круізны канцэрн, кампанія "Парк для возера Джордж", зрабіла важную ролю ў гісторыі транспарціроўкі раёна і родах звыш двух стагоддзяў таму.

З-за поспеху паслугі парахода на паўночным суседнім возеры Шамплайн, 15 красавіка 1817 года кампанія "Паровая лодка возера Джордж" пасадзіла свае водныя карані пасля таго, як заканадаўства штата Нью-Ёрк ухваліла камерцыйную перавозку.

Канал, які нагадвае "Джэймс Калдуэлл", працуе пры дапамозе рухавіка трэціх рук і мае два доўгія катлы і цагляную дымавую атаку, стаў першым суднам, якое прыступіла да службы ў тым годзе, і спатрэбіўся цэлы дзень, каб перасекчы даўжыню возера. Але нядобразычлівы пачатак службы меў загадкавы канец: полымя праз чатыры гады невытлумачальна было паглынута, прычаліўшы яго ў прычале.

Яго хутка змянілі тры іншыя лодкі: "Альпініст" у 1824 годзе, шэсць міль / ч, "Бакавы веласіпед"; "Уільям Калдуэлл" 1838 футаў, 13 км на гадзіну; і 1850 футаў "Джон-Джэй" у 13 міль / ч. У 1857 г. флот далучыўся да 400 пасажыраў, якія спалілі дровы "Мін-Ха-Ха".

У якасці наступнага ўладальніка, на працягу 72 гадоў паміж 1871 і 1943 гг., Параходная кампанія "Джордж-Парыз", штат Дэлавэр і Гудзонская чыгунка пабудавалі некалькі самых выдатных паравых суднаў на бакавых калёсах, якія выкарыстоўваюцца ў сістэме інтэрнадальнай транспарціроўкі гусениц і ў вадзе, асабліва 223 ступня, 20-гадзінны "Сагамор" і 230-футавы, 21-мілавы "Гарыкон II".

Змена ўласнасці капітана Уілбура Дау пасля Другой сусветнай вайны ў лістападзе 1945 года папярэднічала ўваскрашэнню кампаніі, што пацягнула за сабой два гады праз "магіканскі", "тыкандэрога" ў 1950 годзе і будаўніцтва цяперашняга сталёвага прыстані на Пляжная дарога.

Сёння яго флот складаюць тры катэры.

Яго флагманскі "Lac du Saint Sacrement" быў спецыяльна распрацаваны для вялікіх груп і канвенцый. Нацягваючы 189,6 футаў і змяшчае 1149 на чатырох палубах, ён быў ахрышчаны 15 чэрвеня 1989 года і мае максімальную хуткасць 18 міль / ч.

"Мінне-Ха-Ха", імя якога было дадзена жонцы Гіяты і азначае "смех вады", з'яўляецца адным з апошніх веласіпедных веласіпедаў і нагадвае катэры ракі Місісіпі. Падоўжаны ў 1998 годзе, цяпер ён цягнецца 137 футаў і перавозіць 500 пасажыраў на трох палубах.

"Магіканскі", трэці карабель флоту, быў пабудаваны ў 1908 годзе і, такім чынам, з'яўляецца самай старой экскурсійнай лодкай у краіне, якая занесена ў Нацыянальны рэестр гістарычных месцаў. Ператвораны ў пару ў дызель ў 1946 годзе, ён даўжынёй 117 футаў, змяшчае 350 на трох палубах і круізы з хуткасцю 15 міль / міл.

Як па беразе круізаў па возеры Джордж, так і па параходнай кампаніі "Джордж Джордж" працуюць розныя круізы: ад берага возера да райскай затокі, выспы Нарса і поўнаметражных да Тыкандэрогі, пры роўнай колькасці варыянтаў абеду: закуска самастойна. Бары і грыль прадметы, абед і вячэрнія абеды, круізы з забаўкай, рэбры па панядзелках па Сэнт-Луісе, па аўторках тако, серады мак-н-сыр, чацвер піцы, пятніца Fiesta і нядзелю Prime Rib.

"Для гэтага адзінага ў сваім родзе круізнага прыгоды," заключае Такетт (тамсама, стар 25), "выходзіце на борт любога з гэтых бліскучых белых цудаў і аддаляйцеся на некаторы час. Пакуль знікаюць гукі возера Джордж-Вілідж, карабель ператвараецца ў свет для сябе: гуллівы ветрык коціцца над пасажырамі, калі сонца грэе іх цела і душу ".

Крыніцы артыкула:

Такетт, Пол. "Волаты возера". "Наведайце возера Джордж у Адыронданках Нью-Ёрка". Аддзел турызму акругі Уорэн, 2019 г.

Law of Attraction and the application of spirituality – why domestic violence starts, and love begins to love

Search studies proving the violence, the violence begins quite easily. It is almost common sense and simple logic. Garbage in; debris – is computer Ling. If we think about the human mind as someone & # 39; your computer, it applies with equal accuracy. "If you sleep with dogs, you wake up from fleas" – a proverb that gives the physical picture of the same logic. Today it is known as the Law of Attraction, as if we had never heard of this truth. But the truth seems to be that we are difficult to apply simple logic one context to another.

The Law of Attraction by any other name simply describes "what would you expect?"

When I physically spend communicating with a certain type of people, sooner or later I witness some of their predominant characteristics. So when I spent much time with people, millionaires, it logically follows that I "absorb" some of their characteristics. I'm going to affect. (Note to myself: hanging out with millionaires)

It's called "influence"? This pattern of thinking that sways me anyway. Influence, like all things on Earth, can be good or bad. But the impact – is an energetic form. All thoughts – is an energetic form: book, speech, movies, plays, music. All are prepared with the intention to influence how this article.

I mean, that we begin to understand and respect the power of our thoughts, and so our thoughts are formed and the resulting effects on each other. The idea that we create every piece of our reality, is of paramount importance; because what we think is important (or becomes a matter of the action), and what we say and do affects others. The idea that "God" has a hand in either this is true only to the extent that any individual "stepped up" to infinity and received guidance and inspiration to convey your message.

We can create individual, and this, as we can, and experience your own unique life. And we can create together and with others, that is, as we have our collective experience as something & # 39; and, the club, the corporation as a nation. We create with the help of thought forms that we keep. However, the final ace in the hole for each of us – is freedom. We can choose to think about their own sovereign decision. In the privacy of our minds at absolute elections all alone we can think about anything, take any position, the harbor and to believe in anything: with a team or uniquely their own. No one, absolutely no one, can not choose for you the idea.

Here, the basis of our fundamental freedoms. I can listen to all the thoughts the whole day in the media, from friends, films and books, but in the end I was the only one who goes through the trash and treats everyone that decides to be "not good" for me, and keep those things which I believe , "good" for me. I do not fear. I can choose a creative approach. I can choose to be free.

thought forms are valid; some more than others. For example, the forms of thought and behavior that occur as a result of the war, have deep roots in the history of man. That has always been done. When we think of this form of thinking as the war as the way to enter the deep grooves, when we go to the wagon, one can imagine the difficulty of removal of the car from the track, rather than the other way. The deeper the groove, the more entrenched the sample, the more habitual behavior. Intelligent thinking (mind) meets the phrase "that's the way it's done"; or "so"; or "this is our tradition," or "our story."

Free, we will give us the option to do whatever you want. Often, however, we go to the groove and decide that we do not like to travel. We want to do something different. (This, of course, is no different from the habit of change on an individual basis.) But then this thing called momentum in combination with another: that we do not know otherwise. A new way – for now – is unknown.

The human mind loves to share the experience, and therefore we have a problem with the study of something so simple as a "sleeping dog" as a general principle of life. Thus, communication with the human mind – it is the whole point of fracture.

By the time I was living, I knew about the world and the peace movement and a desire for change. It was thought a small speaker, which means a new idea. Over the past 40 years, he is gaining more and more power, so the speed increases. That is to say, more and more people at this time of the time involved, reflects, says, considering the idea of ​​"the world" – the world power – than ever before.

And common sense logic asks: "What can you expect & # 39; Most of us are now aware and consciously realize that if we participate in the war, we can expect that more and with such a mindset we?." Expect "that if we to show more love, we can expect more love.

Conducting some research in this article, I came across a remarkable scientific work, which is written by Laura E. View, when she was studying at the college of Saint Rose in Albany, New York. He has the right, Why the violence begins to love violence and allows love .

In fact, perfectly in Article Ms Vir & # 39 is what she says about the biology of the brain, when it focuses on the "good" and "evil." Using research Andrew Newberg, Eugene Priscilla and wine each Rouse in his book, Why God has won? , Ballantine Books, 2001, it illustrates the science of changes in the brain, where it focuses on the violent events in contrast to the biology of the brain, where it focuses on the spiritual events.

Now remember who can choose where we have concentrated the brain . We do. Each of us has sovereignty over the focus of our thoughts.

Since we can choose where we will or will not focus its myslyarskuyu energy (our spirit), its vitality, and the very act of choice, we are changing the chemistry of our anatomy, we can rightly conclude that we make all our own reality 100% time. We create 100% of our biology, 100% of our individual experience and 100% of our collective experience.

Thus, in one small work definitively shown that the law of attraction is true: violence indeed breeds violence, and love allows love. What can be done with simple common sense. Sincere stab at it we manage completely focus .

The reason that we are engaged in spiritual practice (not necessarily religious), is self-control.

Mastering is possible to take a conscious and deliberate control over the focus of the life force energy .

Science and spirituality are blurred, does not it?

Positive thinking – just the tip of the iceberg to a happy life

Although it pleases my heart that a film like "The Secret", has now become the main theme, which says that if you simply change your thinking to "positive thoughts", you change your life, it's not the whole story, but just the tip of the ice Berg to create a prosperous life.

People – the most exciting topic in the world. We are complex and largely still quite a secret for themselves. But it's fun to be a man, work secrets. Human behavior has been in the spotlight for a long time. We've come to this from the psychological, behavioral, spiritual and emotional aspects. No one gave us a clear picture of how they all fit together.

However, we are confident in the understanding of our parts.

Positive thinking like a chicken and egg question. First, a happy life, so positive thoughts; or positive thoughts, and therefore happy life.

A key component of any positive changes in a person's life with a & # 39; is, above all, freedom of will. The absolute ability to realize our free choice and make a new decision, to choose a new path; and then, Using that free willTo pursue this new path with care and determination. I call it applied spirituality. We use their free will to apply our spirit (energy) in a manner and location that we consciously choose.

On this single fact, the existence of free elections, any life can change. Many variables selection success. It is obvious that pre-conditioning – is that any person or in their favor or stretches ahead. Those who are brought up in an environment where they are encouraged to believe in themselves, respect themselves, make these changes easier because they already believe that they can and will. In addition, those who were due to (humanized), to believe that they are not good enough, smart, wise enough, will have a more difficult time for the turn.

But I was a witness to the fact that people are making amazing positive changes in their lives. I study people and human behavior combined with their spirituality for over 30 years. And anything that we can not be, do and have. However, changes are evolutionary rather than as we would like to revolutionize the way. Positive variation (or negative) going in one logical step.

Here's how it works. In our lives there are real conditions that we do not like. This is not good. Then we want to change. In that single moment is the greatest clarity of what we really want. We know with certainty that this is what we want to experience. I remember the moment Scarlett & # 39; Harry Gone with the wind where she states: "I swear that I will never again be hungry!" It was then and there she was absolutely clear what she wants and It determined lined its internal self with its new plan. This, too, at the very moment when we either take on their new solution, either immediately reject it. Courageous people make; cowards refuse.

we build our new choice, a lot of things thrown at first, it is doubtful. We doubt that we can. We have no idea how. And for many it is almost everything that ever happens. We want something new, we do not believe in it, and so will disable the new choice before him with the & # 39 even a tiny chance of getting a root appears.

To those who want it, and brave enough to trust, there is something else. I call it the life of ambiguity. We have no idea how. We have no idea when or where or who. We only have a new dream, a new choice, but we produce our energy (our Spirit or Gachyp) behind this new solution. Now that a new vision begins to grow new small roots.

From there we make "to do" steps. We begin to look for the steps that go on our way, support the new solution. We are looking for them with the expectation that they are there. "Oh, it's so." The path opens. We recognize that there is a step! We are grateful. We continue to look for the next step and the next and the next. Doubt never come into play.

Perhaps this is where positive thinking comes in order to avoid doubts and change the old old man working conditions caused by the mind. But at the same time, we need to visualize what we dream in detail and often. We have to see it and feel it as if it is present today. We do this to make "energy" in a dream and just give her life.

Thoughts – is energy. The more energy we give our dreams, the more it becomes a "matter" and manifestation.

No less important part of the "to do". We need to take these steps, and the steps that we do, we focus our vitality as a laser. Such focus of our life force – this is how we create. Literally, it is how we create something new using our spirit consciously and deliberately on what we want.

Ask anyone who has life situation not in a condition. They created a "disorder", which confirms the positive that we are very creative beings. The difference lies in the fact that they concentrate their vitality on the level of consciousness in which they are comfortable and familiar. When we reach for more or better – that we do not have the experience – a big task. This requires new ideas, new areas of focus. For example, if I want to have more money, I am sure that I have a new idea about money. If I have only my present consciousness of money, I have to look for new thoughts and new ideas of money. I could communicate with people who do not care about money and learn how they think and believe. I could read a book about money. I could talk to people who have money. I find new ideas and peraaryentuyu its vitality in this direction. And then, I'm doing the steps that I do.

In my opinion, the way in which we create a simple. We create something on which is oriented. Period. The problem is that we focus on what is our "standard" set of ideas and beliefs; or we focus on the distraction, which has nothing to do with positive changes.

What distracts us from this clean, positive attention, – it is the human mind and its conditioning of fear, doubt and lack. Our spirit, our Gadchyp always on board what we want. The practice is to learn to put the human mind to a cat a place that we will not have to untie the old tape. Free will is also meant to choose the moment to turn off the TV and start the Italian language, or read a book about money, or listen to a lecture about the weight loss. Free will also mean that I will talk about their new dream, I'll be looking for people, places and things that support my new dream. I'm not going to watch 14 hours of repetitions or speak those same old conversations. I will. I WILL it, so I'm doing.

Positive thinking – that's the goal, is not the way. Faith – this is the way. Self-discipline of thought and attention – this vehicle. Travel to learn to distinguish the human mind from Gachypa inspiration.

Positive changes are simple. It is not easy. But in fact, it is encouraging that these issues are now the main consideration. Now we are going together to find a solution to the mysteries of the human race. And it all worked out, because we were asked to answer; and they are given.

Indeed, this is the most exciting time of life. Now we are closer than any before, to learn themselves.

Favorite beer: the Germans, the Yankees and the prohibition in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Germans long enjoyed alcohol. If at the beginning of the seventh century Irish missionary Columbanus first encounter with the Germans, it happened with the ritual sacrifice of beer.

Even after the Germans had become Christians, the majority of religious leaders followed the biblical view of alcohol as the welfare of God. Martin Luther admired beer and wine: from time to time he n & # 39; they are, and he used the melody of popular songs songs for some of their hymns.

That was the tradition in the missionary pastor Frederick Schmid, who came to Michigan in 1833 to gather the congregation among the German state of immigrants. But Schmid, who founded the Lutheran Church and Zion and Bethlehem on the & # 39; United Church of Christ, quickly learned that other local ministers are habits much more strictly. Repulsed the general predilection for strong drink and habit to continue n & # 39; yanyya alcoholic beverages, many were in favor of an outright ban drinking.

In June, 1834 to Schmid asked the local minister of presbyter. Or be used Schmid their powers to convince the Germans Ann Arbor adhere to Presbyterian principles of temperature, which prohibits not only alcohol, but even coffee and tea?

Schmid said he did not have to obey their Christian Jarmuth. People with the Holy Spirit in them will not drink too much and not to misuse God's gifts. Jesus said Schmid, drank wine.

The clash of cultures, which began on that day, will last nearly a century. The Germans arrived in Ann Arbor on a background of a large movement of moderate Americans, born in 1920.

Most of the German settlers had seen things like Schmid. Their attitude is enshrined in the Constitution of the Church Betyl Liberty, condemning only the n & # 39; yanyya alcoholic beverages. The churchyard is the tombstone with the date "31 February". According to a former pastor Roman Reineke, family farms would be visited by masons when he worked. They bring hard cider or wine, and by day's end date does not matter.

In the cities, where the majority were German, so communication has caused little trouble. But the German love of alcohol was much more of a problem in Ann Arbor. In the period from 1868 to 1918, the city recorded 221 directories a place where alcohol is distributed, more than half of which belonged to the German Americans.

Edith Shtybler Kempf (1898-1993) talked about the interior of the XIX century, driven by Charlie Bear. We went to the professor, lawyers and wealthy German farmers. Baer also serve food, and, according to accounts Kempf, never had fears.

Yankee Michygandy seven & # 39; and some came from New England or New York State, possibly ignoring the Germans, who were selling beer to other Germans. But the student population Ann Arbor was another matter. Most of the students came from the era of Jesus seven & # 39; ads Yankees and grew up in the homes of Methodist, Baptist and presviteryyantsav where teetatalizm conducted. Independently in Ann Arbor, some honored their new freedoms, including the freedom to drink.

At the beginning of the University of Michigan closely followed by students. They lived on campus, conducted a curfew at 21 o'clock, and they had to attend mandatory chapel twice a day to hear the sermon, voted faculty instructors who are mainly intended for the Protestant clergy.

This changed when Philippe Henry Tapani took over as president of the university in 1852 Tappan visited research universities in Prussia, and he began to recruit faculty on the basis of fellowship, not church affiliation. Tappan also abolished the university hostel because I wanted students to be more independent and live for the borough, as students in Europe.

Tappan himself drank wine at meal time, and he did not care that the students drank beer. He really spoke out against distilled spirit, but it is unlikely to suit more conservative capacity and regents.

Free from the authority of parents and university students have turned to alcohol hell. In 1856, the student mobs attacked the German drinking place during "the war in the Netherlands." The conflict began when Zhakab Hangsterfer threw two quarrelsome students with their beer halls. They returned the next night with friends, armed with knives and batons. If Hangsterfer refused to provide them with free drinks, the students broke open casks and barrels and destroyed furniture and glass.

Soon, six students through my hotel window and interior Henry Binder and helped himself to a drink German ball. Binder could capture only one of the students and took him hostage. Others received reinforcements from the campus. If Binder demanded $ 10 for the stolen snacks, the students attacked the ram. If the brick walls give way, Binder set his huge dog on students. But the students & # 39; dogs, dog killed Binder. Students then went to get their muskets, which they used in military exercises, and at this moment Binder wise to let him go into captivity.

Zaklikavshysya on the carpet of Regents, Tappan said that the university retains the requirement for daily chapel and Sunday church visits, as well as other evidence of the moral of the student body. He also called for the implementation of a new urban order, which prohibits the sale of alcohol to minors and drunk people. But the following year a former student died after drinking in the lounge Binder and friends.

Tappan joined the community who are putting pressure on the City Council to informally agree that alcohol is not a license to be issued to the east of Division Street, creating a "dry line" for the protection of campus. But Tappan lost points with regents when he refused to accept personal concern. Although he raised the university to a national increase of growth ten times, laying the foundations of legal and engineering schools, and much more – the regents were more concerned about his moral shortcomings. They fired him in 1863.

The location Tappan regents appointed minister of the Methodist and professor of Latin Erastus Haven. The Presbyterian Church was inaugurated Gaven. At the ceremony the regent expressed a detailed information about the "sinful" behavior Tappan.

However, the president of New Haven, unsuccessfully, to curb urban students. In 1867, he informed the Association will give libraries that Ann Arbor "disgraced throughout the country" as a "place of debauchery and alcohol Up & # 39; yanennya". By 1871, he had been stung by quarrels, dissensions night and destructive pranks, voters chose Ann Arbor University faculty member of the mayor. Silo Douglas immediately made municipal leader to warn salons that long ignored the resolution on Sunday, the closing will be performed.

Conflict of Ann Arbor on the alcohol in the end became a problem for the whole country. The Michigan Department of Women's Christian Union in 1881, the temperature was issued a flyer in 1881 that the city dekretue salons for making men "bruterami". The leaflet lists thirty-seven owners of salons by name, most of whom are Americans in Germany, and argues that "Al-Arba would be better morally, socially, intellectually, and in any other case, if this disgusting long list of people would have every one of they die of smallpox within the next week. "

In 1887, Michigan voted for the proposed amendment to the state constitution that prohibits the manufacture and sale of alcohol. Ann Arbor stiff German Second Chamber (now the old West Side) rejected her ten to one. Sixth Ward, which was dominated by the Yankees and universities, three voted "for". He lost across the country.

The forces of moderation Ann Arbor finally achieved some success in 1902, when unofficial dry the area around the University became part of the city charter. By 1908, eleven counties of Michigan adopted local ordinances prohibitive, and every year they are joined by more and more districts. In 1916, the voters of Michigan again considered an amendment to a ban in the state constitution. Second Ward still voted "against", almost two, one, but Ann Arbor in general voted for the ban, as well as the state.

The late Ernie Split recalled that the government inspectors, who arrived at the brewery "Michigan Union" on Fourth Street, on the day when the state is dry, 1 mine in 1918. According to split, all drinking, even the inspectors. Then "the rest of the beer was poured down the drain. It was the saddest day of my life."

Horde Michyganderav headed to Ohio to drink, leading the governor of Michigan ordered state troopers patrolling the border. Cars that ignore the roadblocks, were fired, and the governor was forced to & # 39; to reveal the limited military state. A passenger was killed in the neck when the driver was unable to stop on the highway for the paratroopers in Ann Arbor. But as a result of the search of the car there is no alcoholic beverages.

In 1918, with the & # 39 approved the entrance of the eighteenth amendment, which prohibits the manufacture, sale or transportation of alcoholic beverages. It was ratified by the states in early 1919 and entered into force in January 1920.

The ban actually reduce the strong alcohol consumption, particularly among workers in rural and urban towns. But it had the opposite effect among the bona fide angels.

Bootleggers and illegal places to drink largely ignored beer and wine, focusing instead on the more lucrative hard liquor. Cocktails become chic.
It is estimated that each week from Canada through the Detroit River were brought from 400 to 600 cases of whiskey. Much of it was later moved to Chicago, usually passing through the district Vashtenau.

One cold April night in 1927, police in Ann Arbor, William Erwin Kibler mark and stopped the car in the city center. The driver did not register, so Marty was standing at the machine, which sends it to the police headquarters, and Kibeler followed the patrol car. Near the headquarters of one of the passengers pulled out a gun and shot five times in the window, undermining Marty to the sidewalk. The machine with the & # 39; riding. Fortunately, the killer insisted that Marty wore a bulletproof vest.

If the police stepped up their efforts to enforce, gangsters simply used their huge profits to buy faster cars and more guns. Ordinary citizens were afraid of being caught in the fire. They placed an American flag sticker on the windshield with "Don Don" inscription, shoot, I do not Butler. "

Due to the frustration of law enforcement officials, they hit the little man in a German restaurant in Ann Arbor, Metzger. In 1929, owner Bill Metzger asked to sell hard cider and put on probation for five years. He was fined $ 100 and could not leave the state without the consent of the court. Him, his means of transport, business and the home can be sought at any time without a warrant. To avoid future cases cracklings, he could not sell cider.

During the 1920s, even the Germans began to question the ban. They realized that they had just replaced the hated interior on Elementary and blind pig and began to think that the average German approach, drank beer and wine can be good.

In the presidential election in 1932, Franklin Roosevelt ran as the candidate of the wet. As one of the first acts of the new Congress adopted Twenty-First Amendment, repealing the ban. In April of Michigan became the first state to ratify it. By May, the sale and consumption of alcohol were again legal in Ann Arbor.

Michigan brewery Union Union restored as a brewery in Ann Arbor. Kurt Neumann, a longtime resident of the "Cabbage Town" have been known to "the Old West Side," she recalled how people from the neighborhood sat, stuffed plaque directly from the nuts and sat, talking and drinking. Unfortunately, some locals were not loyal to the "Ann Arbor Old Tyme", "Creme Top" or "Town Club" – perhaps because it's all the same beer, only with different labels. Brewery permanently closed in 1949.

In 1960, local voters finally allowed to serve liquor bar. In 1964, they replaced the age-old dry line dry smaller island around the university, and in 1969 it was even eliminated. Anne Arbaryty abolished the last vestiges of the crusade against alcohol Yankees.

This article originally with & # 39 appeared in the review of Ann Arbor for September 2009 For more information about the history of Ann Arbor, including photos, berery and more, can be found on the website: http://www.celticgerman.com

Regional Aircraft Airport Long Island MacArthur


The story of 50-seat regional jet manufactured by Canadair and Embraer, and to a lesser extent preceded scholarships Fokker F.28 and British Aerospace the BAe-146 – largely the story MacArthur Airport on Long Island, as this type of finally eased basic service delivery hubs carrier. Introducing greater reach to smaller airlines and secondary airports, it offers the same speed, time unit and comfort as traditionally large aircraft line, including the gap between them and the aircraft turbavinta 19-50 passengers who were too small and too slow for many of these sectors.

The need, in large part, was due to the deregulation of the airline, which has led to the rise of bribes routes system and calls to the US. Binding and serve passengers on planes higher capacity of large, such as American, Continental, Delta and United, with a long, but thin segments, operating regional airlines, which have two-letter code and liver majors originally independent passenger carriers quickly spread, primarily due to the new type of spray. It was the right aircraft at the right time and led to what was called "the regional jet revolution."

Regional aircraft were not only the most cost-effective way for airlines to connect hundreds, if not thousands, of communities with airports and global networks of airlines, "according to Bombardier Aerospace (which later acquired Canadair)," these innovative aircraft intensified experience of travel of passengers and provided regional airline traffic increase , revenues and greater market share. To further increase the traffic growth promoted the idea of ​​using Canadair regional aircraft to move between "talking" cities. Each new city that speaks, increases the number of passengers traveling to the center of the main regional airline partner. These additional routes give passengers in small communities more choices of flights. "

This certainly happened in MacArthur Airport on Long Island Islip.

"There are literally hundreds of markets that can not support regular crafts, but 30-, 50- and 70-bed can provide a convenient and cost-effective service", – said Doug Bliss, vice president of Delta Air Lines network analysis. "Regional Aircraft – a phenomenal transformation industry The vast majority of deployments has expanded the reach of hubs with more fuel efficient aircraft.".

Over the cooperative nature of this type and it also had a competitive side. It can be considered a tool that attacked the fortress with high speaking and major airlines, allowing a smaller carrier, which began to traditional passenger turbiram, to penetrate into the cracks in the armor of Major, creating new routes, which do not need a hub. food for adequate load factors.

Early regional jet operations:

Perhaps the earliest regional jet aircraft in the western world, which excludes from the discussion the Russian trymator, 27 passenger Yakovlev Yak-40, was the scholarship Fokker F.28.

Rating his winged twin-turbine-40 passenger F.27 Friendship, a compass needle, it is directed toward the pure jet application, which would offer greater speed and hence reduced number of blocks led to the development F.28 itself.

Announced in April 1962, it was intended for short-term transactions, but offers greater room for 65 seats in the fuselage, wide enough for a five-storey buildings. Externally similar to the main plane, such as the British Aircraft Corporation BAC-111 and McDonnell-Douglas DC-9, on it are mounted low and difficult vzmeshchanae wing at the leading edge, feed the two Rolls Royce RB.183 Spey turbofan Younger, dorsal fin and t -hvost but kept simple, eliminating any advanced devices. Unique for its construction was gidraaktyvnaya petal petals that form the aft fuselage. Expanded to varying degrees, this contributed to a steep, but slow and controlled descent profiles.

In addition to the financial support of the Dutch government, risk-sharing program stemmed from Short Brothers of Belfast, Northern Ireland; HFB and VFW Germany; and AiResearch, Dowty Rotol and Goodyear.

Three prototypes, respectively, for the first time soared May 9 August 3 on & # 39; reality October 20, 1967, and the first production version, F.28-1000, was delivered to launch customer LTU Germany February 24 two years later. As happened with the F.27, sales could count the single digits, so F.28 was usually the largest type in the fleet small airline.

A stretched version, F.28-4000, was 97.2 feet and an overall length of nearly 12 feet more wingspan of 82.3 feet. 9,850 works on two turbines Rolls Royce Spey 555-15H, it had a maximum takeoff weight of 73,000 pounds, a cruising speed of 530 miles / hr, and the maximum duty ratio and the fuel is between one thousand one hundred sixty-two to 2560 miles. Despite the fact that it was located 79 pyatstsyurazavymi, another six-passengers classmates, 85 th, can be transported by 29-inch back step with an optional exit outlet on each side.

This type of operation laid down in the "Islip" P & # 39; Repairing.

Sam P & # 39; Repairing opened scheduled air communication even February 20, 1948 with flight 41. Going to Vilmingtan, North Carolina, at 7:00, his DC-3 made multiple path in Pinehurst, Charlotte, Asheville, three cities, Lexington and Cincinnati. Two more aircraft of this type and 250 employees form the basis of metal and man.

With the progressive expansion, especially with the expansion of routes to Atlanta, he initially harbored flights Delta and Eastern region, significantly increasing until it became a private US capital. Perhaps symbolic of its prestige has become both a literal and a major airline, arrival in New York in 1966.

Earnings: $ 1 million in 1965 and almost twice as much as two years. Uzvodivshy its first unit in Charlotte, North Carolina, he exuded reach to major cities such as Boston, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Miami, Dallas / Ft. It should, and Denver exceeds the number of passengers, the traditional support of Charlotte "Eastern Airlines".

Working in the 727-100's, 727-200's and 737-200's – his last workhorse of small and medium level – she advertised in a systematic schedule of October 31, 1982 "We make it easy to bypass more than 80 cities."

After that hubs were established in Baltimore, and Dayton, and large-scale 767-200ER eventually reached the West Coast and Europe.

Until 1987, P & # 39; Repairing led 177th fleet of about 235 destinations peravozivshy 23 million passengers, and therefore had to buy USDir 1.6 billion.

Capacity, especially F.28-1000 65 passengers, the airport is provided by the frequency of the Long Island MacArthur.

Of the five daily departures, which were sent to the center of Baltimore, in the morning and evening were held 128-passenger 737-300; in the middle of the morning and in the afternoon they flew to Hensanam, 37-passenger DHC-8-100s regional airlines "P & # 39; Repairing"; and southern sector was conducted F.28-1000, which allowed him to "equip" their equipment, depending on the time of day, and the power supply.

If P & # 39; Repairing acquired on the basis of the State of New York and at the center of Empire Airlines concentration in 1986, together with Syracuse center and 85-passenger F.28-4000s, he turned on the type of Islip, to feed its significantly developed node Charlotte .

Another early regional jet aircraft became British Aerospace BAe-hundred and forty-sixth

Final design response to a need in the trough or regional aircraft achieved many iterations, including a high-winged, double turbavinta DH.123, the proposed de Havilendam and nizkakrylaga with engines located aft, until he arrived at the Hawker Siddeley with HS.146 turbofan Avco Lycoming ALF-502 with high bypass ratio. Since they did not create the necessary thrust for the aircraft, which provides for the use of only four established pylon to the bottom of the wing, can provide the necessary performance and range.

Despite the fact that the official launch of 1973 looks promising, the next world recession, rising oil prices and escalating development costs have made it on time, which led to his termination in October 1974. But still it was continued.

After de Haviland and Hawker Siddeli were about & # 39 combined in the nationalized British Aerospace, and July 10, 1978 the government has been given a full-scale program.

Final assembly took place at Hatfield.

Sports as F.28 Fellowship, t-aft lobe and tail, fuselage, which creates an air brake system for steep approaches deviated having a high wing, also without devices with the front edge, and four turbofan. While the cabin was wide enough to seat six places, most elected five carriers.

The first flight of the aircraft BAe-146-100 with Hetfield was held September 3, 1981. Then came two consecutive stretched version of the BAe-146-200 and -300.

The first, which first aired on August 1, 1982, had a 93.10-foot and 86-foot span with a 15-degree disassembly and plates, the rear edge of Fuller. Up to 112 passengers of a class can be accommodated on six ball, 29-inch step. Its maximum weight of the shaft was 93,000 pounds, and the range with full payload is 1130 nautical miles.

June 27, 1983 the aircraft BAe-146 was adopted by the Air Wisconsin.

President's flight path based Harold J.. PACE in 1985 and headquartered in Washington, DC, was the sole operator of this type in Islip, who maintained a fleet of eight BAe-146-200s, in addition to its 737-200s. Connecting Long Island to Dulles International Center, he later worked as a Continental Express carrier code and United Express, respectively, giving each of its major flights in Washington.

Late regional jet operations:

next generation first regional plane shape in an Kanadyra FRY (later bambardav & # 39; e).

In addition to the development of entirely new designs, aircraft manufacturers with potential low-power aircraft had two options: to reduce the scale of the existing aircraft lines, for example, DC-9-10, which would involve too much weight for his constructive market. or zoom in on an aircraft. Those who fell into the latter category, there were business jets, although their narrow fuselage made them less than ideal for such commercial applications. Because of the wide cockpit own CL-600 Challenger, which first flew in 1978, Canadair was able to choose the latter option.

Initially it was assumed that it includes a simple plot, containing 24 passengers on four levels and is designed CL-600e, it was first published in 1980, but canceled their plans to go to the version in the next year. In 1987, a year after being purchased by Bombardier's Canadair was, a small regional jet concept has been reviewed, leading to its launch in 1989.

A more ambitious version than the original, it is submitted 19.5-foot extension, achieved by means of direct transmission and feed fuselage plugs additional emergency exits reinforced wing fuel with increased power and two turbamatav General Electric CF34, located at the stern. 29 mine in 1991, after the test flight program of three aircraft it has received FAA certification on October 29 next year, joining the service to the customer Lufthansa CityLine, who took advantage of this. to provide a service "point to point" and "hub-feed" for Western European destinations from Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich.

Based on the fact that one pilot described as "sexual views," the original version of the CRJ-100 differed pointed nose, 69.7-foot length of 87.10 feet, winged touch with an area of ​​520.4 square feet and the rear edge flaps, two 9,220 -kilagram CF34-3A1 reversaram traction provided turbaventylyatarami and t-tail. Fifty passengers in four years can be accommodated on the seats in the cabin fast closed aboveground storage compartments, galleries and toilet.

The payload was 13,500 pounds, brutal weight of 53,000 pounds, and hesitated 1650 nautical miles.

Next CRJ-200, operating on the basis CF34-3B1s, provides greater range, lower fuel consumption and increases the cruising speed and altitude.

Both types of sales amounted to one thousand and fifty-four.

The staff is headquartered at the International Airport Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky, Comair was the first modern regional jets to operators MacArthur Long Island.

Starting service as airlines in 1977, she initially touched in Akron / Canton, Cleveland and Evansville eight-passenger, with a piston-powered Piper Navajos, changing them to 18-passenger turbovitrom Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirantes.

After the establishment of the center kantsentratarnaga Cincinnati in 1984, he took as a Delta Connection carrier and works in Pluck. He greatly expanded, soon acquiring the equipment underground Fairchild Swearingen, Shorts 330, Embraer, EMB-120, Brazil and Saab 340. Orlando became the second center.

US buyer for the Canadair Regional Jet was manageable 163 to 2005, including 63 CRJ-100ER, 37 CRJ-100LR, 37 CRJ-200ER and 27 CRJ-700LR.

Delta acquired a 20 percent stake in camera, and the rest – in three years.

This type of help in the discovery of Islip in service, providing three daily morning, afternoon and evening tours in Cincinnati that passengers can connect to their own flights and Delta Partners. This relationship opened the rest of the country and parts of Canada, on Long Island.

Other operators Canadair regional jets from MacArthur, who was also a Delta Connection carrier, was ASA Atlantic Southeast Airlines company.

Opening independent regular service from Atlanta to Columbus, GA, June 27, 1979 on de Havilenda Canada DHC-6 Twin Other aircraft he moved through another turbavint, the EMB-110 before you buy BAe-146-200 aircraft and CRJ Types -200, which fed center Delta Atlanta after he signed with him two letters with the marketing agreement. As happened with Comair, ASA has been supplemented by an increase in purchases of shares, while Delta did not become their owners.

Cincinnati made in 2002, was the 100th point of his destination, and in 2003 he took the 100th regional jet. By 2011, he led 112 CRJ-200ER, 46 CRJ-700ER and 10 CRJ-900ER.

Islip was connected to its own and a wide center of Atlanta Delta with three daily trips are guided ASA CRJ-200, to August 1, 1999. Later, the route is also served by the camera.

Other operators Canadair commuter plane to Islip was Air Wisconsin, received a corporate aircraft US Airways Express and restored the relationship lost as a result of restrictions National Reagan National slots when it vehavshy plane arrived in 1250. March 25, 2012, it was provided by a water screen . MacArthur on the ramp.

Went back to the one thousand three hundred twenty-eight year, he became the first of the two daily guided tours CRJ-200. Although he was very approved by lawmakers, it was short-lived.

Counterpart, the Canadair Regional Jet – if not a competitor – was Embraer ERJ-one hundred and forty-five

Using its power from the engine never available that allow it to operate at mostly untapped markets, he sought outweigh the higher fuel consumption in them than in comparison with the conventional turbavinteram, increasing its daily use shorter time units that were given in combination. with a large reception of passengers.

In contrast to the business jet CL-600 Challenger Canadair, he used the EMB-120 Brasilia as the inspirational basis for presenting the two fuselage plugs and refurbished wing, with an elongated front chord, a small gap, and lionfish, but replacing turbavitornyya engines chystastruynyya found in pods. Tail T has been stored. It was originally intended EMB-145 Amazon.

Turbofan Allison GMA-3007 which produces 7100 pounds of thrust, with the potential of up to 10 000, was elected in early 1990.

Iteration, which pulled pamyanshanuyu length, increasing spans, greater fuel capacity, a lot of weight and improving performance, led to the final ERJ-145, which first flew August 1, 1995. in the passage at the front of the cab, it was 12,755 pounds of payload and 48 501 lb gross weight. It was first delivered to launch customer ExpressJet Airlines, which operates in the following year as a Continental Express, providing power, speed and range to meet the demand for longer, thin routes to supply its own flights and flights Continental.

"The company Continental Airlines, located in the center of the international airport of Cleveland, with & # 39 is the largest airline in the northeast Ohio, which has more than 250 daily departures to nearly 80 cities," according to "United Airlines Corporate News," March 29, 2004 . "With one of the youngest aircraft fleet in the US, Continental and Continental Express offer convenient high service from Cleveland to major business centers, including Boston, New York (Newark Liberty, LaGuardia, Kennedy, White Plains, and Ісліп), Вашынгтон (Рэйган Нацыянальны, Балтымор-Вашынгтон і Даллес), Чыкага (О'Хары і Мідвей), Х'юстан і Атланта.

Як і іншыя рэгіянальныя авіякампаніі, ExpressJet быў аб'яднаны вынікам некалькіх перавозчыкаў прыгарадных турбін – сярод іх авіякампаніі Bar Harbor of Bangor, Мэн; Авіякампаніі правінцыі горада Бастан-Бостан з горада Хіаніс, штат Масачусэтс; Rocky Mountain Airways з Дэнвера, штат Каларада; і Brit Airways з Terre Haute, штат Індыяна, усе яны ляцелі на сертыфікат эксплуатацыі апошняга.

4 верасня 1998 г. ён адкрыў рэгіянальную ракетную службу ERJ-145 і ў выніку стаў найбуйнейшым аператарам тыпу з усіх трох версій, у тым ліку малодшага, 37 пасажырскага ERJ-135 і 44 пасажырскага ERJ-140.

Тры штодзённыя раніцы, днём і ўвечары частаты Ісліп-Кліўленда, якія носяць нумары рэйсаў "CO", звязваюць Лонг-Айленд з астатняй часткай краіны.

Яшчэ адным рэгіянальным самалётам MacArthur Embraer быў American Eagle.

Як і Continental Express, канцэпцыя American Eagle, якая была прадстаўлена ў канцы 1984 года, стала следствам няздольнасці American Airlines эканамічна абслугоўваць другасныя і троесныя рынкі сваімі асноўнымі бруямі. Ён хутка рос, сілкуючыся ступіцамі і пераходзячы ад турбавінта да чыстага рэактыўнага абсталявання. Першы афіцыйна прызначаны палёт амерыканскага арла – з Файетвілла, штат Арканзас, у Далас, адбыўся 1 лістапада, калі адзін з 14-х канвеер-верталётаў Metroflight 580-х, які працуе пры дапамозе двух турбавітраў 3,750-шп Аллісан 501-D13H, пагрузіўся ў паўднёва-заходнюю хаму амерыканца. Самалёт, пераўтвораны з поршневых самалётаў CV-240, -340s і -440s, у рэшце рэшт быў заменены на Saab 340s.

Другім, хто ўступіў у складку, таксама ў гэтым годзе стаў Пафкіпсі, штат Нью-Ёрк, на базе Command Airways, які кіраваў Буком 99, DHC-6 Twin Otters, Shorts 330s, Shorts 360s і ATR-42s.

Simmons, трэці, разгарнуў японскія NAMC YS-11s, Shorts 360s, ATR-42s і ATR-72s з Чыкага-О'Хара і Wings West, чацвёрты, адправіў C99s, Fairfield Swearingen Metros, Jetstream 31s і Saab 340s да месцаў захаду ўзбярэжжа

У рэшце рэшт, 15 верасня 1986 года ў пуэр-Рыка ўвайшлі басейны, якія працуюць на Aviocars CAS-C-212-200, шорты 360-х і ATR-72.

З Ісліп ён кіраваў паўдня ERJ-145 да Чыкага-О'Хара, дапаўняючы ранішні і вячэрні амерыканскі MD-80, і замяніў чатыры штодзённыя 34-пасажырскія Saab 340 (якія калісьці ляталі ў колерах Business Express перад AMR, Inc ., набыў яго і склаў у амерыканскую марку Eagle) з роўнай колькасцю частот 37 пасажыраў ERJ-135.

Яшчэ адным аператарам амерыканскага Eagle ERJ-145 на Лонд-Айлендзе стаў П'емонт, які ўзыходзіць да авіякампаній Henson.

Заснаваны ў 1961 годзе Рычардам Хенсанам, піянерам авіяцыі і пілотам выпрабавальнага самалёта Fairchild, ён пасадзіў аселыя карані ў якасці аператара стацыянарнай базы ў Хагерстауне, штат Мэрыленд, пазначаным "Авіяцыя Хенсан", але пры гэтым пачаў самастойнае планавае абслугоўванне адтуль у Вашынгтоне. 1962 г. пад назвай «Прыгоды Хагерстаун».

Зрабіўшы пяць гадоў праз дамову з Allegheny Airlines пра замену кода і замяніўшы ўласную паслугу гэтага перавозчыка ў Солсберы, штат Мэрыленд, ён пашырыўся да Філадэльфіі, Балтымора і Вашынгтона, а ў 1977 г. сеў на адзін мільённы пасажыр і набыў свой першы чатырохколавы рухавік, 54 пасажыра дэ Хавіленд з Канады DHC-7 праз два гады пасля гэтага.

Набытая кампаніяй П'емонт Авіялінія ў 1983 годзе, яна атрымала рэбрэндынг "Хенсан, рэгіянальная авіякампанія П'емонт".

У наступным годзе адбылася пастаўка першага 37-пасажырскага DHC-8-100, а да канца 1987 года ён абслугоўваў 38 кірункаў у дзесяці штатах, а таксама на Багамскія астравы.

Пасля зліцця 1989 года з USAir, Хенсан дзейнічаў як USAir Express, а потым і авіяперавозчык Airways Express ЗША, але праз чатыры гады быў перайменаваны ў "П'емонтскія авіялініі", каб захаваць першапачатковую ідэнтычнасць. American Airlines, якая набыла US Airways у 2013 годзе і перайменавала яго ў American Eagle, падтрымлівала гэтую філасофію.

Сёння П'емонт / Амерыканскі арол працуе тры штодзённыя частоты ERJ-145, адпраўляючыся ў Ісліп па нумарах 0710, 1035 і 1858 г. да Філадэльфіі, адной з былых хабаў USAir / US Airways. Зваротныя рэйсы прыбываюць на глебу Лонг-Айленд у 1007, 1833 і 2221 гг.

Як ASA Atlantic Southeast Airlines, так і Comair кіравалі вялікім CRJ-700 у Islip.

У выніку першай спробы Bombardier прапанаваць версію з большай ёмістасцю, каб больш эфектыўна канкураваць з Fokker F.70 і Avro International RJ70, абодва 70-мясцовых, яна афіцыйна запусціла праграму ў студзені 1997 года. На падставе арыгінальнага CRJ -200, ён прадставіў крыху больш шырокі фюзеляж з агульнай даўжынёй 106,8 фута; крыло большага памеру, з пралётам 76,3 фута і плошчай 760 квадратных футаў; пярэднія рэйкі для павелічэння хуткаснага ўздыму і скарачэння ўзлёту; 13,790 цяга-фунтаў CF34-8C5B1; ніжні паверх для падвышанай падгалосы кабіны; паднятыя вокны пасажыраў; аднакласная ёмістасць 78; і 18555- і 75000 фунтаў максімальнай карыснай нагрузкі і вагой вагі.

Упершыню вылецеўшы 27 мая 1999 года, ён праз два гады паступіў на службу ў Brit Air, захаваўшы той жа рэйтынг тыпу, што і папярэднікі меншай магутнасці.

Пашыраны дыяпазон CRJ-700ER меў 1504-марскую мілю і крылатую хуткасць 448-вузла / 515-міль / гадзіну.

Рэгіянальныя здымкі рэактыўнага часу ў часе:

З-за попыту, неабходнасці рэгулявання магутнасці, планавання і, у некаторых выпадках, замены аднаго тыпу самалёта іншым, любая спроба абмеркавання рэгіянальных рэактыўных аперацый аэрапорта Лонг-Айленд Макартур можа быць зроблена толькі ў момант часу.

Напрыклад, у апошняй частцы 1988 года, якую можна лічыць раннім рэгіянальным рэактыўным перыядам, Прэзідэнцкія паветраныя шляхі кіравалі самалётам BAe-146-200s у Вашынгтон-Даллес, у той час як П'емонт "патрэбнага памеру" свайго самалёта падтрымліваў частату, укладваючы 65 -пасажырскі поўдзень F.28-1000 паміж раніцай і ўвечары 737-300s і да сярэдзіны раніцы і да поўдня Henson DHC-8-100s.

У 1998 годзе, які можна лічыць світанкам рэгіянальнага рэактыўнага перыяду наступнага пакалення, убачыў Лонг-Айленд, злучаны з цэнтрамі Атланты і Цынцынаці Дэльты і Кліўлендам кантыненталя, адным з CRV-100 з 50 месцамі, CRJ-200 і ERJ-145, адпаведна, кіраванымі by Comair, ASA і ExpressJet.

Колькасць штодзённых вылетаў уключала тры камунікацыйныя / дэльтавыя сувязі CRJ-100 да Цынцынаці, два амерыканскія Eagle ERJ-145 ў Чыкага, два і пазней тры ExpressJet / Continental Express ERJ-145s у Кліўленд, і тры ASA / Delta Connection CRJ-200s да Атланта.

За першы месяц рэгіянальных рэактыўных самалётаў авіякампанія перавезла 6980 пасажыраў, што стала трэцім па велічыні арандатарам аэрапорта па пасадцы.

Да снежня 1999 года восем з 37 штодзённых самалётаў, або 19 працэнтаў, праводзіліся з рэгіянальных самалётаў Канадыр і Эмбраер. Да сакавіка 2000 года ў рэгіёне агульная колькасць пасажырскіх рэйсавых самалётаў склала 16 210, гэта значыць 6107 перавозіў ASA, 6831 – Comair і 3,212 – ExpressJet.

У жніўні 2002 г. American Eagle замяніў свае чатыры рэйсы Saab 340 у Бостан на ERJ-135s, забяспечыўшы харчаванне хаба American Airlines, а да падзення ASA і Comair мадэрнізавалі дзве або іх тры частоты ў Атланце і Цынцынаці да большай магутнасці CRJ-700.

Апошняя інаўгурацыя рэгіянальнага рэактыўнага службы:

Апошнім перавозчыкам, які выйшаў на рынак Лонг-Айленда з рэгіянальным самалётам, быў Elite Airways.

Заснаваная, як было адлюстравана ў назве, каб прапанаваць якасны вопыт падарожжа ў 2016 годзе, ён выйшаў на арэну ў якасці авіяперавозчыка Частка 121 ЗША, які ажыццяўляе перавозку спартыўных каманд і кіраўнікоў на рэгулярныя і чартарныя маршруты па маршрутах з паўночнага ўсходу да Фларыды з адным CRJ -100, пяць CRJ-200s і пяць CRJ-700s.

Абмежаваныя два разы на тыдзень паслугі CRJ-700, ад Ісліпа да Портленда, штат Мэн; Міртл Біч, Паўднёвая Караліна; і Мельбурн, штат Фларыда, былі ўрачыста адкрыты 17 чэрвеня 2016 г. Але меншыя, чым чакалі, фактары нагрузкі падштурхнулі яе да двойчы паўзы, паміж 15 студзеня па 16 лютага 2017 года і красавіком і ліпенем таго ж года, каб перагледзець сваю стратэгію.

У той час як другая падвеска ператварылася ў нечаканую 16-месячную, яна, нарэшце, зноў з'явілася на сцэне 6 верасня 2018 года, на гэты раз напраўляючы CRJ-200 у чацвер і нядзелю ў Мельбурн. Пазначаны рэйс 7Q 21, ён адправіўся ў 08:00 і прыбыў у сонечны час у 1045. Пасля 45-хвіліннага павароту ён перакінуўся ў 1130 на Біміні, Багамскія астравы, стаўшы першай прыпынкам Ісліпа да яго.

"Маршрут распрацаваны такім чынам, каб пасажыры з Ісліп маглі забраніраваць рэйс у Мельбурн альбо застацца на борце са службай сувязі ў Біміні", – паведамляе Рэбека Эмеры, кіраўнік аддзела па сувязях з грамадскасцю Elite Airways. "Гэта самы блізкі Багамскі востраў да ЗША з міль пляжаў адзіноты, чатырохзоркавых гатэляў, а таксама казіно і Марына Біміні свету".

Зваротны рэйс, 7Q 23, вылецеў з Біміні ў 1330, але патрабаваў мытнай і пагранічнай службы ЗША. Прызямліўшыся ў Мельбурне праз гадзіну, наступны кіраваў 7Q 24, узлятаючы ў 1600 і прыціснуўшыся да Макартура ў 2045 годзе.

Каэфіцыенты нізкай нагрузкі ў чарговы раз сталі прычынай яго спынення, адправіўшы ERJ-145 з П'емонта / Амерыканскага арла ў Філадэльфію як адзіную рэшту рэйсавых аперацый Ісліп на світанку 2020 года.

Last international rating of the cost of living

Rank common international indicators of the cost of living is reported to April 2010, using New York as a major city. The indices are calculated using the prices of certain quantities of the same goods and services in each locality, based on the costs of export schemes in 13 broad categories (groups baskets).

The cost of the study of life – is the cost of maintaining the level of expatriates. When comparing the cost of living between different locations with the aim of & # 39 is to calculate the difference in the price of accommodation and express it as an index of living costs by dividing the cost of living in the address A to the rate of the V.

Cost of living index informs about the price difference between the two places of residence for the same items purchased. Example, Index of 140 indicates that the location is 40% higher comparing Location. This would mean that a person who moves between the two places, one would have to earn 40% more to have the same standard of living as today.

Tokyo – it's the most expensive place in the world for expatriates. Tokyo is also with the & # 39 is the most expensive place in the world to host, while it is the fourth largest in the world for food. Brazil moved 9 places to 12 October 2009 and was the third most expensive place in the world to stay immigrants. Sidney climbed in the rankings to 10th place, finishing in 15th place in January this year. Dubai dropped by 8 places after dropped to 9 seats in the previous quarter, to fall out of the top 10 and now occupies 26th place, but interestingly, still & # 39 is the most expensive location for restaurants, food and hotel costs.

The fastest moving up – Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, which has moved to 94th from 257 th to 163-Relative value of expatriates living in Gibraltar also increased significantly by moving to the site of 94 to 92. South Africa felt a significant increase in global living conditions of the expenses is mainly due the strengthening of the Rand. Cape Town rose to 53 seats and took 193rd place.

Alcohol and tobacco are the most expensive in South Tarawa in Kiribati, etc. Maroni in the Comoros and Oslo in Norway. Clothing is the most expensive in Manama, Bahrain, and in Moscow and Russia. Education expensive in Caracas, Venezuela, and Brazil, in Brazil. Food most expensive in Kiribati. Oslo, Norway, the most expensive to transport.

Full list of common international ratings of the cost of living in January 2010, together with the rating of the previous quarter, and the change in ranking is as follows:

April 2010 Location (January 2010) (Change in the ranking)

1 Tokyo, Japan (1) (0)

2 Geneva, Switzerland (2) (0)

3 Brasilia, Brazil (3) (0)

4, Zurich, Switzerland (4) (0)

5 Norway Oslo (6) (1)

6 Denmark, Copenhagen (7) (1)

7 Venezuela, Caracas (8) (1)

8, China, Hong Kong (5) (3)

9 Liechtenstein, Vaduz (9) (0)

10 Australia, Sydney (15) (5)

11 Central African Republic, Bangi (10) (1)

12 Kiribati, South Tarawa (24) (-12)

13 New Caledonia, Noumea (13) (0)

14 Greenland, Nuuk (14) (0)

15, Munich, Germany (16) (1)

16, Paris, France (17) (1)

17 Solomon Islands Haniara (20) (3)

18 Cameroon, Douala (12) (6)

19 Bermuda, Hamilton (25) (-6)

20 Monaco, Monaco (23) (-3)

21 San Marino, San Marino (22) (1)

22, Milan, Italy (21) (1)

23 Vanuatu Port Vila (28) (-5)

24 Chad, H & # 39; Jamin (11) (13)

25 Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby (27) (-2)

About 26 & # 39; the United Arab Emirates (18) (8)

27, Germany, Frankfurt (29) (-2)

28 Korea, Seoul (26) (2)

29 Gabon, Librevil (33) (-4)

30 United Kingdom, London (37) (-7)

31 Austria, Vienna (30) (1)

32 Finland, Helsinki (31) (1)

33 Rome, Italy (35) (-2)

34 Germany, Cologne (36) (-2)

35 Russia, Moscow (38) (3)

36 Zagreb, Croatia (32) (4)

37 Australia, Melbourne (43) (-6)

38 Australia, Canberra (44) (-6)

39 Ireland, Dublin (39) (0)

40 Komors, Moroni (42) (-2)

41, Doha, Qatar (34) (7)

42 Angola, Luanda (19) (23)

43 Isle of Man, Douglas (52) (-9)

44 Belgium, Brussels (45) (1)

45 Holland, Amsterdam (50) (-5)

46 Australia, Perth (59) (-13)

47 Micronesia Palikir (49) (-2)

48 Mali, Bamako (40) (8)

49 Germany, Hamburg (47) (2)

50 Germany, Bonn (48) (2)

51 Slovakia, Bratislava (53) (-2)

52 Cameroon, Yaounde (46) (6)

53 Taipei, Taiwan (41) (12)

54 Guernsey, St Peter Port (61) (-7)

55 Spain, Madrid (62), (-7)

56 Congo Brazzaville (214) (-158)

57 Canada, Toronto (60) (-3)

58 Iceland, rails & # 39; yavik (64) (-6)

59 Togo, Lome (51) (8)

60 Singapore, Singapore (65) (-5)

61 Turkey, Ankara (56) (5)

62 Germany, Berlin (66) (4)

63 United States, New York, New York (54) (9)

64 Nigeria, Lagos (58) (6)

65 Bahamas, Nassau (55) (10)

66 Bahrain, Manama (57) (9)

67 Tuvalu Funafutsi (72) (-5)

Jersey 68, St. Helier (74) (-6)

USA 69, Boston Mass (67) (2)

70 Vatican Vatican (73) (-3)

71, Barcelona, ​​Spain (76) (5)

72 United States, San Jose Khalifa (70) (2)

73 Nauru Yaren (75) (-2)

About 74 & # 39; UAE, Abu Dhabi (71) (3)

75 Senegal, Dakar (80) (-5)

76 Canada, Vancouver (78) (-2)

77 United States, San Francisco californium (68) (9)

78 Luxembourg, Luxembourg (79) (-1)

79 Czech Republic, Prague (69) (10)

80 Hungary, Budapest (83) (3)

United 81, Glasgow (89) (-8)

82 Estonia, Tallinn (82) (0)

83 Palau, Melekek (81) (2)

84 Falkland Islands, Stanley (93) (-9)

85 Stockholm, Sweden (84) (1)

86 Australia, Brisbane (102) (-16)

87 Lisbon, Portugal (91) (-4)

88 Canada, Calgary (95), (-7)

89 Guinea-Bissau (85) (4)

90 Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou (96) (-6)

91, Bogota, Colombia (77) (14)

92 Gibraltar Gibraltar (186) (-94)

93 Malta, Veletta (90) (3)

USA 94, Anchorage, AK (94) (0)

95 Djibouti (86) (9)

96 Ivory & # 39; Yvoire, Abidjan (97) (1)

97 United Kingdom, Birmingham (108) (-11)

98 New Zealand, Auckland (113) (-15)

99 Azerbaijan, Baku (99) (0)

100 Haiti, Port-au-Prince (92) (8)

USA 101, Philadelphia By (103) (-2)

102 United States, Los Angeles, California (101) (1)

103 Andorra Andorra la Vella (109) (-6)

104 Benin, Cato (104) (0)

105 United Kingdom, Leeds (117) (-12)

106 Athens, Greece (115) (-9)

107, Washington (112) (-5)

108 Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain (100) (8)

109 Samoa Apia (107) (2)

110 China, Beijing (121) (-11)

111 Sudan Khartoum (130) (-19)

112 Cayman Islands, George Town (111) (1)

113 Serbia, Belgrade (106) (7)

114 Montenegro, Podgorica (128) (-14)

115 Canada, Montreal (120) (-5)

116 Lebanon, Beirut (105) (11)

117 Cape Verde, Pry (118) (1)

118 St. Helena, Zheymstaun (125) (-7)

USA 119, Baltimore Md (116) (3)

120 India, Mumbai (122) (-2)

121 San Tome Principe and, San Tome (87) (34)

122 Seychelles, Victoria (88) (34)

123 United States, San Diego californium (119) (4)

124 Barbados, Bryzhtaun (129) (-5)

125 Marshall Islands, Majuro (131) (-6)

126 Israel, Jerusalem (110) (16)

127 Lithuania, Vilnius (126) (1)

128 Australia, Adelaide (145) (-17)

129 Poland, Warsaw (136) (-7)

130 Saudi Arabia, Riyadh (124) (6)

131 Zambia, Lusaka (123) (8)

132 Indonesia, Jakarta (127) (5)

USA 133, Seattle Wash (133) (0)

134 Kuwait, Kuwait city (140) (-6)

135 Chile, Sant & # 39; Yaga (172) (-37)

136 Shanghai, China (173) (-37)

137 Martinique, Fort de France (139) (-2)

138 Niger, Niamh (135) (3)

USA 139, Miami FLA (134) (5)

USA 140, Portland Ore (138) (2)

USA 141, Chicago Ill (143) (-2)

142 Kazakhstan, Almaty (137) (5)

143 Canada, Ottawa (151) (-8)

144 Mauritius, Port Louis (144) (0)

145 Guinea Conakry (114) (31)

146 India, New Delhi (153) (-7)

147 Latvia, Riga (148) (-1)

148 Puerto Rico, San Juan (146) (2)

149 Jordan, Oman (142) (7)

150 India, Chennai (159) (-9)

151 Tanzania, Dar Es Salam (132) (19)

152 Cyprus, Nicosia (163) (-11)

153 Georgia, Tbilisi (147) (6)

154 Guam, HGT (152) (2)

155 Slovenia, Ljubljana (162) (-7)

156 Malawi, Lilongwe (158) (-2)

157 Ukraine, Kiev (160) (-3)

158 Uruguay, Montevideo (176) (-18)

159 Granada, St George (161) (-2)

160 Jamaica, Kingston (149) (11)

161 Botswana, Gaborone (150) (11)

162 India, Kolkata (166) (-4)

163 Turkmenistan Askabad (257) (-94)

164 Hyderabad, India (171) (-7)

165 Liberia, Monrovia (154) (11)

166 Rwanda, Kigali (156) (10)

Maldives 167 men (155) (12)

USA 168, Jacksonville FLA (164) (4)

169 United States, Cleveland, OH (169) (0)

170 Moldova Chisinau (167) (3)

171 Equatorial Guinea, Malabo (174) (3)

USA 172, Tampa FLA (168) (4)

173 USA, Dallas Tex (165) (8)

USA 174, Atlanta (170) (4)

USA 175, Phoenix Aris (177) (-2)

176 Fiji Suva (192) (-16)

177 Sierra Leone, Frytaun (141) (36)

USA 178, Milwaukee Vis (181) (-3)

179 United States, Denver Wheel (175) (4)

180 Ghana, Akra (98) (82)

181 South Africa, Ohanesburg (217) (-36)

182 United States, Charlotte NC (182) (0)

183 Macedonia, Osprey & # 39; e (183) (0)

US 184, Detroit Mich (195) (-11)

185 United States, Pittsburgh Peng (185) (0)

186 Timor-Leste, Dil (178) (8)

187 Democratic Republic of Korea, North Korea (205) (-18)

188 Romania, Bucharest (179) (9)

189 Somalia Mogadishu (194) (-5)

190 Mexico, Mexico (193) (-3)

USA 191, Austin Tex (196) (-5)

192 Algeria, Algeria (180) (12)

193 South Africa, Cape Town (246) (-53)

194 USA, Columbus Ohio (198) (-4)

195 Gambia, Banjul (184) (11)

196 Honduras, Tegucigalpa (189) (7)

197 India, Delhi (209) (-12)

198 Philippines, Manila (190) (8)

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207 Mozambique, Maputo (157) (50)

208 M & # 39; yanma, Yangon (218) (-10)

209 Iran, Tehran (188) (21)

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211 St Kitts, Buster (201) (10)

212 Kenya, Nairobi (210) (2)

213 United States, San Antonio, Tex (216) (-3)

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At 226 & # 39; etnam Hanoi (222) (4)

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279 Argentina, Buenos Aires (277) (2)

280 Yemen, San (279) (1)

281 China, Tianjin (281) (0)

282 Zimbabwe Harare (282) (0)

Tourist Guide to North Carolina's outer banks

1. Introduction

Distant and removed a thin strip of interconnected bar & # 39; ernyh islands stretching some 130 miles along the coast of North Carolina and forms the outer banks, rather, with the & # 39 are part of the Atlantic than the continent to which they attach a bridge, bridges and ferries . Islands and sand dunes which are watered and flowing sometimes evil winds, similar to a boat, which seek, they serve as a threshold to North America – or at the end of it – depending on the direction of travel.

A trip here, a certain dry or lack thereof, may result in sailing, fishing, kayaking, water skiing, paragliding, deltaplanavanne, kite-surfing, climbing, dolphin watching and surfing on the sand. Most of all, however, it is a first – the first English colonists who leave footprints in the sand, the first aviators who leave footprints in the sand, when they defeated the flight, and the sea and the dunes, and the wind that made it possible.

2. From the mountains to the shores

Although the flat, marshy islands and slit outer coast could not be more opposed vzvyshaemym Appalachia, rising in the west, it is from these peaks they passed and turned into their third gear.

Rivers, which constitute the totality of the rain water running down from the east they dramatically with falling edge of the second or lower topographical features of R & # 39; Repairing. Outside the coastal currents, which can then act and lyapyats as clay, their precipitate which is removed from the origin of this mountain of 25,000 years ago, creating a bar & # 39; ernyya island and its water beaches, rapids.

Since the flow is not only static, unchanging their forces continue to change and to change the island masterpieces, as they are immutable peraroblennyu hands of wind and water. This dynamic with & # 39; & # reality with 39 is very important for their protective nature, as they guard a permanent mainland, and as shock absorbers, they often find the brunt of hurricanes and other severe weather systems.

These sounds are created and defined the forces of nature, form the second largest system in the United States after esturynav Chesapik Bay, which covers nearly 3,000 square miles and drains 30,000 square miles of water.

"The thin, broken string of islands", according to the National Park Service, "is bent into the Atlantic and back again in a shelter embrace the mainland coast of North Carolina and the islands of the sea."

3. Access and Orientation

External banks are made up of North Beach, with cities such as Kitty Hawk, Murder D & # 39; Devil Hills and Nags Heads; Roanoke Island; and Cape Hateras consisting of the islands of Bodie, Hateras and Akrakok.

Scheduled airline services are provided at the airports, and release Norfolk-Durham, respectively located in Virginia and North Carolina, and the charter fight are in the regional county airport Deir at Roanoke Island. Private jet air service serving the first flight on the territory of Kill Devil Hills and Billy Mitchell Airport on the island of Hateras.

On the way, External Bank serves 158 US dollars, and the Wright Memorial from the north and US 64 over 5.2 mi Memorial Bridge Virginia Dore, Roanoke Island, Nags head-Mothe Kausuey and Bridge Washington Baum from the west. From the north, the route leads to a four-lane artery 158 US dollars and passes the island 16.5 miles, access to shops, retail outlets, restaurants and attractions. Narrower Dvuhugolnoe NC 12, which is also known as the "Beach Road", maintains residential communities, hotels and restaurants, often with views of the Atlantic. The same road is moving around the island, and after additional Hateras go to the island Akrakok.

4. Kitty Hawk

In spite of the consensus and the books of aviation history on the contrary, all at Kitty Hawk was a place for the world's first successful flight, but the Wright brothers remained in the village. Instead, a historic event took place about four miles to the south of it, in the city of Kill Devil Hills. Nevertheless, there are still welcome center in aeronautics, offering brochures and information about planning trips to area attractions, restaurants, entertainment, shops and hotels.

A memorial monument to the century of flight, it was created by Icarus International and dedicated to November 8, 2003, in the centenary of the power of flight, to celebrate the history, beauty and mysteries of flight and the rise of the human spirit. Mounted against the open sky Kitty Hawk to create a contemplative atmosphere, the monument itself consists of 14 pylons made of stainless steel in the shape of the wing that are raised from ten to 20 feet to 120 feet in orbit to reflect the distance of the first flight of the Wright brothers' December 17, 1903 and imagine the rise of a man to the sky and space.

"Humanity – a continuum of pioneers", said the monument, "sharing the eternal dream and limitless possibilities of huge unexplored worlds."

On the black granite panels engraved with the 100 most important aviation achievements of the last century and in the center of the dome with a diameter of six feet reflects the continents of the earth, and the words "If Orville rose from the sands of Kitty Hawk at 10: 35 am on December 17, 1903 we went to the moon and on. "

5. Kill d & # 39; yabalskiya hills

Of course, Kill Devil Hills – this place is the world's first power, controlled and sustained flight, and the Wright Brothers National Memorial, apparently from 158 US pays tribute to him.

Although the Wrights were raised in Dayton, Ohio, they spent all the early experiments without aircraft (airframe) and Power (aircraft) flight in North Carolina because they offered the highest dunes to run down, the wind to create a recovery with minimum ground speed, soft sand to land without wheels, the minimum damage and isolation from the media and spectators.

According to museum visitors centers, sports artifacts which were 1902 planning and reproduction of the Wright Flyer of 1903 calls and the National Park of the program, as well as the book / gift shop – the brothers were inspired and developed their projects on aerodynamic principles established by four earlier pioneers: sir George Cayley (1773-1857), who created the very foundation of aerodynamics; Alphonse fines (1850-1880), which is constructed with elastic planafonav model flying 131 feet thereon; Lilienthal (1848-1896), who conducted extensive experiments on the gliders; and Octave Chanute (1832-1910), who became virtual raschyshchalnym hub for all development related to aviation, and published them in the book "Progress of flying machines". In fact, biplanavy Glider Wright brothers was its virtual copy.

According to the museum, a memorial to the & # 39 is the birthplace of aviation. "December 17, 1903 Wilbur and Orville made the first successful flight in world history", – he said. "Wrights believed that human flight is possible and can be achieved through systematic study."

This systematic approach combined with their intuitive mechanical ability and analytical intellect has allowed them to understand that the rise opposite the weight and it attracted the opposite of war, but more importantly, this flight could win only by controlling its three lateral, longitudinal and vertical axes. This misunderstanding has led to the failure of all previous experimenters.

Creating a control surface to tame them and thus preserve the stability of the aircraft, they were able to turn their miserable gliders subjected to hundreds of walking starts from the neighboring mountains Kill Devil Hill, into a successful Wright Flyer.

Two buildings are reconstructed camp of the Wright brothers in 1903 that left the hangar, and the right of their workshop and living quarters with a stove, a crude kitchen, storage area and a table and a ladder for access to the lines that hang from the rafters, which are served their bunks.

Commemorative granite boulder marks the point of take-off four successful flights of December 17, 1903, and the markers positioned on the field, show the distance and the amount of each of the air time required to achieve them.

Taking control of the Wright Flyer, while Wilbur served as his "ground crew" and stabilize the wings, Orville razvyavsya with runway runs at 10:35 at that historic day, covering 120 feet in 12 seconds, and the next attempt Wilbur pilotavav for many times he has covered 175 feet. The penultimate battle flew 200 feet in 15 seconds, and the last, and longest, a run of 852 feet in 59 seconds, followed by damage to the aircraft, as well as the difficulty out & # 39; I'm at the end of the season, eliminated further testing, and the brothers returned to Ohio .

According to the boulders, established by the National Association of Aeronautics United States December 17, 1928 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the event, "The first successful airplane flight was made from this place Orville December 17, 1903 in a car designed and built by Wilbur and Orville Wright" .

Former Sea sand and dunes, which stretched from the first boulder, still operated by the wind as much as it was in terms of Wright gliders and powerful structures, has now been replaced by a tilted green field, but the aerodynamic forces invisibly cleared the tender tips of his grass still made them zazihats in memory, perhaps this event for more than a century.

The lag from the take-off point, the designated home track, the fourth and most distant marker, requires a quick walk from the legs, which man was endowed with, but in 1903 it was covered with wings, which were birds. endowed. Thus, Wrights successfully crossed the human and animal species, prayavivshysya like a machine.

60-foot monument erected in the 90th futovay now grass-covered sand dunes of Kill Devil Hill, opposite the airport The first flight from the runway to 3,000 feet, is the starting point of hundreds of flights at Wright aircraft without permission.

"… the sand is quite dazzles us" – they wrote at the time. "It is blowing through the land in the clouds. We certainly can not complain about the place. We came here on the wind and the sand, and we got them."

Full-size sculpture of stainless steel "Wright Flyer", located on the back side of the hill in its foundation and weighs much more than the original plane at 10,000 pounds, reflecting the historic first flight with photographer John Daniel with local rescue station is about to remove a single photo.

Centennial Hall, in the parking lot of a & # 39; the joint visitor center, museum and space flights, offers movies, aviation and aviation exhibits.

6. legs Head

Just a few miles south of Kill Devil Hills, Nags head, there is another associated with the flight environment – state park Jok-Hrest.

One of 35 state parks in North Carolina and four recreation areas that stretch from Mount Mitchell – the highest peak in the West – to the ridge Jockey in the east, 425 acres has the highest sand dunes on the coast, which for many years, ranged in height from 90 up to 110 feet.

It visited the center there is a museum with pictures of the dunes and its evolution, as well as exposure of the territory of the flora and fauna, and two hiking trails provide an exposition of the park firsthand: a 45-minute Soundside Nature Trail and 1.5 km to the sand. But its value is indisputable and dune itself, and she & # 39 is synonymous slip. The fact that Kill Devil Hills was the birthplace of the power of flight, was also Nags Head for unauthorized personal flight, because sport is evidenced in many of its roots.

Francis horns as the Wright brothers, who preceded him for almost five decades, has laid the foundation of sport and therefore is considered the "father of the modern hang glider." In an effort to make flying affordable and accessible to all, in 1948 he took to the skies on a makeshift glider, whose wings were collected from kitchen curtains wife, saying: "My intention was to give everyone the opportunity to experience flight first-hand."

In the wake of Wright on the sand until they disappeared in the sky, he used the same methods run down, less than five miles away from those that are used in Kill Devil Hills.

Kitty Hawk Kites, serving Jockey Ridge and was established in 1974, teaches and this launch legs and procedures towed glider, and today with the & # 39 is the largest of such summer schools in the world that has more than 300 000 students .

Initial Certified lessons taught by instructors entail ground instruction, launch dunes and sliding at an altitude of five to 15 feet.

Performance on a hang glider, the longest of the competition glider, held annually in May, the jockey ridge.

7. Island Roanoke

Involved between the northern beaches and the mainland banks Upper Dere, Roanoke Island, eight miles long and two miles wide – is the site of the first English settlement in the New World and has several attractions for its interpretation.

Manteo, its commercial and government center – it's quaint, waterfront town of artists, fishermen, taverns, bed, breakfast, cafe, souvenir shops, galleries, restaurants, walkways and 53 moving the pier in the bay Shallobag and its history reflects the names of streets, such as Queen Elizabeth Avenue and Sir Walter release Street.

Named in honor of the Croatan, returned from the first English explorers in the late 16th century and was registered in 1899 as a city, it offers several of its own attractions. For example, Magnolia Market – an open air pavilion, which is used for the city-sponsored events. Tranquil House Inn, located on the Avenue of Queen Elizabeth, recalls the majestic hotel on the seashore of the 19th century "The top banks" with trees with Cypress, beveled stained glass, the back porch overlooking the bay, the canopy with a canopy, a continental breakfast, lunch and wine cheese and by its own 1587, restaurant.

Another attraction – the Maritime Museum of North Carolina, the main outpost in Beaufort and is situated in the boat of George Washington Kryf overlooking the Croatan Sound. Before the fire in 1939 this area was the site of lodkabudavnichay Manteo industry, and the following year a son Kryfa was built by the son Kryfa to repair boats that developed by his father, and later became the official ship of state.

More shop than a museum, it gives visitors the opportunity to observe how the mainly volunteer staff restore and restore wooden housing, although the mattress at the exhibition, as well as other memorabilia.

The sidewalk leading to the other attractions of the city – the lighthouse Roanoke. External reconstruction of the area, cottage style, twisted beacons, which conducted the ships through the narrow channel between the Pamlico and Kroatanam sounds on the south side of the island in an area called "Swamp Roanoke" from 1877 to 1955 year, but swallowed with water during migration attempts.

The current replica with a fixed white light of a fourth-order Fresnel lens was dedicated in 2004, during which Mayor John Wilson said: "In the coming years, as the islanders are associated with visitors along the promenade Motte, let us remember that, in this place, where it was built and launched so many ships, dreams still light the way … beacon is now throws its beam into the soothing night sky … "

Photos and artifacts of the lighthouse and maritime history can be explored inside.

Quick journey on the Queen Elizabeth Avenue and Cora Mae bridge leading to the festival park on Roanoke Island, 25 acres of outdoor living historical complex, which marks the first English settlement in America with several recreation.

For example, the American Indian city reflects algonkviyav coastal culture that flourished on the island of Roanoke and the surrounding areas for thousands of years until the 1500s, and nomadic hunters at this time of life style has become more sedentary, agricultural.

No written language existed. As a result, the accounts of British researchers discovered the archaeological remains in the region, and the oral tradition of stories and crafts created the foundation for the park exhibits.

Under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I, the original expedition organized by Sir Walter release, but the outbreak of Captain Arthur Barlow and scientist Thomas Haryo, arrived at the shores of the New World in 1584 and both recorded their impressions of the land which they had hoped to colonize. Reproduction of a small Indian city is the type with which they are met.

Basic structure in any locality Algonkian was the home of the "privilege" or "leader", and he padrazdyalyavsya at the inner perimeter, which was intended for the public and serving area guests and entertainment, as well as interior rooms where functioning private, for example, held a meeting on high-level and family-friendly activities.

Several British researchers met Granganimea wife, a local leader, and then taken to the outer perimeter of the room of the house where they were warmed by fire, while his feet washed and washed clothes before you bring him into the inner room for a feast.

Another typical structure of the settlement was a lighthouse. Support Dust seedlings, bark which has been relaxed from young trees, assumes a curved roof, to reduce the vulnerability to the wind, and its pillars bound with cord. Then it was coated with base reeds or tangles.

Маты ці шкуры жывёл аднолькава закрывалі невялікія дзвярныя праёмы, каб паменшыць страты цяпла.

Іншыя дамы, зоны для падрыхтоўкі ежы і прыгатавання ежы, а таксама працоўныя прытулкі атачалі маяк, а звычайна на тэрыторыі вырошчвалі кукурузу і іншыя клямары.

Населеныя пункты звычайна падтрымлівалі ад 100 да 200 вяскоўцаў і былі вызвалены, калі зямля, на якой яны размяшчаліся, ужо не апрацоўвалася, хаця за дзесяцігоддзе паміж закідам і пераакупацыяй звычайна аднаўлялася яе прыдатнасць.

Індыйскае жыццё дадаткова ілюструецца экспанатамі для падрыхтоўкі ежы, падрыхтоўкай ежы, зямлянкамі і рыбалоўнымі балотамі.

Магчыма, галоўным момантам фестывальнага парку на востраве Роанок з'яўляецца прышвартаваны і бачны карабель Элізабэт II, экіпаж якога, як і астатнія яго сайты, касцюмаваны перакладчыкамі.

Пабудаваная ў 1983 годзе ў марскім музеі Паўночнай Караліны праз заліў, рэпліка, агульная даўжыня ў 69 футаў і шырыня 17 футаў, з'яўляецца кампазіцыяй распаўсюджаных тагачасных трохматорных гандлёвых караблёў. Уяўляючы тып, першапачаткова пабудаваны для перавозкі другой, альбо 1585 г., каланістаў экспедыцыі пасля таго, як Томас Кавендзіш заклаў яго маёнтак для фінансавання яго, судна, ушаноўваючы 400-годдзе гэтай падзеі, у сваім кілі выкарыстоўвае ружованую ядлоўцу і драгую саранчу. , каркас і дошкі. Хоць адносна невялікі карабель, 50-тонны водазмяшчэнне і 65-футовая асноўная мачта, быў у асноўным прызначаны для еўрапейскіх гандлёвых плаванняў, ён у роўнай ступені перасякаў адкрытыя моры.

У перыяд з 1584 па 1590 год было праведзена восем ангельскіх экспедыцый, якія прынялі ўдзел 22 караблі і 1200 салдат, маракоў і асаднікаў (у тым ліку 28 жанчын і дзяцей).

На тэрыторыі паселішча комплексу, які ўяўляе сабой першую ангельскую вайсковую на амерыканскай зямлі, ёсць палатка сяржанта, кавальская і кавальская майстэрні, такарны станок, наладжаны вяроўкай і вяроўкай, і пагон.

Акрамя гэтых экспанатаў, парк фестываляў на востраве Роанок таксама займае цэнтр наведвальнікаў; фільм "Легенда пра двухбаковы шлях"; музей прыгод Роанок; і значная крама сувеніраў.

Хроніка першых ангельскіх пасяленцаў расказваецца пра іншую важную славутасць вострава Роанок, Нацыянальны гістарычны помнік Форт-Ролі.

Хоць сам сэр Уолтар Рэлі ніколі не ступіў у Новы Свет, каралева Лізавета I атрымала статут, як ужо гаварылася, у 1584 годзе пачаць першае з трох так званых "падарожжаў на Раанок" у Амерыку, каб выбраць сайт для каланізацыя, стварыць лагер, з якога можна будзе адпраўляць набегі на іспанскія караблі і шукаць каштоўныя металы, такія як золата. Ён прыбыў у ліпені.

Пасля вяртання ў Англію было вырашана, што востраў, з-за ахоўных берагоў, быў аптымальным месцам, і яго зямля была вельмі добразычлівай, як гэта выказаў капітан Артур Барлоў у сваім дакладзе сэр Вальтэру Ролі.

"Мы палічылі гэта самай прыемнай і ўрадлівай зямлёй," пісаў ён, "папоўніўшыся добрымі кедрамі і разнастайнымі іншымі салодкімі лясамі, поўнымі парэчкі, лёну і мноствам прыкметных тавараў … Глеба самая багатая, мілая, плённым і карысным для ўсяго свету ".

Другая экспедыцыя, накіраваная ў наступным годзе са 108 салдатамі, мела намер паставіць канчатковае патрабаванне Англіі.

Насустрач гэтаму больш пастаяннаму населенаму пункту на паўночным баку вострава быў пабудаваны земляны замак, але зніжэнне ранейшых сяброўскіх адносін з індзейцамі адбылося, калі яны пачалі паддавацца ангельскім хвароб і ўзімку, наўрад ці гэтак багатыя Збожжавыя культуры і харчаванне ў цёплы час года прымушалі асаднікаў станавіцца ўсё больш залежнымі ад індзейцаў, пакуль адносіны не сталі напружанымі. Забойства начальніка Вінгіна, самая галоўная падзея ў гісторыі маладзецкай калоніі, апячатала лёс еўрапейцаў, і яны ад гэтага часу былі абвешчаны "ворагамі".

Абяцаныя караблі паставак, па-відаць, спазніліся, прымусілі іх вярнуцца ў Англію пры першай жа магчымасці – і калі сэр Фрэнсіс Дрэйк прыплыў на востраў Роанок, гэтая магчымасць прадставілася. Аднак пятнаццаць каланістаў заставаліся сачыць за крэпасцю і зямлёй, пра якую яны ўжо патрабавалі.

У чарговы раз перасякаючы Атлантыку падчас трэцяй экспедыцыі 1587 г., 117 мужчын, жанчын і дзяцей, якія маюць намер усталяваць пастаяннае паселішча і прадставіць рэальнае насельніцтва, абяцалі асобныя зямельныя ўчасткі.

Тым не менш, толькі адплыўшы назад на востраў Роанок, каб ізноў забяспечыць першапачатковыя 15, перш чым адправіцца ў глыб краіны, каб стварыць сваю вёску, яны не знайшлі пра іх ніякіх слядоў.

Джон Уайт, прызначаны губернатарам новай калоніі, вярнуўся ў Англію толькі таму, што быў прызначаны як кароткае падарожжа, але супярэчлівыя падзеі, уключаючы недахоп суднаў, з якімі плаваць, – перашкодзілі яго паўторнаму вылету да 1590 года. Гэтая паездка, разам з наступнымі ў пачатку 17-га стагоддзя таксама не ўдалося знайсці страчаных асаднікаў, якія, відавочна, пакінулі ззаду закінуты форт і некалькі артэфактаў.

Аднак ім было даручана размясціць паведамленне, калі яны абралі пакінуць тэрыторыю альбо калі непрадбачаныя падзеі апынуліся шкоднымі для іх бяспекі, і з гэтай мэтай літары "CRO" былі высечаны на дрэве і з'явілася поўнае слова "CROATAN". на варотах, спасылаючыся на мясцовае племя і, магчыма, прычыну іх знікнення.

Нягледзячы на ​​тое, што раскопкі працягваюцца, канчатковай прычыны так і не было знойдзена, у выніку чаго засталіся тры гіпотэзы: яны памерлі ад прыродных прычын, на іх напалі ці добраахвотна з'ехалі – але куды і якімі спосабамі ніколі не было вызначана, калі на самай справе гэта трэцяя тэорыя дакладная.

Частка гэтай гісторыі распавядаецца аб артэфактах, выяўленых пры раскопках форта і выстаўленых у музеі наведвальнікаў цэнтра Ліндсей Уорэн, галоўным момантам якога з'яўляецца дэкаратыўная драўляная ашалёўка, характэрная для елізабецінскага маёнтка, які калісьці ўпрыгожваў сцены Heronden Hall у Кенце, Англія. набыты Уільямам Рэндальфам Херстам у 1926 г. для ўласнага замка ў Сан-Сімяоне, штат Каліфорнія. Служба нацыянальнага парку набыла яго ў 1960-я гады. Памяшканні, такія, як у Цэнтры для наведвальнікаў, былі б распаўсюджаныя ў дамах заможных людзей, такіх як сам сэр Уолтар Рэлі.

Адкрытая сцежка вядзе да падмурка адноўленага землянога фарту. "На гэтым месцы," паводле каменнага маркера перад ім ", у ліпені-жніўні 1585 г. асаднікі, высланыя з Англіі сэр Уолтарам Рэлі, пабудавалі форт, названы імі" новым фортам у Вірджыніі ". Гэтыя каланісты былі першымі пасяленцамі ангельскай расы ў Амерыцы, і яны вярнуліся ў Англію ў ліпені 1586 г. разам са сэрам Фрэнсісам Дрэйкам, побач з гэтым месцам нарадзіўся 18 жніўня 1587 г. Вірджынія Дарэ, першае дзіця бацькоў англійскай мовы. нарадзіўся ў Амерыцы ".

Гістарычны аповед пра першых ангельскіх пасяленцаў, які называецца "сапраўднай гісторыяй прыгод, мужнасці і ахвярапрынашэння", якая "ўзбагачае, навучае і забаўляе", мае назву "Страчаная калонія" і праводзіцца з канца мая да канца. Жніўня на адкрытым паветры Тэатра на воднай пляцоўцы, на пляцоўцы Нацыянальнага гістарычнага месца Форт-Рэлі. Грунтуючыся на сюжэце, напісаным аўтарам Пулітцэраўскай прэміі Полам Грынам, ён быў упершыню выкананы ў 1937 годзе, але працуе з тых часоў і працуе ў складзе акцёраў з больш чым 100 акцёраў, спевакоў і танцораў, якія ўзнаўляюць падзеі, якія прывялі да першага знікненне асаднікаў з дапамогай каралеўскага тэатралізаванага прадстаўлення, індыйскага танца, эпічных бітваў, элізабецінскай музыкі і складаных касцюмаў.

Яшчэ адна мясцовая славутасць – Елізавецінскі сад, 10,5-гектарны батанічны сад, да якога звяртаюцца цагляныя і пяшчаныя сцяжынкі, які прапануе больш за тысячу гатункаў дрэў, кустоў і кветак.

"Створана для ўшанавання першых англійскіх каланістаў, якія ўпрыгожвалі гэтыя берагі", па дадзеных музея, ён тлумачыць: "Гісторыя, загадка і фантазія аб'ядноўваюцца ў гэтых спецыяльных садах, створаных Садовым клубам Паўночнай Караліны ў 1951 годзе як жывы мемарыял першыя ангельскія каланісты, якія прыйшлі даследаваць Новы Свет у 1584–1587 г. і пасяліцца на востраве Роанок ».

Згодна з шыльдаю перад Домам Брама, пад'ездам і крамай сувеніраў саду, "Спектакль" Сімфанічная адкрытая драма "Страчаная калонія" пасадзіў насеньне ў творчых розумах, якія ўпершыню прадумалі гэты сад ".

У гэтым спакойным аазісе ёсць шмат асноўных момантаў. Напрыклад, статуя каралевы Лізаветы I – самая вялікая ў свеце, якая ўшаноўвае яе, у той час як побач знаходзіцца меншая статуя Вірджыніі Дарэ. Цэглы ручной работы, лаўкі з гаргулькай, сезоннае красаванне, мармуровы стол і каменная птушыная ванна падкрэсліваюць выгляд саду на акадэмічны сад Roanoke Sound з тэраса з выглядам. Шпацыр па калёніі ўшаноўвае загінулых асаднікаў, якія калісьці хадзілі па гэтых берагах і былі высланы прыбярэжнымі раслінамі. Чарот з Ангела Норфолк быў выкарыстаны на саламяным даху рэплікі альтанкі 16 стагоддзя. Калекцыя Камеліі налічвае больш за 125 відаў гэтай кветкі, у той час як старажытны дуб захаваўся з часоў, калі асаднікі насялялі востраў у 1585 годзе.

Яшчэ адна славутасць вострава Роанок – акварыум Паўночнай Караліны, адзін з трох дзяржаўных аб'ектаў на ўзбярэжжы. Размешчаны, у прыватнасці, на беразе Roanoke Sound толькі ў некалькіх хвілінах ад рэгіянальнага аэрапорта графства Dare, ён намаляваны сваёй тэмай "Воды знешніх банкаў".

Прыбярэжная раўніна Паўночнай Караліны, як паказана на дысплеі "Прыбярэжныя прэсныя воды", забяспечвае дзікую прыроду разнастайнымі прэснаводнымі месцамі пражывання. Крыкі і рэкі цякуць праз балоты, пакосы і іншыя забалочаныя месцы на шляху да гукаў. Водныя шляхі звязваюць усе гэтыя асяроддзі пражывання, дазваляючы дзікім жывёлам пераходзіць з аднаго ў іншы.

Альбемарле Саунд сілкуецца сямі прэснаводных рэк. Каб выжыць у самім гуку, расліны і жывёлы павінны мець магчымасць прыстасавацца да зменаў салёнасці, якія самі ствараюцца дажджамі і скразнякамі.

Рачныя выдры і алігатары блукаюць па экспанаце "Балотныя ўгоддзі на краі", а ў іншыя экспанаты – "Марскія супольнасці" і "Адкрыты акіян".

Каардынацыйным цэнтрам акварыума з'яўляецца 285 000-галонны марскі салон "Могілкі Атлантыкі", на якім прадстаўлена больш за 200 рыб і самая вялікая калекцыя акул у Паўночнай Караліне.